Are you looking for a ThriveCart lifetime deal? Then you are in the right place.

Today in this post, I am going to present you the ThriveCart lifetime deal.

Thrivecart is an online shopping cart platform to sell your physical and digital products and services.

ThriveCart is offering a lifetime deal at just $495. Just click on the below button to get this deal.

TypeAll in one marketing platform
Price$495 for lifetime
Target audienceMarketers, entrepreneurs, business owners
Built-in toolsThrive Learn (for LMS)
Built-in checkout
Digital and physical products
Marketing features➡ Upsells
➡ Downsells
➡ Order bumps
➡ 1 and 2 step checkout
➡ Discounts & coupons
➡ Affiliates
➡ A/B split testing
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How to get a ThriveCart lifetime deal?

To avail ThriveCart lifetime deal just click on this link.

Getting ThriveCart lifetime license

After heading over to the page you need to click on the button “I want my lifetime license”.

ThriveCart checkout

Then click on “Proceed to checkout”. This will take you to the checkout page window where you need to fill in all the essential details.

Filling out the checkout details ThriveCart

This will activate your lifetime license. If you don’t like the platform then you can get the money refunded as it comes with 30 days money-back guarantee.

What do we like about ThriveCart?

  • With ThriveCart you can sell physical products along with digital products. There are no limitations on the number of products you can sell.
  • ThriveCart has built-in funnels with the support for adding upto 5 upsells and 5 downsells.
  • ThriveCart supports A/B split testing of products. You can split a test into 14+ aspects, unlike tools like SamCart.
  • ThriveCart has recently released Thrive Learn, an LMS solution for course creators. This eliminates the need for tools like Teachable or Thinkific.
  • ThriveCart provides built-in checkout pages. There are various checkouts available like popup, embeddable, sales cart, multi-step, and single checkout pages. You can customize them as needed.
  • ThriveCart comes with a built-in sales tax calculation system, so you can add tax or your users and don’t need to worry about handling it.
  • ThriveCart has a feature-rich drag and drop builder with over 17+ sections available. For conversions, you have countdown timers, sales page videos, testimonials, guarantee seals, etc.
  • ThriveCart comes with behavioral rules to automate the product tasks, course tasks, and funnel tasks. With this, you can automate the customer’s journey and make them stay connected with you.

What we don’t like about ThriveCart?

  • If you are into membership selling, ThriveCart is not the best solution as it lacks a dedicated membership feature.
  • Thrive Learn doesn’t provide course templates to get started easily. You need to create courses from scratch.
  • ThriveCart lacks a built-in email marketing tool. You need to integrate with external tools.

Upfront bottomline:

ThriveCart is one of the best shopping cart platforms available today. It is offering a lifetime deal at $495. This is really a good offer to pay once and use for a lifetime*.

Go with ThriveCart, if you,

  • Want to sell physical products along with digital products
  • Need built-in funnels feature.
  • Need split testing features to increase the conversions.
  • Need marketing features like upsells, downsells, and order bumps to increase sales.

If you’re particular about conversion optimization and looking for a shopping cart solution, ThriveCart won’t disappoint you.

ThriveCart products

With ThriveCart you can create & sell both physical and digital products. Designing a product consists of –

  • Product
  • Fulfillment
  • Checkout
  • Behaviour
ThriveCart products

For selling the products, ThriveCart supports one-time payments, subscriptions, split-pay, and pay your own price.

ThriveCart product pricing options

To increase the conversions, you can offer free or paid trials for any number of days you wish. I really liked this. ThriveCart is one of the few tools that provide the flexibility to offer custom day trials.

The best thing about ThriveCart is that it has an in-built tax calculation system. If your students are from Europe, it helps you in handling and remitting the taxes.

ThriveCart courses

ThriveCart has recently released a new LMS tool called Thrive Learn. With Thrive Learn, you can create and sell your courses right inside the tool.

Thrive Learn has a dedicated course builder. The course curriculum consists of modules and lessons.

Thrive Learn courses

ThriveCart provides 3 course layouts and has features like drip scheduling to avoid students binge watching the lessons.

Thrive Learn drip scheduling

You can drip schedule the content to release on a specific date, specific time period, a specific day of a month, or after a trial or re-bill.

Restrict access to course content in Thrive Learn

Having the ability to restrict access to course content is the best feature. You can make them available to either all students or provide access to only students with specific tags.

Automate the course tasks with behavioral rules
Execute automation rules in specific locations

The best thing with Thrive Learn is you can automate the course tasks with behavioral rules. Also, you can execute them in specific locations.

For example – When a student completes any module you can add him\herto a list only if he\she belongs to the United States. This helps you offer any special discounts on any special events in their region, say like Black Friday.

Design and customization

ThriveCart dedicated page builder

ThriveCart has a dedicated page builder to design landing pages, course pages, thank you pages, checkout pages, or any custom pages.

In the above screenshot, I am designing the checkout page. You can customize the cart style, sidebar position, cart flow (either single step or multi-step), colors, fonts, etc. There are 12+ modules available to design your pages.

Recently, they gave their editor a big professional facelift.

Copy the designs from your other products

Also, you can copy the designs from your other products if you already have them, import designs from other tools, and share them as well.

Sales and marketing

Basic marketing features

ThriveCart offer coupons to increase sales

In ThriveCart you can offer coupons to increase sales. You can add the expiry date for the coupons.

Split testing:

ThriveCart A/B split test the products

In ThriveCart you can A/B split test the products.

Specifying the goal for split testing

You can run the test and see which one wins the goal you specified. For example – you can test for highest income, highest cart conversion, and lowest cart abandonment (see the screenshot above).

Checkout and OTOs

ThriveCart supported cart types

ThriveCart provides both single-step and multiple-step checkouts. There are various types of carts available. These include –

  • Standard
  • Sales
  • Embeddable
  • Popup

You can customize as needed, using the page builder.

When it comes to OTOs, you have upsells, downsells, and order bumps. Upsells and downsells can be added by creating the funnels for your products. As of now, ThriveCart allows you to add up to 5 upsells and 5 downsells.

ThriveCart order bumps

If you want to add order bumps to increase the customer’s cart value, you can add them while creating the products.

ThriveCart upsells and downsells

Affiliate program

ThriveCart affiliates
ThriveCart affiliate commissions type

ThriveCart has a built-in affiliate program where you can encourage your fans to promote your products and get paid for their work. You can set the minimum cookie period to 7 days and the maximum to a lifetime. Also, you are free to set the click attribution to either the first click or the last click.


ThriveCart integrations

ThriveCart integrates with most of the popular webinar platforms, email marketing softwares, membership site platforms, payment gateways, CRMs, automation softwares, etc.

It also provides Zapier and webhook integrations.


ThriveCart‘s lifetime deal is highly affordable and offers the best value. This is not the case with most of its competitors like SamCart or Kartra as they come with monthly recurring fees.

Though ThriveCart’s funnel feature is not as good as ClickFunnels, you can create simple sales funnels for increased conversions that run on autopilot.

Compared to its competitor SamCart, ThriveCart offers some unique features like a built-in sales tax calculation system, scarcity countdown times, a one-time sign-up fee, and much more.