LearnWorlds Review 2023 – This LMS Has Got Good Potential!

LearnWorlds is a dedicated online course platform where you can create and sell online courses, digital products, and memberships. It is the most powerful online school platform we know for creating engaging live video classes, student discussions, learner-tutor interactions, and interactive video lessons.
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☆ 4.6
LearnWorlds offers value for money with a ton of engaging online school features.
Ease of use
☆ 4.7
LearnWorlds combines on-page guides and a modern user interface design to keep things easy to learn.
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☆ 4.4
Excellent for the features you’ll get. Try the Pro-Trainer plan. The Starter plan is quite limited.
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☆ 4.5
Expect excellent, around-the-clock customer service using several channels, unlike most LMSs.
Pricing starts at $24/mo

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You’ve probably noticed the following by now.

You are likely to see or hear about Teachable (review), Kajabi (review), Thinkific (review), or Podia (review) whenever LearnWorlds comes up.

Does that suggest LearnWorlds is the best online course platform compared to those?

Or does it mean you are better off using those top LearnWorlds alternatives?

TypeLMS Platform
Trial 30-day free trial. No credit card required.
Free planNot available
Pricing Starts at $29/mo
Features1. No Transaction Fees
2. Affiliate Management
3. Custom Certificates
4. Subscriptions & Memberships
5. Customizable Checkout Page
Explore Explore LearnWorlds

What we know is LearnWorlds offers an interactive learning experience — from its customizable course player and engaging built-in community to its interactive video and ebooks feature.

Here is the thing.

In a world where distraction roams free and attention spans have shrunk to milliseconds, you do not want to have a boring online school.

Bore online students, and you are likely to lose them to cat videos. Worse, they may drop out on you. Increasing drop outs may mean increased refund requests and poor course ratings for you. Not good, huh?

That’s where LearnWorlds promises to come in.

We will explore what makes LearnWorlds unique as a standalone Learning Management System (LMS). Then you can decide if it is the top online teaching platform you are looking for.

So, come on in.

LearnWorlds pros and cons


  • Interactive videos and ebooks make for an engaging learner experience.
  • LearnWorlds provides multiple templates for different uses, from blogging to the sales page and course design.
  • You can build a robust course community, complete with social profiles, a community feature that encourages even more interactions and student engagement.
  • Teaching multiple online classes in real-time is a breeze.
  • You can use custom videos and testimonials on checkout pages to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales.
  • It’ll let you use 1-click upsells to encourage upsells.
  • You can use it to do decent blogging right on the platform.
  • The base plan charges a fixed fee per sale (compared to Teachable, which slaps a percentage fee).
  • The course platform offers plenty of course design and customization options.
  • You can copyright your course content.
  • It offers a free SSL certificate for your custom website/blog.
  • LearnWorlds is a complete White Label platform if you want to customize further how you deliver your LearnWorlds course content.
  • You can also get a LearnWorlds mobile app on request.
  • It offers a powerful course player and lives class controls.
  • LearnWorlds supports multiple payment options, more than most course platforms.


  • You can’t bulk-upload or bulk-edit course content in its course editor. But it is an HTML5 and SCORM compliant eLearning platform. So, you can upload, deliver, and manage similar courses to and from other SCORM-compliant platforms.
  • The integrated email system isn’t robust enough for advanced email marketing, such as creating sequences and automation.
  • If you want to create advanced sales funnels, you’ll be limited as well.
  • It doesn’t support processing two payments on separate payment gateways, such as PayPal and credit cards. You need to choose one method.

LearnWorlds features reviewed


LearnWorlds has what we see as one of the most modern interfaces in the course creation software space.

Check this out:

LearnWorlds interfcae overview

The sidebar menu helps keep the dashboard clean and overwhelm-free.

We like the shortcuts you can access right from the dashboard, too:

  • Build a landing page where you can collect emails or show your waitlist how far along you are in your course creation process.
  • Access several LearnWorlds tutorials to help you get started.
  • Create a new course from scratch.

After using it for a while, the LearnWorlds dashboard may appear somewhat cluttered, like this:

LearnWorlds dashboard

There will be your event logs, real-time course sales statistics, and tips to be successful online with a digital course.

Bottomline: LearnWorlds keeps its interface clean while easing access to its most popular tools.

Course Creation

Creating online courses on LearnWorlds is a straightforward process.

Popup screens take you through the six steps, one at a time. The quick tips on the left help make the process even easier.

LearnWorlds course creation - course URL

Each screen asks for unique information such as what you wish to name your course, how much to charge, or who can access it.

You can also choose which type of course you want to create:

LearnWorlds course access

But not to worry, you are free to change your course type later.

Now, how do you create learning material on LearnWorlds?

Course Structure

A LearnWorlds curriculum will have Sections and Activities. Think of these as chapters and body content in a book. Or headings and actual content in an article.

That’s good for organizing content in an optimal flow. Content that’s all over the place can overwhelm students.

Course structure

You can access those by clicking Create Course from the dashboard. Or click Courses>>Create Course and follow the steps to create Sections and Activities on LearnWorlds.

The LearnWorlds course editor will appear like this:

Course contents

You’ll just need to click the + sign to add Sections and subsequent activities. You can even pick a course template under Layout.

There are close to two dozen LearnWorlds templates you can pick from.

Add sections in courses

But you can also start your course from scratch and code it in if you prefer to use an even more customized course structure.

The layouts apply section-wide. So when you pick one, it’ll tweak the look, feel, and function of the entire section you added it to.

Notice that you can add everything from pricing tables to a hero image to an FAQ section with your course layout.

And if you feel your sections and activities didn’t come out in the right order, you can drag and drop them up or down your curriculum as you wish.

Bottomline: Structuring your online course with LearnWorlds is simple, plus you can preview all the changes to ensure you are doing the right things at the right time.

Supported Content Formats

Here is something LearnWorlds shares with Thinkific.

They both offer truckloads of course content formats.

Picture these:

Addinng multimedia inside course

You can add:

  • Video (1GB limit at 1080p max resolution and pretty much any video file format you choose)
  • Ebook
  • PDFs (books, worksheets, presentations, etc., up to 10 MB max without special characters)
  • Images
  • Soundcloud and other audio files
  • Different questionnaires

LearnWorlds will also let you embed YouTube, Facebook, SlideShare, and Instagram videos you already have.

Oh, and you can still embed videos you have hosted on Vimeo and Wistia with an external link.

The platform offers free online storage for all uploads, though.

That means you never have to upload the files twice if you need to reuse them somewhere in another LearnWorlds course or a separate section of the same course.

But if you have other courses in different course creation platforms, you may find hosting your videos on Wistia or Vimeo more reasonable.

Oh, another thing.

LearnWorlds is SCORM and HTML5 compliant.

That means you can export an entire course or a single course activity to another compliant platform in a hassle-free way.

So, if you want to switch from Thinkific, Teachable, or Podia and join LearnWorlds, you can transfer the sections fast with minimal modifications. Just keep the SCORM packages under 350 MB in size.

Or you can do better.

You can use HTML5 to create an interactive website inside LearnWorlds, a smart move for a cloud-based LMS.

They go well together.

After all, LearnWorlds offers native support for dynamic, interactive elements in video and ebook formats, both of which HTML5 provides native support for. So creating seamless, interactive course content and video playback won’t be a problem.

Bottomline: You can upload multiple types of files to your learning units. That includes assessments, quizzes, videos, presentations, and embedding videos hosted on third-party sites.

Uploading Course Content

If you are coming from Teachable or Thinkific, you’ll notice that LearnWorlds does not support bulk uploads.

You have to upload all course materials one at a time, which can be a bit of a time dump compared to adding content on Teachable or Thinkific.

Instead, LearnWorlds allows course creators to copy and paste course sections between courses or within the same course. The transfer keeps the section’s layout and other settings, too.

You can copy, paste, and delete multiple sections at a time, too.

Copy, paste section option

Or you can clone a page.

Still with us?


Now, if you have important files on an online storage site such as Dropbox or Google Drive, you can upload them into the LearnWorlds Media Library first. If you have videos, for example, it offers a Video Library, which comes with unlimited video hosting.

From there, you can use them anywhere you want in one or more LearnWorlds courses.

That’s not all.

You can also import files you have in your local drive, Unsplash images, take pictures or record a video with your connected camera, or link to a URL.

Importing the files

LearnWorlds has a nice trick up its sleeves here.

For example, if you want to use Unsplash images, you just need to click the Unsplash icon. A search tab bar will pop up. Enter a keyword to find the type of image you are looking for. Click the search icon.

Then to the right of the search bar, you can select whether you want Squarish, Landscape, or Portrait images. All that without leaving the page, and the filtered images will show up right below.


 Squarish, Landscape, or Portrait images

That’s thoughtful, timesaving, and smooth!

Once you’ve uploaded your multimedia files, LearnWorlds will let you use more than one content format in the same learning unit.

For example, you can add a video and PDF to one lesson.

That matters because different students and tutors have unique learning and teaching styles, respectively. Yet this is a benefit you’ll find missing in some course platforms such as Kajabi and Ruzuku.

We also like that LearnWorlds offers unlimited media storage and video bandwidth. So uploading large files should be a breeze.

Bottomline: Instead of uploading course materials in bulk like Teachable does, LearnWorlds will let you copy part or entire course sections or use SCORM exports. Plus, you can upload or embed files or embed links directly in the editor.

Course Delivery

So, you want to keep students away from binge-watching your course content?

Smart move.

You want them to get what you are teaching, not rush to complete the course, and gain nothing much out of it. That’s where drip-feeding comes in.

Drip schedule

LearnWorlds supports content scheduling.

Drip feed lessons

You can drip feed lessons in two ways:

  • Schedule content based on a specific date, or
  • Based on the number of days after the student enrolled in the course.

That drip schedule means you can email specific students or everyone to check out a newly released/unlocked course section.

You’ll decide how it should be before LearnWorlds automatically unlocks the following sections.

Course Player

This is easily one of the most exciting LearnWorlds features and for a bunch of reasons.

Let’s see.

The LearnWorlds course player oozes engagement.

First, students can interact by clicking each other’s social profiles within the Learners tab.

Second, you can let students download video transcripts. LearnWorlds offers transcription services, too. They also offer to turn bland transcripts into interactive content to boost your course engagement factor even more.

Next, the discussions tab is right there, easy to find, and let students join a forum.

And that’s not all.

You can also protect all videos in your LearnWorlds video library against copyright issues by applying watermarks.

The player can also display course progress, ebook reading time, and compliance rules. We’ll cover course compliance more in-depth below.

But how do you create interactive videos with LearnWorlds?

It is quite an adventure, laced in a ton of advanced course player settings. They call it the Interactive Video editor.

Access it by going to Contents>>Video>>select video to edit>>Edit video. Then pull up the left-sidebar menu like this under iVideo Authoring:

Creating interactive videos

How do interactive videos work on LearnWorlds, you want to know?

One example is you can use images within videos. That can help you illustrate a point more vividly.

Or, you can pop a quick questionnaire in the middle of a class to gauge how well students are grasping your concepts.

The goal is to keep your students’ attention and help them get what you are teaching.

Something else.

LearnWorlds will let you apply one course player’s settings to several other courses you have on LearnWorlds. Or you can stick to using new settings for each course.

Bottomline: The interactive video editor, unlimited video hosting, and interactive video content make LearnWorlds a top learning center for video lessons. We don’t see this enough in other course platforms.

Assessments and quizzes

Thinkific is the only other online course platform with nearly as robust as the test engine LearnWorlds offers.

Unlike Thinkific, LearnWorlds or Teachable does not have a native-level Brillium integration. Brillium is the rich assessment solution that professionals use to create, grade, and analyze student performances.

Yet you can connect it with LearnWorlds as third-party integration.

If you choose not to, LearnWorlds still provides capable testing tools.

Creating Questionnaries

LearnWorlds will let you upload assessments in a file, too.

You can also import one course’s questions into another LearnWorlds exam.

That’s not all.

LearnWorlds supports several types of testing methods:

  • Graded and ungraded questions
  • Formal or informal assessments
  • Open-ended or closed questionnaires
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Multiple-choice questions with multiple correct answers
  • True or false questions/answers
  • Polling

Like Thinkific, LearnWorlds also provides a Questions Bank.

You can deposit your questions in it. Its exam engine will then select questions at random to present to your students.

Course delivery settings

And yes, you can time-limit the exam.

Time-limiting the exams

That can help make it nicely challenging, inspiring some level of seriousness among learners.

Bottomline: Creating an exam on LearnWorlds is straightforward. It also offers several testing methods, from using graded exams to administering multiple-choice questionnaires.

Course Compliance Options

Apart from creating graded or ungraded exams, you can also set a pass mark for each test you include.

LearnWorlds lets you decide what to do after a student passes or cannot reach the pass mark. Successful ones automatically continue to the next section/activity/lesson.

If they cannot beat your grade, you can allow them to retake the test until they pass.

But you can limit the number of retakes, too.

If you choose to be more accommodating, you can also choose to reveal correct answers after a student selects the wrong one.

Alternatively, you can point them in the right direction by writing personalized feedback to specific students. Then you can decide whether they should retake the exam and see if they got your points.

Writing personalized feedback to specific students

Bottomline: LearnWorlds lets you set some powerful rules of engagement, so students can be eager to learn and avoid failure.

Online Course Certificates

As if testing and course compliance weren’t motivating enough, LearnWorlds offers certificates of course completion.

Students get them only after fulfilling all your course’s requirements. That could be anything you choose, from passing all exams to watching all videos to completion.

LearnWorlds lets course creators award two types of digital certificates:

Issuing the certificates
  1. Certificate of Completion: You’ll award this one out to learners who complete and pass all unit-based tests. Again, we see some aspects of increasing student engagement, accountability, and motivating them to complete each learning unit.
  2. Certificate of Knowledge (Certificate): This one goes out to students who complete the entire course successfully. You’ll need to set a final examination, separate from all other tests you’ve created up to that point, to award this certificate.

To create LearnWorlds certificates, select the course where you want to award some. Click Certificates>>Certificate or Certificate of completion.

Next, go to Settings.

You’ll be asked to decide on several things, such as:

  • Whether students can share their certificates to LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, and
  • What requirements they have to meet to receive the certificate
LearnWorlds questionnaires creation

You can then fill out the certificate details such as a student’s name, course name, e.t.c.

Unlike Kajabi, Thinkific, and Teachable, LearnWorlds doesn’t offer a selection of certificate templates to choose from. Instead, it will generate a PDF certificate that looks like this:

Certificate of completion

Not that bad, huh.

We feel a course creator should have more options to customize certificates.

Still with us?

Now, most eLearning platforms stop at awarding certificates on course completion.

But most platforms aren’t LearnWorlds.

Here’s why.

LearnWorlds supports gamification and leaderboards.

LearnWorlds supports gamification

The gamification feature further enhances LearnWorlds’ reputation as one of, if not THE best, course platforms for student engagement.

Gamification promotes friendly competition, which can encourage students to take part by advancing in the course.

LearnWorlds gamification engine

Learners want to outdo each other, get the recognition of being at the top of the leaderboard offers, and try their best to maintain a stellar performance. So LearnWorlds’ gamification engine can help learners take the course more seriously, but in a fun way.

Bottomline: Clearly, LearnWorlds offers superior testing, course compliance, certification, and gamifying course activity. The only probable downside here is you don’t get to customize certificates.

Analytics and Reporting

LearnWorlds offers ample data in one place to help inform your decision-making processes.

It organizes data into four categories under its Reporting Center tab:

  1. Exams include everything we covered earlier, such as student grades, a question bank, assessments, and certification matters.
  2. Activity history summarizes your email and event logs if you need to go back and refer to them.
  3. The Sales tab displays every sensible thing you want to know about course sales. From successful orders to canceled ones to refund details, you’ll find it all here.
  4. User analytics will let you find information on students’ course progress, segmentation, and schedule report deliveries.

Check this out:

LearnWorlds course insights

Did you notice the “beta” in Course Insights?

Well, click it, and you’ll see a couple of newly added insights on a specific course, such as

  1. Most popular course
  2. Engagement level
  3. Most challenging course
  4. Drop out rate
Exporting the data

We figured out that we could use this information to decide what works for our students versus what we may need to improve.

Now, if you work with partners, such as other tutors or co-creators, you can schedule reports to go out to them via email as soon as they are ready.

Bottomline: LearnWorlds offers plenty of practical insights without being overwhelming. Plus, you can download CSV files of the insights if you wish.

Creating Memberships Sites

So, you want to drip exclusive content to specific subscribers?

Creating a membership site is a smart way to do that, providing a recurring revenue source for you.


You can create membership sites with LearnWorlds that will help you do the following.

  1. Decide who can and cannot access specific aspects of your content.
  2. Gate specific course content so students can enter their emails. This is especially helpful if you want to grow your email list for future sales campaigns.
  3. Release course materials on a paid subscription basis.
  4. Create an exclusive course community in which students can network.
  5. Reveal special deals, tips, tricks, and offers to subscribers.
  6. Engage students on an ongoing basis by releasing new material on a specific schedule (drip feeding).
  7. Give students access to older content.
  8. Nurture unenrolled students with blog posts, time-sensitive offers, and limited free access to a course so that they can decide to buy the entire course.
  9. Create different access levels or tiers such as Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Think pricing plans like these:
Membership pricing

You can do all that with LearnWorlds, which we like.

We noticed something else as well.

Student engagement continues to be a prevalent theme here.

Picture this.

LearnWorlds membership sites support:

  • All kinds of course content, including live webinars, training schedules, personalized guidance, blogs, and interactive ebooks.
  • Group discussions
  • Chats and personal messaging

You’ll also notice making payments is easy so students can upgrade to different membership levels seamlessly. We like that, too.

Bottomline: You can create some pretty engaging membership sites on LearnWorlds.And that takes us to the following related way to engage students while making your course valuable and memorable.

Student Community Tools

It helps to have a robust course community. For instance, it is a haven for students whose learning style flourishes in discussions, collaboration, and peer accountability.

Expect a built-in social learning tool that turns communities on LearnWorlds similar to Facebook Groups. It is one of the best of any online school.

Student Community Tools

LearnWorlds community features include:

  • Students and tutors can create social profiles to improve their visibility in the community, which can help encourage interactions.
  • Students can interact amongst themselves for brainstorming and debates.
  • They can also interact with course instructors for interactive learning.
  • You can post blogs, announcements, e.t.c
  • You can assign moderator roles to maintain order in the learning center.
  • You can also limit access to the community to specific students or everyone.
  • You can create distinct groups for different purposes.
  • And you can host polls.

You and other participants also get email notifications whenever someone posts a social comment or post. That can help continue the conversation, further encouraging student engagement.

Notification emails

Bottomline: LearnWorlds has a built-in social network that makes students’ and instructors’ interactions intuitive and spot-on.

Selling Digital Downloads

LearnWorlds won’t limit your creativity to just selling online courses in a sophisticated curriculum.

You can also create downloadable assets that you can sell as courses. You will still need to create a course curriculum with sections and activities.

But this time, instead of adding a bunch of content to a learning activity, you’ll just need to upload a file from your computer. Then that learning unit will be available only as a digital download.

Go to Courses>>Contents>>Edit course>>attach the file in a specific learning unit.

Editing the course content

You can add more downloadable files to the learning activity if you wish.

Just hover your mouse on the available digital download.

Click on Settings.

Then hit Add digital download on the side form that pops up after.

 Adding the digital downloads

We also like that you can sell a selection of downloadable resources such as:

  1. Training videos
  2. Ebooks
  3. Manuals
  4. Templates
  5. Podcasts
  6. Pre-recorded webinars or replays
  7. PDFs

You name them, and LearnWorlds will help you sell it in a downloadable file.

Bottomline: LearnWorlds offers solid support if you have ready training materials as downloadable files to sell.

Course Design and Customization

We like that LearnWorlds’ course templates, layouts, and themes are mobile-friendly.

That means your custom course design won’t look awkward on a phone, tablet, or small laptop screen.

Then you can pick a course layout to get you started under Site builder>>Site Flavors.

Course Design and Customization

Or you can choose a theme from a selection of 22 templates.

Go to Site builder>>Theme Explorer for that.

Course Design and Customization Templates

The LearnWorlds Site Builder offers live previews.

You’ll see changes you make in real-time. Then you can decide if you want to keep those changes or pick a different theme.

Note that you’ll need to have one of the higher LearnWorlds paid plans to enjoy most of the advanced customization options.

Next, choose any of four categories to customize your LearnWorlds online school.

Editing the school site

Here are some things you can do:

  1. Customize anything, from membership sites, popups, and blog pages to sign-up forms and logos.
  2. Choose between a branded or custom domain, complete with a free SSL certificate and unlimited hosting.
  3. Use custom code to design how your course looks and feels from scratch.
  4. Go fully White Label or use the LearnWorlds API to customize how your course works with LearnWorlds.
  5. Use different system text inside fill-in bars.
  6. Apply unique fonts, color patterns, and favicons.

You can do all that from the page editor’s design tab, as you can see here:

Theme explorer

You can then see all the changes you are making right on the same page.

No going back and forth.

No need to reload the page to see recent changes.

You see what you get, meaning the settings you save will be what appears in the live version of your course.

Bottomline: LearnWorlds offers a fluid drag-n-drop site builder, and you’ll get a bunch of good-looking layouts to start with.

Sales and Marketing

Perhaps you have an active email list already. You’ll want to take advantage of that by choosing an online course platform with solid email marketing tools.

Or maybe you are starting an online knowledge business from scratch and for the first time.

In that case, getting a couple more tools in one course platform will help you build a following online without a website, blog, or ready email list.

So, how will LearnWorlds help you market your online course and increase sales?


Here is something you don’t see on online learning platforms.

LearnWorlds recently introduced its Popup Builder to help you create and customize how a popup looks, feels, and works.

Go to Site Builder>>Edit School Site>>Popup>>New Popup to create them.

What we like most, though, is what you can use them for:

  • Collect emails for your marketing funnel
  • Display special offers
  • Show coupons
  • Pop up a video
  • Display welcome messages
  • Notify your community about a new update, course content release, and more.
Creating popups

Think of this as receiving desktop notification. The popups can help both you and the students stay up-to-date with all promotions.

You can then tweak who, when, how, where, and what they can display in Popup settings.

Popup settings.

Bottomline: You can customize the popups to attract attention, show off your creative brand personality.


Putting out useful, engaging, and lively content can power your credibility in a subject.

It is also ideal for engaging your community actively. Just create and email the content to your students.

Similar to Kajabi, LearnWorlds has a built-in blogging platform for that.

Go to Site Builder>>Site tools>>Blog Setup to blog on LearnWorlds. You can create and share both quick-update and more in-depth, how-to blogs.

Blog setup settings

You’ll see the options to customize your blog’s look, feel, and functions, including search engine optimization.

But don’t cancel your Ahrefs, MozBar, or Surfer SEO subscription just yet.

You’ll still need to do your own keyword research and analysis elsewhere. LearnWorlds does not help with that.

But you’ll get to customize every blog page, which can further endear your posts to your audience.

You can also use RSS feeds to increase your posts’ reach.

Managing the blog posts

You can also display your latest news by adding a Blog posts section. There are several display styles to choose from, as you can see here.

Community posts

Plus, you can save blog ideas in draft form until you are ready to publish them. Just start writing. Save as draft.

Later, come back to the Posts Manager to edit, clone, delete or take the post live.

word image 1

The entire experience feels like using a smoother version of WordPress, which is the goal.

Bottomline: LearnWorlds’ blogging platform is the closest thing to WordPress that we’ve seen on an online course platform. Kajabi comes second.

Email marketing

The platform offers a decent integrated email system you can use in several ways.

Email marketing - LearnWorlds

It is suitable for delivering notifications.

You can send notifications as:

  • Priority email announcements
  • Drip content
  • Course updates
  • Welcome messages
  • Completion congratulations
  • Course completion certificate alert
  • Exam results

Creating a customized email with LearnWorlds is also straightforward. Start by using the design toolbar to customize everything, from the email header to the layout.

Subscription emails

In terms of advanced email marketing, LearnWorlds is more of a Podia alternative than Kajabi’s.

Yes, you can create simple lead capture forms by setting them up in Marketing>>Lead Capture.

To nurture those leads, you can set up seven-, 15-, or 30-day long email sequences.

Look at this straightforward sequence:

LearnWorlds email sequences.

Now see the most sophisticated LearnWorlds email sequences.

Creating email sequences in LearnWorlds

Unless you plan to create sales pipelines, where only Kajabi will do, LearnWorlds will probably be sufficient for your email marketing needs.

And if not, it just added new email features to enhance ConvertKit, AWeber, MailChimp, and ActiveCampaign integrations.

The new tools include auto-tagging so you can track details such as who previewed a free section of a paid course. Using UTM, you will also be able to trace where people are signing up from so you can optimize your marketing channels.

You can now also merge custom fields, UTMs, and tags to create even more personalized emails.

Bottomline: LearnWorlds’ email system will be pretty sufficient for most course creators’ needs. And they keep -pushing new updates to the integrated email tool, so there’s more to come.

Affiliate marketing

LearnWorlds also offers a robust affiliate marketing platform.

That’s a big deal because affiliates, from niche to diverse influencers, can help push your course among their loyal audiences.

How does the affiliate marketing feature work on LearnWorlds?

You can:

  • Let current students become affiliates.
  • Choose which courses or course bundles to offer affiliate commissions on.
  • Let affiliates self-register.
  • Allow affiliates to see details about the people they referred.
  • Activate, deactivate, or update affiliates’ details.
  • Choose and track cookie expiration duration.
  • Set and change affiliate commissions.
  • Decide to offer commissions in sales percentages or dollar amounts.
  • Manage payment schedule.
  • Pick one of several affiliate payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe, and Wire Transfer.

Many course platforms set a 30-day limit to tracking an affiliate link. Instead, LearnWorlds lets you choose affiliate cookie expiration durations. You may need to upgrade your payment plan to do that, though.

Setting up the affiliate cookie duration

Then go to Marketing>>Affiliate Management to see all those details in one place like this:

Bottomline: You are one affiliate link from easily sharing a sale with influencers when you use LearnWorlds affiliate marketing tools.


Bounce rates. Cart abandonment. They are the worst.

So LearnWorlds offers a powerful sales engine to help boost course sales at no additional cost to you.

You can:

  • Offer coupons or discount a specific course
  • Put several courses together and promote them as a discounted bundle
  • Sell more courses by accepting installment payments
  • Allow students to pick the subscription option
  • Provide time-sensitive offers
  • Accept multiple payment processors

Now, about improving conversions.

Conversion optimization and upselling

The last thing you want is a packed sales funnel with little course sales to show for it.

Here are tools we noticed that could help you create a high-converting landing page to boost your conversion rate on LearnWorlds.

First, the checkout process happens on just one page. Course buyers will see all they need to do on that page, which helps reduce bounce rate.

Second, you can add testimonials, course ratings, pricing tables, more social proof to encourage potential students to buy the course.

Customizing course sales page

Next, you are free to customize your LearnWorlds course sales page however you think it will boost conversion.

Customizing the payment pages

They recently introduced several payment pages you can choose from.

Check them out.

Payments page in LearnWorlds

Then, you can show related courses, complete with discounted prices, to encourage upsells.

LearnWorlds check out page

One thing.

If you want to see, track, and use remarketing strategies with people who aren’t completing their course purchase, it will be a manual process.

You have to go to Users. Use the filters to see who signed up but failed to complete a purchase. Then send them follow-up emails until they convert or opt out of your email list.

Now, payment issues are typically one area that causes increases in cart abandonments. So, how does LearnWorlds help here?

Payment Gateways and Payouts

Unlike Teachable or Ruzuku, and several others, LearnWorlds supports more than two payment processors.

You can let more people buy your course even if they do not have access or dislike PayPal and Stripe.

Payment Gateways in LearnWorlds

Beyond those two, LearnWorlds also supports credit cards, 2Checkout, Shopify, and PagSeguro.

However, you can’t accept two payment methods for one course. For example, you can’t accept both PayPal and credit card purchases for the same course.

Something else.

You’ll need to set up Stripe to accept any installment sales.

The good thing about integrating Stripe is you could sell LearnWorlds courses with local payment processors. For example, for Europe-based customers, you can also offer Sofort, iDeal, and Giropay methods.

Now, how do you get paid on LearnWorlds?


Expect direct payments into your PayPal account every month.

You’ll receive payment notifications. You can follow the money inside the Reporting Center for transparency.


LearnWorlds is a dedicated learning management system, not necessarily an all-in-one course platform, although it is getting ever closer.

That means it won’t necessarily offer robust tools sometimes. That is especially true when those tools do not directly relate to creating and selling online courses.

What it does instead is open the floodgates to connect third-party tools with your LearnWorlds account.

LearnWorlds integrations

For example, you can integrate LearnWorlds with top email marketing software such as ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit for lead nurturing.

You can also connect other types of solutions in:

  • Video hosting
  • Online conferencing
  • Analytics
  • Customer service
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social proof
  • Growth tools such as HubSpot
LearnWorlds integration and Webhooks

This approach is a noble thing in our experience.


Bottomline: Because you get to pay for those integrations as and when you need them. You can upgrade or downgrade on demand. You do not have to buy a feature you won’t use as part of an “all-in-one” platform.


We’ve seen you can create email sequences that use a decent level of automation to execute.

With LearnWorlds, you can further automate repetitive tasks by pairing it with Zapier or using Webhooks.

Zapier opens the world to automating over 3,000 apps in even more ways. For example, you can set up your account to automatically share blog posts with your social channels immediately to publish the post.

Webhooks are an automation method you can use to allow separate apps to communicate with others in a specific system, sharing real-time information to keep everything running.

For example, you can set up your LearnWorlds account to send real-time updates when a new person signs up.

Then you can set the system to show the new signee a specific offer. Next, you can specify what happens when the signee accepts or declines that offer.

Webhooks can be a tad technical to set up, but LearnWorlds helps you along.

Using LearnWorlds integration

Or, you can get someone more experienced in webhooks management to set it up for you.

Bottomline: Integration with Zapier and learning how to use Webhooks might be all you need in the way of automating repetitive tasks in course creation and selling online.

LearnWorlds Pricing

So, we’ve discussed all the vital course creation software, student engagement tools, and course sales solutions the platform offers.

Now, how much does LearnWorlds cost?

It depends.

You can test the platform’s popular plan for free with its 30-day free trial.

Or you can put your foot in the door by investing as little as $24/month for the Starter plan. LearnWorlds will charge a flat $5 for every course you sell, though.

That plan won’t let you use affiliate marketing, create file assignments, sell free courses, work with a virtual assistant (2 admins), unlimited courses, or multiple landing pages. You also won’t be able to use online conferencing tools, host live classes, or offer course certificates. Let’s just say it is limited.

To see real benefits, you’ll want to get the higher Pro-Trainer and Learning Center plans. If you are training at a large online school, see the High-Volume or Corporate plan.

LearnWorlds Pricing

We recommend you compare all LearnWorlds plans side-by-side here.

Bottomline: LearnWorlds is not just one of the most affordable course platforms out there. It also offers several plans you can upgrade to or scale down from. That means you can start and grow your business on the LearnWorlds platform with little worry that you will outgrow the platform just when it is most inconvenient or expensive to leave.

Customer Support

LearnWorlds is one of the easiest online course software to get started in our experience.

Expect regular invitations to educational webinars and links to learning resources right from when you sign up.

If you prefer self-paced learning, they have a knowledge base, LearnWorlds Academy, videos, articles, and blogs.

But what if you want to reach the LearnWorlds support team?

Instead of live chat, LearnWorlds offers support via conversations on Twitter and Facebook.

And rather than taking phone calls, its customer service team provides one-on-one guidance via Skype. They provide premium onboarding if you buy a Learning Center or Pro-Trainer plan.

The platform has an excellent support team in our experience. But different course creators’ experiences may vary.

Ultimately, LearnWorlds can organize a setup expert to help you out for a fee.

Bottomline: We are sure you won’t be needing much interaction with customer experience ninjas. Uptimes are great, and there are rarely any technical complaints on the interweb.

LearnWorlds Competitors

You want to know whether you are getting the best value possible. So here are several LearnWorlds alternatives for comparisons.

We’ll make real quick:

LearnWorlds vs. LearnDash

LearnWorlds logo

LearnDash logo

Some critical differences between LearnDash and LearnWorlds.

  • LearnDash is a WordPress-oriented learning management system. Compared to LearnWorlds, a standalone eLearning platform you can customize in many ways.
  • For similar features, LearnDash is costlier than LearnWorlds if you are working with a tight budget.
  • LearnWorlds is also favorable to solo course creators or small teams in several ways.
  • LearnWorlds also offers custom domains and free SSL certificates.
  • You can use the LearnWorlds API to customize your LW courses further. LearnDash doesn’t support that.
  • LearnWorlds offers multiple payment gateways, unlike LearnDash. You can also read the complete review on LearnDash.

LearnWorlds vs. Kajabi

LearnWorlds logo

Kajabi logo

How does LearnWorlds compare to Kajabi?

  • Kajabi is an all-in-one platform, so you’ll get most business and teaching tools within it instead of needing to connect to third-party integrations as in LearnWorlds.
  • Kajabi supports powerful email marketing sequences and marketing automation, unlike LearnWorlds. To know more about this, you can refer my Kajabi review.
  • You can also create elaborate sales pipelines with Kajabi, not LearnWorlds.
  • But LearnWorlds provides better student engagement tools such as a seamless course player, interactive elements (videos and ebooks), animations, and gamification.
  • LearnWorlds offers a superior course community experience, too.
  • LearnWorlds is a dedicated online teaching platform, so it likely won’t have as many redundant features you need to pay for as Kajabi does.

LearnWorlds vs. Teachable

LearnWorlds logo


Some key differences between Teachable and LearnWorlds include:

  • While Teachable charges a 5% transaction fee on all base plan sales, LearnWorlds charges a fixed $5 fee per sale.
  • LearnWorlds offers interactive ebooks and video elements, which can help make LearnWorlds courses more engaging to students than on Teachable.
  • LearnWorlds provides more robust tools for creating Facebook-groups-like communities for students and instructors to engage each other.
  • LearnWorlds copyrights course materials, which Teachable doesn’t.
  • You’ll also get a free SSL certificate for your custom domain (website or blog), which Teachable does not offer.
  • But Teachable supports native EU Tax calculations, uploading and editing course content in bulk, and in-depth analytics and reporting. LearnWorlds does not support all three or needs a third-party integration for it.


A highlight of using LearnWorlds is it takes student engagement in all areas to the next level.

That makes sense.

There are tons of distractions online that can keep your learners from enjoying the benefits you offer in your course.

That’s a big problem in two ways. Why?

First, bored and distracted students won’t learn much.

Second, they are likely to bombard you with unsatisfied complaints and petty questions, killing your time while at it.

Third, a combination of those issues can quickly translate to increased refund requests and poor course ratings for you.

Hopefully, this LearnWorlds review helps you decide the best course platform for your specific vision.

Over to you.

Oh, one more thing.

If you enjoyed this in-depth review of LearnWorlds, help another course creator get unstuck by sharing this post with them, will you?

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