In this post, I’ll introduce you some of the free grammar and punctuation checker tools. The fact is that no matter how good your grammar is if you commit silly punctuation errors in your content, it’s awkward.

The incorrect use of punctuation marks even will kill the meaning of the entire sentence. If you look at the sentences in the below image, you can easily notice that how a single comma could screw up the meaning of the entire sentence.

With a comma checker tool, the below mistake would not have happened.

Punctuation error

Don’t worry. You’ll commit these sort of errors. Thankfully, there is a dozen of online punctuation checker and grammar tools to help you get rid of these kinds of errors while writing.

Even though most of the bloggers and content creators won’t bother much about punctuation errors, if you consider writing error free content you’ll get a good competitive advantage. If you are writing for Google, then it matters a lot for SEO advantage.

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Best punctuation and grammar checker tools that are free

Here are some of the best free punctuation checker tools. It will correct all the punctuation error like incorrect use omission of commas, full stops, semi-colons, and more.

So, let’s dive in.

#1. Grammarly


Grammarly is undoubtedly the best grammar and punctuation checker tool on the web. It’s both available as a free and paid version. Almost every blogger, content writer, copywriter, and journalist use this grammar checking tool while writing on the web.

It checks over 250 grammatical errors including punctuation errors while writing on the web.

It is available for every platform and browsers like Chrome and Firefox. These extensions seamlessly integrate with your WordPress post editor, email creator, Facebook and other text fields, etc.

Wherever you are typing a text, Grammarly will be active analyzing your writing style and busy checking whether you are committing any grammatical errors.

It is also available as an add-on for Microsoft Word and a separate app for Mac OS.

By combining the technologies like machine learning and A.I. algorithms the error detection capabilities of Grammarly has been taken to the next level

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#2. WhiteSmoke

Whitesmoke grammar checker

This comes close to the features of Grammarly. People often treat it as a competitor of Grammarly.

Much like that of Grammarly, WhiteSmoke also helps greatly in finding out grammatical errors and marking out punctuation errors.

But the fact is that Whitesmoke is poor at finding context-specific grammar errors sometimes. But it does the job well and helps non-native English writers greatly.

Unlike Grammarly, it also is available as an Android and iOS app. It is also available as browser add-ons and helps you correct grammar and punctuation errors on the go.

The developers of WhiteSmoke have made the tool to be perfectly usable no matter what device you may be using.

It patches the serious downside of Grammarly, i.e the lack of smartphone apps.

#4. ProWritingAid

This is one of the most overlooked grammar and punctuation tools out there. It checks the text for various types errors including context-specific mistakes.


I was amazed looking at the tool. But for the tool to work fully, you need to purchase it. It’s certainly worth a try. In the test I run on a dummy text, it did mention some of the style and punctuation errors that even Grammarly missed.

#5. Ginger Punctuation Checker

Ginger is one of the best grammar and punctuation checker tools that I was using in the initial days of my blogging career.

Ginger punctuation checker

It is also available as browser extensions and also as an add-on for MS word.

It is available both as a free and pro version. Like that of Grammarly, it is great in correcting context-specific grammatical and punctuation errors. It also detects the redundant use and also the unnecessary use of punctuation marks in your content.

For Android and iOS, it has its separate apps and keyboard. This is one of the greatest pros.

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#6. After the Deadline

After the deadline

This is the grammar and punctuation tool by Automatic the brain behind the WordPress CMS.

It is available as command-line interface tool, a bookmarklet for the browser (I’m using it), Chrome, Firefox, OpenOffice extension, and sadly the add-on is not there for MS Word.

It is the same grammar and punctuation checker that comes with WordPress Jetpack plugin. You probably know this if you are a blogger.

This grammar checker tool is also available in the web interface at PolishMyWriting. You just need to enter the text and click on check writing to mark out grammatical and punctuation errors and correct them.

#7. PaperRater


With this tool, you just need to paste in the content or the essay that you’ve written into their editor. You can also consider uploading the document file into their editor.

Once you click on the “get report” button, it will analyze the content. It reports you back with grammar errors, spelling errors, style and punctuation errors.

The premium version of this tool also includes plagiarism detector like that of Grammarly.

However, they do still recommend Grammarly officially for running more advanced analysis.

Other notable punctuation checkers


This is one of the little known yet highly effective open-source grammar and punctuation checkers.

It is available as the web version, Chrome & Firefox browser add-ons, Google Docs add-on, standalone desktop application and also as an add-on for LibreOffice. Being a completely free tool this is exceptionally great in terms of features.

The crazy fact is that it not only checks for English grammar errors but has also options for you to check grammar in other 32 languages.

I was in fact amazed by seeing the functionality of the tool once I looked at it.

GrammarBase – Grammar and Punctuation Checker:

This is a quite popular grammar checking tool that checks for grammatical, contextual spelling, style, plagiarism and also punctuation errors.


You just need to enter the text you want to check, and the tool checks for the errors and reports you back.

Garreston Punctuation Checker

This is not a full-fledged grammar checker tool. It’s dedicated to checking the punctuation errors in your writing and that’s all. It does its job very well.

You just can paste in the content as long as 10,000 words into the tool, and this looks for any punctuation errors in the content. It’s a simple web-based tool no add-ons or apps are available for this tool.

It marks the text in red wherever there is improper usage or omission of punctuation marks.


This is a great grammar checker tool designed for checking fictional writings for grammatical errors. This is also quite good in catching out grammatical errors. It is as effective as Ginger.

But due to the fact that it is designed for fictional writers, it’s not recommended by most of the people for common content proofreading.

Wrapping up

These are some of the greatest grammar and punctuation checker tools online. However, in spite of using all these tools, I still recommend you to manually check for any punctuation and grammar errors in your writing.

None of the automated grammar checkers are fully perfect.

Don’t trust too much on tools. But they are a nice companion in your proofreading but not a substitute for manual proofreading.

Hope you loved this blog post.