Looking to Outsource Blog Writing? Here are My Secret Strategies!

Don't you have writing skill or time to manage writing on your own effectively?

Or, are you lazy?

Due to the ever-increasing growth of quality content online, the content quality must be epic to cut through the competition and make it to the top 5 Google positions for the keyword.

Owning a small business is no easy task.

In spite of sitting all day in-front of your desk, you have dozens of articles to be written for your blogs and social media channels at the end of the day.

In this post, let me dive deep on why, how, and where to outsource your blog writing tasks. This blog post will be very in-depth, you can use the below table of content to browse through the article effectively.

If so, it's time for you to outsource your blog writing. Blogging and content marketing is the most important of aspect of any online business.


Stop! Should you outsource content writing?

Outsourcing blog content creation gives you enough time to focus on more important aspects of your business like marketing, social media promotion, brand awareness, getting leads, email marketing, and others.

By writing blog content on your own, you are losing focus on doing what you are really good at.

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Why should you outsource content creation?

  • If you are the only person writing for your blog, then you may be writing in your perspective that maybe boring for your readers. Outsourcing blog content gives your blog content a fresh perspective.
  • If you don't know or particularly not good at writing, you can outsource your content.
  • Outsourced content will be of high quality because of the large talent pool available online. For my fitness site, I have a nutritionist writing for it. You can't simply find an in-house team member who is a nutritionist, writer, and moreover will be ready to work in house.
  • When you are struggling to stick to your deadlines, outsourcing blog content to a dedicated content writing team is the way to go.

When you shouldn't outsource content creation?

  • Content on your blog is the main priority for you. For example, in case of BloggingX, writing quality content is much more important for me than doing SEO. Due to the fact that I'm spending time to write quality content on my blog, I'm getting natural backlinks to my blog.
  • If you need to hone your writing and copywriting skills, writing content on your own acts like a growth-hacking.
  • If you know how to engage your audience better than anyone else, your voice and style of writing should be of utmost importance. In this case, you need to consider writing content yourself or else you may discredit your own blog.
  • You don't have budget. If you need to get a writer for your blog who has good writing skills, it costs a lot. For example, this very article written by me. I occasionally write content for other digital marketing blogs and I at-least charge $100 per 1000 words.


Where to find good freelance writers?

There are dozens of places where you can look for writers whom you can outsource your blog writing work.

You can find various platforms online where you will get good freelance writers.

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#1. Cold outreach (Really?)

Email outreach

This may seem weird.

But wait.

This is the most effective strategy I've found when it comes to hiring the best writers in your niche.

Outreach site writers

For this, you need to reach out to the writers who are writing for your competitor sites. You can make use of tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush for finding out your site's organic competitors.

You will come across at least 3-4 freelance writers who are writing for your competitor sites.

Now make sure that their content is getting good organic traffic and engagement. It speaks a lot about the quality of the content they are writing.

Here's the workflow.

  • Make a list of small blogs in your niche that have really good content and are ranking well.
  • Use a good email finding tool to extract the emails of those sites' freelancers/owners.
  • Now make sure you reach them out properly.

Example of an email that I receive once a month or two, by looking at the quality of content on my site.


With this technique you usually get very high quality content writers who already have written content on their blog that is performing well on Google.

Believe me.

It doesn't mean that if the blog owner has not advertised on his/her blog as a freelancer, he doesn't accept your inbound freelance offer.

This technique will definitely give you good writers, but cost can be quite high.

Hiring niche enthusiasts

This is a good strategy if your niche is quite obscure, and you can't find quality content writers through competitor blog research.

You can consider browsing places like FB groups, Quora, Niche forums, Reddit, to get a good writer for your niche site.

Hunting lover

Once you come across a niche enthusiast who has proven his writing skills in the form of forum discussions, it's time to somehow get his email, or drop him a message in the forum/group itself.

Believe me, majority of the niche enthusiasts are clueless about the fact that they can earn like $20 – $100 by writing about what they love.

This technique lands you good writers and cost can be low. But you need to invest some of your time to educate them to make them suit your workflow. As they are used to forum posting, they may be quite lacking in blog writing, SEO, and formatting.

#2. Problogger job board (What to expect?)

The next best place for you to find quality writers for your blog is Problogger job board.

I prefer it to Upwork and other platforms because of the below reason.

If you hire writers on Problogger, it means that you are pre-qualifying the writers and saving lots of time and sweat. Writers on the Problogger Job board know about blogging and SEO very well.

As this is an exclusive platform for hiring bloggers and writers, you can expect the content quality to be high if filtered properly.

But the hard thing about Problogger platform is that you'll not be able to accurately assess the writers through reviews, job success rate, and feedbacks.

You need to do all the heavy-lifting yourself by doing in-depth interviews which I will discuss later in this post.

The above platform is recommended if you are looking for marketing, social media and any digital marketing content in particular.