Jasper AI – it’s been around from years.

It’s one of the earliest pioneers when it comes to using AI-tech like GPT-3 for copywriting and long form blogging.

I have played with it over the last 2.5 years as an AI early adopter. 🎲

But is it really the best in the game right now? Especially with the roll out of ChatGPT?

In this blog post, I will review Jasper, with a focus on the new features and upgrades that have been added recently, particularly post-ChatGPT.

Here’s a handy table if you’re interested in an overview of Jasper.

Product nameJasper.ai
PricingStarts at $39/mo with unlimited words (Creator Plan)
Free trialSpecial Free Trial Offer– Claim 10,000 words free
👀 See examples of blog posts📚 written by JasperSee the blog posts written by Jasper
Supported languagesJasper supports 30+ languages– See the languages Jasper supports
Supported templatesJasper provides 50+ proven templates– Take a look at Jasper AI templates

Jasper review – Pros and cons

👍 Pros

  • Ships new features frequently: Because, Jasper is well funded with $125M at a $1.5B valuation and is YCombinator backed.
  • Dynamic AI model optimization: Jasper’s AI model combines multiple language models, including GPT-3 and GPT-4, to generate high-quality copywriting results. Jasper’s AI engine now includes Google’s Vertex AI, which gives Jasper access to all of Google’s AI models, taking its dynamic model optimization to the next level! The right model for the right job.
  • Integration with Google Cloud: Jasper has partnered up with Google Cloud, making it available on Google Cloud Marketplace.
  • Templates and Workflows: Jasper provides dozens of fill-in-the-blank templates and Workflows (for template chaining) to help users generate content without strong prompt design skills. Workflows link various templates together to accomplish an objective (in steps), such as blog post creation, content rewriting, and social media campaigns.
  • Long-form content editor: Jasper’s long-form content editor allows users to work on long-form copies like blog posts or email sequences. It also has the ability to execute inline commands.
  • Jasper Chat: Jasper Chat is similar to ChatGPT and incorporates Google Search for precise and current results. It comes with a prompt enhancer to optimize input prompts and can be used side-by-side with the long-form content editor.
  • SurferSEO integration: Jasper integrates with SurferSEO to create SEO-friendly content at scale, but there is an additional fee associated with this.
  • Jasper Art: Jasper Art allows users to create unique AI images within the editor. It provides high-resolution 2k px images with royalty-free commercial use and no watermark.
  • Team collaboration features: This tool comes with team collaboration features, making it easy to work with other writers.
  • Strong community: Jasper has a strong community with over 75,000 users on their Facebook page, where users can stay informed about the latest discoveries and content creation workflows.

👎 Cons

  • Limited context reading: When using a document editor, it can only read up to 1,500 characters of context. This can be a problem when working on a long document as it may forget what was written earlier. This is why many people prefer using ChatGPT, which can retain up to 3,000 words above the current message.
  • It can’t browse URLs: Jasper cannot browse specific URLs, similar to how the web browsing functionality of ChatGPT works. However, if you are precise enough with your prompts, you can enable it to browse specific resources on the web.
  • High price: Jasper’s pricing starts at $39/month with unlimited words for their Creator Plan, which may be expensive for some users compared to ChatGPT.

Upfront verdict

Here’s the verdict of this review:

When compared to other AI content writing tools on the market, Jasper stands out as the best.

The tool offers more than just copywriting templates and includes additional features such as a long-form editor, AI commands, chat (with Google search data), workflows, and SEO capabilities.

This makes it the top choice for long-form SEO content writing, especially for bloggers and freelancers.

If you are a blogger, Jasper may be a better option than ChatGPT.

Jasper provides a long-form content editor that allows you to make inline changes easily. You also do not need to worry about advanced prompt design skills or underlying technologies like GPT-3 and GPT-4 when writing your blog posts.

Additionally, Jasper offers team management functionality, making it easy to collaborate with freelance writers.

In my niche of SaaS and blogging, Jasper enables us to create 3-4 posts in place of one.

Previously didn’t have access to the internet data.

With Jasper Chat, Jasper now has access to the internet. You can ask AI any questions while writing blog posts, and it will return answers in a similar way to how Google Bard does.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Instead of using AI to replace your writing, use it as a supplement to express your unique ideas more coherently. AI should not be used as a replacement for creativity. Google rewards high-quality and useful content, regardless of how it is produced.

Explore Jasper


When you log into Jasper for the first time, you’ll notice that the dashboard is intuitive. Also, it’s beautifully designed and fast.

It displays recent work and provides access to various tools and templates that you can quickly access.

Untitled 100

Additionally, you can access all of the different features, as well as any templates that you may have favorited, conveniently from the sidebar.

When you click on the Create New button, you can create a new document from scratch, create from a predefined template, create a new blog post or a new art.

Jasper create new content

Typically, the Create From Scratch option is preferred for greater flexibility, as it gives you access to their long form AI content assistant.

But now, let me discuss about the AI templates that Jasper comes with.

AI templates + My favorites ❤️

Jasper.ai comes with a lot of copywriting templates.

I’ve favorited my most-used templates

Some popular ones are:

  • Content improver
  • AIDA and PAS copywriting frameworks
  • Feature to benefit
  • Video script hook and introduction
  • Facebook and Google ads related templates

There are around 50+ templates like this that are finetuned to give you high quality outputs, without you worrying about writing ultra-long prompts.

All you need to do is select the template and fill in the necessary details, and there you go!

My favorite templates are below 👇

Dynamic templates

It’s a template for creating templates, a meta-template.

Simply inform the AI of the type of template you need in natural language, and it will generate a complete template for you!

Describe what template to create
Boom! Here’s your reusable template

Now, Jasper creates a brand new template (with all the fields) based on your description. You just need to provide it information, and it provides you output.

Cool, isn’t it?

Jasper Commands

This template allows you to provide Jasper with any text and supply it with a command to perform actions on the text.

In this example, I asked Jasper to generate a negative movie review for “The Matrix 4” by providing some background information.

Jasper Commands Template edited 2048x1081 1

And in the below example, I asked Jasper to draft a legal email to a person who plagiarized our blog post. I provided some background information and pointers that the email should include.

Jasper commands

Let’s move on.

My other favorite templates

Below I’ve included the output screenshots of some of my favorite templates.

Carefully analyse the outputs (one by one):

AIDA framework template for copywriting
PAS framework template for copywriting
Product description template (say for eCommerce)
Video script hook

⚙️ Sometimes you may feel like chaining multiple templates together to accomplish a specific objective (in steps). For example, you can’t write a blog post in one shot right? That’s where Jasper Workflows come into play 👇

Jasper AI Workflows

Workflows are AI-powered campaigns that combine existing templates, giving you everything you need in one place.

Untitled 102

Workflows consist of a series of steps (templated prompts) that you execute in a predefined order to get the most optimal output from the AI.

Blog post workflow (example)

Let’s discuss how you can create a complete blog post (step-by-step) with Blog Post Workflow.

Jasper blog post workflow step 1

To begin with, you need to enter the following that AI keeps as reference throughout the blog post:

  1. Blog post context description (for AI to know what the topic is about),
  2. Blog post title
  3. Set the audience
  4. Tone of voice.

Hit generate.

Jasper will write an introduction for you based on the description provided.

In the above screenshot, Jasper has inserted the introduction that it generated for the document.

Also, Jasper has automatically created an outline (in sub-bullets) based on the details you provided it earlier.

Untitled 103

You can tweak it and add more details.

Now it’s time for you to generate content for one section at a time using their “Paragraph generator”.

Untitled 104

As shown above, once you generate paragraphs for every bullet in your outline, your complete blog post will be ready

Similar to this, you have various step-by-step workflows for:

  • Email Campaign (allows you to write autoresponder sequences)
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Rewrite Content
  • Blog Post Starter
  • Ads
  • Etc.

Jasper Chat (Chat mode)

Jasper Chat is similar to ChatGPT. It allows you to ask questions or give commands to generate output.

jasper chat and google search integration

Unlike ChatGPT Plus, Jasper Chat doesn’t come with plugin or browsing support.

However, it uses Google Search API to provide you with accurate answers with sources added at the bottom.

jasper chat mode

You can use Jasper Chat side-by-side with the document editor, allowing for more flexibility when writing a blog post.

Jasper Chat also has a one-click “Enhance prompt” option to allow you to optimize your input prompts to get better results from the AI. (Spot the feature 👀 in the above screenshot)

Try Jasper Chat for free

Jasper Chrome

Untitled 105

You can use Jasper AI anywhere on the web with the Chrome extension.

You can access 60+ AI templates on any of the web tools you are using. No more bookmarking the templates for quick access!

Recently, Jasper (which is sitting on cash!) acquired Outwrite, an AI-focused Chrome extension, to enhance their Chrome extension functionality by adding various new features.

These include the ability to execute AI commands anywhere on the web, access templates, and rewrite any content by simply selecting it, among other things.


Here are its use cases:

  • Write a perfect headline for your blog post (access Jasper directly on GDocs).
  • Draft personalized and engaging emails (Gmail).
  • Respond to questions intelligently on Quora, social media comments, and even support tickets.
  • Write Amazon or any eCommerce product descriptions.
  • Much more.

👉 Try Jasper AI Chrome Extension

Jasper Art

With Jasper Art, you can create unique images for your business using artificial intelligence. It turns your imagination into beautiful pictures.

Notable features:

  • High-resolution 2k px images
  • Royalty-free commercial use
  • No watermark
  • Unlimited generations
jasper art

To start, you need to provide a prompt and reference images. Give creative inputs like style, mood, and keywords for better results.

jasper art addon

You can buy this as an add-on at $20/mo per user.

See how Jasper Art works

Long-form assistant (New editor)

The basics

This feature allows you to write long-form copies like blog posts, video scripts, sales pages, etc.

Jasper editor

The long-form assistant works in just 3 steps:

  1. Enter the description: Give it some information about what you’re writing about. This section is critical to “prime”/nudge AI in the right direction!
  2. Tone of voice: By defining the tone of voice, Jasper can create content that aligns with the brand or individual’s desired persona.
  3. Hit continue writing: Start writing the content or ask Jasper to write an intro for you.

Alternatively, you can also start from scratch.

You just need to hit the “/” key on the keyboard, provide AI some command, and it generates content for you.

Press “/” on your keyboard - Ask Jasper!

Previously you needed to enter the command in the document, select the command and hit CMD+Enter or CTRL+Center. But now there’s a specific input field for entering the commands and execute.

Here are some examples of what you can ask:

  • Write a comprehensive 3-level hierarchical blog outline for a blog post titled [blog post title].
  • Write some FAQs about [blog post topic].
  • Write a feature-benefit mapping for a feature that does [feature description].
  • Write a listicle outline for [the best ways to lose weight].

Also, once you start writing the content, you may want to supply some in-line command to do the modifications to the generated content.

For this, you can select any content on your editor.

Jasper inline commands

Here, you have access to several built-in commands that can help you improve your writing quality, change the tone of voice, adjust length, and even repurpose content for different formats, such as social media posts, emails, or press releases.

However, most of the time, you will need to enter a custom prompt.

For instance, if you want to enhance a particular introduction supply the command – “Improve content by including questions and sentence fragments”.

However, there are two major downsides to the Jasper’s Content Editor.

The biggest one is that it can only read the text 1500 characters above the cursor when generating content.

Jasper lookback limit

This means that when you’re writing a long blog post, Jasper can’t access the introduction that came earlier in the article. As a result, you may end up repeating some points later in the article due to this limitation.

Additionally, unlike tools such as ChatGPT or Notion AI, Jasper does not allow you to provide follow-up commands for the output it generates.

Jasper doesn’t come with follow up command like this!

For example, with Notion AI, you can easily provide follow-up commands and converse with it.

As of now, Jasper lacks this conversational functionality.

Although you can use Jasper Chat to solve this limitation, it would be more convenient if Jasper had integrated the Jasper Chat functionality when we supply commands inline while selecting any content.

Quick access to templates

Here’s another interesting feature.

jasper access to templates 1536x765 1

With Power Mode, you have instant access to all the templates in the sidebar.

Jassper Power mode templates

A real-life scenario where this can be useful is when writing a product review for a blog post. If you are having difficulty converting the features of a product into benefits, you can use the “feature to benefit” template.

SEO mode

Jasper currently integrates with Surfer SEO, so your content would be optimized for search engines. Jasper AI + Surfer SEO = 🔥

SEO mode Jasper 768x361 1

You’ll be able to access this with SEO mode.

The tool displays the topics or keywords that other top-ranking sites are covering, which you need to include in your copy to make it more topically relevant.

Untitled 106

Having access to correlational SEO tools alongside AI content writing tools like Jasper is a welcome feature that is unique to the tool.

Jasper Recipes

Recipes are a collection of prompts/commands you need to run to get a really high-quality copy or content.

Jasper recipes

In the example above, you can see a recipe for creating a blog post that includes a list of commands to execute in order to write a blog post.

Jasper recipes 2048x1247 1

Apart from the in-built recipes, there are a lot of community recipes you can access by joining Jasper’s Facebook group.

This will be very helpful for you if you’re clueless about prompt design or want to save time.

Jasper brand voice and memory

The new brand voice feature in Jasper allows you to train its AI to create content tailored to your brand.

Essentially, you are fine-tuning an AI model to write in the tone and style of your brand, making writing like you easy in chat, documents, and templates.

There are two parts to this feature:

  1. Voices
  2. Memory.

Let me explain them one by one.


Voices allow Jasper to write in the tone and style of your brand. You can import your content so Jasper can write like you.

Jasper can infer your voice from your website, text, or document.

You can either enter your URL or write or copy and paste text to get your brand content into Jasper.

Jasper brand voice

Jasper analyzes your website content thoroughly and learns how to write content that match your writing style.

Jasper Voice

After completely scanning my URL, Jasper has determined my brand voice.

I have the option to customize it by providing a custom prompt.

For instance, I may want to add conversational and engaging elements to humanize the brand voice.

However, as I’m satisfied with the brand voice Jasper has created, I can name it and create a new voice. I can use the created branded voices on demand when generating content inside Jasper.


Memories allow you to provide Jasper with facts or data it needs to remember.

You can use memories in your writing so that Jasper can write factually about your business, products, and more.

Jasper Memory

You can train it about your brand by guiding it about your brand’s tone, style, product catalogs, and key facts about your business.

Jasper knowledge base

Jasper learns about your brand by analyzing the content you enter, the files you upload, or the URL you want it to scan.

For example, if you are in the e-commerce industry, you can upload your product catalog with all the necessary product information. This enables Jasper to more effectively generate product descriptions (say while using the template)

Both Brand Voice and Memory features is available on all Jasper plans.

On the Creator plan (at $39/month), users can create only one brand voice and up to 50 knowledge assets. On the Team plan ($99/month), users can create up to three brand voices and 150 knowledge assets.

How does it compare to other tools?

  • ChatGPT vs. Jasper AI: While ChatGPT is more budget-friendly and offers more flexibility in output (if you have prompt design skills) with it’s conversational generative abilities, Jasper AI is better suited for copywriting and has more templates and workflows. Jasper AI also integrates with SurferSEO, Copyscape, and Grammarly, making it powerful for SEO use cases. ChatGPT, on the other hand, allows for greater customization via plugins and has a unique Playground feature for manipulating AI output.
  • Frase vs. Jasper AI: Frase is an SEO-centric tool compared to Jasper. It can analyze competitor content on various topics and using it’s correlational SEO features it can generate high quality long form copies for you. Due to this approach, Frase’s AI excels when it comes to writing factual information.
  • WriteSonic vs. Jasper AI: I find WriteSonic’s interface very similar to Jasper’s. Also unlike Jasper, it comes with the ability to scrape top ranking pages for a keyword that then generate factual content for you. Additionally, it features a conversational AI chatbot, called “ChatSonic,” which is powered by GPT-4 and also is integrated with Google Search API.
  • Copy AI vs Jasper AI: Copy.ai it does not have as many features as Jasper. It lacks commands, recipes, and also SEO features (Jasper has SurferSEO integration). But it has a blog post wizard tool which is similar to the document editor in Jasper. Also similar to Jasper, they have a Copy.ai Chat feature that comes with more features than that of Jasper (for example URL scraping). They also have a pro plan costs $49/month for unlimited words similar to Jasper!
  • Rytr vs. Jasper AI: Rytr is a cheap alternative to Jasper that has very less features compared to Jasper. It has a free plan that supports 10k* characters per month, a Saver plan at $9/month (100k words), and unlimited words at $29/month. It includes Rytr Chat, which generates natural language answers. It also offers an AI image generator tool and a Chrome extension that works on multiple platforms.


Jasper has three pricing plans. The lowest plan (Creator) costs $49/mo. It includes –

  • 50+ AI templates
  • Browser extension
  • Support for 30+ languages
  • 1 brand voice

Pricing Jasper

If you need features like dynamic templates (savable and shareable), more brand voices, and access to 3+ seats, you need to go with its Teams plan, which costs $125/mo.

Next is the Business plan. With it, will get features like API access, 10,000 characters lookback (a big upside), single sign-on, etc. If you are a large team, this will be the ideal plan for you.

The best thing is it now supports unlimited word count on all its plans.

Jasper.ai discount

jasper discount

On the annual plans, you will get 20% OFF. With this, you can save up to $312/year.

Before choosing the right plan, I suggest you can get started with 7 days free trial with 10K free credits.

Jasper has in-depth knowledgebase articles, free 45 min boot camp, and a Facebook community of 70K+ members.

Bootcamp is a free training course designed to help you learn how Jasper works and how to get quality results.

They also have email support. You will get replies within 4 to 8 hours.


Does Jasper.ai have any discounts or coupons?

No, it does come with a 7-day trial. You can use the special link in this blog post to get 5,000 credits, though.

Will Google rank my content if it’s AI-generated? I would argue that Google will not bother deciphering AI content (it has much better things to do with its processing power). All Google cares about is whether people are spending time on your content and whether your content is satisfying their intent.

Has Jasper.ai ever offered a lifetime deal?

They never did offer a lifetime deal but offered a launch or early adopters’ discount. But indeed, they tapped the lifetime deal audience.

Does Jasper.ai come with an affiliate program?

They have an affiliate program where you can earn 30% recurring commissions.

What technology does Jasper use?

It makes use of OpenAI’s GPT-4 algorithm. They have trained the algorithm to make it more suitable for copywriting and conversions – giving rise to Jasper! Soon they are adapting GPT-4 as well.

Does Jasper come with API?

Yes. Business plan users will get API access.

What languages does Jasper AI support?

As of writing this post, it supports 30+ languages. It uses Deep Learning to translate into your native language. A few of the supported languages include – Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, etc.

Is the content created with Jasper AI plagiarized?

No. As they use GPT-4 AI, it generates unique content. It is trained to read only 10% of the internet. So the content it generates is unique. However, the content generated by the AI is detectable; however, there are various workarounds for this.