Today in this post we are going to review Teachery. It is one of the simplest online course creation platforms best suited for beginners.

If you need an affordable, simple yet powerful LMS tool, look no further than Teachery.

Unlike advanced course creation platforms like Kajabi, Teachery does not offer sales funnels, advanced email marketing, or automations. Though you have integrations available for these.

Let’s take a look at all the features Teachery has got to offer and see how it compares to its competitors like Teachable and Thinkific.

TypePremium LMS platform
Transaction fees0%
Get hands on the tool with 👉Try out Teachery’s 14 days free trial
Course templates available?Yes. It has 2 templates – A minimal and a sidebar template.
Course compliance features➡Drip scheduling
➡Content locking
➡Course expiration date
Marketing features➡Upsells
Does it supports advanced marketing features?No.

It lacks funnels (you need to use external funnel-building tools like ClickFunnels).

For automation, you need to use Zapier triggers. 
Has built-in email marketing?Yes.

It just has a built-in email marketing tool that allows you to send –
➡Course welcome emails
➡Course completed emails
➡Lesson unlocked emailsNew affiliate emails

If you need to send custom emails or want to create sequences, you need to integrate with tools like ConvertKit or Mailchimp.
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What do we like about Teachery?

  • As I said Teachery is very simple and easy to use. It has a very easy-to-use interface and is user-friendly. Creating and selling courses on Teachery is a breeze and simple. No frills.
  • Teachery course editor is highly flexible and it allows you to translate the courses into any of the languages you wish. This is really a great feature. You can just duplicate the courses and translate them into as many languages as you want. That’s it! This feature helps you in increasing sales.
  • Teachery supports course bundles and memberships. It has something called “Master course”, which is a course container that helps you promote all your courses in one place. For recurring revenue, you can use memberships and unlock the content only to paid members.
  • Similar to its competitors like Teachable, Teachery also supports affiliates. You can motivate your students to promote your products and earn rewards for them. Teachery has direct integration with Stripe and it handles all the affiliate payment-related tasks.
  • For marketing, it has promo codes, upsells, bundles, and built-in checkouts. But it lacks order bumps.

What we don’t like about Teachery?

  • It lacks in-built hosting for your audio and video files. So, you need to use external tools like Vimeo or Wistia. This means you won’t get student-level retention analytics.
  • It lacks advanced email marketing, sales funnels, and automations. If you want to increase sales with funnels, you need to use 3rd party tools like ClickFunnels, or if you already have your website hosted on WordPress, use WordPress+Elementor for creating funnels. Also, for email marketing, you need to use Mailchimp or ConvertKit, and for automations, you can use Zapier.
  • Unlike tools like Teachable or Thinkific, Teachery lacks LMS features like course completion certificates, course compliance features (which help in boosting students’ course completion rates), and video retention graphs (which help you analyze how your videos are performing and take action on it).
  • Teachery lacks comments and community features. But, it provides integration with Disqus (a free commenting tool). For communities, you need to use external community-building tools like or You can embed the spaces or the communities created on these platforms inside Teachery courses.
  • Teachery doesn’t have its own payment gateway, unlike Teachable Payments or Thinkific Payments. You need to use external integrations like Stripe (direct integration available) or PayPal.
  • It doesn’t have the live streaming feature built-in. So, to host webinars and, live events, or to coach you need integration with tools like Zoom.
  • It lacks mobile apps. If most of your audience is mobile users, it will disappoint you.

Upfront bottomline:

Teachery is the best choice for beginner course creators who need a simple platform to begin online course business.

Choose Teachery if –

  • You need a very simple and easy-to-use platform. Also, minimal design and basic customization features are enough for you.
  • You are just beginning and as of now, you don’t need advanced marketing features like funnels and automations (like say Kajabi).
  • You want to create unlimited courses at an affordable price and are ready to host your videos on Vimeo or Wistia
  • You are not worried about features like certificates and course compliance features.
  • You are ready to spend money on external integrations in case you want to extend the functionalities and increase flexibility.

Teachery courses

To design the courses Teachery has 2 design templates – minimal (for basic courses) and sidebar (for long content and advanced courses) templates.

The Teachery course curriculum consists of lessons and sub-lessons inside it.

Teachery courses

Teachery’s course curriculum consists of lessons and sub-lessons inside it. Inside these lessons, you can add content like text, images, video, audio, pdfs, presentations, and much more.

Teachery courses content blocks

Teachery doesn’t have in-built hosting. So you need to use Vimeo or Wistia to host your files and use embed code to add to Teachery’s lessons.

Drip scheduling in Teachery courses

Like other LMS tools, Teachery also supports drip schedules. You can drip schedule both lessons and sub lessons, based on either the course start date or the date you set.

What’s more?

You can also set the course expiration dates to enforce students to consume the course material setting a sense of urgency. If any of the students have not started the courses, this would be really beneficial to make them consume the content.

Lesson content locking in Teachery

It also has a content-locking feature for lessons. You can unlock the lessons only if students complete previous lessons. This way, you can aim to improve their course completion rates.

Course player options:

Teachery course player

Teachery course player has a course progress bar, course completion, and next lessons buttons. The completion rate adds up only when they hit the completed lesson button. If you don’t wish you can remove these buttons.

Course customization options:

Teachery just has basic course and page customization features. You can customize the fonts, and colors, and add header images to the course page. You can style – course pages, login pages, landing, or any other custom pages as well.

Course pricing:

Teachery payment pages

Teachery supports 3 payment options – free, paid, and recurring payment options. You can create mini-courses and sell them free in turn to collect the emails. A great lead generation strategy.

Sales and marketing features

Teachery supports coupons upsell, and also it has built-in checkouts.

Coupons and upsells

Teachery promo codes

For promo codes, you can choose to apply only for the first payment or on recurring payments, limit the number of redemptions, and add a coupon expiry date.

Teachery upsells
Teachery adding coachings as upsell

Next are upsells. Teachery allows you to add as many upsell as you wish. You can offer upsells as – a 1-hour Zoom coaching call, any physical products premium podcast episodes (though you hosted them on external platforms), or even you can sell your course bundles as upsell at just a one-time offer.

The good news is your affiliates will get paid also for promoting upsells. To know more about upsells, you can refer to this help guide.

Payments (checkout) in

In Teachery you can create checkout pages for each product. It supports multiple currencies like –

  • $ – US dollars
  • € – Euros
  • MXN – Mexican Peso
  • £ – Pound sterling
  • ₹ – Indian Rupee
  • AU$ – Australian dollar
  • NZ$ – New Zealand dollar
  • C$ – Canadian dollar
  • DKK – Danish krone
  • SEK – Swedish Krona

Note: After creating a payment page you cannot change the currency. If you want to do so, you need to create a new page.

The payment page supports a countdown timer for scarcity marketing which will expire the page automatically when times out. If you need you can also add checkout icons, optional shipping fields, additional input fields, etc. These pages also support conversion tracking codes (Like Facebook Pixels) to further target your audience based on their behavior.

Email marketing

Teachery course emails

Teachery has an in-built email feature but it is restricted to only sending –

  • Course welcome emails
  • Course completed emails
  • Lesson unlocked emails
  • New affiliate emails

If you want to send custom emails or you want to send a series of emails (sequences), you need to use native integrations like Mailchimp and ConvertKit. To connect with other ESPs you need to use Zapier.


Managing the affiliates is easy in Teachery. You can decide what products they can promote and what not.

All the payouts are handled with PayPal and are paid after 30 days. Teachery has a 30-day cookie period to track the sales. When successful sales happen or for a new affiliate sign-up, the tools send an email to both you and the affiliate.

Reporting and analytics

Teachery course analytics

Teachery gives insights on –

  • Student’s average course progress.
  • Time spent in courses in the last 7 days.
  • New customers today.
  • New customers in 7 days.
  • Total revenue today
  • Total revenue in the last 7 days
  • Much more.

By seeing the course progress rate you can create your strategies and help students complete the courses.

Unlike tools like Teachable and Kajabi, it lacks video retention graphs and heatmaps. These reports would be really helpful to know how your video content is performing and where the students are dropping off.

Teachery integrations

Teachery as of now provides integrations with Stripe, Disqus, Mailchimp, and ConvertKit. In case you need other integrations like Samcart, ThriveCart, ClickFunnels, PayPal, Shopify, etc. , you need to use Zapier.

Teachery integrations with Zapier

Also, you can use the above triggers and actions to automate the tasks inside of Teachery.

Teachery pricing

Teachery pricing

Teachery has 2 pricing plans. The monthly plan costs $49/mo while the yearly plan costs $470/year. This is very affordable compared to tools like Thinkific or Kajabi. It does ‘t charge any transaction fees, unlike Teachable.

Teachery and its competitors

Teachery vs Kajabi

Teachery logo removebg preview
Kajabi logo

Teachery is a beginner course creation platform while Kajabi is for advanced users. Also, Teachery is affordable while Kajabi is very expensive.

Unlike Teachery, Kajabi has advanced email marketing, blogging, pipelines (funnels), automations (you even have advanced automations on higher plans), and mobile apps (both iOS and Android). It also has a website builder that you can custom code to appeal to your target audience.

Kajabi apps are very powerful and they support in-app purchases, branded notifications, community access, etc.

One more notable feature is that along with courses, Kajabi also supports coaching and podcasts.

But it targets a more premium segment of audience.

Teachery vs Teachable

Teachery logo removebg preview
Teachable Logo Symbol Green

Compared to Teachery, Teachable is affordable. Teachery costs $470/year while Teachable costs $3588/year.

Teachable has some unique features compared to Teachery. These include –

  • Course completion certificates.
  • Native payment gateway called Teachable Payment.
  • In-built tax handling.
  • Coaching programs.
  • Built-in hosting (unlimited).
  • Graded quizzes.

Teachery vs Thinkific

Teachery logo removebg preview
Thinkific logo

Thinkific is featured towards advanced course creation and it has features like –

  • Compatible with Storyline, Captivate files
  • Randomized quiz question bank
  • Brillium exams integration
  • Completion certificates
  • Etc.

Thinkific supports communities and you can create spaces (similar to channels). Its lowest plan supports 5 spaces per community.

Unlike Teachery, Thinkific has a free plan that supports only 1 published course and 1 community. Thinkific costs are high.

Thinkific is best if you are more concerned about student engagement (need a community component as well) and you need strong LMS features to increase course completion rates.

Wrap up

If you are a beginner and are looking for the simplest course creation tool, Teachery would be the best choice. It offers enough features for the price you pay.

To help you get more sales, it has marketing features like upsells, coupons, affiliates, checkouts, countdown timers, etc.

As it has limited features, if you want to extend its functionalities, you need to rely on the 3rd party integrations. For this it supports Zapier.

I hope you found this post on Teachery helpful.