Kartra vs Kajabi: Literally a No_Brainer Choice (Late 2022)

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Today we are going to review Kartra vs Kajabi. Kartra and Kajabi are two of the top marketing platforms out there.

These tools have different target audiences. Kartra is for marketers, entrepreneurs, and agencies, while Kajabi is for advanced course creators looking for a good LMS with marketing automation. Nevertheless, you can use Kartra to sell your courses in the form of memberships.

Kartra’s main selling points are its Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM) 🔥, memberships, visual automation builder, agency feature, etc. Kartra comes with all the tools built-in, thus eliminating the need for external integrations.

Kajabi’s main selling points are its courses and pipelines (automations). Kajabi costs high (starts at $149/mo) and is not affordable for all.

This post is for you 🤞 if you are unsure whether to choose Kajabi or Kartra for your online business.

Let’s get started with the Kartra vs Kajabi review.

Transaction fee💸0%0%
Pricing starts at 💰$99/mo$149/mo
Does premium plans support unlimited courses?✖ (doesn’t have LMS feature)
Built-in surveys✓ It has a dedicated survey builder
Course player customization features available? ✓ Kartra also offers interactive video elements to make videos engaging
OTOs Upsells, downsells,  order bumpsUpsells, order bumps
Supported checkoutBoth single-page and two-page checkout

Has only single-page checkout
Has a built-in community? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
Mobile app  📱Has both iOS and Android apps
Is it truly white-labeled?
Has a native payment gateway?NoNo
Has affiliate marketing?
Built-in EU/VAT handling


Kartra is an all-in-one marketing tool. It has all the tools built-in: Kartra Mail, Kartra Videos, Kartra Calendars, Kartra Communications, Kartra Helpdesks, Kartra Pages, Kartra Leads, etc.

The best thing is it natively integrates with most of the popular marketing tools and services, so you may not need Zapier at all. With Kartra you can sell both physical and digital products.

But the downside, Kartra is not polished as Kajabi. It has a really poor UI and UX which really sucks!

Kajabi is a highly-priced platform and mainly focuses on creating and selling courses. It comes with courses, memberships, communities, blogging, emails, automation, etc. To access its code editor, advanced automations, & affiliate program you need to shell out $399/mo, which is very high. With Kajabi you can’t sell physical products unless you embed – for example, Shopify’s buy button.

What do I like about Kartra over Kajabi?

  • Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform best to sell products (both digital & physical), memberships, and services. Kajabi is more of a dedicated course platform.
  • Kartra has a powerful and feature-rich drag and drop page builder & a dedicated membership site builder. In Kajabi, you need to use its rich site builder to design membership pages. Kartra offers various templates to design each block (templates for headers, timers, opt-ins, etc).
  • Kartra offers a lot of professional-looking templates to design your landing pages, upsell pages, checkouts, opt-ins, membership sites, etc. On the other hand, Kajabi doesn’t offer any page templates.
  • Kartra supports interactive elements to make the videos engaging. You can add CTAs, show social shares, add logo watermark, closed captions, etc. These features help you in getting more conversions. Kajabi lacks interactive video elements.
  • It has a built-in surveys & quizzes feature for you to create engaging surveys and collect your audience feedback. Its survey builder is very powerful and it supports text, text & image, text & video types of questions. In case of Kajabi, you need to use its assessments to create surveys & quizzes, there is no separate survey builder.
  • Kartra supports split testing. You can split test the pages and emails with up to 4 variations. Kajabi lacks this.
  • Its Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM) feature helps you show the right pages for your target audience. You can display certain sections of the pages based on the tags added for customers, based on their lists or sequences they are subscribed to. For example – If you are promoting fitness products you can display separate pages/sections for men and women. This is lacking in Kajabi.
  • Kartra gives access to Done For You campaigns (or funnels) that you can deploy and access with one click. These campaigns are made by expert marketers and help you improve your business. Optionally you can also sell your campaigns in their marketplace. In case of Kajabi, you have pipelines (funnels) but there is no marketplace available as Kartra.
  • Kartra has built-in calendars and a help desk feature. With this, you can schedule the appointments right inside the platform integrating with Google Calendar. Also, you can embed the Kartra helpdesk in the pages increasing customer satisfaction. To avail these features in Kajabi, you need to integrate with external tools.
  • Kartra has a powerful visual automation builder with conditional logic rules (IF-THEN, TRUE/FALSE). You can trigger multiple conditions to start your automation sequence. With Kajabi, you have automation rules but the automation builder.
  • Kartra offers detailed reports and analytics compared to Kajabi. Each tool in Kartra comes with an analytics tab. Here, you will find graphs that allow you to analyze data easily. Kajabi reports are also good but there are no graphical representations.
  • If you are into an agency business, Kartra has an agency feature to manage all your clients from a single dashboard. It is lacking in its starter plan, to avail this feature you need to get its Silver plan at $199/mo. Kajabi lacks this.

What do I like about Kajabi over Kartra?

  • Kajabi provides blueprints for your courses and memberships for you to get started quickly. Kartra doesn’t offer any blueprints to create products.
  • Kajabi has a dedicated community feature. You can even make the community as paid, by selling it as an offer. With Kartra there is no community feature.
  • Kajabi has a built-in blogging feature. You can create content around your products and increase brand awareness.
  • It has a mobile app for both iOS and Android. Kartra doesn’t offer any apps. This can be a huge downside.
  • Kajabi has a visual pipeline builder, you can create complex funnels within minutes. It feels more refined. You will get various OVO Pipeline blueprints like a freebie, product launch, Zoom webinar OVO, sales page OVO, etc.
  • Its higher pricing plans offer advanced automations, wherein you can add conditional filters to trigger the automation. You can automate the offers, and products, and trigger the email broadcasts & sequences by defining the triggers.

Upfront Bottomline ⚡️:

Kartra is made for marketers and agencies. It comes with almost all the tools you need to run your own business. It supports unlimited products, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited videos, and unlimited memberships. It is marketed as an alternative to ClickFunnels.

Its agency feature allows you to handle multiple client accounts in a centralized view all from a single dashboard and it eliminates the need for dedicated agency platforms like Vbout.

Kajabi is for course creators, coaches, and trainers. It provides excellent marketing features like upsells, order bumps, mobile apps, pipelines, and marketing automation to boost your sales. Its main downside is its pricing 👎. Even its Growth plan at $199/mo supports just 15 products and 15 pipelines (None of its plans support unlimited products and pipelines).

Kajabi is marketed as an alternative to Teachable and Podia with advanced marketing features (like Pipelines).

If I’m clear that Kajabi is what I want, and I don’t care about the budget, I’d pick Kajabi. Kartra doesn’t feel polished to me (although it has some unique features).

User interface and ease of use

Kartra interface

Kartra’s tools are accessible in its right sidebar. But under each tool, it has split up its features making the navigation more difficult. For example – To complete your product creation, you need to go through seven steps. If you want to edit something, you need to go through this same sequence again and again.

Kajabi interface

Kajabi’s interface is very neat and minimal. You can access all its features within three clicks. Also, Kajabi is very easy to use.

Also, Kartra offers plenty of features. Getting started with Kartra is not as easy as Kajabi. It has some learning curve.

Kartra pages load slower 😏, you need to wait at least 5 to 8 secs to proceed to further steps while configuring the products or memberships. Kajabi has a quick loading and smooth interface.

Winner: Kajabi. Kajabi’s interface is very neat, minimal, and easy to get started. It doesn’t need any learning curve. Whereas Kartra has made the job more complex by splitting up the features. Kartra has a learning curve.

Online Courses 📚

Kartra videos

You can create and sell your courses and membership sites with both Kartra and Kajabi. Kartra has built-in video hosting and supports unlimited bandwidth. This eliminates the need for platforms like Vimeo or Wistia.

But as it is not a dedicated LMS tool, unlike Kajabi, you can manage to sell your courses using its memberships. Will discuss more on this in the memberships section.

Upload your videos to Kartra

But its Kartra videos tools allow you to either sell a single video or create a video playlist (in case you have training course/coaching programs). You can upload the videos in bulk, saving tons of time.

Creating courses in Kartra

On the other hand, Kajabi has a dedicated course builder. Creating courses in Kajabi is simple and straightforward.

With Kajabi you can create a mini-course (best for product launches), an online course, or a drip course.

Kajabi course options

Kajabi’s course curriculum consists of categories (like sections) and posts (like lessons inside sections). You can add text, images, audio, video, assessments, downloads, etc to create the course content.

Unlike other specialist LMS tools like Thinkific, Kajabi allows you to add the files from your computer, Google Drive, and Dropbox (cloud uploading).

Drip scheduling in Kajabi

With Kajabi you can drip schedule the content for customers to avoid binge-watching the lessons. Also, you can lock the category until all the previous modules are completed. You can do this as a course compliance feature.

Note: As Kajabi is made keeping marketers in mind, it doesn’t offer course compliance features (to make sure students are going through the course) or course completion certificates, unlike Thinkific and Teachable.

Kajabi courses support comments 💬. This helps users to be involved in the discussions, increasing engagement.

Kajabi comments

You can make the comment section visible/hidden/locked.

Are you wondering how the Kajabi course page looks for students (in the frontend)?

Kajabi front end course player experience
Kajabi course player options

The front-end experience for students is really good. The interface looks very attractive and is minimal with no additional distractions. Students can go with full-screen mode (for maximum focus), control the video speed & quality, engage in discussions, etc.

Additional features:

Kartra video features

Kartra gives you interactive features to make your videos engaging. You can add splash images, logo watermarks, closed captions, show/hide the controls, show social share, show playback speed, etc. Kajabi lacks this. But to avail this, you can consider tools like LearnWorlds.

Kartra video call to actions

You can also display call to action in the videos, like opt-ins, image banners, caption, caption+button, and social unlock. These CTAs help you pitch your offers and build mailing lists, increasing the conversions.


Kajabi product progress reports

When it comes to analytics, with Kajabi you will get course progress reports of students and detailed video analytics.

In the product/course report, you will get all the metrics like student course progress, a number of times logged in, start date, and last login date.

Kajabi video analytics

Kartra’s video analytics are really good with colorful graphs and are easy to understand. But it doesn’t give something like retention graphs as you get in Kajabi.

Kajabi video retention graph

Kajabi’s retention graph displays where the students are dropping. This helps to connect with students to assist them and help them further to complete the course.

Winner: Kajabi. If you need a dedicated course feature, Kajabi is a perfect choice. In kartra, you can just sell your single video and playlist if you have any short training program or a masterclass, etc.


Creating memberships in both these tools are quite different.

Kartra has a dedicated membership site builder, unlike Kajabi.

Kartra memberships

To add your content to the membership site, go to your Membership site>Content>Click on Launch builder.

Kartra membership site builder

It will load the membership site builder. In the sidebar, you can see all the contents available to design sidebars and posts.

Kajabi memberships

Kajabi memberships are very similar to courses. When you create a membership product it will load the blueprint content for you. This also consists of categories and posts.

Its design and customization options are very similar to the courses, as you saw previously. For each membership post, you can enable the comment section, add downloads, and add automation.

Customizing the Kajabi memberships

You can also design your home page using a site builder. In the sidebar, you can add custom blocks, cross-sells, course progress, etc.

Membership site posts

In Kartra, you can add new posts to the memberships by creating categories. To add a new post, go to Content>New post. You can add content like images, video, opt-ins, checkout forms, calendars, surveys, audio playlists, custom code, etc. In Kajabi also, you can create posts and your content. (similar to how you add course content).

Membership site comments Kartra

Kartra allows you to enable/disable the comments for individual posts, set various membership levels, drip feed the posts, send emails to members when a new post is unlocked, add a progress bar, and add a customer support helpdesk, and much more.

Kajabi membership posts

In case of Kajabi, you can enable the comment for each post/lesson.

The best thing is with both tools, you can automate the memberships.

Assigning the tags to members in Kartra

In Kartra, when a new member subscribes:

  • You can add a tag.
  • Assign to a list.
  • Subscribe them to a sequence.

Add advanced automation when the

  • Lead is granted access to membership.
  • Access is revoked.
  • Lead completes the access levels.
Kajabi automation rules

In case of Kajabi, you can automate the membership posts completion task. When the user completes the membership, you can

  1. Grant an offer
  2. Add a tag
  3. Remove a tag
  4. Send a mail
  5. Much more
Kartra membership options

Kartra also comes with a built-in membership portal feature. You can customize the logo, marquee, add a progress bar, add a helpdesk, and much more.

Setting up the pricing

Setting up the membership pricing in Kartra

Kartra has made this job simple. While creating the product, they will show you the options to set the pricing or to set the access levels in case of memberships.

Kajabi offers

But in case of Kajabi, you need to sell the membership by creating offers. If you want to create various membership levels, you need to create different offers (Silver membership offer, bronze membership offer, or gold membership offer) each for different membership levels.

Winner: Kartra. Kartra has a dedicated membership site builder, allowing you to fully customize the membership pages and posts, even the site as you need. Kajabi’s membership features are also good but it is less powerful than Kartra. In Kartra, you can combine automations with memberships and sell more.


Kartra doesn’t have built-in communities. But you can integrate it with community platforms like Circle.so, using Zapier.

On the other hand, Kajabi comes with built-in communities.

Community topics in Kajabi

With kajabi, inside the community, you can create various topics for customers to involve in the discussions. You can set the community homepage as either a feed or new posts.

Customizing the community in Kajabi

There are options available to add customized sidebar messages (any community announcements, community description/intro, etc), add a logo, customize the colors to reflect your brand, etc.

Selling Kajabi communities

The best thing is you can sell your community by creating offers. You can restrict access to communities on higher membership levels. For example – You can offer communities as a part of gold membership plan. (this being the highest membership tier).

Note: Kajabi communities lack member engagement and gamification features. It doesn’t support badges, leaderboards, points, achievements, rankings, etc.

Winner: Kajabi, obviously.

Mobile app 📲

Kartra doesn’t come with mobile apps, unlike Kajabi. Kajabi supports both iOS and Android apps.

kajabi mobile app

Using mobile apps in Kajabi, students can access their courses, and communities, and complete the assessments. The best thing is you can send push notifications to keep the users engaged.

With the Kajabi iOS app:

  • You can cast the video to other devices like Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast.
  • Dedicated favorites help students access their favorite posts quickly.
  • You can now expand and collapse categories, making it easier to navigate.

Winner: Kajabi.

Design and page builder


Kartra doesn’t offer any themes to design your site. But it offers page templates to design your site pages.

Kajabi theme store

Kajabi offers various (10+) themes to design your website. It has a dedicated theme store for this. You can even upload your own custom themes and customize them with custom coding using Kajabi’s code editor.

Page builder

Kartra has a dedicated drag and drop page builder to design your landing pages, opt-ins, upsell/downsell pages, checkout pages, and much more.

Kartra page block templates

While designing the pages you can switch between components and columns mode to edit the sections quickly. You can make the pages responsive for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Kajabi site builder

Kajabi also has a drag and drop website builder. With this, you can design the site pages, store, sales/landing pages, pipeline pages, blog pages, etc.

Kartra block templates

Kartra gives you several templates to design various sections like hero sections, features, call to action, opt-in forms, pop-ups, testimonials, etc. There are also templates available for page components like headlines, buttons, accordions, countdowns, progress bars, etc. These block templates look very professional and save you a lot of time in designing them from scratch.

Kajabi page design blocks

Kajabi provides various blocks to design your pages. But it doesn’t offer templates, unlike Kartra. You can add assessments, countdown timers, testimonials, videos, accordions, slideshows, features, and much more.

Kartra popup windows

You can also add popups to the pages to increase conversions and collect more leads. There are two types of popups available; landing popups and exit popups. You can choose to display the pop-ups either on every visit or on only the first visit.

Kajabi also supports forms. In the page builder, you have opt-in bar blocks where you can embed the popups on your pages to collect the leads.

Kartra alert bar templates

Kartra page builder also has alert bars templates. If you are running any special offers/deals, or time-sensitive campaigns this would be helpful. For example – if you are running special deals on occasions like Balck Friday or Christmas, you can display the alert bars, and add countdown timers to implement scarcity marketing.

Kartra helpdesk

If you are more concerned about your customers you can add Kartra helpdesk or Zendesk support to assist them. As Kajabi lacks built-in help desks you can use integration with Zendesk.

Kartra editing the source code

The best thing is that Kartra allows you to design sections using custom code. You just need to add your own custom code in the editor and you are good to go. This would be helpful if you are a developer and want to create custom-coded pages.

Blogging 📜

Kartra doesn’t come with blogging ability.

Kajabi page builder

Kajabi has a built-in blogging feature. You can create an entire blog with pages including 404 pages, search pages, posts, etc. You can customize them using a site builder.

Kajabi designing the page sidebars

For blog posts, you can design the sidebars and add author, social links, recent posts, sidebar searches, opt-ins, etc.

Website level options

Custom domains in Kartra
Custom domains in Kajabi

Both Kartra and Kajabi support custom domains and sub domains. Alos, it is possible to remove the branding of Kartra and Kajabi from these.

Kartra agency

Kartra has an agency feature, that supports the white-labeling of your agency. This means, you can provide service under your own custom domain and brand.

Winner: Kartra. Kartra provides plenty of professional-looking templates to design your pages. Also, it provides block templates to design the pages quickly. Along with these, you can completely white-label Kartra, if you have an agency, this is a big plus.

Sales funnels/campaigns 📶

Kartra calls its funnels as campaigns while Kajabi calls them as pipelines.

In Kartra you can either create the campaigns from scratch or use Done For You campaigns created by top online marketers like Frank Kern, Andy Jenkinsother, and other Kartra members. Kajabi also provides various OVO pipeline templates to get started easily but it doesn’t come with the marketplace.

Done For You campaigns are plug-and-play campaigns that you can import with one click. You can deploy all the assets and customize them to match your needs.

Kartra campaigns

Kartra campaigns interconnect with all other Kartra tools like pages, products, sequences, tags, lists, automation, calendar, etc. and you can stack all these assets as campaigns.

Kajabi pipelines

Pipelines are one of the strong features of Kajabi. You can use pre-made funnel blueprints to offer a freebie, run Zoom webinars, launch products, and run coaching campaigns.

Editing the pipeline pages in Kajabi

Here, I have created a freebie pipeline. It consists of an opt-in page and a thank you page. To design the funnel pages, just click on the page and it will load the editor for you.

Kartra pages

Above is the campaign I created for my BloggingX Automation System course, in Kartra. It consists of three steps.

  1. BloggingX Automation System landing page – This is for selling the main offer.
  2. BloggingX Automation System Thank You page – This is where the upsell product will be shown for users for purchase.
  3. Finally, BloggingX Automation System Upsell Thank You. The users will be directed to the final thank you page.
Kajabi pipeline blueprint

You can view the stats for each funnel page, add automation, edit the page details, etc. As you build your Pipeline, you can track your customization progress with the pipeline checklist.

Kartra campaign marketplace

There is also a Kartra campaign marketplace available where you will find 1000’s of campaigns built by marketing experts. If you have highly converting campaigns, you can also sell them in the Kartra marketplace for a fee. Kartra will handle all the payments, so you can focus on creating content that converts.

Winner: Kajabi. Kajabi’s pipelines are very powerful, and you can view the funnel stats of each page. You can also automate the funnel actions with automation. Kartra campaigns just interconnect with all tools for building the assets. If you are a beginner, you need some time to get started with Kartra campaigns. Kajabi’s funnel building feels a lot more intuitive.

Sales and Marketing Features

Basic marketing features

Creating coupons in Kartra
Kajabi coupons

Both Kajabi and Kartra support discounts. Kajabi has an edge here as it supports generating bulk coupon codes.

Kajabi bulk coupon codes

To create bulk coupons in Kajabi, you need to specify the number of codes, then the code will automatically be created to share with your audience.

Kartra one click transactions

Kartra also supports 1-click transactions, scroll heatmaps (to get a view of customers’ journey), paid trials for products, single and multi-step checkouts, and reschedule payment dates for customers to renew at their own pace, etc.

Other marketing features:


Kartra behavioral adaptive marketing

Kartra has an edge over Kajabi when it comes to marketing. Kartra has a unique feature called Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM). With this feature, you can sell products to your customers based on their purchase history, or based on the customers’ tags or lists they have subscribed to.

Kajabi lacks this kind of onsite tracking and behavioral adaptability of the pages.

For example – You can sell the products to customers based on their behavior; show them the upsells in which they are interested (referring to the previous purchase), and show the different content for men & women if you are in the health/fitness niche, and much more. The possibilities are huge.

Winner: Kartra. Its Behavioral Adaptive Marketing is a game changer and is its unique selling proposition as well. This feature helps in converting more leads to customers and increase your sales.

Payment processing

Both Kartra and Kajabi don’t have their native payment gateway, unlike Thinkific or Teachable.

Kartra native payment gateways

Kartra provides native integrations with Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, and Authorize.net. Kajabi also supports Stripe and PayPal. Along with these, depending on your locality, Kajabi also supports other payment processors like 2Checkout, BitPay, Authorize.net, and much more. Click on this to know more on the payment processors it supports. Customers can also pay through credit cards.

When it comes to affiliate payouts, both tools pay instantaneously. With Kartra you need to use Paypal’s adaptive payment technology to handle this.

Winner: Tie.

Checkout, OTOs (like upsells, bump offers, and downsells)

Kartra bump offers
Adding order bumps in Kartra

Kartra allows you to add upsells/downsells/order bumps to increase the average cart value. While Kajabi supports only upsells & order bumps.

Kartra products

Note: There are some limitations to adding order bumps in Kartra.

  • You cannot add bump offers if you are using PayPal.
  • You need to keep the main order and the bump order pricing different.
  • You need to integrate the same payment gateway for both the main offer and the bump product. Refer to the screenshot above for more details.


Upsells nd downsells in Kartra

You can add 1-click upsells to your checkout pages so as to increase the customer’s average cart value.

Adding upsells to the offer in Kajabi

In kajabi, you can add upsells inside the offers. In the recent update, Kajabi has announced the ability to add up to 10 upsells. It’s still in beta.

Checkout pages:

Kartra checkout page templates
Kajabi legacy checkout templates

Kartra has both single and multi-step checkouts. It provides plenty of checkouts as well. While Kajabi supports only single step checkout and it doesn’t offer any templates.

You can customize the checkout as you wish using the page builder. You can add testimonials on the checkout pages to increase the conversions.

With Kartra you can add alert bars (for scarcity marketing) and guarantee badges to increase the conversions. These are lacking in Kajabi.

Winner: Kartra. ALog with upsells and order bumps, Kartra also supports downsells. Kartra offers plenty of checkout templates and you can customize them as you wish. You can even add tracking codes to track the sales and conversions.

Email marketing and automation

Kartra communications

Kartra has its own email marketing tool, called KartraMail. Using KartraMail you can create email broadcasts, sequences, and automation that works 24/7/365.

Kajabi email campaigns

Kajabi also has a built-in email marketing feature and it supports email broadcasts and sequences.

Kajabi email campaigns

Kajabi gives you several email templates for use cases like:

  • Sharing a newsletter/blog post.
  • Event announcement.
  • Making a referral.
  • Showcasing a product.
  • Etc.

You can create your own custom emails using its classic editor. Kartra also provides built-in email templates for various use cases. For example – you have a membership welcome email.

Kartra email split testing

Kartra emails support split testing. You can split test the subject lines and the email content, to know the one which converts best. You can split-test up to 4 variations. For more conversions, you can personalize the emails with dynamic variables, like {first_name}, {email_address}, {phone}, {affiliate_link}, and much more. Kajabi lacks this feature.

Kartra sequence builder

Kartra’s Sequence Builder allows you to create automated marketing campaigns with IF-THEN rules. You can define unlimited rules to trigger a sequence for an individual lead in Kartra.

Kartra automation builder

You can add split conditions to automate the sequences when the lead subscribes to the list, is not subscribed to the list, has a tag, does not have the tag, and much more. You can add as many split conditions as you want.

Kartra automation blocks

To automate the customer’s journey, you can send an email, send an SMS, add/remove a tag, subscribe/unsubscribe to a list, add a delay, etc.

Here I have created an automation sequence for my BloggingX Pro course enrollment. The sequence includes:

  1. Assign BloggingXPro Enrolled tag when the lead subscribes to the BloggingX Pro list.
  2. Send a congrats email for registering to BloggingX Pro.
  3. After 3 days, send a follow-up email on how they are engaging with the course.
Kartra visual automation builder

This is just a simple sequence I have created. You can build complex automation using IF-THEN conditions, as you see in the below screenshot.

Kajabi lacks a visual automation builder, unlike Kartra. But it comes with automation rules for you to automate the tasks.

Kartra automation triggers for email campaigns

You can automate each of the email sequences. For example – You can add automation when the email sequence completes. You can also add multiple triggers to subscribe users to the email sequence.

Kajabi advanced automations
Kajabi advanced automation conditional filters

Note: If you are on the Kajabi’s higher pricing, say either Growth or Pro plan, you will get access to Advanced Automations. The Basic plan (lowest plan) has basic automation. With Advanced Automations you can add a conditional filter to your automation, taking them to the next level.

Kajabi events:

Kajabi events
Adding emails to Kajabi events

Kajabi has one more feature called events. Events help you automate your emails to send on specific occasions. Like, if you have a webinar planned, you can create an event and send automated email sequences for webinar opt-in, and registration, also for post-webinar tasks like following up with the registrants, etc.

Winner: Kartra. Kartra has a visual drag and drop automation builder with IF-THEN/TRUE-FALSE conditions. You can add multiple rules to trigger the automation sequence. Kajabi lacks a visual automation builder, and to access its advanced automation you need to go with their higher plans starting at $199/mo.

Affiliate marketing

Kartra product affiliates
Kajabi affiliate program

Both Kartra and Kajabi have a built-in affiliate management system.

In Kartra you can either set the commissions globally or set it product by product. In Kajabi, you can’t set the commission globally.

With Kartra you can set multiple commission tiers, unlike Kajabi. You can automatically tag the affiliates when they sign up, add a mandatory terms & conditions prompt, and a questionnaire before they sign up. A questionnaire helps you assess the quality of your affiliates.

Activating affiliate commissions in Kajabi

In case of Kajabi, you need to activate the affiliates under “Offers”.

If you want to set different commissions for special/VIP affiliates, you can do that. Go to, Dashboard>Sales>Affiliates>Users, here edit the affiliate percentages.

Kartra affiliate analytics
Kartra affiliate reports

When it comes to affiliate analytics, Kartra provides detailed reports with graphs for easier analysis. (Refer the above screenshots to know all the metrics they provide).

Note: With both, you can either manually approve the affiliates or automatically approve them. Also to know more on them, you can have an affiliate questionnaire and get to know how genuine the affiliates are.

Winner: Kartra. Kartra supports multiple commission tiers and its affiliate features are more powerful. You can add tags, and lists for easier affiliate management.


Kartra integrates well with most of the popular payment gateways, email marketing platforms, SMS gateways, membership platforms, etc.

Kartra integrations

The integrations include:

  • Stripe, Authorize.net, PayPal, Braintree (payment gateways)
  • SendGrid, MailGun, Elastic Mail and Postmark (Email gateways),
  • Wilio, Plivo, and Nexmo (SMS gateways)
  • Kajabi, aMember, Digital Access Pass, Optimize Press, S2 Member, and Wishlist(Membership platforms).
  • Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels

Kartra also has Zapier integration and supports API, IPN, custom app integrations.

On the other hand, Kajabi also integrates well with most popular platforms like Typeform, Survey Monkey, MailChimp, Drip, ConvertKit, Cloudflare, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.

Winner: Kartra. It has a couple of more native integrations than Kajabi. It also supports API, IPN, and custom app integrations. Again, for most people, this would be a “tie” though.

Analytics and reporting 📈

Both Kartra and Kajabi are good at analytics.

Kartra product analytics

With Kartra you will get analytics for each of its tools. Like you will get a detailed analytics tab for products, videos, memberships, affiliates, forms, sequences, etc. It displays the data as graphs for easier analysis. You can export the analytics as CSV for manual analysis.

Recent transactions analytics in Kajabi

Kajabi has a dedicated analytics tab and it displays metrics like Net Revenue, Subscription Metrics, Opt-ins, Page Views, Offers Sold, and more.

Winner: Kartra. Kartra’s reports are very powerful with more metrics available in it. Also, its graphical representations make it easier to analyze the data.

Pricing 💰

Kartra pricing

Kartra is a premium platform with a starting price of $99/mo. This plan supports 1 custom domain, up to 2,500 Leads, 50 GB bandwidth, 2 membership sites, 20 products, etc. This plan lacks agency features.

If you want unlimited everything, like say unlimited emails, bandwidth, membership sites, pages, and products, you can go with its Silver plan at $199/mo. It includes the agency feature.

If you purchase annual plans you can avail 25% discount.

Let’s see the pricing structure of Kajabi.

Kajabi pricing

Kajabi costs high compared to Kartra. Its lowest pricing starts at $149/mo, it supports only 3 products & 3 pipelines. This plan lacks advanced automation and affiliate program features. To get these features go with the growth plan at $199/mo.

The highest plan at $399/mo gives you access to a code editor. Great for developers.

Winner: Kartra. Kartra is very affordable compared to Kajabi. Also, based on the plans, Kajabi has limitations on products and pipelines, while Kartra supports unlimited products.

Support 👋

Kartra has in-depth knowledge base articles, a YouTube channel, support ticket, and chat support to help you.

Kartra needs some learning curve. If you’re new to Kartra, I advise you to take their step-by-step training program called Kartranaut. You can avail this course to become an expert in using Kartra.

Kajabi also has in-depth knowledgebase articles, videos, webinars to help you master Kajabi for your business. It also has priority support in the higher plans, and has webinars to assist its customers.

You can also join its Facebook group and its Kajabi University to learn how to use kajabi to take your business to the next level.

Winner: Tie. You can expect quick responses from both support teams. But do note that Kajabi’s lowest plan doesn’t include priority support.

FAQs on Kartra vs Kajabi ❓

What is the difference between Kajabi and Kartra?

Kajabi is a dedicated course creation platform whereas Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform to sell your digital/physical products, memberships, training videos, etc. Kartra has a dedicated agency feature to manage client websites.

What is the difference between ClickFunnels and Kajabi?

ClickFunnels is one of the leading funnel-building platforms that helps you increase sales with complex funnels, whereas Kajabi is for creating and selling courses.

Does Kartra support blogging?

No. Kartra doesn’t have a built-in blogging feature. Kajabi comes with this.

Can I create funnels in Kajabi?

Yes. Kajabi comes with its own funnels called “pipelines”. There are several pipeline blueprints available to get started.

Kartra vs. Kajabi: Conclusion 🏆

Both Kartra and Kajabi are two of the leading marketing platforms targeting a different set of audiences. The final choice depends on your use cases.

Go with Kajabi:

  • If you need a premium user experience with good UI/UX.
  • If you are more into creating and selling your courses and coaching.
  • If you want to earn a decent income selling podcasts.
  • If you need a built-in blogging feature and a website builder.
  • If you need a dedicated community feature to increase users’ engagement.
  • If you have a mobile audience and the mobile app feature matters to you the most. A big upside.
  • If high pricing is not a concern for you.

Go with Kartra:

  • If you need an all-in-one marketing platform to sell your digital and physical products.
  • If you need to make your videos engaging with features like call to action, tagging, video controls, social shares, etc.
  • If you want marketing features like Behavioral Adaptive Marketing, drag and drop automation builder, scroll heat maps, checkout pages, 1-click transactions, surveys, and much more.
  • If you are an agency owner and want to handle all your client websites using its Agency feature.

I hope you found this post on Kartra vs Kajabi helpful.

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