Jasper AI is a content generation tool that allows you to easily create content for various purposes such as blog posts, landing pages, social media, ads, and marketing emails.

It uses an engine that dynamically uses various AI models such as GPT-3 and GPT-4 to help you write 5 times more content in a fraction of the time.

In this post, I’ll be presenting you a trial on Jasper.

How to claim Jasper.ai free trial?

It will take you hardly more than 2 minutes to activate your free Jasper trial.

To get started, you just need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Click this special link to Jasper AI’s exclusive free trial offer page, where you can access a 5-day free trial along with 10,000 words instantly.

Click on the claim 10k words for free button

Step 2: Click the “Claim 10,000 Words Free” button above.

Step 3: Create an account with your Google account or another email address. Sign up and verify your account.

jasper ai trial

Step 4: Next, you will be asked to enter a few details about your business and pick whether Jasper will be used for your business.

Step 5: Next, you must choose a plan. Depending on your needs, you can either choose Jasper Boss Mode or Jasper Starter.

signing up for jasper trial

Finally, enter your payment information and enjoy 5 days of free trial access to Jasper with 10,000-word credit. You will only be charged if you don’t cancel your trial.

It’s as simple as that!

And listen.

When you buy Jasper.ai through my special affiliate link, you the software and also my training course on how to make the most out of it – absolutely free!

The course is called “BloggingX Automation System“, and it’s a course on how to use tools like Jasper AI to automate your content publishing game and 5x your productivity. You’ll learn how to use AI to speed up your content writing process and put requiring writing skills out of the equation.

You can get access to the course for free (worth $991) when you buy Jasper through my link – and just fill out this form.

So, what are you waiting for? Claim your free trial and get started with Jasper AI and BAS today!


Pricing Jasper 1

There are two tiers of pricing plans for writers – Starter ($29/month) and Boss Mode Plan ($59). Unlike Closerscopy which offers lifetime deal, with Jasper you don’t get this lifetime deal plan.

Jasper has two pricing tiers: Starter ($29/month) and Boss Mode ($59/month).

The Jasper Starter plan offers you 50 templates, including headlines, descriptions, and bios, to let Jasper write short-form copy for you. It has a word limit of 20,000 words/month, unlimited projects, and user logins.

When you subscribe to Jasper’s Boss Mode plan, you are able to write lengthy content, such as blog posts, video scripts, and even books. You can let the AI write exactly what you need using Jasper commands.

All plans come with a 5-day money-back guarantee.

Your cancellations will be set for the end of the billing cycle. You’ll start your billing cycle after 30 days. See their refund policy for details.

Key features

Jasper comes with dozens of templates that you can use for your content creation needs. Some notable ones are the AIDA framework, PAS framework, problem-agitate-solution, product description, blog post intro paragraph, creative story, sentence expander, persuasive bullet points, video script hook and introduction, video description, etc.

All you need to do is input the required data and Jasper will generate persuasive copies. You can optionally also set the tone of voice that you want Jasper to use while writing the copies. This will help you generate the right kind of emotions in your readers at the right time.

I really liked their Content Improver Feature. It takes a piece of content and rewrites it to make it more interesting, creative, and engaging. This is a great feature for those who are not good at writing or for those who are lazy.

Sure! Here’s a friendly summary of the key features of Jasper as mentioned in the provided article:

AI Templates

Jasper offers a plethora of AI templates to simplify the content creation process. These templates range from improving existing content to creating ad scripts and more.

I’ve favorited my most-used templates

With over 50+ templates, users can easily fill in the required details and get high-quality outputs.


Untitled 107

Jasper’s Workflows are AI-powered campaigns that combine various templates to provide a comprehensive content creation process.

Jasper blog post workflow step 1 1

For instance, the Blog Post Workflow guides users step-by-step, from setting the context and tone of the blog post to generating content for each section. This feature ensures that creating a blog post is systematic and efficient.


Jasper Chat is akin to ChatGPT, allowing users to ask questions or give commands to generate content.

jasper chat and google search integration 1

While it doesn’t support plugins or browsing, it utilizes the Google Search API to provide accurate answers.

This chat feature can be used alongside the document editor, offering flexibility during content creation.

Chrome Extension

With Jasper’s Chrome extension, users can access the power of Jasper AI across the web.

Untitled 108

This extension provides access to over 60 AI templates on various web tools, eliminating the need for bookmarking. Whether it’s crafting the perfect headline on Google Docs or drafting engaging emails on Gmail, Jasper’s Chrome extension has got you covered.

I hope this gives you a clear understanding of Jasper’s standout features! If you’re interested in diving deeper, I’d recommend checking out the full article.

Long-form assistant

This feature allows you to write long-form copies like blog posts, video scripts, sales pages, etc.

Their editor got a major revamp recently.

Press “/” on your keyboard - Ask Jasper!

If you are writing an email or a post, you can share it with multiple team members (with their team member feature) and get feedback from each of them at the same time. It makes collaboration easier.

Long-form assistant is like Google Docs but with AI content generation. You can also invite team members to collaborate on your content.

jasper access to templates 1536x765 2

When in their long-form editor, you can also access their library of templates in “Power mode”. These templates will help you write better and faster.


What is Jasper.ai?

Jasper.ai is a content generation tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically generate content for blog posts, landing pages, social media, ads, marketing emails, and more.

What do I need to use Jasper.ai?

In order to use Jasper.ai, you must have a Google account or another email address to sign up and verify your account. You must also choose a plan and enter your payment information.

What is included in the free trial?

The free trial includes 5 days of access to Jasper.ai with 10,000 words of credit.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can. However, if you cancel in the middle of your billing cycle, you will not be refunded for that cycle. All plans come with a 5-day money-back guarantee so that you can try it out before committing.

Is there a discount for yearly subscriptions?

Yes, there is. You can get a 20% discount on yearly plans.

How many projects can I have with each account?

There is no limit to the number of projects you can have. However, if you go over your word limit for the month, you will be charged for the extra words.

Closing words

Jasper is a great AI assistant for content writing.

It’s fast, easy to use, and helps you write better content quickly. In order to get access to their 5-day free trial with 10,000 free words, sign up through this special link.

Hope you found this trial on Jasper helpful.