FunnelKit Review – Is This New Funnel Builder Any Good?

FunnelKit (Formerly WooFunnels) is relatively a new funnel-building plugin for WordPress, similar to CartFlows.
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FunnelKit is feature-rich with its automation plugin called Automations. It acts like internal zapier
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Both FunnelKit and Automations plugins are simple to use.
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FunnelKit costs high. FunnelKit +Automations pricing plans are pricey.
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FunnelKit is good at support. it has a contact form and Knowledgebase articles.
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In this post, I am going to present you FunnelKit (Formerly WooFunnels) review. FunnelKit is relatively a new funnel-building plugin for WordPress.

It has two separate plugins – Funnel builder and FunnelKit Automations; both are feature-rich. Its FunnelKit Automations potentially replaces your WordPress automation builder, email marketing, and CRM tool.

FunnelKit has some powerful features like SMS marketing, UTM tracking, time checkout expiry, cart abandonment tracking, segment audience, and much more.

If you want to decide whether FunnelKit is the best WordPress plugin for you, read the article thoroughly, and I will help you decide.

Let’s get started with the review.

FunnelKit Pros

  • With FunnelKit you can sell multiple order bumps, upsells, and downsells to increase your sales.
  • With its aero checkout feature, you can replace the default WooCommerce checkout with its global checkout that is optimized for conversions.
  • It has a cart abandonment tracking feature to track recoverable, recovered, and lost sales, making it easy for you to create automation and send targeted campaigns to recover the sales.
  • It supports split testing for funnels, email, and SMS broadcasts. This helps you maintain a healthy ROI on your marketing ad spent.
  • You can add UTM parameters to links in emails and funnels to track traffic sources.
  • Its FunnelKit Automations has built-in SMS marketing (that typically has higher open rates). This is pretty unique and unheard of in WordPress.
  • It has an audience segment feature to filter the audience based on their contact details, custom fields, geography, etc. for more personalized marketing campaigns.
  • It has a time checkout expiry feature to implement scarcity marketing for time-sensitive campaigns.
  • Integrates deeply with CRM, SMS marketing, and email marketing tools.

FunnelKit Cons

  • You can’t share the funnels with your team members.
  • Unlike CartFlows, it lacks product highlight features for presenting the USPs of your products in a visually appealing way.
  • It lacks a built-in affiliate program and membership features.

Set up and installation

FunnelKit is a plugin developed to work on top of WooCommerce. You need to install its funnel builder plugin to get started with funnel creation.

If you have purchased Funnel Builder + FunnelKit Automations plan, you need to install its automation plugins: FunnelKit Automations Marketing Automation and FunnelKit Automations Connectors.

Funnels and page

FunnelKit funnel pages

FunnelKit funnels are very similar to CartFlows flows. To create a new funnel, go to FunnelKit > Funnels > Add new.

FunnelKit funnel

Above is the funnel I have created for my BloggingX course.

FunnelKit funnels have an opt-in, landing page, checkout page, upsell/downsell, and thank you pages.

There are plenty of conversion-optimized templates available for each of the funnel steps.

FunnelKit opt-in pages

You can choose templates compatible with your page builder. FunnelKit integrates well with Elementor, Divi, Gutenberg, and Oxygen builder.

FunnelKit page editing wit page builder

If you are designing the page with Elementor, FunnelKit has optin-form and opt-in popup widgets to design the page.

FunnelKit opt-in actions

Under actions, you can enable the notification to send to users and admins. If you are using any external services to store all the users’ data, you can connect the form with the tool you are using. Or else, use any of the ESP that comes with FunnelKit Automations connectors.

FunnelKit opt-in form fields

When it comes to opt-in pages, you can add custom fields to the form to collect as much data as possible from users. Just drag and drop the fields you need to add to the opt-in form.

With FunnelKit, there are one-step, two-step, and three-step checkout templates available. Choose the template of your choice and assign the offer product.

FunnelKit - adding products to funnel

Note that you can add multiple products to the checkout page and set the condition for the product selection.

Selecting the products in FunnelKit

You can,

  1. Restrict users to buy only one product.
  2. Let users buy any of the products available on the checkout page.
  3. Make them purchase all the products on the checkout page. This would be ideal to set when you offer product bundles at a fixed fee.

FunnelKit offers several options to make the checkout experience smooth and frictionless. Let’s look at them:

FunnelKit Google Address Auto completion

Google Address autocompletion – You can let users fill in their address details quickly. Enabling this feature helps reduce the friction associated with entering their shipping location. There is also an option available to Autofill State from zip code and country.

Multistep fields preview

Multistep field preview – This helps users preview the details they filled in the previous steps. It would be nice for users to cross-check the details they entered before making the checkout.

Prefill the form for adandoned cart users

Prefill form for abandoned users – It is time-consuming for abandoned cart users to re-fill the form if they come back. Chances are high they just exit and never come back. By enabling this option, you are making their job easy and directing them to checkout instantly.

Pre populate the checkout with URL

There is also a feature for you to generate a custom URL to populate the checkout.

Say you are running a webinar and at the end, you will pitch the offer. You can just drop the checkout URL so that the interested users can checkout instantly.

Time Checkout Expiry

FunnelKit time checkout expiry

With this feature, you can implement scarcity marketing on special and time-sensitive campaigns. You need to set the number of orders and add the redirection URL to close the checkout page after reaching the limit.

Order bumps, upsells, and downsells

Similar to funnel building tools like CartFlows, with FunnelKit also you can add multiple order bumps, upsells, and downsells.

FunnelKit order bump

As you see in the screenshot above, I have added 2 bump offers to my checkout page.

FunnelKit order bump design

You can design and customize the skin, content, and style of the order bumps and see the preview in the sidebar. The best thing is you do need to enter the product details again, just use merge tags like {{product_short_description}}, {{subscription_summary}} to add the details.

FunnelKit order bump design

FunnelKit also lets you add quantity and variable selectors with the help of shortcodes – {{quantity_incrementer}} and {{variation_attribute_html}}.

If you are selling physical products, these fields are ideal to add so that customers can buy multiple products and select the product variation they want.

You can also add product images for users to get an idea of how it looks.

Styling the order bump product with FunnelKit

There are many style options available for you to customize the box, arrow, title, and border. You can change the text, padding, background color of the product title, enable the addition of arrows and animation, and much more.

FunnelKit setting priority for order bump

Which of the multiple order bumps should be displayed first when multiple rules meet the condition? How do you set the priority?

FunnelKit has made this job easier by providing a priority field. When multiple order bump conditions are met, the one with the highest priority will be shown first. This feature is lacking in CartFlows.

Order bump display position

Next is the order bump position. You can choose to display it above or below the order summary, above or below the payment gateways.

One minor thing is you cannot rearrange the order bumps like in CartFlows. You need to manually delete and add by creating from scratch.

Let’s look at FunnelKit’ upsells and downsells.

Adding upsells and downsells

While creating the new offer, you need to select whether you are offering upsell or downsell.

I really liked that you can add the discount rates, shipping rates right there, and it calculates the offer price and displays it in real-time. This is very super quick.

FunnelKit offers

But in CartFlows you can’t add the shipping rates for order bumps alongside discounts. You need to go back and configure it in the WooCommerce settings which is a pain to move back and forth while setting up the funnel.

FunnelKit offers settings

FunnelKit also provides some of the useful settings like:

Dynamic shipping: By enabling it, you can change the shipping rate that you have already set in your WooCommerce store. If you explicitly mention the flat shipping as I have shown in the above screenshot, this will override the dynamic shipping set.

FunnelKit dynamic offer path

Dynamic Offer Path: Similar to the conditional flow in CartFlows, with FunnelKit you can set the paths for the acceptance and rejection of the current offer (upsell). In this case, if my upsell offer is accepted, I am redirecting them to the downsell path, otherwise to the thank you page.

There are other options like you can enable the tracking code, ask confirmation each time when the user accepts the offer, set the maximum quantity while purchasing upsells, choose to terminate the funnel at this stage.

Order settings in FunnelKit
Upsell confirmation messages in FunnelKit

When the user accepts the upsell/downsell, you have the option to either create a new order or merge it with the main order, show the prices with taxes, set the priority (similar to order bumps as explained previously), customize the upsell confirmation messages, add the tracking code to run on the upsell/downsell offer.

By adding the tracking code, you can analyze the data of all the customers who are interested in your offers. Using this data, you can send them campaigns offering similar products.

Thank you page

FunnelKit funnel thank you page

You can design the thank you pages using the templates available or build them from scratch. You can add rules to trigger the thank you page

After the thank you page, you can redirect customers to any custom pages. You can also add custom CSS or external scripts.

Custom fields

FunnelKit checkout fields

Similar to other sales funnel builders, FunnelKit lets you add custom form fields to your opt-in and checkout pages. You can create and add any custom fields you need to gather all the user information.

Rules engine

You can show different order bumps by triggering the rules.

FunnelKit rule engine

Compared to CartFlows, FunnelKit offers more trigger rules to show the offers.

Rules to trigger the order bump

Here I have added two rules to show my order bump. You can add multiple AND or OR conditions to set the rules. When multiple order bumps satisfy the conditions set, the one with the highest priority will be shown.

Rules to trigger one click upsells
One click upsell triggering rules

Similarly, you can set the rules for upsell offers. You can show the products based on the product, category, and product tag.

Canvas mode

FunnelKit canvas mode

FunnelKit canvas mode is robust compared to CartFlows. You can visually view the funnels as flowcharts along with stats like visits, conversions, and revenue for each step.

You will see the detailed metrics when you click on each funnel step.

Analytics in FunnelKit canvas mode

For example, here is the analytics of the opt-in page. It gives insights on contacts generated, views, conversion stats in the form of beautiful graphs.

FunnelKit canvas mode

In canvas mode, it is easy for you to view the funnel flow paths for upsell acceptance and rejection. When you build complex funnels, you will understand the real power of canvas mode.

Split testing

FunnelKit split testing

FunnelKit allows you to split test opt-in pages, sales pages, checkouts, one-click upsells, and thank you pages.

You need to create the variant page either from the original page or select the template and then set the traffic distribution.

After the test is over, you can automatically declare the winner.

FunnelKit Automations (Automation builder+CRM+Email marketing)

What made FunnelKit stand out from its competitors is its automation builder. FunnelKit has a dedicated automation plugin called FunnelKit Automations.

Let’s see how FunnelKit Automations works.

FunnelKit Automations acts as self-hosted automation, email marketing, and CRM plugin for WordPress. Unlike other SaaS applications, it doesn’t impose any limitations on the number of contacts you manage. Also, you can create unlimited automation, send unlimited campaigns and broadcasts.


FunnelKit automations

Let’s create a cart abandonment automation.

FunnelKit Automations - creating automations
Conversion tracking in FunnelKit Automations

Select an event for automation to start. I have selected the WooCommerce cart abandoned event. Enable the conversions if you want to track and see the automation performance.

Cart abandonment automation

To set up the automation flow, you can either add direct actions or yes/no based conditional actions. Here I am sending them an abandoned cart email.

WordPress email editor

You can customize the email using the WordPress editor and launch the drag-and-drop FunnelKit Automations editor.

Adding UTM parameters

Note that you can add UTM parameters to track the URL to get insights on the visitors and traffic source. This would be really powerful to know from which sources you are getting the traffic.

After abandoning the cart, I have automated to sent them an email after 1 hour. If their cart contains coupons, I will send them a message reminding them to checkout now to save huge using coupons.

If they don’t have a coupon, I will create a coupon for them so as to reduce cart abandonment.

Recoverable carts in FunnelKit

Under carts, you will get all the data on recoverable, recovered, and lost carts. You will get all this data only if you enable cart tracking in FunnelKit Automations cart settings.

Enabling cart tracking in FunnelKit Automations

When you enable it, FunnelKit Automations will capture the buyer’s email and the cart details live. You can set the waiting period to mark the cart as recoverable, cool off period to exclude cart tracking, lost cart to mark the cart as lost if the order is not recovered within the days set. Also, you can send the GDPR consent notice, add tags when the cart is abandoned, enable tracking for logged-in users when the product is added to the cart, and much more.

Cart abandonment automation

FunnelKit made it easy to analyze the performance of your automation with engagement and orders.

Engagements in FunnelKit Automations
Orders in FunnelKit Automations

Using this feature, you can know if the email was sent or not if it was opened if a click was made, if a customer successfully converted, and if revenue was generated. Click on orders to see the contact details, purchased items, and revenue.

Editing the automations

You can also duplicate and export the automation.

FunnelKit Automations automations


Newsletter broadcasts

Using FunnelKit broadcasts, you can send announcements or one-off newsletters to your audience.

In the first step, you need to enter the broadcast name and select the contacts you want to send. If you want to split test the broadcast emails, you can do this by choosing the A/B test.

Split test the broadcasts

If you choose the split test, the next step allows you to create two variants for your test.

FunnelKit Automations email marketing templates

You can also create your emails and save them as templates for later use.

There’s more.

Appending URL parameters to email links

You can append UTM parameters to email links so you can track the sources and metrics.

FunnelKit Automations actions

You can schedule the broadcasts to send at a later time, and resend them to those who have not opened them.

Broadcast analytics

You can see the analytics of your campaigns under the analytics tab. You can see various metrics like sent, open rate, click rate, conversions, revenue, etc.

Contacts (A lightweight CRM)

FunnelKit Automations contacts

Listed under contacts you’ll find a list of all the users on your site, including their email, last contacted date and time, tags, lists and funnels they’re in, total orders they’ve made, and last order.

Contact details in FunnelKit Automations

Just click on the contact and you will see all the information about them. You can also create new custom fields to add all the information you need.

One of its interesting features is the audience. It helps you create an audience segment based on the contact details, purchases they made, their engagement, etc.

Selecting the audience for broadcast

For example, I have created a newsletter audience. All users tagged with “Newsletter” are segmented in this group. Whenever I want to send a newsletter broadcast, I can select this audience segment making the job easier.

Creating the segment groups

Above are the filters available to view a specific group of audiences and segment them.

Integrations (FunnelKit Automations connectors)

FunnelKit Automations connectors

FunnelKit has deep integrations with some of the best CRM and messaging platforms like Keap, MailerLite, HubSpot, Twillo, etc. You need to connect FunnelKit Automations to Twillo if you want to send SMSs to contacts.

Another use case would be to connect FunnelKit Automations with Google Spreadsheets. You can connect FunnelKit Automations with spreadsheets so that you can enter all the WooCommerce related data into sheets, export them for manual analysis.

You need to get the token and get the connection done to get started.

Refer to the below screenshot to know all the integrations available with FunnelKit.

FunnelKit integrations

FunnelKit lacks a membership feature, but it integrates with Wishlist Member to turn your WordPress site into a membership site.

If you want to build an affiliate program for your products, you can use its AffiliateWP integration.

For course creators, FunnelKit integrates with WordPress LMS platforms like LearnDash, LifterLMS, TutorLMS, making it easy to sell your courses through funnels.

As FunnelKit is built for WooCommerce, it integrates and works well with all WooCommerce tools and plugins.

When it comes to payment gateways, it integrates with over 15+ payment processors. These include PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, Authorize.Net CIM, Braintree, SagePay, and many more.

Reporting and analytics

FunnelKit reports

In your funnel analytics tab, you will see how your funnels are performing with various metrics like visits, contacts, orders, order bumps, upsells, total revenue, AOV, etc.

You can compare your funnel performance for the current month/year with the previous month or year.

Funnel performance analytics

You can also see the analytics, like views, conversions, revenue, and conversion rate for each of the funnel pages.

Facebook Pixel integration in FunnelKit Automations

You can also integrate FunnelKit with Facebook Pixels, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Pinterest, TikTok, and Snapchat to get detailed analytics and insights.

For this, you need to configure it under FunnelKit > Settings. Here you need to enter your pixel ID and enable the events you want to track, like sitewide events, sales page events, opt-in page events, order bump events, checkout, and purchase events.

Enable UTM tracking

If you want to track the UTMs, you need to manually enable it under FunnelKit>settings>track UTMs.

FunnelKit Automations analytics

When it comes to FunnelKit Automations, there is deep analytics available to track your carts, contacts, emails, SMS, and engagement.


FunnelKit pricing

FunnelKit has separate pricing plans for its plugins, Funnel Builder and FunnelKit Automations. If you want to access only its funnel builder, it costs you $199/year for a single site. If you also want to use FunnelKit Automations, it costs you $299/year.

FunnelKit agency pricing

Their agency plan allows using the plugin on up to 30 sites. Agency plan has lifetime deal available. The funnel builder costs $999/lifetime, while funnel builder+FunnelKit Automations costs you $1799/lifetime.

FunnelKit alternatives

FunnelKit vs CartFlows

FunnelKit logo

Cartflows Logo

FunnelKit and CartFlows funnels are very similar in interface and features.

The biggest difference and the main selling point of FunnelKit is its automation builder – FunnelKit Automations. If you want to build automation, and need a CRM to manage all your contacts within WordPress, FunnelKit is the best choice to go with.

CartFlows costs $999/lifetime, whereas FunnelKit costs $999/lifetime only for its funnel builder. If you want both Funnel Builder + FunnelKit Automations, it costs you $1799/lifetime.

FunnelKit also offers some of the unique features like time checkout expiry, dynamic shipping, dynamic offer path, ask confirmation, integration with Google Ads, Snapchat, TikTok, and much more.

FunnelKit vs ClickFunnels

FunnelKit logo


FunnelKit is an affordable solution compared to highly-priced ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels has limitations on the number of funnels and products you can create in its lowest $97/month plan, also it has limited payment gateway integrations.

Compared to ClickFunnels, FunnelKit has made the funnels’ creation easy and fun. ClickFunnels has basic memberships feature, but FunnelKit integrates well with WishlistMember for you to create a membership site.

FAQS on FunnelKit

What is FunnelKit?

FunnelKit is a funnel builder plugin for WordPress that works on top of WooCommerce.

What is FunnelKit Automations?

FunnelKit is an automation, email marketing, and CRM plugin all built-in one tool.

Can I use FunnelKit on my clients’ websites?

You can. For this, you need to have their agency plan which allows use on up to 30 sites.

Does FunnelKit have a free trial to try the plugin?

You can try out their free plugins available in the WordPress repository.

Does FunnelKit have a money-back guarantee?

Yes. FunnelKit has 14 days money-back guarantee.


FunnelKit is one of the easiest and most powerful funnel-building plugins for WooCommerce. It is rolling out new features, making it user-friendly and feature-rich.

Its automation engine, FunnelKit Automations eliminates the need for an automation builder, email service provider, and CRM tool. It acts as a mini Zapier for WordPress.

With FunnelKit, you can build a complex funnel with multiple order bumps, upsells, and downsell offers. With FunnelKit, you can expire checkout pages to implement scarcity marketing.

Its Funnel Builder+ FunnelKit Automations is worth the investment.

I hope you found this FunnelKit review post helpful.

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