10 Things to Know Before Choosing Blogging as your Career

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Blogging seems like a great career. Being a professional blogger is like being your own boss, flexible schedules, and moreover, you can do blogging wherever you want; all you need is a Laptop and network. Sounds cool. Huh?

Many people think that blogging is only meant for a part-time profession or is just a hobby. They are unaware of the term professional blogging.

I'm happy. Because you are one of them who actually know that there's a term called “Professional blogging”.

If you are one of those who are willing to make blogging as a profession,
then this post is for you. I'll explain all the things you must be aware of, you must know before being a so-called pro blogger.

Blogging is nothing but passion

Match made in heaven

Blogging and passion – these two words are a match made in heaven.

There are two types of people who start blogging.

  • People who are passionate about the money.
  • People who are passionate about the topic. (I actually love these guys)

If you are the first type of blogger, who saw many bloggers making loads of money online, and decided to make blogging as a profession, better you hit that tiny close button.

It's the passion that is required to be a successful blogger.

I always advise – “Follow your passion. Money follows you”.

It's the passion that motivates you to upgrade your knowledge about the niche. Do you know one of the common characteristics of passionate bloggers? – “They are always hungry for new information in their area of interest”.

Passionate bloggers are ready to expose themselves to their area of interest, 24×7 years altogether. If you are not hungry for information like that, blogging would not be the right profession for you.

Blogging is perhaps the only profession that lets you be a student lifelong.

Blogging demands writing skills

You may have good knowledge about a particular domain or a niche. But that's not the only thing you require to be a professional blogger. Along with passion, the proper way of expression is necessary.

Here's where writing skill comes to play. It's a skill that you need to cultivate on your own. You need to work on upgrading your writing skills by reading various books, other posts and writing every day.

If you hate typing or writing, at least, an hour every day, blogging would not be the profession of choice for you.

One may have good verbal communication skills, but it doesn't mean that he writes very well.

You should have the ability to quickly adjust to the writing style variations of different niches. As you are taking blogging as a profession, you may have to change your niche in future. You should have the confidence that you adapt to the change, and be a proficient writer in your new niche.

Blogging is not meant for overnight success

People generally think that blogging is one of the get-rich-quick-schemes online. Publish some posts, drive traffic to your blog and Google pays you. Huh? But, that's far from the truth.

Blogging requires patience, passion, dedication and smart work.

When you take blogging as a profession, your total focus will be on your blog. You tend to monitor the progress of your blog repeatedly. If you wish your profession sustains for long-time, you should be patient. It takes great toll and time to bear real results.

You should be such kind of a person who handles failures in a cool manner, not getting depressed and instead treat failures as the opportunities in disguise; learn from it.

Blogging requires discipline

When you accept blogging as your profession, you are your own boss! That's where laziness dives in. There will be no compulsion for you to follow discipline.

In blogging, discipline is very important. You should fix a schedule for work like at least 5 hours a day. And spend rest of your time upgrading your key skills, reading books, practicing meditation and going to gym.

You should have a plan that you can work upon and keep a proper goal – whether it be target traffic, subscribers or income. If you don't have a target to achieve, there will be less motivation for you to wake up and start blogging.

At the end of the day, you should list out all the things that you should do the next day. You should prioritize the tasks according to their importance; act accordingly. Bloggers find it lazy to blog from home. So, I would advise you to make an office, fix a timing, work from there. It forces you to be disciplined.

Consistency is the key here

Blogging cannot bear results without consistent efforts and writing. You should never ever let your blog be barren. Fix a blog publishing schedule and stick to it.

Consistent publishing helps your readers when to expect a new post from your blog. In the long run, it increases your readership greatly.

You may get no or few comments for your posts. Don't get discouraged as long as people are reading your blog. Keep on pumping new high-quality posts on your blog. Inconsistent posting spoils your brand image and hurts your reputation.

You should target for more income streams

As a professional blogger, depending upon a single blog for all your income can be a difficult task. It'll be like putting all the eggs in a single basket.

You should always try to diversify your income and open several streams for income generation. If anything bad happens, you should have other unconventional sources of income to earn your daily bread.

I would also advise you to work on your other skills like marketing, entrepreneurship, coding and others. It would be helpful for you in the future of your blogging career.

Ability to adapt to the change

Blogging is not the same thing that was in 2008 and all. Since then blogging has revolutionalized. With Google carrying out its algorithmic update, lot of things have changed since then.

Professional bloggers who failed to adapt to the changes got hit badly.

After 4 years, blogging would not be the same thing like that it is today. With the ever increasing demand for quality content, mediocre content will have hard times.

You should always have an eye towards what's big happening in your domain. Your ability to adapt to the change matters a lot.

As more and more people are diving online, and the awareness of entrepreneurship is rising, there will be huge competition. You must be unique enough to face the competition with ease.

You should always focus on building your brand, loyal readership and professional relationships with other bloggers. It comforts you down the lane.

Never ever try blackhat tactics

Blackhat tactics include building private blog networks, spam link building, article spinning, etc. Although they may give you quick success and results, they will be detrimental to you in the long run.
You will get caught by the Google's Penguin one day or the other.

I would advise you to refrain from all the blackhat practices that are widely used today. If you want to build something for long-term, there are no shortcuts.

You may also get plenty of sponsored post offers when your blog gets popular. Don't accept them as long as the service or product you are promoting returns value to your readers.

Future of blogging

When you decid to take blogging as your full-time profession, the first question that may arise in your mind is – “What's the future of blogging?”.

Trust me. Blogging never ever gonna die. At least for the next 25 years.

Instead, it will keep rocking. The future of blogging is bright. I'll tell you why.

The consumption of content has increased dramatically over the past couple of years. The reasons are the prevalence of smart phones, cheap internet connections, and increase in literacy rate, etc. There are tons of niches, in which there are no quality content writers.

Said simply, there is no enough content on the web to feed the ever growing content consumers. Blogging would be the great choice as a profession.

Other factors you need to consider

  • Is your family comfortable to see you as a professional blogger?
  • Are you prone to cabin fever? Are you willing to spend lots of time blogging and learning in front your computer?
  • Are you prone to writer's block?
  • Do you know basics of SEO?
  • Are you ready to be a student for your lifetime?

What do you think?

Although as of now there is less awareness of blogging being a career option, blogging will definitely be identified as a lucrative career option in the future.

If you realize all these things and are yet struggling to choose blogging as a career, mail me up at akshayinnovator@gmail.com

Let me know your views on this in the comments section below.

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  1. thanks for a nice blog post. I started blogging as a parttime hobby. and your post helps me to make a blog. thanks and keep helping.

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