Have you ever wondered what makes an online course outstanding, and not just good? It’s the community behind it.

An online community for a course is a virtual hub where learners gather, interact, and grow together, surpassing traditional, isolated online learning.

It’s a game-changer!

But here’s the real magic: Gamification. Gamifying your online community isn’t just about fun and games; it’s strategic.

With elements of challenge, quest, and friendly competition, you’re not just teaching; you’re engaging.

Wondering how to achieve this on Kajabi? Enter the Kajabi Community feature.

In this blog post, we’ll be presenting some awesome Kajabi community examples.

What gamification features does Kajabi Community 2.0 offer?

Thanks to its integration with Vibely, Kajabi has supercharged its community platform with gamification.

Here’s a quick example of how to add a new challenge to a Kajabi Community.

Among the gamified features that turn Kajabi Communities into engaging and interactive spaces are:

  • Live video calls, chats, and feeds: Real-time interaction is key. With live video calls, custom reactions, in-chat polls, challenge entries, vibrant chats, and dynamic feeds, Kajabi Communities are all about engaging member interactions.
  • Progress tracking: Keep your learners on track! Kajabi Communities offers tools to monitor and showcase member progress. You can use this to understand where and how your members are struggling, so you can help them get unstuck.
  • Challenges: Spice things up with challenges! Whether one-time or recurring, these activities keep members engaged and excited about what’s next.
  • Leaderboards: Nothing beats a bit of friendly competition. Leaderboards foster a sense of camaraderie and challenge, pushing your Kajabi community members to participate more and aim higher.
  • Badges: With Kajabi Automation and Ghost Offers, members can earn badges for their achievements, giving them a tangible sense of accomplishment.
  • Live rooms, events, and RSVPs: Schedule and host live events within the community. This feature brings members together for shared experiences and learning opportunities.
  • Admins and ambassadors: Keep things orderly and on track in your Kajabi community. Designated admins and ambassadors play a crucial role in maintaining enthusiasm, order, and community spirit.
  • Kajabi Community access groups: These subsections within the community can feature challenges, events, meetups, and circles, offering a structured and diverse community experience.

Vibely, which Kajabi acquired in 2023, was the inspiration for these features.

Here is a picture of what Vibely offered.

Kajabi community features

Interested in seeing how these gamification features help in your everyday life?

Here are some examples of Kajabi Communities that use gamification with success.

Kajabi community examples

We’ve pulled together several examples of successful Kajabi communities to inspire you.

The Spanish Obsession Community by Lucie Jedlicka

Teacher Lucie offers an exciting and engaging way to learn Spanish. Her Kajabi community is part of a larger hub that provides comprehensive resources, including weekly new video tutorials and worksheets.

This community hosts weekly challenges. Participants can win a free 60-minute session with Lucie, covering any topic of their choice. This incentive not only motivates learners to actively participate in challenges but also allows them to tailor their learning experience directly with an expert.

Lucie’s lessons include narrating stories in Spanish (a new one each week), Q&A sessions, and memorization exercises. These are some brilliant community gamification techniques you can use yourself.

Chris’ Composing Community by Christopher Siu

Chris Composing Community

This Kajabi community incorporates its own monthly scoring system for gamification. Each month, members are presented with an image or video to score, leading to a completed assignment and a portfolio piece.

This scoring system not only fosters creativity but also builds a practical portfolio for members.

A scoring system is crucial for engagement in an online course because it provides measurable goals and a sense of progression. In turn, this can encourage continuous participation and improvement.

Want to apply these techniques to your own Kajabi-powered community? Try these tips:

  1. Ensure regular updates and recognition: Regularly update scores and publicly recognize top performers. This motivates high achievers to continue their efforts. It also encourages others to strive for better performance to get similar recognition.
  2. Incorporate diverse challenges: Vary the types of challenges or assignments that contribute to the scoring. This ensures that all members, regardless of their specific strengths or interests, have an opportunity to contribute and excel.

A scoring system can significantly increase a community’s interactivity and engagement.

Kathy Keats Community by Kathy

Kathy Keats Community

The Kathy Keats Community on Kajabi is a vibrant group of dog sport enthusiasts who focus on skill development and personal growth.

The community structure includes live meetups using the Live Room feature and challenges to keep members engaged and focused.

It also uses leaderboards for scavenger hunts. These add fun and competitiveness.

Leaderboards can be an excellent gamification tool to foster healthy competition, offer visible recognition of achievements, and encourage continuous participation.

Here are three tips for using leaderboards effectively:

  1. Offer regular updates: Keep the leaderboard updated regularly to maintain interest and motivation.
  2. Include diverse, but relevant challenges: Ensure challenges cater to different skills and interests to keep a broad range of members engaged.
  3. Celebrate achievements: Recognize and reward top performers to encourage ongoing participation and effort

Unstuck 2.0 by Dr. Mcayla Salno

Unstuck 2.0

This is an innovative online brain training program that helps members learn about and manage emotional triggers.

The program applies the concept of E.M.D.R (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to help participants create new positive triggers, bypassing unconscious roadblocks.

It includes modules and challenges for identifying mental blocks, removing self-doubt, fear, and worry, and retraining the brain to accept new possibilities.

Have a similar platform or just want to use similar gamification tools for your Kajabi community?

Use these four tips:

  1. Personalize the challenges as much as you can: I get. You may have too many members for one-to-one sessions. But whenever you can, tailor challenges to individual needs and goals to ensure relevancy and effectiveness.
  2. Track progress: Make sure there is a reward system that reinforces a sense of progress toward mental wellness as a member reaches a success milestone.
  3. Community support: Foster a supportive environment where members can share experiences and encourage each other.
  4. Rewards with recognition: Acknowledge achievements, big or small, to validate efforts and reinforce positive behaviors. It is important to have the consent of all members here as some may want to keep things private.

Stylist Soul Tribe by Lisa Huff

This is a creative Kajabi community for beauty professionals. It provides challenges, live group calls, leaderboards, accountability tools, and real-time direct messaging (live DMs) features.

Lisa chose the live interaction option to cater specifically to hairstylists’ unique needs. More specifically, they offer instant, personal interaction, enhance community bonding and support, and deliver immediate feedback and encouragement.

Likewise, you can use these tools to gamify your online community.

Here are four tips for using live DMs to increase engagement:

  1. Offer prompt responses: Providing timely, engaging responses can foster a sense of there being someone to talk to (even if they are continents or miles apart).
  2. Promote peer-to-peer learning: Encourage members to share tips, experiences, and advice through DMs.
  3. Regular check-ins: Use DMs for personal check-ins to track progress during a challenge, and offer personalized advice.
  4. DM Challenges: Organize fun, quick, and interactive games in the DMs to keep members actively engaged and connected.

The Conscious Collective by Joseph P. Kauffman

The Conscious Collective

Joseph’s community focuses on educating individuals on mindfulness, mind-body wellness, and spiritual development, inspired by Eastern philosophy and spirituality.

This approach takes the form of one-to-one, 14-day training runs. This includes practicing somatic breathwork at home.

This Kajabi community uses gamification in the form of challenges to help members integrate the teachings into daily life.

This helps in various ways:

  • Encourages regular practice: Challenges motivate members to practice regularly, forming habits.
  • Builds community support: Participants share experiences and insights, creating a supportive environment with like-minded members.
  • Gauge progress: Challenges encourage members to assess their progress over time.

Here are three practical and fun tips I recommend for using challenges here:

  1. Use theme-based challenges: Introduce monthly themes related to different aspects of mindfulness or spirituality, encouraging members to explore diverse practices (keeps things fresh!).
  2. Interactive journals: Encourage members to keep a journal documenting their experiences, insights, and breakthroughs during and after challenges.
  3. Sharing circles: Organize virtual meetups where members can share their experiences and learn from each other’s journeys.

Wrapping up

Kajabi Community is a game-changer for course creators looking to gamify their online communities. With its variety of gamification tools, the platform can help you transform how your members or subscribers engage, learn, and grow.

You don’t have to worry about additional integrations, downloads, or setups because it is already plugged directly into the rest of your course creation toolkit. Ready to elevate your online course community experience?

Kajabi Community comes complimentary to your Kajabi subscription. You can learn all about its course creation features in my hands-on Kajabi review here. Or, compare the Kajabi Community with the best community platforms here.