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TTS, formerly called Email Hunter is the most popular service to find emails of your prospects whether it be for guest post outreach, SEO outreach, or any form of outreach.

The tool comes with a limited free version in which you can make 100 requests per month and does not include multiple email hunting. The tool is good if you do occasional outreach.

But if you do outreach on a regular basis, you need to buy their premium plans that start from $49/month which come with 1k requests per month.

The features you’ll get are email finder, email verifier, and domain search.

Seems too costly for the features it offers? Doesn’t it?

That is why in this post, I’ll introduce you the best Email Hunter alternative, the FindThatLead! It offers you a dozen of more features for the price you pay.

FindThatLead review

According to my experience of trying out many of the email hunting tools, I had a great experience with FindThatLead. I’ve been using their tool from a long time, and all I can say is that I’m completely blown out by the features they offer for the money.

Value for money

Their basic plan costs you nothing to use. You’ll get 10 free requests every day. This accounts to 300 free credits every month in their free plan. This is triple the requests that Email Hunter offers in their free plan.

With the free plan, you can also find multiple emails at once which Email Hunter restricts you from using.

Their plans start from $25/month, which is almost half of Email Hunter.

Their small plan comes with 1500 request credits which is greater than that of 1000 credits Email Hunter offers. In addition to this, FindThatLead has features like email finder, Google Sheets Addon, Prospector tool (valuable), and much more.

Let me review each of their major features one by one.

Prospector tool

Once you login to their tools, the first tool you come across is the prospector tool.


This tool helps you find the email leads based on location, company name, company industry, company size, job title, and member skills.

For example, you can find all Digital Marketing CEOs in Seattle who have less than 10 employees – this tool is that specific.

Once you start searching for the prospects, you’ll be presented with a huge list. There you need to select the prospects you are interested in and generate emails. Then only it’ll start costing credits.

CSV Upload

Csv upload

The next feature is CSV upload. This is my favorite feature for conducting mass email findings.

If you have a huge list of leads, domains, social profile URLs of users, company domains, you can conduct email research with the above feature-set.

I use the domain search tool for my SEO and guest posting outreach efforts. I usually upload a list of CSVs containing the URLs of guest posting sites, this tool returns me the emails of all those guest site owners in seconds.

If you have a list of social profile URLs, you can just upload the CSV in the tool and get the email, name and other details of the social profiles. This feature is great when creating an outreach campaign for your domain's social media influencers easily.

The email verifier tool will be very helpful if you have a huge list of email addresses that you need to verify whether they are still in use and active. In this way, you can avoid email bounces.

The “Domain Whois” lookup feature is also great if you want the whois information of multiple domains in one shot, listed in a CSV sheet. I use this feature to extract names of the site owners whom I wish to outreach. This is a very good time saver.

Lead manager

The lead manager built right into the FindThatLead tool allows you to manage the leads that you found through their tool. You can delete them, add more leads or even export them to Google Drive.

They are also rolling out an update that lets you connect Zapier to your lead manager.

Other search features

Other than these bulk research tools, you also have a simple search feature for all the tasks like domain search, whois search, email verifier, and more.

The FindThatLead tool also has Google Sheets Extension and also Chrome extension.


 I'm using FindThatLead from a very long time to research the emails of the sites I wish to outreach. The tool is absolutely the best when it comes to researching emails of your competitors with value for money.

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  1. Hi Akshay. Thank you so much for review FindThatLead. But as far I know it’s not working now. I’m using as a great alternative for these purposes.

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