Builderall Review: Is it a Jack of All and Master of None?

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Builderall is an all-in-one digital marketing platform. It comes with dozens of features in a single platform. If you like to have all the apps and features for your business setup in one super app, then Builderall is for you.
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Builderall comes with dozens of apps. It is a great value for money.
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Builderall is considered to have a slight learning curve as it comes with dozens of features.
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Builderall is really a value for money. They have free as well as paid plans.
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Builderall offers great support with their ticketing and email support system.
Pricing starts at 69.90 /Mo

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In this review on Builderall, I will be going through some of the features and benefits that Builderall has got to offer you.

I will also let you decide if Builderall is right for you or not, based on whether you are considering Builderall for funnel building, email marketing, webinars, or membership site creation.

Builderall is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that comes with drag and drop website builders, funnel builder, email marketing, app builder, webinar, membership software, CRM, messenger chatbot, etc.

The best part about Builderall is that it handles all the storage and bandwidth for you with their dedicated servers. With this, you don’t need to worry about all the technicalities.

If you are looking to build your entire online business under one platform without making use of multiple tools and dealing with multiple integrations, you may want to consider researching Builderall.

Keep reading.

Builderall review: Pros and cons


  • It comes with a fairly generous free plan with limited bandwidth and no support for custom domains.
  • It comes with affordable premium plans starting at $19.90 monthly.
  • It comes with dozens of tools like script generator, app creator, social proof, elearning platform, webinar, email marketing. app, FB messenger chatbot (similar to Manychat), eCommerce store, Telegram funnels, web push notifications, social proof, etc.
  • It comes with a feature for you to set your own affiliate platforms with integrated payment processors.
  • Dedicated servers to host your content with enough bandwidth.
  • It comes with an integrated marketplace to sell your products as well as to promote relevant affiliate offers.
  • It has an active FB community where you can connect with the founder as well.
  • Integration with WordPress is made possible with embed codes.


  • It has quite a steep learning curve as there are tons of features
  • The UI/UX can be quite minimalistic and easy to navigate
  • No live chat support
  • There are 3 different page builder types. It’s quite confusing for newbies.

Builderall interface

When you first login to Builderall, you can see there are three apps activated by default.

Builderall interface

You can head over to the “Apps” or “Install more tools” section to discover more apps that Builderall has got to offer you.

Tool categories

As Builderall offers you tons of features, I really liked how Builderall gives you the freedom to activate or deactivate particular features.

You can reorder the apps on your back office by just dragging and dropping them.

Reorder the apps

Because, once you have a big list of applications that are active, it may be quite hard to locate the right one.

Apps help and training sections

You can also see that for every app they have help and training sections, to quickly view the documentation/training for the features. This is very helpful for beginners.

Above all, the loading speed of the interface is great. It’s surprising how they have managed to include a lot of features in one platform with good page speed performance.

Builderall features

Builderall comes with 35+ apps for you to play with.

  1. Drag N Drop Website Builder: This is their default page builder app that enables to quickly build entire websites and funnels in minutes
  2. Email Marketing Automation: They named this app as “MailingBoss”. It’s an email marketing and professional automation all-in-one platform.
  3. Telegram: It enables you to build Telegram funnels with Builderall. With this you can take full advantage of Telegram automated messages and bots to get more leads
  4. Pixel Perfect Site Builder: This is their alternative page builder app that lets you build pages for your website with utmost precision
  5. DNS Manager: With this you can manage the domains connected to your Builderall account
  6. Builderall Canvas: This is their funnel builder app, where you can create landing pages, sales pages, upsells, emails, and more by leveraging all of their features
  7. App Builder: The App Creator allows you to create apps and publish them to the Google Play store, The Apple App Store, or the Amazon App Store.
  8. Builderall Unlimited Magazine Builder: Create digital magazines with a flip-action creation tool, for your clients without being a programmer or a designer.
  9. eCommerce: With Builderall eCommerce by Magento you can build your eCommerce store right inside Builderall
  10. WordPress 3-Click Integration: You can take advantage of Builderall’s WordPress integration to build and publish your webpages
  11. Builderall Directory Builder: With this, you can create your own listings and directories. You can get started by adding listings that include local attractions, businesses, or other places of interest.
  12. Video Funnel Builder: Create and share funnel videos by adding image tags with actions such as CALL, EMAIL, URL and their new feature to ADD FUNNEL STEPS
  13. Mockup Studio: Easily design incredible images, videos, and Facebook posts that grab viewer’s attention and drive action much more effectively than a standard Facebook post. Develop your own eBook covers, info-products, and other mock-ups with their exclusive MockUp Studio tool.
  14. Video Tag Tool: Customize your videos by adding image tags with actions such as CALL, EMAIL, and visit a WEBSITE. This tool lets your audience get in touch with you easily.
  15. Presentation Studio: This allows you to create professional business presentations without the need for programming or design skills.
  16. 3D Photo Editor Studio: Create beautiful photos, logos, and social media graphics. Builderall’s Photo Studio is an easy yet powerful photo editing and graphic design software.
  17. Animated VSL Video Builder: Make unlimited animated videos and sales videos with this animation tool. Design your own characters and expressions, or choose between the hundreds of exclusive characters available to you. Download and publish on your own website, YouTube channel, Facebook account, and more.
  18. Transparent Floating Videos: Boost your authority by making a floating video for your website in minutes, without the need for expensive professional equipment.
  19. Browser Notifications App: Personalize, automate, and do so much more with browser notifications.
  20. SEO On-Page Report App: This Page Report tool will help you rank your page on the search engines, by analyzing your page content, looking at your tags, images, and all meta information.
  21. Click Map: This heat mapping tool allows you to see where your visitors have been clicking on each page, helping you understand how people navigate your site.
  22. Social Autopost App: With this tool you can manage your multiple social media platforms
  23. Professional Messenger Chatbot: Automate your communications with prospects and clients via messenger chat.
  24. Share Locker: You can lock some content behind the social lockers.
  25. eLearning: You can create unlimited courses for your students right inside Builderall
  26. Script Generator: It helps you with copywriting scripts, autoresponder scripts, and also scripts for video sales letters.
  27. Social Proof Pop-up: This tool is similar to GetProof tool that lets you display the conversions on your site to live visitors.
  28. Video Wrapper: Customize your videos with images and texts.
  29. Instagram Autoresponder: Engage your Instagram followers on your social media posts. Instagram Autoresponder is an automation tool to engage your Instagram followers on your social media posts.
  30. SMS Messaging: Reach your leads efficiently by text message. Send bulk text messages to a large number of recipients simultaneously with our SMS Messaging app.
  31. Builderall Webinar Builder: Create an interactive LIVE webinar with streaming options, screen sharing, webinar recording, and more. Organize live streaming on Facebook and YouTube too with RTMP streaming
  32. VA Access: You can allow other people restricted access to your account by simply sharing your Builderall email and access key.
  33. Professional Website Bot: Create chatbots for your websites using our flow system without having to rely on Facebook to engage your customers.
  34. Professional Emails: Create email accounts for your domains to manage the communications of your business.
  35. CRM: Manage your customer pipeline, log sales activity, and store contact data.

Top Apps of Builderall Reviewed

Page building functionality

To start building your pages, you need to head over to their “Drag and Drop Page Builder” app.

Creating a new site with BuilderAll

Here you need to click on “Create new site”.

Once you click on it, it’ll ask you for the name of the site, description, and also whether to choose a blank/template.

As you can see there are 100+ website templates you can choose from across various niches/categories.

Once you select a template, the homepage will be automatically created. You’ll be offered to edit the page or add a new page to your site.

Editing the page with WYSIWYG page builder

With their page builder, you can freely drag and drop the elements, without any constraints – as if you are designing an infographic on a free canvas with tools like Canva.

With this, you don’t need to worry about modifying margins/paddings.

You also have dozens of panels and elements to make use of on your page. Most of these elements also come with many designs.

Switching to their mobile page builder

At any time, you can switch to their mobile page builder.

Saving the page for mobile view

Any changes that you make to your website on mobile view, will not be added to the desktop devices. With a need for mobile-first UI/UX in place, this feature comes really useful.

Website dashboard - various options

When you go back to your website dashboard, you can alter the site settings, edit the popups, GDPR settings, manage site members (in case of membership sites), super checkout, connect a custom domain and transfer (to another Builderall account), etc.

When you create a website, you can enable membership registration for that site.

Creating members area

Now, if you need to create products related to your site, you need to head over to “SuperCheckout” and create products.

Creating digital/physical products

Here you’ll have options for you to create digital/physical products, set restricted areas, etc.

In order to take website building experience to a whole new level, you can consider activating some apps like:

  • Clickmap: To display what are the places people are clicking on your site
  • Share Locker: To enable share to unlock feature on your site
  • Social Proof App: To display the people who have bought products from you as a social proof
  • Many more

Sales funnels

Builderall has an app called “Builderall Canvas”, that allows you to build sales funnels easily.

Funnel templates

There are various funnel types you can choose from. And also, inside each funnel type, there are different themes for the funnel pages that you can choose.

This feature is quite similar to ClickFunnels’s Funnel Cookbook. To know more about this, you can refer BuilderAll vs ClickFunnels post.

When you select a template, you’ll get a free canvas funnel builder.

Here you can build pages, modify the flow chart, and much more.

You also have options to upload images, website configurations, view funnel conversion data, view charts, and other options.

Creating A/B split test

You can also click on the “Create split test” button to create a variation of the page.

Split test variations

With this, Builderall automatically splits the traffic among the variations and helps you decide which variation to go with.

When you click on the “Create Website” button, the Builderall will automatically create all the necessary pages and the entire funnel.

Funnel page

Now you can access your funnel website. Here, you can edit the individual pages in the funnel by making use of Builderall’s drag and drop editor.

With Builderall Funnels, all the features like memberships, courses, upsells, email marketing, webinars, come together.

Email marketing app (MailingBoss)

Builderall has its own email marketing platform called MailingBoss.

Once you head over to their email marketing tool, you’ll be asked to fill some details regarding your business.

After that, you have the options to create a new workflow, subscriber list, or a campaign.

Email marketing workflow

Let me create a new workflow.

Elements to use in workflow

Here you can see there are various elements I can use in the workflow.

This is similar to that of automation workflow by any other email marketing software.

The automation workflow feature of Builderall is not as powerful as that of ActiveCampaign or Drip. But it surely does the job.

You can also create email campaigns to a selected list of your subscribers. They have a dedicated drag and drop builder for their emails.

If email marketing is a big part of your business, I highly recommend you to use an external dedicated autoresponder tool like ActiveCampaign or MailerLite (on the budget-side).

MailingBoss also handles transaction emails as well, like membership alerts, course purchase alerts, and many more inside of Builderall.

With MailingBoss, you can’t really set SPF/DKIM records like you can do with other dedicated email marketing tools to improve deliverability.


Builderall also comes with their own training course platform, which helps you create and sell your own training courses.

eLearning dashboard

When you create a new course, it asks for the course name, category, and also the teacher’s name.

When you go inside, you have various options like creation of modules, lessons, you can manage your students, give them tests, manage your community, and many more.

Type of lectures

When it comes to student compliance features, you have:

  • Require students to complete the lessons
  • Require test after lesson

There are many features that are lacking like certification, student progress analytics, drip feed lectures, and many more that dedicated eLearning platforms like Teachable and Thinkific, Podia, or LearnWorlds come with.

Builderall webinars

Builderall also comes with its webinar app.

BuilderAll webinars

You have three different types of webinars.

  • Streaming to YouTube/FB or meeting room (most of the times you’ll be doing this)
  • Live/On-demand
  • Evergreen / Scheduled webinars
Webinar configure options
Webinar setting up

Builderall’s webinar room is quite basic, without a lot of features. All your participants will appear at the bottom.

Along with this you also have the ability to trigger email sequences to your webinar registrants.

Adding the subject to increase the attendee rate

Here, you can show webinar reminders or any announcements to boost the webinar attendee rate.

Although the webinar features offered by Builderall is not so impressive and comparable to dedicated tools like Demio or BigMarker, it does the job really well.

Script Engage

Builderall comes with their own script generator that enables you to generate copywriting and email scripts based on your audience avatar.

Script Engage

To begin with this, first you need to fill out this form with all the details of your audience avatar.

Once you create your ideal avatar, you need to select the industry you are working in.

word image 1

Select your marketing campaign type

Selecting the marketing campaign type
Scripts to use

Now it’ll display you the scripts that you can use.

Options to export, modify and save the scripts

You can export the scripts. You can modify and save the scripts.

They also have a webinar video sales letter generator. It creates a script according to the data you put in. Now, you need to just read out the script over an animated video or a DSLR.

It simplifies the process of preparing videos for webinar promotion easier.

Facebook chatbot messenger

Builderall comes with a really feature-rich Messenger chatbot feature.

BuilderAll chat bot messenger app features

The features are really very similar to Manychat.

Chat bot visual flow builder

This tool does not have a visual flow builder like Manychat, but it has options for you to add sequential steps.

You can manage your multiple pages under this app.

Automation and other features

Here in the automation feature, you can add default replies, reply rules, welcome messages, and also configuration for the “Get Started” button.

Some notable features here are:

  • Growth tools – bar, popup, landing pages
  • Flows
  • Automation
  • Integration

Their messenger bot also has integration with their webinar app. So, with this you can easily boost your webinar registrants.

Although this is not a full replacement to Manychat, it still does its job well.

Pricing and support

Pricing plans

Builderall comes with a free plan and also 4 paid plans.


Free plan























SSL Certificates












Webinar builder






Unlimited subdomains, membership areas, and visitors






For most people, the marketer or the premium plans are the best. The major downside with the “Builder” plan is the 100 subscriber restriction.

Apart from this, Builderall has an email and ticket-based support system. They also have plenty of support videos and articles.

If you compare the pricing of Builderall to the features it offers, it’s really a value for money.

For similar features, ClickFunnels costs you $97 per month and $297/month (along with email marketing) respectively.

And also, Builderall’s premium plan comes with 15 domain support whereas ClickFunnels supports only 3 domain names. Which means, with Builderall you can host your client domains too.


What is Builderall?

Builderall is an all-in-one digital marketing platform. It comes with various features like landing website building, funnel building, email marketing, webinars, FB messenger, and dozens of other apps.

How to integrate Builderall with WordPress?

When you create a page with Builderall, you’ll be presented with an embed code which you can include in the WordPress site.

How many funnels can you have with Builderall?

Unlike ClickFunnels, with Builderall you can build unlimited funnels.

How to add Facebook pixel to Builderall?

When you go to your site settings, you need to click Scripts settings, and there under “Script Pixel” you can add your Facebook Pixel, Google Ad Pixel, and many more.

How to configure Builderall’s MailingBoss?

When you install MailingBoss for the first time, you’ll be asked the information related to your business and also your email address.


Builderall is a great tool if you are looking to get access to a complete suite of marketing tools in one platform.

I feel that a lot of apps that Builderall provides are mediocre.

The majority of Builderall users use the platform for landing page creation, funnel building, product selling, email marketing, and course creation. You can also use Builderall for Facebook chatbot marketing as an alternative to Manychat. Although these apps are quite lacking compared to other dedicated tools, they serve the purpose well.

Other features of Builderall like webinars, many design features, app builder, eCommerce, are just proving that Builderall is jack of all and master of none.

But for people who like having all the tools right inside one platform, Builderall streamlines their workflow.

Again, by using Builderall as an all-in-one platform and not getting dedicated tools, you may miss out on some features but indeed you’ll save a lot of money.

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