Are you thinking of using Kartra to sell your products, services, and membership sites? Do you want to know if Kartra suits your business or not?

Today, I am going to review Kartra in-depth, explaining to you all the features Kartra comes with and helping you decide whether it is worth your money or not.

Let’s get started with the review!


All-in-one checkout platform

Best for

Selling products, services, and membership sites

Starting price


Can I create sales funnels?


Does it come with in-built email marketing?



Unlimited products
Upsells, downsells and order bumps
Multiple pricing options
Advanced A/B split testing
Cart abandonment tagging
In-built sales tax calculation

What do I like about Kartra?

  • As it comes with built-in email marketing, automation, sequence builder, and all the essential features you don’t need to go with external integrations.
  • Kartra translates the checkout page based on the user’s geographical location and supports different currencies.
  • Similar to Podia, Kartra allows you to drip the content and provide various access levels to the membership sites.
  • You can A/B split test the email content and the subject lines upto 4 variations
  • You can create highly engaging help desks for your sites with Kartra. You can customize them, add your own logo, and add the images to build trust with the audience.
  • Kartra comes with an agency feature with which you can handle multiple client accounts, manage them in a single dashboard, provide them access with custom requests, send detailed reports with white labeling, and much more.

What I don’t like about Kartra?

  • Compared to its competitors like BuilderAll or Podia Kartra costs more.
  • Kartra has a limited number of integrations.
  • Kartra’s interface is quite slow compared to ClickFunnels


With Kartra you can create and sell both digital and physical products with ease. For creating a new product, just head over to “My products” and start creating.

Kartra allows you to sell an unlimited number of products, services, courses, and membership sites with multiple pricing options like one-time, recurring or installments.

Adding upsell or downsell
Kartra  coupons

To maximize the sales and provide value to your customers you can add upsells, downsells, bump offers, and run special events with coupons and discounts.

To make the checkout process hassle-free, Kartra comes with 1-click transactions which automatically pre-fills the checkout page details and keeps them ready to complete the order.

By using its drag and drop builder you can create gorgeous checkout pages, single-step or multi-step forms for full-page or pop-up checkouts. You can customize them to reflect your brand.

Kartra provides a great number of beautiful checkout templates that are mobile responsive and 100% customizable. These checkout templates come with SSL security with 256-bit encryption.

To know your potential buyers and to target the right audience, Kartra comes with a lead scoring and lead tagging feature.

With lead scoring, you can assign the scores for customers based on their behavior, actions they take, and send the follow-up sequences accordingly.

With lead tagging, you can categorize the customers into various subgroups and craft the messages that appeal to their demographics.

The best thing with Kartra is it comes with various options to manage unhappy customers.

Say if a customer is not happy with your product pricing, you can modify the pricing or offer them coupons or discounts, reschedule their payment dates and edit payment options. With this, you won’t miss any of your customers.

To keep your transaction safe and secure, Kartra provides various compliance pages like PCI compliant, GDPR compliant, SCA compliant, and 256-bit encryption protocol.

Calculating the tax for each of your sales is a very difficult task to manage.

To assist you with this, Kartra comes with an in-built sales tax calculation system, similar to apps like ThriveCart.

Based on the customer’s geographical location it calculates the shipping cost and sales tax.

If you compare Kartra vs ClickFunnels, Kartra translates the checkout pages in 12 different languages and 40 currencies based on the geographical location of the customers.

This is something that is not possible with ClickFunnels.

If you offer services to international customers, this feature will be really helpful.

Sales analytics

Similar to other platforms, Kartra provides in-depth sales analytics reports with various metrics like the number of visitors, sales and rebills, refunds, cancellations, revenue generated, active subscriptions, average retention, and customer value.

Funnel building

Kartra funnels

Kartra calls funnels as “campaigns”.

To create a new campaign, you need to head over to “My campaigns” and click on a new campaign.

Done for you campaigns

You can either build them from scratch or make use of “done for you” campaigns by just importing them.

These “done for you” campaigns are plug-and-play campaigns created by top industry experts that are proven to work and will generate you huge revenue.

word image 2
Deploying the campaigns

You can share the funnels with your team members or other Kartra users, deploy them, view the assets, clone them, etc. This is similar to ClickFunnels’s funnel sharing feature.

The killer feature is that Kartra allows you to market and sell the done for your campaigns by deploying them as per your requirements and make money out of it.

Kartra  marketplace

If you have creative ideas that you think will help others, just implement them and share them in the Kartra marketplace either for free or for a price.

Kartra handles all the payment and billing processes, so you can focus on creating outstanding funnels. This is an excellent feature that makes Kartra excel over other marketing campaigns.

For deploying the campaign, first, you need to select a DFY campaign of your choice, and click on deploy.

When you do this, the corresponding assets will go and sit under their respective sections. For example, if your “done for you” campaign has assets like 3 pages, 5 forms, and 2 videos, the deployed pages will be shown under the “My pages” section.

Similarly, 5 forms will be shown under the “My forms” section and 2 videos under the “My videos” section.

Kartra asks you to add a prefix each time when you deploy a campaign as you can remember and identify the assets of that particular campaign easily.

You can edit these pages and customize them with their intuitive page builder.

Page building

Kartra comes with a powerful page builder to create beautiful pages, opt-in forms, and checkout pages.

To improve your performance and ease your design process, each of the sections and components of Kartra has professionally designed templates.

This saves you a lot of time designing them from scratch. You can’t find this feature with many of its competitors.

Along with this, Kartra also provides various templates for:

  1. Landing pop-ups
  2. Exit pop-ups
  3. Lead capture pop-ups
  4. Checkout pop-ups
  5. Video pop-ups
  6. Info pop-ups
Responsive editing options

You can optimize the pages for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

To speed up the design process, Kartra provides various quick features like show columns, and also modes like columns and component mode.

Columns And Components Mode In Kartra

If you enable the show columns feature and select the component mode then the page builder will show the columns that contain various sections and components in it.

With this, you can easily edit any of the sections or specific components, drag/reorder them, clone, or delete them within seconds. This is a really good feature that speeds up your editing process.

If you disable the show columns feature and enable component mode then it will show only the components and will not show the columns and vice versa.

Various page options

Under actions, you have the options to live preview the changes made, save the progress, save the pages as your favorite, and also publish them live.

Publishing the page

You can host the Kartra pages either on your own domain or host them on Kartra. If you don’t have a domain, Kartra hosts your pages under its subdomain like

Email marketing and automation

With Kartra’s built-in email marketing feature you can send either broadcast messages or the follow-up sequence emails through their powerful automation features.

You can send broadcast messages either by email or through SMS. If you send by SMS you need to have integration with any of the SMS gateways.

Kartra  visual sequence builder

When it comes to sequences, you can use its drag and drop visual sequence builder to create highly engaging funnels that run on autopilot.

You can’t find this type of visual builder in ClickFunnels or Kajabi.

Kartra allows you to create behavior-based automation that sends emails based on the recipient’s behavior.

For example, if a user has bought your tripwire offer, assign him a “warm lead” tag or if a user requests your free ebook add him to your email list, etc.

You can A/B split test the email content or the subject line, and run the automation for a specific period of time.

After the split test is over, Kartra automatically switches to the one that converted the best.

If-Then automation

While creating the followup sequences, you can make use of its IF-THEN automation or YES/No booleans so that Kartra will follow up with the customers based on the actions they take.

Similar to ActiveCampaign or Drip, you are free to schedule the followup sequences or the automation at a specific period of time.

Kartra subsequences
Kartra  trigger rules

While creating the sequence you can add any number of subsequences for the main sequence. Also, you can add unlimited triggers to initiate the sequence.


Kartra is one of the best membership site platforms you can use to share the content with your community.

With its WYSIWYG editor you can create beautiful membership sites and customize them as per your needs by custom branding them.

Membership tiers

With its multiple membership tiers, you can provide different access levels to your members and set your own price for each of them.

You can use any type of content like audio, video, text, or a combination of these and structurize them into various categories for easy and quick navigation.

Kartra Content Dripping 1

Similar to other membership site platforms like Podia or BuilderAll, Kartra also can drip the content to your customers over time. This is the best way to keep them engaged with you.

Membership analytics

You can track the progress of individual users, number of active subscriptions, unsubscriptions, active members, etc under the analytics section.

For improved security, Kartra comes with password management with which you can provide free access or the password-based access to the content.

You can provide your members with a single sign-on login with just 1 password or use multiple membership tiers with different access levels like bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

If any of the customers register for your membership site, Kartra automatically sends them the personalized emails with login credentials. You can customize these emails and add your own brand.

Progress bar

You can track the progress of your customers with its progress bar and move them to a higher tier if they are engaging greatly with your content.

Similar to other membership sites, here also you can reward them by sending them congratulation emails, give them access to the next level of content, move them further in your emailing list, assign them the scores, and much more.

By this, you can keep them encouraged and motivated.

Similar to Podia or Kajabi, Kartra comes with a comment section for you to interact with your students, members or customers and keep in touch with them by answering their questions, get feedback, know their concerns and market your products or services as a solution to them.

You can moderate these comments, approve or keep them pending.

Even you can assign these tasks to your staff by providing them admin access so that you can focus on other important things in your business.

Kartra itself manages all the members. For easier analysis, it will mark the active customers in green and customers with cancelled subscriptions in red.

Also, you have full manual control to grant or cancel the access to any of your customers.

If any of the customers cancels the subscription or asks for a refund, Kartra automatically removes the access. So you don’t need to worry about managing all these tasks from your end.

Its bulk management is a huge time saver. You can apply the tag to a certain group of customers all at once, send them targeted emails, add triggers, apply filters, and export them as a CSV file in bulk.

Membership portal

Kartra allows you to create multi-site portals and manage the sites under each niche on a separate portal with a centralized dashboard.

Similar to Kajabi, Kartra makes the customer’s login hassle-free by providing them a unified login credential for all the sites, if they have registered for multiple sites.

Marketing features

To increase conversions, Kartra comes with a behavioral adaptive marketing feature with which you can market your products to the customers based on their behavior, interest, or the actions they take. Kajabi lacks this feature.

Let’s say if a user has bought your fitness-related eBook and the next time when he visits your site you can promote him the fitness-related products which increase the chances of him converting as you already know he is a fitness enthusiast.

Behavioral adaptive marketing

You can implement this BAM feature based on the tags you have applied for customers, their history, the pages they visit, and much more.

If you have applied the tag say “cold lead” to a lead, you can provide him a free eBook or a tripwire as an offer because the chances of him getting lured by your upsell are less.

Also when it comes to marketing of products, as I have said previously you can add upsells, downsells, add bump offers, etc and you can make use of Kartra’s 1-click transaction feature for promoting frictionless conversions.

Kartra also comes with dynamic OTOs which allow you to provide different bump offers, upsells or downsells to different users based on their previous behaviors on the site.

For example, people who have paid the full price may get a different OTO offer than a person who has bought the product at a discounted price.

Kartra also comes with a cart abandonment feature. With this, you can track the incomplete transactions and schedule the email campaigns with its autoresponder to recover them.

My Agency

Kartra  agency

If you have an agency, Kartra is the best platform you can use to manage all of your client’s websites from a single dashboard.

If the clients want to access their accounts, you can provide them the login credentials with custom permissions.

White labeling the client reports

Kartra allows you to white label and customize the client reports, manage the billing of all the clients under 1 account, import the existing client accounts to your portfolio, and much more.

Choosing the account model to manage clients

In order to manage the client’s account, you can choose either the owner model or the contractor model.

If your client doesn’t have the Kartra account and if they don’t want to handle the technicalities of the platform, you can create and manage your client’s accounts with an agency model.

As you are the boss here, you can fix the monthly charges as you wish for the service you provide and earn the recurring income.

If your clients already have a Kartra account, then you can link your account to theirs and manage as a contractor until the project ends.

The agency feature is available only in the higher plans of Kartra.


Kartra  integrations

Katra has a good native integration with most of the popular payment gateways, email gateways, SMS gateways, membership platforms, calendar apps, and much more.

As you can see that Kartra has quite a limited number of integrations. Nevertheless, you can also use Zapier integration to connect with any of your third-party tools and services.

To have a custom integration, Kartra provides API, IPN, and custom apps feature.

If you compare Kartra vs ClickFunnels, ClickFunnels excels over Kartra when it comes to integrations.

Kartra integrates only with four payment gateways like Stripe,, PayPal, and Braintree whereas ClickFunnels integrates with 10 payment gateways.

Kartra  calendars

To ease the booking process of your clients, Kartra comes with the calendar feature. Kartra even integrates with Google Calendar and blocks out all the dates that are already reserved in Google Calendar thus avoiding the conflicts.


Kartra helpdesks will cut down your workload thus increasing your productivity.

Helpdesk tickets

With its robust ticketing system, you can filter the tickets by category so that the respective support member will handle and address the issue.

Karta also has multi-agent collaboration which allows you to transfer the tickets, chats, and messages from one department to other,

You can create a live chat helpdesk, canned responses, and ticket systems. If you use the same messages frequently then you can save them as canned responses saving a huge time in copy-pasting the same thing again and again.

Also, if no one is available when a live chat pop-up appears then the Kartra system will redirect the customers to the alternative helpdesk so that customers will get the assistance when needed.

With Kartra, you can create your own help desks for the sites and host them on your own domain or with the Kartra subdomain.

So you don’t need to go with external platforms like ZenDesk, FreshDesk, Drift, or Intercom.

Helpdesk templates

You can create beautiful helpdesks by using built-in templates and customize them by adding your own logo and colors. To build trust with your customers and to personalize the helpdesk you can add any stock photos.


Kartra comes with four pricing plans with a starter plan costing $99/mo. Refer the below table to know the complete details.






Starting price






Host 100 pages

Sell 20 products

Build 2 membership sites

Unlimited pages

Unlimited products

Unlimited membership sites

Unlimited pages

Unlimited products

Unlimited membership sites

Unlimited pages

Unlimited products

Unlimited membership sites


Connect 1 helpdesk

Unlimited helpdesks

Unlimited helpdesks

Unlimited helpdesks


Up to 2,500 Leads

Up to 12,500 Leads

Up to 25,000 Leads

Up to 50,000 Leads

Comes with an agency?





Number of domains supported





If you want to save money I suggest you go with the annual plan as Kartra provides a 25% discount on this.

Kartra costs more compared to its competitor BuilderAll.

BuilderAll is a highly affordable freemium platform and the premium plan starts at $19.90. BuilderAll offers great features even in its free version. If you are just a beginner BuilderAll is enough for you.

ClickFunnels costs $97/mo and has limitations of 20 funnels, 1 user, and 3 domains. It also lacks follow up funnels. If you are an advanced user, you need to go with its platinum plan that costs $297/mo and comes with unlimited funnels and unlimited pages.

Kajabi costs $149/mo and is limited to 3 products, 1 website, and lacks affiliate marketing. To be honest, Kajabi really isn’t worth your money.

In fact, there are so many alternative platforms available that come at a very cheap price.


Kartra is the best all-in-one online platform you can use to market your products and services.

As Kartra has its own email autoresponder, automation builder, and comes with all the essential features, you don’t need to shell out money on external platforms.

If you have an agency and handle multiple client websites, Kartra’s agency model will really help you in earning recurring income. But for this, you need to pay $199/mo.

If you think Kartra costs more, you can go with BuilderAll that costs $19.90. It also has a free version. As per my experience, Builderall is like a jack of all and master of none. It has limited advanced marketing features compared to Kartra.

On the other hand when you compare Kartra with ClickFunnels, Kartra costs a lot less money and also comes with really good features.

I hope you loved this review on Kartra.