I know what you’re thinking, “Notion for Accounting! Are you mad?”

I know, it sounds crazy.

In fact, I will never recommend you to use Notion as a replacement for a dedicated Accounting software.

It lacks features like updating information from banks, reconciliation, charts, automatic reports, audits, etc.

But, you should use Notion, not as a replacement, but as a helping hand to your accounting system.

Let me tell you how.

Suppose you are using a Notion template to keep track of all of your transactions.

You’re not going to make any report out of it.

But, you can use that to have quicker access to your numbers and make quick decisions based on them.

Sometimes, it can also help you make sure the numbers in your Accounting platform are right. You can easily cross-check them.

For this, you don’t have to use any complex template. Any lightweight accounting template will do just fine.

Here, I will be mentioning some Notion Accounting templates. You can pick one of them and get started right away.

Notion Finance – Best value for money

Notion finance 1

It is a newly comprehensive tool that allows you to keep track of income and expenses, categorize and budget your finances, create savings plans, and generate reports.

The built-in accounts manager and subscription tracker help you stay organized, while the quick capture widget makes it easy to capture expenses on the go.

The Notion Finance Template also comes with a finance calendar and 5 dashboards, so you can get an overview of your finances and share them with family, friends, or a financial advisor. With this template, you have everything you need to take control of your finances.


Thios template is relatively new and has been designed after thorough market research to provide users with an efficient and comprehensive way to manage their finances.

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Budgeting Template


🌟 Score: 92/100

Keep track of your monthly expenses, inflow, outflow, and transactions with this budgeting tracker.

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Personal finances


🌟 Score: 89/100

Organize your finances with categorized expenses, debts, bills, and an Income and Expense Calendar.

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Finances by Kely


🌟 Score: 89/100

Track income, expenses, generate monthly reports, and visualize your progress towards your budget using this template.

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Subscription tracker


🌟 Score: 87/100 Manage ongoing subscriptions and stay on top of monthly expenses with this Notion template.

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Expenses Template


🌟 Score: 87/100 Track transactions and expenses in a single view with the option to manage upcoming transactions.

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Personal Budget


🌟 Score: 87/100

A comprehensive personal budget planner for various financial aspects.

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Finance tracker


🌟 Score: 84/100

Track personal investments and money habits using Notion’s versatile capabilities.

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