Kartra vs Kajabi 2021: 12 Differences and 9 Similarities

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In this blog post, I’ll be comparing Kartra and Kajabi and help you decide which one is good for your online business.

Kartra is an all-in-one business building platform specially focused on funnel building, email marketing, and product selling. On the other hand, Kajabi is also an all-in-one platform but the main focus is one-course selling.

If you’ve read my blog post on Kartra vs ClickFunnels, you already know that Kartra offers more features than ClickFunnels. But how is it compared to Kajabi?

On the other hand, Kajabi is also an all-in-one platform but is focused on the course-creation side of things. As a matter of fact, I even compared Kajabi to its competitors like Teachable and Thinkific.

I’ll be comparing these tools when it comes to funnel building, membership building, email marketing and many more.

Kartra vs Kajabi – Similarities

  • Both these platforms allow you to build sales funnels. In Kartra, the funnels are called “Campaigns”. In Kajabi they’re called “Pipelines”.
  • You have access to good drag and drop page builders with both Kartra and Kajabi. The page building experience is WYSIWYG and pretty smooth.
  • You can create membership sites with both of these platforms. Unlike ClickFunnels, both of these platforms allow you to host videos. Kartra offers native hosting of videos and Kajabi offers you unlimited Wistia video hosting with your plan.
  • These platforms offer you a progress tracking mechanism to see how well your students are going through your membership content.
  • Both of these platforms come with email marketing features like broadcasts, sequences, and automation. You don’t necessarily need to make use of any external autoresponders.
  • With these platforms, you can create your own affiliate programs to promote your products. In Kartra, this feature is available from their beginner plan itself. Whereas with Kajabi, you need their pro or premium plans.
  • All these platforms offer you automation workflows to segment people based on their on-site behavior and execute campaigns.
  • Both of these platforms come with the ability to upsell your products and also offer OTOs as profit maximizers.
  • You get a 14-day trial with both of these platforms. In the case of Kajabi, it’s free, whereas with Kartra it costs you $1.

Where does Kartra excel over Kajabi?

  • Kartra comes with done-for-you campaigns, that allows you to replicate entire campaigns to your account. This is quite similar to ClickFunnels’ Funnel Cookbook and templates.
  • Kartra comes with a feature to share your funnels/campaigns with other Kartra users. This feature is very similar to ClickFunnels’ funnel sharing feature.
  • Kartra has a more marketing-oriented video hosting. It allows you to add pre/post videos and also CTAs. Whereas, Kajabi offers you unlimited Wistia access for video hosting.
  • Kartra comes with help desk support. It is a potential replacement for tools like ZenDesk, FreshDesk, Drift, or Intercom. It has great features like the ticket system, agent chat support system, and even knowledge base management.
  • Kartra comes with a calendar feature that allows your customers or clients to book appointments with you. It even integrates with your Google Calendar.
  • Kartra comes with advanced marketing features like Behavioral Adaptive Marketing and Dynamic OTOs (for all upsells, downsells and order bumps)
  • Kartra comes with a quite affordable price at $99/month than Kajabi at $149/month. Unlike Kajabi, it doesn’t hold back any features for its pro or higher plans.

Where does Kajabi excel over Kartra?

  • Kajabi allows you to create your community. With this, you can offer course-buyers access to your own community rather than some FB group.
  • Kajabi has the comments section under each lecture. This provides you the opportunity to engage with your students and answer their questions.
  • Kajabi offers various assessment features for courses like quizzes.
  • Kajabi offers automation features at a lecture-level. That means you can trigger an email to your student the moment they complete going through a specific lecture.
  • Kajabi comes with a blogging platform. They have plenty of blogging page templates and also SEO features to get more traffic to your blog.

Bottom line up front: In short, if you need a more premium platform with automation features and community aspects in it, then go with Kajabi.

On the other hand, if you are budget-constrained and want some unique features like Behavioral Adaptive Marketing and advanced OTOs, go with Kartra.

Kartra vs Kajabi – Feature comparison

Funnel building

In Kartra, the funnels are called “campaigns”.

You can either create the campaigns from scratch, or you can also make use of done-for-you campaigns.

Kartra  campaign assets

Once you select a campaign, all the assets relevant to the campaign will be present in the sidebar. You can also select the assets you’ve already created even before starting the campaign.

Added to this, you also have the ability to share the campaigns with other Kartra users. This is something that is not possible in Kajabi as the assets will be just linked to the pipelines but not a part of them.

With Kajabi, the funnels are called “Pipelines”.

Although Kajabi comes with some generic pipeline templates, it lacks a good collection of templates, unlike Kartra.

Kajabi pipelines

Once you choose it, it’ll ask you to associate a product you want to sell to the pipeline.

Product launch OVO pipeline

Here in the page builder screen, you can select the page in the pipeline you want to build/customize and make use of the elements and options to tweak them.

Although the funnel-building process is quite straightforward with Kajabi, it lacks some flexibility that Kartra provides. For example, with Kartra you can collate all the essential campaign-related assets first and then configure.

Winner: Kartra. Flexibility in funnel building, a large number of done-for-you pre-build campaigns, and also the ability to share the campaigns with other people. You get a more ClickFunnel-like funnel-building experience.

Course/membership sites

Kartra comes with the ability for you to create membership sites, access levels, and also membership portals.

Here are some of the features it comes with:

  • Drag and drop membership builder
  • Beautiful and custom-branded membership portal
  • Multiple membership tiers
  • Upload files and videos
  • Embed videos
  • Deliver full courses
  • Drip content
  • Run automation
Membership options of Kartra

The options available in the membership creation dashboard are logically arranged, enabling you to create membership sites with ease.

In the content section, you need to first create relevant sections and add content in each of those sections.

Membership access levels

While granting access to the content for different membership levels, you need to make use of the “Access Levels” feature that Kartra provides you.

word image

While selecting payments for membership sites, most of the time you’ll be using “Recurring Payment”.

Kajabi has more powerful features than that of Kartra when it comes to membership sites.

When you create a new product.

You need to start creating sections also known as “categories”.

Kajabi product category

Inside each category, you can add sub-categories or posts.

Various media options available to add in a page

When you’re adding a post, you can add videos, content, or assessments. Along with that, you can also add downloads and also accept student comments on the lectures.

Lecture-specific automations in Kajabi

You can also set lecture-specific automation.

For example, whenever a person finishes going through a post you can add him a tag, send him an email, grant an offer, register for an event, etc. This can be really powerful.

This is a great feature that Kartra doesn’t come with.

Kajabi Community

Kajabi comes with the ability to create your own community. These communities are treated as products in Kajabi’s terms.

All communities come with features like:

  • Custom domain
  • Unlimited views
  • Private conversions.
  • Realtime/email notifications
  • Embed in memberships
  • Etc.

Kartra doesn’t come with any community features like this.

Winner: Kajabi. It comes with great features like assessments, lecture-specific automation, student comments, and communities.

Design and Page builder

In Kartra’s page builder sidebar, you have options like sites, settings, styles, sections, components, alert bar, helpdesk, etc.

I really liked how Kartra offers various sections and page templates to use. There are dozens of templates for countdown timers, features, call to action, and many other sections I can choose.

The page builder is also completely mobile responsive. You can switch between desktop, tablet or mobile view in a click of a button.

Kartra  columns or components view options

Some great productivity features like “show columns” (for getting clarity on the page structure), and also columns or components view helps you a lot to speed up your page building process.

Kartra  A/B split testing feature

They also come with A/B split testing features, wherein you can compare up to 4-page variations when it comes to performance. You can also split the traffic among variations in different percentages.

With Kajabi, whenever you head over to a specific website, you’ll have a list of pages present on the site. It offers you 10+ themes and plenty of customization options.

Kajabi showing the pages present in a site

Here you need to click on any of the pages you want to customize.

Kajabi Visual Builder

Now a visual page builder will be loaded with plenty of elements like countdown timers, accordions, videos, optin forms, and many more.

The Kajabi’s page builder feels quite more premium compared to Kartra, but it lacks dozens of templates for sections that Kartra comes with.

Winner: Tie. Kartra comes with more customization options and templates. Whereas, Kajabi comes with 10+ different themes and a better page-building feel/experience.

Automations and Email Marketing

Both of these platforms allow you to:

  • Send one-off broadcasts
  • Tag the people/contacts
  • Set automation and send sequences

Let’s discuss the email marketing features offered by Kartra.

With Kartra, list management is done with the help of multiple lists and tags.

When it comes to sequences, Kartra comes with a visual sequence builder.

word image 1

You can send emails through the in-built KartraMail or hook in your SMTP server.

This kind of visual builder for email automation is lacking in tools like Kajabi or ClickFunnels. You typically find this kind of visual builder in tools like ActiveCampaign or Drip.

They also have a dedicated “Automations” feature that allows you to create simple “if” and “then” rules.

On the other hand with Kajabi, you have a similar powerful automation builder.

Kajabi automation builder

Although their email automation builder is not visual, it’s quite powerful. But it is indeed linear and lacks flexibility.

Similar to this, Kajabi comes with separate automation building features for pipelines, posts, events, forms, and offers. This gives an impression that Kajabi is better at automations.

On the other hand, with Kartra you can handle all the automations under one place – > Automations.

Winner: Kartra. It has a better sequence builder, and also centralized place to handle all your automations.

Marketing and checkout features

Kartra comes with two great marketing features, they are:

  1. Behavioral Adaptive Marketing
  2. Dynamic OTOs

Behavioral Adaptive Marketing enables you to change the marketing message, buttons, colors, based on the previous behavior of the people on your site.

Kartra  BAM feature

It helps you a lot to enhance marketing effectiveness. Whereas, Kajabi doesn’t come with any such features.

Kartra also comes with Dynamic OTOs that let you present people different one-time offers (upsells, downsells and order bumps) based on their previous purchases, tags, and behaviors on your site.

OTO feature





Only one




Order bump



On the other hand, Kajabi comes with the ability for you to add only one upsell and no support for downsells. But similar to Kartra, it comes with the ability to add “order bumps” in your checkout form.

When it comes to payment processors, Kartra supports Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, and Authorize.net. Whereas Kajabi only supports Stripe and PayPal.

Winner: Kartra. It comes with better marketing features and payment processor support.

Affiliate marketing

With both Kartra and Kajabi you have the ability to set up your own affiliate program to let other affiliate marketers promote your products.

Both of these platforms come with the following features:

  • Affiliate sales vs. total sales
  • Affiliate performance
  • Earnings per click
  • And much more

While the affiliate management comes even at the beginner plan of Kartra, with the Kajabi you need to be in their growth plan or beyond.

Winner: Kartra. Affiliate management is present even in their lowest paid plans.


I’ve already discussed that Kartra comes with more payment processor integrations than Kajabi which comes only with PayPal and Stripe.

Kartra  integrations

When it comes to Kartra, it integrates with 20+ various products and services spamming across different categories like Payment, Membership, Email, SMS, Hub, Calendars, etc.

Kajabi integrations

Similar to Kartra, Kajabi has a good number of integrations.

Kajabi webhooks

Along with that Kajabi also has user-friendly inbound and outbound webhook support.

But in case of Kartra, you need to be aware of the basic coding to implement webhook through their API.

Both Kartra and Kajabi support Zapier integration. Kajabi has more triggers and actions compared to Kartra’s integration.

Along with Zapier, Kartra also integrates well with Integromat (a more powerful and affordable alternative to Zapier).

Winner: Tie. Kajabi as it has good webhook support and also Zapier integration. Kartra, if you want Integromat integrations.


PriceStarts at $119/moStarts at $99/mo
Transaction fee 0%0%
Affiliate programAvailableAvailable
Custom brandingAvailableAvailable
Behavioral Advanced MarketingNoYes
Dynamic OTOsNoYes
Explore moreExplore KajabiExplore Kartra
Kartra Pricing
Kartra pricing
Kajabi Pricing
Kajabi pricing

Kartra’s pricing starts from $99/mo and this lowest plan has limitations on the number of products, membership sites, emails you send per month, custom domains, and pages you create.

If you want to sell unlimited products and membership sites and also the agency feature, you need to go with its higher plans like the Silver, Gold, or the Platinum plans.

One of the major downsides of Kartra compared to Kajabi is with all the plans you have limitations of sending emails per month. Even with their highest Platinum plan, you have a limit of up to 500,000 emails per month and also only 50,000 emails.

Kajabi’s basic plan costs $119/mo and it lacks custom branding, affiliate program, and advanced automations.

However, with both of these tools you can create unlimited pages.

Kartra doesn’t hold back any crucial features for the higher plans.

Whereas, Kajabi does hold back some features like affiliate marketing platform and advanced automation only for their growth plan that costs you $159/month. And also if you want to have the ability to remove branding and get 24×7 chat support, you need to be in Kajabi’s Growth plan or above.

Although Kartra seems quite cheap to start with, as you keep building your subscriber-base, Kartra’s pricing gets a sharp increase. This is one thing you need to keep in mind.


If you compare the features of both Kartra and Kajabi, they offer similar features.

Kartra pioneers more in the funnel building and marketing side of things. Whereas, Kajabi pioneers in the course and membership creation. Both of them have good email marketing and automation features.

Again, if you already have a good learning management system or it’s not your #1 priority, then you may need to consider Kartra. People who are in need of an all-in-one platform also can consider Kartra as it comes with additional unique features like helpdesk, booking calendar, and advanced marketing features like Behavioral Advanced Marketing and Dynamic OTOs.

Or else, if you already have a funnel but need a solid membership platform with advanced automation features – consider Kajabi.

At the end, you need to remember that Kartra is considered as a solid ClickFunnels alternative and Kajabi as a Teachable alternative with all-in-one features.

What have you decided? Kartra or Kajabi? Let me know in the comments section below.

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4 thoughts on “Kartra vs Kajabi 2021: 12 Differences and 9 Similarities”

  1. An excellent article. I have been using Kartra for last 5 months and for me its funnel building abilities are far superior to Kajabi. Although the membership module of Kartra is not as powerful as Kajabi, it is sufficient if you are ok with its basic look and feel.

    1. Great post! Extremely informative. Thank you for sharing the information. Both seem look great options but after careful consideration I believe I am going with EverLesson. O believe it has everything i need.

  2. Hey guys, look like Kartra is the winner. Maybe we can add membervault to compensate for the membership side of marketing.
    Did you guys saw GetResponse with its SaleFunnels and Webinars. I know its lacking a few things but it less expensive. Just a though.

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