Podia vs Kartra: In-Depth Comparison With Review in 2021

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Today in this post I am going to review Podia vs Kartra and help you decide which one is right for your business.

Both Podia (review) and Kartra (review) are all in one platform for selling your course, products, and services.

Both of these platforms have several things in common and there are some crucial differences that you need to consider in order to make the right decision.

Without waiting further let us know how these platforms compare with each other.

Podia vs Kartra  – Similarities

  1. With both of these platforms, you can create beautiful membership sites and grant various access levels to the members based on the plan they purchase.
  2. Both Kartra and Podia come with a content dripping feature for memberships. 
  3. You can upsell the products, bundle them,  cross-sell the products, and also provide coupons or discounts. 
  4. The trial is available with access to all the features. Podia has 14 days free trial whereas to avail Kartra’s # day trial you need to pay $1.  

Where does Podia excel over Kartra?

  • When it comes to courses, Podia has excellent marketing and course customization features. 
  • Webinars are a great way to promote your products by warming up the target audience. With Podia, you can host webinars and live streams. It will automatically record the webinars and you can provide your customers with the replays who pay for it. This is the best way to earn recurring income. 
  • While editing the sections you can choose the relevant themes that match with your websites like the dark theme, light theme, or other any custom themes. 

Where does Kartra excel over Podia?

  • Kartra’s funnel feature is more flexible and advanced than Podia. It comes with Done for your campaigns and also funnels sharing feature.
  • Kartra provides various pages and block templates that look clean and highly professional. On the other hand, Podia doesn’t come with block templates and also its page templates look quite outdated.
  • You can split test the pages up to four variations and also the emails with Kartra. This is not possible with Podia.  
  • Kartra has excellent integrations with various payment gateways, SMS gateways, membership platforms, and many more. The number of integrations available with Kartra is more compared to Podia. As Kartra itself comes with all the essential features to market the products than Podia you don’t need to go with external integrations. 
  • Kartra comes with a help desk feature with which you can create live chat helpdesk, canned responses, and ticket systems thus eliminating the need of ZenDesk, FreshDesk, Drift, or Intercom.
  • Kartra’s agency feature is really helpful for agency owners handling multiple clients. You can manage all of your client’s accounts within a centralized dashboard thus increasing your productivity. You can even provide login credentials for your clients with custom permissions. 
  • Kartra comes with powerful automation and has a visual sequence builder with If-Then and Yes-No booleans. 
  • Kartra comes with lead scoring and lead tagging options to segment the lists which are lacking in Podia. 
  • Kartra comes with powerful marketing features like behavioral adaptive marketing, dynamic OTOs, downsells, and bump offers which you will not find in Podia. 

Podia vs Kartra –  Feature comparison

Funnel building

When it comes to funnel building Katra excels over Podia. Katra is quite similar to Clickfunnels and you can consider Kartra as a ClickFunnels alternative.

Karta calls funnels as “campaigns”. 

done for you campaigns

You can either create the campaigns either from scratch or make use of plug-and-play DFY campaigns.

These DFY campaigns are designed by the top industry experts and you can deploy them to customize as per your needs. You can share the funnels with your team members or other Kartra users. 

Kartra Marketplace

Using Kartra’s marketplace you can earn a good income by sharing your outstanding funnels within the community. You can set any price of your choice and Kartra will handle the billing process. 

Podia Funnel Building Feature

Podia is very poor when it comes to funnel building. You need to make use of its email marketing software to create the funnel sequence.  

For this first, you need to trigger the events and then set up the automated follow-up sequences. 

Course/membership sites

 When it comes to courses Podia is the winner. 

Creating A New Course In Podia

To create a course in Podia you just need to head over to products and create a new online course there. 

Course Set As Free By Default

By default, the course will be set free and you can set the premium price as your wish. 

Adding Various Elements Inside A Course

Podia gives more flexibility for adding various elements inside each course like course lectures, files, links, text, and quizzes. 

But if you compare Podia with Thinkific, Thinkific allows you to add some unique elements like survey, PDF, audio, download, presentation, exam, and assignments that are very helpful for advanced course creators to scale their business. 

To stop the students from binge-watching your lectures, Podia also allows you to drip the content over a period of time, similar to Teachable.  

Podia Content Dripping Feature

Content dripping also helps you in building your personal brand and rapport with the audience. With this, the chances of them converting is more when you offer them upsells, thus increasing the conversions. 

Using Podia’s built-in email marketing software you can send your students welcome emails or the notification emails whenever a new module is unlocked. 

So you don’t need to shell out money in buying third-party integrations. 

With Podia, there are no restrictions on the number of courses you create, students, emails you send, and also the earnings. It offers everything unlimited.

Podia Membership Plans

You can also create beautiful membership sites with Podia and earn recurring income by restricting the content to premium plan holders. 

One thing to note here is that the memberships feature is available only in the shaker plan that costs $79/mo.  

Kartra Memberships

For creating the membership site with Kartra, you need to head over to My memberships -> create new.  

Kartra is one of the best membership site platforms and the features offered by Kartra are more compared to Podia. 

These are the  membership site features  available in both of those platforms:

  1. Offer multiple membership levels
  2. Multiple membership tiers
  3. Dripping overtime vs. all-in access
  4. Automatic scheduling of posts
  5. The comment section for enhanced engagement [feedback and questions]
Kartra Password Protection

For improved security, you can use Kartra’s password protection to provide password-based access to the content. 

To make the membership access hassle-free, Both Kartra and Podia come with a single sign-on where your customers will be provided with only one password for various memberships they purchase thus encouraging them to buy more. 

Design and page builder:

Podia Editor Interface

Podia editor has a really good interface and is easy to use. 

With Podia you can create a sales page, landing page, and storefront pages using its built-in professional themes. 

Also, while editing any of the sections you can select a dark theme, light theme, no theme, and custom themes depending upon your website. This feature is something not available in Kartra.

To ease the design process, Podia comes with columns and rows feature where you can break your page and add visual elements by arranging the content into rows and columns.

Podia Widgets For To Customize On Your Page

Podia has got several widgets for you to customize and use on your page as well.

Let’s now look at Kartra.

Kartra comes with a very powerful, feature-rich, and intuitive drag and drop builder for you to create stunning pages. 

There are various features like sites, settings, styles, sections, components, alert bar, helpdesk, and much more. 

The best thing is, for each of these blocks there are plenty of templates available along with 500-page templates. 

Kartra Responsive Design Options

With both Kartra and Podia, you can optimize the pages for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices with a single click. 

Page Split Testing With Kartra

Unlike Podia, Kartra allows A/B split testing of the pages up to 4 variations.  

Its in-built page tracking system will track the pages under split testing and monitor which one is getting higher conversions. 

Automation and email Marketing

Podia Email Options

With Podia you can send one-off newsletters and drip campaigns to market your products and courses. 

Podia Newsletter Email

Newsletters are a great way to send product updates and course launches. With drip campaigns, you can create sales funnels with automated emails.

It comes with professional-looking email templates but the downside is it lacks personalization fields. 

You can segment the lists based on whether the subscribers have purchased the products or not, or what kind of the products they have purchased. 

This is really helpful to send the targeted emails to a specific group of the audience. 

For example, you can send the upsell offers for those who have already purchased your product or send the nurture emails for the cold customers in order to warm them up and then pitch your products. 

If you are not satisfied with the email marketing features offered by Podia, you can make use of external integrations. 

But unlike Kartra, Podia doesn’t come with lead tagging or lead scoring and there is no dedicated automation builder. 

Kartra Visual Sequence Builder

Kartra comes with a dedicated visual sequence builder to create and send automated sequences. 

You can either use KartraMail to send the emails or send them using the SMTP server. 

This kind of visual builder is lacking when you compare Kartra with its competitors like ClickFunnels or Kajabi

The unique features of KartraMail are:

  1. Behavior-based automation – Kartra tracks the customer’s behavior and sends the emails based on that.
  2. Split testing: Kartra allows you to split test the email content and the subject lines and its tracking system will automatically switch to the one which has got the highest conversions. So you just need to set it and forget.  
  3. Personalization field: Using these custom fields you can send highly personalized messages that increase the chances of converting.screenshot

Kartra comes with a powerful automation builder similar to ActiveCampaign or Drip

You can make use of IF-THEN automation and YES or NO booleans to define your marketing strategies.  

Marketing and checkout features

Adding An Upsell Product
Adding Upsell Or Downsell

Both Podia and Kartra  come with various marketing features like 

  1. Upsells
  2. Product bundling
  3. Pre-launch courses, products, and sales pages
  4. Pre-sell courses
  5. Content dripping
  6. Coupons
  7. Cross-sell products

But Podia lacks order bumps and downsells which you will find in Kartra. 

Kartra comes with unique marketing features like:

Behavioral adaptive marketing: 

Kartra Behavioral Adaptive Marketing Feature

With this, you can send behavior-based emails to the customers for increased conversions. You can also customize the messages, colors, buttons based on the previous behavior of users. 

As all of the Kartra features like KartraMail, KartraPages, KartraLeads integrate tightly with each other, using BAM you can send tag-based, history-based, and also list based content to increase the sales. 

Dynamic OTOs:

With dynamic OTOs, Kartra allows you to offer various one time offers like upsell, downsells, and order bumps based on the previous purchase of the customers. 

OTO featurePodiaKartra  
Order bumpsNoYes

Affiliate marketing

With Podia, you can set the affiliate program for courses, memberships, and also for digital products. 

Podia Affiliates Feature

For this, you need to turn on the affiliates feature and then set the commission rates for each of the products. 

Podia Email Affiliate Invitation

By entering the email address you can invite your affiliates to promote your products and pay for their work. 

With Kartra  there are two types of affiliate settings available:

  1. Global affiliate settings
  2. Product-wise affiliate settings
Kartra Affiliate Settings

Kartra allows you to set a fixed price or percentage-based affiliate commission either globally or per-product basis. 

Some of its affiliates features include:

  1. Custom affiliate portals
  2. Custom landing pages for affiliates
  3. Joint venture brokers
  4. Transaction-based or subscription-based
  5. Subscribe and tag your affiliates
  6. Much more


Podia Integrations

Podia has a good number of integrations with various email marketing softwares, payment gateways, etc. It also comes with Zapier integration. 

Integrations include:

  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • AWeber
  • Drip
  • ActiveCampaign
  • MailerLite
  • GetResponse
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Google Analytics
  • HotJar
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Google Ads

By using Zapier integration, you can connect with various apps like:

Kartra has more powerful integrations than Podia. 

Kartra Integrations

The integrations include:

  1. Payment gateways – Stripe, Authorize.net, PayPal, and Braintree.
  2. Email gateways –  SendGrid, MailGun, Elastic Mail and Postmark.
  3. SMS gateways –  Twilio, Plivo and Nexmo.
  4. Membership platforms – Kajabi(review), aMember, Digital Access Pass, Optimize Press, S2Member, and Wishlist.
  5. Hub connectors – Zapier
  6. Calendar Apps – Google Calendar

Along with these Kartra comes with custom integrations like API and IPN integration. 


Podia Pricing Plans

Podia comes with two pricing plans – mover and shaker. The mover plan costs 439/mo while the shaker plan costs $79/mo. 

If you want features like memberships, blog, embedded checkout, affiliate marketing, and third-party code you need to go with shaker plan as mover plan lacks all these features. 

The good news is that Podia is offering a discount on annual billing. You will get two months of free access if you purchase annual billing. You can avail this offer to save money. 

Podia is also offering a 14 days free trial with access to all the features. You don’t need any credit card to get started with this. Unlike Teachable, Podia doesn’t come with any transaction fees. 

Kartra Pricing Plans

Kartra comes with four pricing plans starting at $99/mo. If you want to sell more, then you need to go with higher plans as they come with unlimited products, memberships, helpdesks, etc. 

If you have an agency, Kartra’s agency feature is really helpful to manage your client’s account with ease. 

You can custom brand the client reports to reflect your brand and customize them as per your needs. 

Similar to Podia, Kartra is also providing a 25% discount on all of its plans with annual billing. If you don’t like Kartra you can get a money refund with its 30 days money-back guarantee. 

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FAQs on Podia vs Kartra 

Which platform is best for course creators?

As Podia is more focused on course creation it is best for trainers and course creators.

Which platform is good at integration?

Kartra has more integrations than Podia.  Refer to the post to know more about this. 

Which platform is best for selling products?

Both have their own strengths. It depends upon the product you’re selling. I have covered this in detail in my post. Make sure you read it carefully. 

How good is Kartra compared to ClickFunnels?

Kartra is similar to ClickFunnels. You can consider it as a ClickFunnels alternative. You can refer to my post – Kartra vs ClickFunnels to read the detailed comparison.  

Do these platforms come with any templates?

Yes. Both of these provide beautiful templates that look clean and professional. 


If you are a course creator and your main focus is on marketing courses then Podia is the best way to go as it comes with good course customization options, unlimited bandwidth, ability to bundle the courses, zero transaction fees and many more. 

On the other hand, if you are a solopreneur, digital marketer, or a blogger Kartra is the best platform for you to market your products and services. For agency owners, Kartra’s agency feature is the best bet. 

To be honest, the features offered by Kartra are more compared to Podia. 

Podia is more focused on course creation whereas Kartra is more into funnel building. 

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