LearnWorlds and Kajabi, are two of the best course creation platforms today.

But, which is best for you?

Join me on this comparison guide as I navigate through the features of both platforms and see how they stack against each other.

Here’s a quick look at both tools.

Free plan available?NoNo
Trial30-day free trial14-day free trial
Pricing plans$24/mo$149/mo
CommunitiesGood, but not very intuitive or excitingTop-notch, as it comes with gamification, leaderboards, and more to keep students engaged.
Bulk content uploadsNot possible, you’ll have to upload course content one at a timePossible
Marketing featuresSupports providing coupons/discounts, one-time payments, and subscriptions.Kajabi also includes a cart abandonment notification feature, along with upsells, order bumps, free offers, and one-time payments.

What is LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds is an online course creation platform designed for corporate trainers and comes with a ton of features like graded results, interactive videos (big one!), social community, and more.

It also comes with sales and marketing features for promoting your courses and building your customer base.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform used for creating a wide variety of digital content.

Ideal for content creators and educational businesses who want to offer a wide range of digital products like courses, webinars, coaching, podcasts, and more.

It also comes with extensive marketing features and analytics.

What do I like about LearnWorlds over Kajabi?

  • Interactive videos: You can add interactive elements in your videos to engage learners. Is too much work needed? Feels like it!
  • Unlimited landing pages and courses: There’s no limit on the landing pages or courses you can create with LearnWorlds. On the other hand, Kajabi imposes limits on the number of products and funnels you can have under each plan. Even its highest plan limits to 100 courses.
  • Flexible Course Certificates: LearnWorlds awards course completion digital certificates. That’s a big deal if you want to train people with a corporate background. It also comes with a course knowledge certificate for more flexibility in awarding different students.
  • Branded mobile app: For an extra fee, LearnWorlds provides branded mobile apps for iOS and Android. Only available on their $249 per month “Learning Center” plan.
  • Highlights and notes: Allows students to add highlights and notes to text lessons to help them stay engaged.
  • Copyright protection: LearnWorlds has a copyright protection program built-in to block any copycat from fleecing your concepts. It watermarks your videos and PDFs.
  • E-book builder: Helps to create ebooks and downloadable content. Though its use is limited to a few scenarios only, still can come in handy. But hey, for me I felt it’s clunky. You’d be better off with Canva.

If you are interested in reading my complete review on LearnWorlds, you can refer to my previous blog post.

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What do I like about Kajabi over LearnWorlds?

  • Comprehensive: Kajabi is an all-in-one course platform. Courses, emails, webinars, community, all in one platform. Truly integrated experience You won’t need to use many other integrations to get things done with it.
  • Intuitive UI: The entire Kajabi site is intuitive and you can easily navigate to what you want. In comparison, LearnWorlds is clunky with too many features.
  • 1:1 Coaching: Easy to set up single or multiple-session 1:1 coaching programs. This can add to your revenue.
  • Communities: Kajabi offers a powerful community feature that supports gamification, leaderboards, badges, and more.
  • Well-designed templates: You can use Kajabi’s customizable templates to save time and effort. There are templates for full courses, mini-courses, drip courses, podcasts, and more.
  • Podcast hosting: You can host a podcast through Kajabi.
  • Automation sequences: Though LearnWorlds offers automation, it’s not even close to what Kajabi can do. These sequences can ease the creation of different workflow sequences.
  • Email marketing: Kajabi’s email marketing features blow LearnWorlds’ simple email sequences and lead management out of the water.

I have extensively used and have experience in Kajabi. In case if you are interested in exploring more, you can refer to my review on Kajabi.

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Upfront bottom line

Kajabi is your choice if you’re a knowledge entrepreneur or organization offering online courses, coaching programs, podcasts, and other digital products. Its robust marketing automation and email marketing make it a one-stop shop for everything digital marketing. Its advanced funnels increase conversions while its rich analytics help you make informed decisions.

Go for LearnWorlds if you’re a corporate training organization or someone who needs unlimited landing pages, access for many admin users, graded assignments with question banks, and course completion and knowledge certificates.

Its copyright protection feature, ebook builder, and mobile app are other reasons to opt for LearnWorlds.

In summary, if you’re a marketer and creator, then Kajabi would be the best choice for you. On the other hand, LearnWorlds would be suitable if you’re interested in academic and corporate training and want specialized features in that area.

Pricing plans

LearnWorlds offers the following four plans:

  • Starter, at $29/month + a $5 fee for each course sale
  • Pro Trainer, at $99/month
  • Learning Center, at $299/month
  • High volume and Corporate, with custom pricing

There are no transaction fees in the other three plans. You get a 20% discount when you pay annually.

You can have unlimited courses in all the plans.

learnworlds pricing plans

Kajabi, on the other hand, offers three plans:

  • Basic, at $149/month
  • Growth, at $199/month
  • Pro, at $399/month
kajabi pricing plan

No transaction fees and every feature is available in every plan. Only the limits vary. Also, there are no unlimited course options in Kajabi.

If you’re like most people, you end up going with $199/month. 3 products are way too restrictive! Feels like they established the basic plan to be a decoy plan to lead you to their most popular plan.

Now that you have a fair idea of what both tools are, let’s jump into a comparison of their key features.

User interface

Kajabi has a clean, easy-to-follow dashboard.

If you need a little hand-holding, no worries. Pop-ups appear to show you the steps.

kajabi interface

As you can see, the interface is minimalistic and intuitive.

And to make your job even easier, there’s a search functionality, previously known as Kajabi Assistant, that you can use when you don’t know where to find something.

In comparison, the interface of LearnWorlds is clunky and outdated, as it comes packed with many features within a small place.

learnworlds interfcae overview

You have to access most of the features through the sidebar, and often, there’s not enough padding and margin. Also, related features are not always grouped together, making it difficult to find what you want.

Bottomline: Kajabi’s interface is intuitive and easier to use than the clunky and feature-filled interface of LearnWorlds.

Course builder

I like how LearnWorlds offers little text boxes to guide you through the course creation process.

LearnWorlds makes it easy to add images, videos, surveys, text, and PDF to your lessons. You are also free to add quizzes, ebooks, and SCORM/HTML5 files to build a solid course curriculum.

What I like most is that you can create interactive videos.

learnworlds interactive video

You can use LearnWorlds’ iVideo Authoring Mode to add text to your videos. That way, you can emphasize some points.

You can also help students visualize complex concepts with images. Or, you can use illustrations to help them follow your thought process.

Just upload the sketches where you need them, and you are good to go.

Now, on to creating a course with Kajabi.

kajabi course

Kajabi provides three course types; mini-courses, online courses, and evergreen training.

You can use Kajabi’s pre-made templates to fast-track your course creation after picking a course type.

One aspect I love about Kajabi is content locking. With this feature, you can lock a specific module, and allow students to access them only after they have completed another lesson or module. It makes course compliance a breeze for creators.

content locking in kajabi 1

LearnWorlds, on the other hand, offers only content dripping. For your information, Kajabi also offers content dripping, if that’s more suitable for you.

Bottomline: LearnWorlds interactive videos are a big deal in student interactivity. They provide just what you need when trying to teach anybody anything. That said, not everyone needs interactive videos. We also like that Kajabi lets you create products right on the first page without losing time, and the creation process is simple and intuitive.

Student learning experience

With LearnWorlds, students can easily know the learning path or activities they need to complete.

Students can also choose from five skins for their customizable course player. As a creator, you also have the opportunity to customize them using custom CSS. But, the overall interface is clunky and students may find it hard to find what they want.

learnworlds student

For example, the discussion section is on the sidebar, not below the course video. This location can cause some students to miss out on the functionality. Also, the learner’s tab displays only the first 150 students alphabetically.

kajabi course player 1

There are also options available to control the video speed and quality, shift to full-screen mode, view the course curriculum, etc.

All in all, I can tell Kajabi’s interface looks more intuitive. For example, you just need to scroll down the course page to leave comments as a student in Kajabi, but in the case of LearnWorlds, it takes an additional click for you to engage with comments.

Bottomline: LearnWorlds offers a better student experience, though I like Kajabi’s interface, especially the option to start discussions below the video.

Course completion certificates

LearnWorlds offers two types of certificates:

  • Certificate of Completion: Awarded to learners who successfully complete and pass all activities.
  • Certificate of Knowledge: Awarded to students who successfully complete the entire course and a final exam (assessment).
learnworlds completion certificate

Kajabi also offers completion certifications, but you don’t have the same level of flexibility as LearnWorlds. The templates are relatively simple and you can award them to students who have completed the course.

kajabi certificates

Bottomline: LearnWorlds is better, but this is not really a deal-breaker.

Design and customization

You can fully customize your LearnWorlds site using its drag-and-drop online school site builder. You can even change your e-school’s typography, colors, buttons, and course layout.LearnWorlds page builder advanced options

LearnWorlds also offers many templates, but the design is average.

pasted image 0 37

Although LearnWorlds come with fancy features like parallax scrolling effects, JS support, etc. It feels too much and clunky.

With Kajabi, the templates are well-designed and top-notch.

kajabi template

My favorite templates are the Momentum and Gamify Lite!

You’ll also get a handy visual builder that has a perfect balance of flexibility and simplicity. This builder makes it easy to edit multiple pages, like Thank You, 404, Store, and Blog pages.

kajabi website customization
kajabi website customizer

This page builder feels clean and clutter-free. It has enough options and sections to build a highly converting landing page.

Bottomline: Kajabi’s design and customization options are better. It’s more refined and feels less overwhelming. It is flexible enough so that you don’t need to again make use of WordPress for your page-building needs.

Creating/selling digital content

LearnWorlds offers an ebook builder for creating ebooks and downloadable content.

LearnWorlds ebook creator

This is a perfect example of how LearnWorlds is focusing on rolling out every teeny tiny feature that their users recommend, making their app way too bulky and clunky.

On the other hand, Kajabi offers digital products like 1:1 coaching, podcasts, and mini-courses.

These features are still aligned with the main objective of Kajabi which is to serve course creators and coaches.

Bottomline: Kajabi is a lot more versatile and can help your business to grow. Though LearnWorlds’ ebook builder is good, its use is limited to a few scenarios only.


LearnWorlds has recently introduced automation. It comes with 19 ready-made templates and 30+ customizable triggers to automate user management and communication.

learnworlds automation

Using this automation feature, you can send personalized emails, implement marketing campaigns to engage with each user in real-time and tailor the educational and navigational experience for users.

Its Tag Manager makes it easy to add tags at each step to customize the automation workflow.

On the other hand, Kajabi is well-known for its automation.

With just a few clicks, you can set up automation to provide a better learning experience for your students.

kajabi automation triggers

You can even set one-off automation and do platform-wide actions using a multitude of triggers.

This automation sequence gets even more powerful when combined with email marketing.

kajabi email automation

Bottomline: Both platforms are equally poised, though Kajabi has a slight edge because it is more well-developed and versatile.

Analytics and reporting

LearnWorlds is not the best tool when it comes to analysis and reporting. Though it provides individual student metrics like:

  • User progress
  • Exam performances
  • Instructors’ revenues
  • Student segments
  • Product revenues

It can’t provide a comprehensive view of all courses and students.

learnworlds student progress

Kajabi, on the other hand, organizes all your data in a single place. You can get information on:

  • Net revenue
  • Subscription metrics
  • Recent activity
  • Opt-ins
  • Pageviews
  • Product progress
  • Offers sold
  • Affiliate metrics
kajabi analytics

Another highlight is Kajabi’s student-level insights that provide information on how each student is learning and progressing through your course. As an instructor, it gives me a lot of satisfaction to see these numbers because I know my students are being benefited through my offerings.

kajabi video retention graph

Plus, Kajabi’s heatmaps and retention reports provide insights into student preferences, so you can tailor content accordingly. You have this feature in LearnWorlds as well.

Bottomline: Kajabi packs a ton of insightful data. And, you can grab a bird’s eye view of it all on one page. However, you may have to connect Google Analytics to LearnWorlds to capture more insightful data.

Payments and selling

Both platforms integrate well with payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal.

Similarly, you can create course bundles.

To boost conversions, both platforms offer opportunities for upselling, course bundling and giving away discounts and coupons.

A key differentiator is that Kajabi includes a cart abandonment notification feature.

kajabi upsell feature

With automated cart abandonment notifications, you can decrease cart abandonment and increase conversions.

Bottomline: Kajabi doesn’t just offer a smooth way to upsell. It goes beyond LearnWorlds’ upsell feature to provide a cart abandonment tool. You can use the tool to remind potential students to either purchase or upgrade to another offer.

Checkout page

Checkout pages complete the funnels, and hence, it’s important that they are as easy as possible. And this is also where there’s a significant difference between the two platforms.

With LearnWorlds, checkout is a multi-page process. On the first page, your customer has to confirm and in the next, they make the payment. Such a multi-step process negatively impacts the conversion rates, as customers may find it long or could change their minds.

learnworlds checkout

Kajabi, on the other hand, supports one-page checkout to boost conversion rates.

Moreover, you can customize the checkout pages to suit your preferences. For example, you can make some fields essential and add a few custom ones.

kajabi checkout

Bottomline: Kajabi’s one-page checkout boosts conversions. Plus, its customization features make the pages appealing and easy to use for customers.

Email marketing

Kajabi provides extensive email marketing capabilities. With Kajabi, you create rich email sequences and broadcast with them. You can use it to create great, detailed email campaigns and lead-capture forms like this.

Kajabi’s emails also look good, as it comes with 15 email broadcast templates to choose from. So you can use the templates to get started although, creating emails with Kajabi feels as intuitive as using Gmail.

kajabi email templates

LearnWorlds, on the other hand, doesn’t have such extensive email marketing capabilities. It only offers email verification of all leads collected through surveys and forms. Also, all email submissions across your school are consolidated into a single lead record.

The advantage is that you can gain comprehensive visibility of your lead’s journey with a detailed touchpoint list.

Bottomline: Kajabi is the hands-down winner as its email automation is one of the best among LMS platforms.


LearnWorlds integrates with various tools, including email marketing software, analytics, customer service, CRM, and various other growth tools.

learnworlds integrations

Furthermore, LearnWorlds with Stripe, PayPal, and Shopify. You can even create an e-commerce store in Shopify and sell your courses through LearnWorlds’ integration with it.

Another helpful integration is with Quaderno, that’s handy for calculating your sales tax, creating tax receipts, and reports, and making the taxation process and compliance easier, especially with EU VAT.

You also get webhooks, a developer feature, for integrating with different tools. This is a workaround for using Zapier, so you don’t have to pay additional fees.

Kajabi’s integrations are highly limited, and it natively integrates only with around 10 tools. This is because Kajabi is comprehensive and doesn’t need many third-party tools. Still, it integrates with important ones like Google Analytics, Zapier, Calendly, and more.

kajabi integrations 1

It also offers Webhooks and Zapier integration.

Bottomline: LearnWorlds offers more integrations, but with Kajabi, you don’t need them.


LearnWorlds has a community feature, but it is nestled under the “Learning Apps” – not the most intuitive place to find!

Students can interact with each other, create groups, and even access an activity feed like Facebook. However, the UX can be better.

learnworlds community

Similarly, Kajabi also offers a Facebook-style community, but with a better UI. Plus, Kajabi supports gamification and other highly engaging features after it acquires Vibely.

After logging in to the community, your students will see three main tabs: Feeds, Challenges, and Meetups.

I appreciate how intuitively these tabs are set up.

  • Feed: Allows people to interact with other community members in an organized way.
  • Challenges: Takes care of accountability mechanisms and gamifies the entire process. It has challenges, accomplishments, live meetups, points, badges, etc. Their acquisition of Vibely allowed them to roll out these features.
  • Meetups: Allows you to schedule meetings and meetups to develop deeper relationships with the community members.
kajabi communities 1

You even have the option to create access-based memberships to certain groups.

Bottomline: Kajabi’s community UX and features are way better.

Training and customer support

Both Kajabi and LearnWorlds have extensive resources like the LearnWorlds Academy and Kajabi University to learn everything there is about each platform. Plus, blogs and videos also provide a ton of information about marketing and sales.

When it comes to support, you get 24X5 email support in the Starter plan of LearnWorlds. The Pro Trainer offers 24X7 support while the Learning Center gives 24X7 premium support.

On the other hand, Kajabi offers chat support on the Basic plan while this support extends to 24X7 in the Growth and Pro plans.

Bottomline: When you compare the two, Kajabi has a slight edge because chat support is more instant than emails.

Mobile apps

Both Kajabi and LearnWorlds offer mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

LearnWorlds allows you to launch your white-labeled iOS and Android apps at an extra monthly fee. No coding skills are required.

You can also white-label your custom domain.

This feature is available only in the Learning Center plan.

learnworlds mobile app

Kajabi, on the other hand, offers a Kajabi-branded app that acts as an online course marketplace. Students can access courses they have enrolled in and can even sign up for new ones.

kajabi mobile app

However, Kajabi’s app is not beneficial for creators.

Bottomline: The LearnWorlds app is more useful if you’re a creator. But as a student, Kajabi’s app is better.

Affiliate marketing

Both platforms will let you set up affiliate programs easily.

Both Kajabi and LearnWorlds allow affiliates to self-register. And that takes some work off your plate while others promote your digital products.

You can also make announcements and track your affiliates’ performances. Then you can decide on the best ways to pay them.

That’s all good.


We’re down to the wire and here’s the burning question: Which is better? Kajabi or LearnWorlds?

The answer depends on your needs, though Kajabi scores over LearnWorlds across most aspects that we have compared (especially marketing). In particular, it scores high on email marketing, templates, and automation.

LearnWorlds, on the other hand, is best suited for corporate training as it supports unlimited courses, interactive elements, SCORM compliance, and better course completion certificates.

What’s it going to be, LearnWorlds or Kajabi?

Why not try both before deciding?