Brizy is one of the newest entrants to the WordPress page builder landscape. It is a freemium WordPress page builder plugin.

TypeWordPress page builder
Starting price$49/year
Lifetime deal – $299
FeaturesWYSIWYG editor
Global styling
Popup builder
Responsive editor
Divi Builder
Beaver builder

They also have Brizy Cloud version, where you can build your landing pages and host them on their servers or host them by yourself installing a piece of code on your server.

In this post, let me discuss what are the features that Brizy offers you and also help you decide whether going with Brizy pro or cloud is worth it or not.

I’ll also compare Brizy Pro with various other WordPress page builders like Elementor, Divi, etc.

Brizy Review: Is this Page Builder Worth It?

Brizy Free vs Pro

Similar to Elementor, Brizy also has a fairly generous free version of their plugin.

It comes with all the basic functionalities like WYSIWYG page builder and also all the essential elements for building pages.

The free version comes with the following features:

  • 26 build elements
  • Drag & drop editor
  • Real-time editing
  • Responsive control
  • Contact forms
  • Sliders
  • Global blocks
  • Autosave
  • WordPress templates
  • WordPress email integration
  • Global styling
  • Pre-made blocks
  • 4000+ vector icons
  • Undo/redo
  • And some more.

The free version comes with limited features. If you want header and footers, dynamic content, advanced A/B split testing, popup builder, integration with popular marketing software you need to go with Brizy Pro.

Brizy free version is also available in the WordPress repository.

Let’s look at some of the powerful features offered by Brizy Pro:

Popup builder: With Brizy popup builder you can create awesome popups using its built-in templates. You can trigger these pop-ups on click or through automatic triggers. Also, Brizy provides you 7 display conditions to embed the forms.

12 Pro Elements: Role manager, headers and footers, popup builder, premium layouts, filters, and premium layouts are some of the elements that come with the pro version.

Headers and footers: With headers and footers feature, you can design your footer widgets, navigations, and add them across all of your web pages. Brizy provides you three header options like static header, fixed header, and sticky header.

Shape dividers: Shape dividers are a great way to create highly attractive transitions between the different sections in the content. As of now, Brizy offers 42 shape dividers for you to play with.

150+ premium layouts: Brizy Pro comes with highly attractive layouts. If you handle the client websites, these layouts will be really useful for you. You can create awesome client websites within just a few minutes.

Dynamic text: With this feature, you can fully customize your templates. You can design dynamic content pages like single posts, headers, footers, archives, categories, 404 pages, and also author pages. Along with dynamic text, Brizy also provides dynamic navigation.

Popup templates: There is no need for you to waste time to design the popups from scratch. Brizy provides you with highly converting popup templates in various categories like sales and promo, newsletters, media, sign-up, cookies and GDPR.

A/B testing: This is a great option for marketers to skyrocket conversions. With this, you can split test multiple variations of a page and find which works best for you. This feature is yet to be added to the Pro version.

You can refer to the complete list of differences between free and pro version on their page here.

Their pro plan also gives you access to the Brizy Cloud, which I’ll review further down in this article.

Brizy installation and options

To install Brizy, head over to Plugins> Add new > Search for “Brizy” > Install now > Activate.

Installing Brizy

While installing Brizy Pro, you need to have both Brizy free and also the pro addon plugin installed.

Brizy license key

You need to just head over to the “license” section and pop in the license key.

Here are some options that are included:

Role manager: With the role manager feature, Brizy allows you to give no access, limited access or full access options to your editor, author, contributor, subscriber, SEO manager, and SEO editor.

Role manager options

With no access, the users will not be able to access Brizy, with limited access users can only be able to input the content but they can’t edit the page structure. With full access, they have the freedom to edit any of the pages with Brizy.

You also have the option to activate Brizy for your posts, pages, and custom layouts.

Activating Brizy for pages and posts

Leads: Brizy has a “leads” section where the emails of people who have submitted through the contact form will be saved. In other words, it links with your contact forms to collect the email addresses.

If you choose WordPress as the integration, then all emails will be collected under the leads section.

Collecting the leads within Brizy dashboard

Brizy excels over Elementor in this case. With Elementor you need to use external plugins like Elementor leads to collect the leads.

Image optimization: Brizy integrates with ShortPixel to optimize the images. So there is no need for you to install ShortPixel separately on your site.

First, you need to set up your ShortPixel API key. After this, choose the compression method between lossy, glossy, and lossless and optimize the images.

Setting up Shortpixel API key

Brizy page builder experience

For launching the Brizy page builder, you just need to launch any post or page editor. There you need to click “Edit with Brizy”.

It’ll load up the Brizy page builder’s blank canvas, with “Add block” in the center. Unlike other page builders, you can’t just drag and drop the elements.

With Brizy, you need to first create a section or use any of the premade sections and then customize or drag and drop the elements.

There Are 100s of section templates for you to choose from. According to me, the sections offered by Brizy are visually very appealing and professionally designed.

Brizy Templates

Personally I liked Brizy’s section templates as they are more modern than that of Elementor.

The page builder has the look and feel of Divi Builder. By default, the sidebar will be collapsed, and the interface feels minimalistic. In case of Elementor though, the sidebar will be open by default.

Brizy Page Builder Interface

I personally liked the UI of Brizy more than that of Elementor.

The Elements offered by Brizy are really less.

As of writing this blog post, it had around ~30 elements. This is really less compared to Elementor which comes with close to 70 elements. You can enable or disable individual elements.

As Brizy is still under active development, you can expect more elements to be added over a period of time.

Brizy Reorder Blocks

With Brizy, you also have the ability to reorder or delete the blocks. This feature is very similar to Elementor’s Navigator feature; except that it’s quite visual. But you don’t have the ability to name the blocks at least as of now.

One thing where Brizy excels over other page builders is it comes with a global styling feature. This is really a huge time-saver.

Brizy Styling

With global styling, you can change the similar colors in a page and also you can modify the texts of the blocks that share the same properties.

Adding the filters

One interesting feature Pro comes with is the image and video filters. You no longer need any image editors to make your media look good. With this feature, you can make the color corrections as needed.

You can link any of the elements on the landing page to files, pop-ups, and target URL. You can open it in the new tab and also make the link nofollow.

Brizy also comes with quick styling options, wherein you can change the colors in the palette, and all the respective elements’ colors will be changed accordingly to give you a consistent design or color scheme feel.

You can also change the typography, and also there are a couple of preset design schemes for you to choose from.

Brizy Page Options

In Brizy, you also have block-specific settings. Here you can:

  1. Make any block a slider and play with the slider settings
  2. Save any block as “Global” (similar to Elementor’s Global widget)
  3. Set background
  4. Set overlays and borders
  5. Save a block as a template
  6. Settings for width and other attributes
  7. Duplicate and delete the block

At the bottom of the screen, you have the options to:

  1. Choose between desktop, tablet and mobile mode
  2. Change the layout and set featured image
  3. A section to submit any issue, contact, and also quick links to their WordPress pages

Brizy integrations:

The free version has only a few integrations like

  • Woocommerce
  • Yoast
  • WordPress
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Google fonts
  • Google maps
  • Soundcloud
Brizy Integrations

If you want to use custom fonts and integrations with email marketing softwares like MailChimp, Drip, Zapier, ConvertKit, Mailerlite, ActiveCampaign, etc, you must go with Brizy Pro.

If you want to use Zapier integration to connect with your apps and services, go with the pro version.

The Pro version also provides integration with ACF, Toolset, Pods, and MetaBox. Integration with Adobe fonts and Unsplash is yet to come.

Unlike Elementor which has 3rd party addons like Crocoblock, Ultimate Addons for Elementor, Essential Addons for Elementor, Brizy doesn’t have any integrations with third-party addons.

Brizy popups

Brizy Pro comes with popup functionality. It allows you to implement lead capture mechanisms in your WordPress site.

To get started, first you need to head over to the “Popups” section under Brizy. There you need to name your popup and load the builder.

Brizy Popups

You just need to import any of the dozens of popup templates or create a popup from scratch.

Brizy provides pre-made templates in various categories like:

  • Sale & promo
  • Newsletter
  • Features
  • Cookies & GDPR
  • Media
  • Sign-up

Now you can customize and design these pop-ups using Brizy’s elements and customization features.

Brizy Popups Settings

When it comes to popup settings, you have:

  • The ability to make a popup global
  • Disable or enable the page to scroll when the popup is enabled
  • Display conditions
    • All pages and posts
    • Include or exclude specific pages
    • Custom posts (ACF & pods)
    • Categories, tags, author page
    • Media (images & videos)
    • Search page, 404 pages, archives
    • On specific devices
  • Display triggers
    • On click
    • After inactivity
    • On-page exit intent
    • Show after X
    • Show on devices
    • On scroll
    • Arriving from
    • Hide for logged in users
    • On-page load
  • Ability to select where to display the popups
  • Horizontal or vertical alignment of popup on the page

Brizy Cloud

Brizy Pro also offers Brizy Cloud. This is similar to the Leadpages and Instapage. You can login to the page builder portal and start building your pages.

Here the page builder is the same as that of the plugin except for some additional options.

Similar to that of their WordPress page builder, you need to make use of the sections. There’s an extra settings menu with Brizy Cloud.

Brizy Cloud

In the menu, you can create multiple pages for the project with ease, add scripts, custom CSS, and much more.

Once you finish creating your web pages under a project, you need to save and head over to your dashboard.

Here there are options like:

  • Leads
  • Analytics
  • Publish
  • Delete

Under the Leads section, you can display all the leads you collected using the Brizy Cloud’s form builder. Analytics allows you to display the statistics of visitors on your site once a project is published.

Brizy Cloud Publishing Options

Under publish, you have many options:

  • Host on Brizy Cloud servers
    • Use your own domain to deploy your website.
    • Use a free subdomain using our name
  • Self-host on your site
    • Use our script to sync pages to your server in real-time
    • Download an archive containing HTML / CSS files

If you’re willing to host the website on their servers, it will incur an annual fee.

Brizy pricing

As I said before Brizy is a freemium page builder. The Brizy Pro comes with three plans as of now.

Brizy pricing

Their personal plan costs you $49/year. You have the ability to use a Brizy page builder on 3 different sites. The studio plan costs you $99/year and you can use it on unlimited sites – which is perfect for client use.

The lifetime plan costs you $299/once, it comes with Whitelabel feature for client use. This is an offer for early adopters.

When compared to Elementor, the price is quite cheaper. But it’s too early to compare Brizy with Elementor.

You may consider investing in Brizy and get a $299-lifetime plan, and maybe consider using it in 2 years. It would be a worthwhile value investment considering the pace at which Brizy is growing.

Brizy Pro vs. Elementor

Brizy Logo
Elementor Logo

Brizy is showing all signs of becoming a competitor to Elementor in the coming years. Similar to Elementor, Brizy believes in rolling out new features aggressively.

With Brizy you have a very limited number of ~30 elements. Whereas Elementor has 70+ elements and also support for 3rd party plugins like Crocoblock (most powerful) and Ultimate Addons for Elementor.

Elementor clearly has more customization abilities, templates, and design freedom than Brizy at the moment.

The only upsides of Brizy when compared to Elementor, is the Whitelabel feature and also cheaper price (with unlimited client use and Whitelabel feature).

FAQs on Brizy page builder

What is Brizy?

Brizy is a WordPress page builder plugin and also they have their cloud page builder. It allows you to build pages using the power of WYSIWYG drag and drop instead of coding.

How to use Brizy?

You need to first install their WordPress plugin(s), and then on any page or post, you need to click on “Edit with Brizy”.

How to make a blog page with Brizy?

You need to create a blog page, and now edit it with Brizy. Make use of the “post” element in Brizy pro to display your relevant posts.

How to create a tap to email button using Brizy?

In place of button hyperlink, you need to enter in or alternatively, you can make use of their forms element.

What theme to use with Brizy?

We recommend you to make use of themes like Astra or GeneratePress. These themes are popular to be used with page builder plugins.

How to include testimonials in Brizy?

Brizy offers a special set of testimonial blocks for you to add to your website.

How to add headers and footers in Brizy?

In order to add headers and footers, you need to go to blocks>category>Headers and footers.


Brizy Pro lacks many features to call it a contender to page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Divi. We need to wait for at least a year to see how Brizy evolves and positions itself in this saturated WordPress page builder marketplace.

If you are an agency, you may buy a Brizy lifetime deal and maybe start using it in a year when many new features will be added as per their roadmap.

As of now, you can consider using this for simple web design projects, where the stakes of not having flexibility are not high.

Hope you found this review on Brizy WordPress page builder helpful. If you have any doubts regarding Brizy, let me know in the comments.