GeneratePress vs Astra – Let’s Settle This! (Sep 2021 Edition)

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GeneratePress and Astra are the most popular themes in the WordPress marketplace right now.

If you are using any of the popular page builder plugins, you should be using either one of the plugins.

You know what? 

Even, I went through the same phase recently.

I finally settled for Astra Pro. Currently, this site is running on Astra Pro theme.

So, in this post, I will be comparing GeneratePress and Astra theme especially with regard to using it with page builder plugins like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and others.

FeaturesGeneratePress Astra
Number of modules (in premium version)15 16
Renewal offer40% off on renewal 20% off on renewal
Enable/disable modulesyesyes
Explore GeneratePress 🙂Explore Astra 🙂

Jump to the comparison section:

Ease of use 😀 | Performance 📈 | Layout customization 📐 | Color customization 🎨 | Modules ⬛ | Developer friendliness ‎‍💻 | Compatibility with page builders 🏗 | Woocommerce integration 🛒 | Support and documentation 📁 | Pricing 💵

GeneratePress vs Astra – Which is the best WordPress theme?

Prefer watching a video?

Well, here’s the in-depth comparison video comparing GeneratePress and Astra theme.

Video timestamps:

  • GeneratePress free: 1:14
  • Astra free theme: 4:21
  • GeneratePress premium features: 11:35
  • Astra pro features: 21:50
  • Who’s the winner: 36:37

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Pros and cons


  • Comes with more customizer options
  • Lower price
  • Extensive documentation
  • Developer-friendly
  • Good site templates
  • No ability to design elements using page builders like Elementor
  • No Whitelabel feature
  • A single developer (not a company)

Astra Theme

  • Pagespeed is fast
  • Access to over 100+ starter sites
  • Whitelabel feature
  • Actively developed keeping page builders in mind
  • Good integrations with WooCommerce and LearnDash
  • No comment styling options
  • Superior mega menu features
  • Customizer is somewhat slow
  • Costlier than GeneratePress

#1. Ease of use 😀

When it comes to ease of use, both these themes beat every other WordPress theme in the marketplace.

Once you install the themes, you can access the options under the “Appearance” section of your WordPress site.

GeneratePress Appearance Options
Astra Appearance Options

These themes have made complete use of customizer feature that comes with WordPress. You can see almost all the features these themes have got to offer in one single page, neatly organized – Theme Customizer Page.

GeneratePress Customizer
Astra Customizer
GeneratePress Modular Approach
Astra Modular Approach

Both these themes have a modular approach, that means set of related features are grouped as a module, and you can enable or disable unwanted modules to ease out your learning curve.

And also disabling unwanted modules, removes the options from the customizer screen enabling you to load the WordPress customizer screen without much bloat.

As a non-coder, you don’t need to touch a single line of CSS code to make most of the visual changes to your site.

Everything you need is just accessible on one page with live preview.

Both of these themes are very easy to use, the simplified settings and flexibility in these themes beat all the other WordPress themes.

I would give Astra a plus one, as the theme customization is a bit easy to use and intuitively organized.

#2. Performance 📈

Astra is actually very lightweight when compared to GeneratePress mainly due to the fact that Astra is easy with queries.

When you compare the page load speed of sites, Astra has a little edge over GeneratePress when used with an Elementor template.

However, when Astra and GeneratePress are tested without any page builder installed, both got similar scores in Pingdom.

It won’t make much of a difference, because based on the integration of themes with page builder and other plugins you use, the results for you may completely contradict with mine.

But, Astra has a little edge when it comes to performance when used along with page builder plugins. Maybe due to their good track record dealing with page builders?

#3. Layout customization 📐

Both these tools have very great features for you to customize the layout of your site.

Let’s look into them.

Header control

GeneratePress comes with some features to tweak the site header by enabling you to tweak the width, alignment, padding and toggling mobile header functionality.

Generatepress header

The GeneratePress also comes with the ability to set a page header. You can set headers for individual pages, you can make the page header transparent, add video background, image, content or use all these elements in one go.

On the other hand, Astra theme comes with add ons like header sections and page headers. Inside the customizer, you get the option to edit the primary header, add a layout above header, below the header and also make header bar transparent.

Astra header

The “Above header” feature is what I found appealing!

Unlike GeneratePress, Astra comes with a separate “post type” for creation and management of page headers. In that separate section, you can create site headers, page headers and also set the display rules.

Astra custom header

Having a separate section for managing headers is much more powerful than setting page headers each time.

GeneratePress comes with options to set custom text, set padding, and also select the number of widget areas in the footer bar.

GeneratePress Footer
GeneratePress Footer
Astra Theme Footer
Astra Theme Footer

Whereas in case of Astra, you can choose among the available footer layouts, set custom texts for each of the available footer sections, and also select among the 7 footer widget layouts.

Both these themes have the same customization power when it comes to the footer.

Winner: Tie

Widgets control

Both these themes offer the same number of widget areas depending upon the site layout you’ve chosen.

With both these themes, you can make use of multiple widgets in the footer bar.

However, by making use of some plugins or coding, you can always register new widget areas. You can easily add hooks to both of these themes without editing any theme files.

Winner: Tie

#4. Color customization 🎨

In color customization, both these themes are almost a tie. In the customizer page, both of these themes have the exact same control for color selection.

There are plenty of color pickers for you to change the color of every aspect of your site from widget title color to footer link color. Every visual aspect can be modified without touching even a single line of CSS for non-coders.

I would still give GeneratePress an edge because it gives you the ability to tweak the colors of form elements, slider elements, and menu elements in precision.

Generatepress colors

If you have complex needs, you can always make use of the custom CSS section which both these themes offer.

#5. Modules ⬛

Both of these themes come with both free and pro versions. With both of the free versions, you’ll get no access to premium modules/add-ons.

The GeneratePress premium version gives you access to 15 modules.

Modules in GeneratePress premium

On the other hand, Astra Pro gives you access to 16 add-ons out of which 2 are yet to come.

However, by looking at the sheer amount of modules these themes have got to offer, you can’t just decide the winner.

The module-based approach in WordPress themes is on the buzz for good reasons. It’s like object vs function-oriented approach. They are easy to maintain, scalable, and also easier to market.

But I think WP Astra has taken it too far by creating a separate addon for just a “Scroll to top” button.

Apart from this, there are several free plugins released by Astra developers themselves to further extend the functionalities.

Astra Free Plugins

Among these free plugins I especially liked the Sidebar Manager (comditional sidebar display), Import/Export Customizer Settings, Customizer Search (helps navigate the features), Astra Bulk Edit, etc.

There are various free plugins for GeneratePress as well, but Astra theme takes customization and flexibility to a whole new level.

#6. Developer friendliness ‎‍💻


These themes are indeed developed with non-coders in mind. But still, have some great features for developers to play with.

For CSS changes, both these themes come with custom CSS section (not to mention).

There is also a section for you to add hooks without touching the theme files. Thus, totally eliminating the need to create a separate child theme.

You can add hooks to header, body or the footer.

Both of these themes come with options for you to export/import the theme settings, and it is extremely helpful while creating your clients’ websites without having to go through all those settings.

If creating a child theme is what you are looking for, then both GeneratePress and Astra themes support the creation of child themes.

With this, as a developer, you’ll be getting the ultimate freedom to build something awesome upon the solid framework.

Both these themes are extremely developer-centric.

Winner: Tie

#7. Compatibility with page builders 🏗

Both these themes work great with page builder plugins like Elementor, Beaver Builder and, Thrive Architect.

I’m using GeneratePress with Thrive Architect plugin. The journey has been so smooth so far. The integration between these two is rock-solid.

I can’t really comment about Thrive Architect with Astra Pro as I haven’t really used the combo.

Page Building

If you are using Elementor, then both GeneratePress and Astra works great for you as per my observations. But still, Elementor has officially recommended GeneratePress on their articles. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

The Astra theme has good integration with Beaver Builder. Even, the WPAstra site is designed using Beaver Builder.

On the other hand, Beaver Builder also works great with GeneratePress.

If you are asking me about Visual Composer, I’ve never used this plugin mainly due to the extensive usage of shortcodes. But still based on the reviews I can say that both these themes work great with Visual Composer.

Both GeneratePress and Astra have custom layouts feature where you can hook any content in a specific place on your site.

But, in the case of GeneratePress, you can’t design an element/custom layout using your favorite page builder.

GeneratePress Element
GeneratePress Elements

With Astra, you can hook any element/layout to any part of your site, and design it using any page builder of your choice.

Astra Custom Layouts
Astra Custom Layouts

Astra is built originally to integrate smoothly with page builders or at least they market like that.

Astra’s agency license comes with access to all their page builder plugins like Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, UA for Elementor, so on.

As of now, I’m making use of Astra Pro theme alongside Elementor. So far, I have zero problems with the combo.

GeneratePress was not initially designed to be a theme for page builders. And also the developer doesn’t have any track record of developing page builder or addons for them.

On the other hand, Astra theme is built to be a theme for page builders and also they have a good track record of developing best selling addons for page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder and others.

With this in mind, we can expect more proactive updates from Astra theme on page builder side of things.

GeneratePress and Astra theme both come with features for you to import ready-made sites to your WordPress site. You can import sites made with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg editor (with Astra), and much more.

GeneratePress has only a dozen of sites to import. On the other hand, Astra has 100+ websites to import that are neatly categorized.

GeneratePress Sites
Astra Sites

With the click of a button, you can literally import the entire site. This is a great feature.

Winner: Tie (Astra Pro is built for page builders, though)

#8. Woocommerce integration 🛒

Woocommerce Logo

Both these themes come with dedicated modules/addons for Woocommerce integration. Please note that only when you have WooCommerce plugin activated on your WordPress site, you’ll see the module options in the customizer page.

With both the themes, you can select the layout, alignment, and also choose the number of products to display on a single page.

Added to these options, with Astra Pro you can also select the order in which the product information appears.

Astra Pro beats GeneratePress in this category with its latest feature WooCommerce Designer.

#9. Support and documentation 📁

GeneratePress Docs
Astra Docs

Both GeneratePress and Astra Pro come with one year of free updates and support. Both these themes have a ticket system where you can raise tickets for support.

Apart from the ticket system, both these themes have a dedicated support forum and a knowledge base.

Both of these themes have a good knowledge base. But with GeneratePress 2.0 onboard, the knowledge base of GeneratePress is really growing than ever.

The documentation of GeneratePress is really more exhaustive, and you don’t need to ping the developer for tweaking small things.

#10. Pricing 💵

Both GeneratePress and Astra are freemium themes. Their free versions won’t come with modules, support, and also many other features.

GeneratePress Pricing
Astra Pro Pricing

If you want the pro versions, GeneratePress costs $49.95 per year. WP Astra costs you $59/year. Both these come with usage on unlimited sites, updates, and support.

You also need to note that GeneratePress offers you 40% off on renewal, whereas WP Astra offers you only 20% off on renewal.

It is also worthwhile to note that WP Astra has a separate agency plan which sells for $249/year. It does include a bunch of extras like their addons for page builder plugins, Schema Pro plugin, and much more.  

The agency plan of Astra also comes with the ability to white-label the theme which GeneratePress lacks in.

However, no matter if you have Astra Pro or agency licenses, you can use Astra pro on your unlimited client sites as well.

Whereas, GeneratePress doesn’t have a separate agency plan.

GeneratePress pro is quite affordable than Astra pro.

Akshay strongly recommends:
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FAQs on GeneratePress vs Astra

Can I use them with Elementor?

Both of these themes work great with Elementor. But, you need to consider some crucial aspects I’ve discussed already.

Can I disable the modules that I no more need?

Yes of course. Both of these themes provide a modular approach. With this, you can disable the modules that you don’t need.

Which theme is more popular?

Both GeneratePress and Astra are pretty much equally popular. GeneratePress is gaining buzz due to its low cost.

How compatible are these with page builder plugins?

Definitely, both themes work well with most of the popular page builders like Elementor, Thrive Architect, and Beaver Builder.

Here’s my verdict…

Here’s my final take.

WP Astra has some more features than GeneratePress in customization and layouts section. It also comes with dozens of free plugins to extend the functionalities.

Especially the Astra Sites feature is a great one enabling you to import dozens of demo sites in one click (perfect for agencies). GeneratePress also comes with a couple of websites to import.

If you’ve seen the pricing section of this post, you can notice that the GeneratePress comes at less price than that of Astra Pro.

Before making a switch, I was in a dilemma to choose between GeneratePress and Astra. I finally settled with Astra Pro due to its more features when used with page builders and robustness.

You can’t really go wrong with either of these.

I was in the same boat choosing between these and finally went with Astra Pro.

Are the additional features that Astra offers worth the extra 10 dollars? You are the one to decide.

If you are willing to buy any of these themes, make sure you do it through one of the above links and buy me a coffee 🙂

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30 thoughts on “GeneratePress vs Astra – Let’s Settle This! (Sep 2021 Edition)”

  1. Thank you for sharing, also loved the Way you have written this article The Content is really Amazing as I also write on such topics and really appreciate the quality of your article.Thank you again.

  2. Very nice comparative article
    Akshay, for your sticky sidebar ….Are you using a plugin or a Thrive feature ?
    thank you

  3. Hi Akshay,

    Thank you for the wonderful article and comparison.

    Somewhere in March 2018, when I myself was in a dilemma to choose between GeneratePress and Astra, I went ahead with GeneratePress Premium. However, I realised that it did not offer complete control over styling the templates or layouts (which no doubt no theme out there would offer that), so I thought to ask for the refund. But I was deeply touched with Tom’s reply. Tom was more than happy to issue the refund but at the same time, he was also keen to know what it was that I was looking for in the theme.

    It was then I realised that nothing in this world comes out of the box. In short, one just cannot expect the capabilities of designing custom templates & layouts from just a theme unless they are using some kind of theme builder, for eg. Beaver Themer.

    I then decided to keep GP Premium to pay the respect and the tributes to the developer.

    What one should understand is that a WordPress theme plays a very important role especially the way it interacts with the WordPress core, whereas if one were to build the entire site from scratch using custom templates & layouts, they would still need a solid WP theme as the base and on top of that, a powerful theme builder.

    However, today, I decided to try Astra Pro as well and no doubt it is definitely worth the game. It offers some cool features like the ability to design custom headers & footers using your favourite page builder and then use it wherever we want.

    Overall, if one would ask me which is better, GeneratePress or Astra, I would rate them both the best. In the end, it would be one’s personal preference and choice as to which theme they would like to go with, but no matter whichever they choose, they wouldn’t be wrong with either.

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comments Alok!

      I’m a great fan of GeneratePress and Tom. The value that Tom is providing being a one-man show is commendable when compare to Astra who have a whole team behind them.

      GeneratePress also offers sections and hooks, that does a great job when used alongside with page builders like Elementor. Many popular bloggers prefer GeneratePress as it’s popular.

      GeneratePress is a perfect balance between power and simplicity.

      However, I preferred Astra due to some additional features it offers I needed. Especially, if you are planning to use Elementor or any page builder with it.

      I would say it’s almost a tie between the two contenders.


  4. I am not sure why Astra Pro didn’t win the price battle 🙁
    The one small things that was a big winner when it comes to price (all other things aside)
    Astra pro has a lifetime price that beats any yearly pice 🙂 in my mind lol

    Still, an amazing in-depth battle, thank so much

  5. Hi, I really love Astra Pro, especially for performance and I agree with your performance review. Astra Pro is the winner for that. thank you for giving a review.

  6. I really like Astra, performance, optimization, customization, only one thing, until now there’s no option to make header logo center and the menu in the same line. Yes it can do with 3rd party addons, but this option basically need by default.
    in the future they need add this option, so it will beat other template framework around.

    1. Hi Kelana, there is a theme that has the option that you need, this theme is called “Suki”. You can find it in the wordpress repository. This theme also have a powerfull built-in Header Builder and is very lightweight and fast. Only 20 KB in the front-end. All the best.

  7. These two is great Themes, but for my personal use, i would prefer to GeneratePress.
    And in your opinion, which one is better for SEO performance?

    Cool review btw.

  8. Nice comparison, Akshay! I have been scratching my head to decide on which one to buy. I think this article has cleared my doubts. I am going with Astra.

  9. Trần Minh Đức

    Thank you for the very good review
    I’m not sure about the speed victory as you said. I bought both themes and I use GeneratePress for personal projects and Astra for customer projects. If you need a quick configuration, Astra seems to be suitable, but if you need simplicity and great support, GeneratePress will be more lovely.

  10. Hi Akshay,

    If I go for Astra Mini Agency plan (It comes with Ultimate Addons for Elementor)…

    Do I need to purchase Elementor Pro separately or It is sufficient enough to work with Elementor + Ultimate Addons for Elementor ??

    Please Clear this …

  11. Brother, please tell us how can we set as Post first image by default automatically show as thumbnail of my post without using any featured image in Astra and GeneratePress theme?

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