Thinkific Pricing: Which Plans Suits You? (Save $1200 Now)

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If you are looking to buy Thinkific and are in dilemma to choosing the right plan, then this post is for you. Thinkific is a freemium online course creation platform best suited for beginners to medium to advanced course creators. I reviewed it previously.

It has a free plan and three premium pricing plans. If you choose the annual subscription, you will get a 25% discount.

Let’s see which plan is best for what target audience.

Pricing starts at $99/mo
Free planAvailable
Transaction fees0%
Marketing featuresCourse bundles
UpsellsCoupons & discounts
Does it support unlimited courses? Yes. All its premium plans support unlimited courses. 
Does it support custom domains?Yes
Payment gatewaysIt has native “Thinkific Payments”
Also, it supports Stripe and PayPal. 
ExploreExplore Thinkific

Thinkific pricing: Which plan is for whom?

Thinkific pricing

Thinkific has recently updated its pricing plans. The free plan is quite restrictive and is limited to just 1 published course and 1 community. If you compare Thinkific’s free plan with Teachable or Podia, both these charge transaction fees on the free plan. (Teachable charges a $1 + 10% fee on its free plan while Podia charges an 8% fee).

The lowest premium pricing starts at $99/mo. This supports up to 10 courses, 1 community, and 1 administrator. And supports features like –

  • Custom domains
  • Coupons & discounts
  • Assignments
  • Bundles and add-on packages
  • Memberships & payment plans
  • Live lessons
  • Affiliate selling
  • Thinkific Academy Advanced courses

If you are just starting your online course business, this plan is enough for you.

If you have an agency, or you are an advanced course creator, and you need features like white-labeling, bulk enrollments, and bulk student email features, the Grow plan costing $199/mo, would be the best plan for you. But do note that, it allows 25 courses and 3 online communities.

Thinkific’s highest plan is Expand plan and which costs $399/mo. This supports advanced website coding. So this is the right plan for developers who want to provide a premium experience to users with a platform designed to scale. This way you can use HTML/CSS to customize the website experience for the visitors.

Thinkific discount

Thinkific discount
PlanRegular pricing/moRegular
Discount/year (with annual billing)Discount

If you want to save money, you can consider going with its annual subscriptions. With this, you can save up to 25% on all its plans.

With its lowest plan (Start) you can save $300/year, with Grow plan you can save $600/year, and with the Expand plan, you can save $1200/year.

How does Thinkific’s pricing compare to its competitors?

Thinkific vs Teachable

The old pricing plans of Thinkific were highly affordable. But now as it has revamped its pricing, Thinkific is quite an expensive solution competing with Kajabi’s pricing.

If you compare Thinkific with Teachable, the latter is very affordable. Teachable’s lowest pricing starts at $39/mo (but it charges a 5% transaction fee as I told you). Even at this low price, you can create unlimited courses.

Thinkific vs Podia

Podia’s lowest pricing plan also costs $39/mo (no transaction fees on paid plans). Similar to Teachable, it also supports unlimited courses, unlimited coaching, and unlimited downloads. Read my Podia review to know more.

Courses in Thinkific

Thinkific course templates

With Thinkific, you can create various types of courses like pre-sell courses, mini-course, online courses, webinar replays, etc. Similar to Kajabi, Thinkific provides blueprints to get started quickly.

Thinkific course features

Thinkific’s course curriculum consists of chapters and lessons inside them. You can add various content types like –

  • Text
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Images/Multimedia (PDF, Downloads)
  • Presentations
  • Live videos

If you want to add assessment-based content, Thinkific supports –

  • Surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Exams
  • Assignments
Thinkific course curriclum

To save your time creating the courses, Thinkific supports bulk content uploading and copy lessons features. With copy lesson, you can copy the lessons from your other courses eliminating the need to create them again from scratch.

Course Pricing:

Thinkific course pricing

Thinkific supports various pricing options. You can sell for free, with a one-time payment, or charge subscription or monthly pricing plans. The best thing is you can also offer free trials to increase conversions.

What about the payment gateway integrations in Thinkific?

It has its own payment gateway called “Thinkific Payments”, which is available only for the people in US and Canada. If you are using this gateway, it allows you to sell only in USD💲.

What if you want to sell in multiple currencies targeting the geographical location of your students? To do so, you need to use Stripe integration.

Checkout, OTOs (like upsells, bump offers, and downsells)

Thinkific checkout pages

Thinkific has a built-in single checkout page for you to accept payments. But this page works only with Thinkific Payments, Stripe, and PayPal. If you are using any other external payment gateways, you need to use external checkout pages. (Maybe you can use tools like ThriveCart in this case). Thinkific officially recommends some gateways like InfusionSoft, Shopify, and CheckoutJoy. These gateways support automated student enrollments with Thinkific. So, you don’t need to manually grant access once the student purchases your courses.

Adding upsells in Thinkific

To increase sales, Thinkific supports upsells and order bumps. To add an upsell, you can use the “upsell section” on the landing pages, home pages, or on any custom pages. For the checkout and thank you pages, Thinkific automatically adds Upsells [smart section].

Order bumps:

Order bumps in Thinkific

To add order bumps in Thinkific, you should use its own gateway, i.e. Thinkific Payments. If you are using other payment processors like Stripe/PayPal, this feature is not applicable.

FAQs on Thinkific

Is there a free version of Thinkific?

Yes. Thinkific has a free plan with 0% transaction fees. With this plan, you can create 1 course and 1 community.

Is Thinkific expensive?

Thinkific is quite expensive compared to its competitors like Teachable and Podia. Its lowest pricing starts at $99/mo.

Does Thinkific charge transaction fees?

No. Thinkific doesn’t charge any transaction fees on any of its plans.


Thinkific is a freemium platform best suited for beginners to advanced course creators. You can try the free plan first to experience the tool. As you advance in your business, you can switch over to premium pricing plans based on your business requirements.

If you are an agency owner, the Grow plan would be ideal.

I hope you found this post on Thinkific pricing helpful.

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