So, You have been using Notion for a while, and now you want to take your skills to the next level?

Or you are just getting started with Notion, and all you know is that they have cute-looking illustrations.

At whatever stage you might be in your Notion journey, a guided course can help you develop your skills quickly.

But there are so many courses out there.

Which one do you pick?

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of courses categorized by the level of expertise and use cases.

You can read through it and choose the one that fits your needs.

There is also a bonus section with additional resources at the end of this post.

Before you enroll

Learning Notion can be overwhelming, and finding a starting point can be difficult. While guided courses can give you a head start on app features, use cases, and many best practices, you still have to put in the effort.

As they say, you can’t just learn to swim by reading a book about it. So, the best way to learn Notion is to play around with it.

It’s important to remember that buying a course won’t immediately make you 100 times more productive.

Instead, you’ll have to put in the required effort per your current goals. No magical course will change your life the moment you buy it.

That being said, it’s still important to follow through on the curriculum at least.

Notion courses for beginners

These Notion Courses are for absolute beginners. You don’t always have to pay a premium to get started with Notion. The free ones are good enough in most cases, but the other options are also worth considering.

Notion Fundamentals – An excellent introductory course

  • 👨‍🏫 Instructor: Thomas Frank
  • 💲 Price: Free
  • ⌛ Duration: Ongoing
  • 👥 Audience: Beginners to Notion
  • 🌐 Platform: Youtube

This free Notion Course is aimed at beginners who want to get started with Notion. This is taught by Thomas Frank, founder of College Info Geek (a popular blog for students), who is also a Notion Expert and Ambassador. Thomas has been making online content on productivity for over a decade on his blogs, podcasts, and YouTube Videos.

What sets this course apart from others is that here you learn by doing, you can follow along with building together, and by the end of most lessons, you’ll have built a new feature to add to your Notion workspace.

You can also check out Thomas Frank Explains on YouTube, where he dives deep into Notion and makes detailed explanations.

Learn Notion – The basic nitty-gritty

  • 👨‍🏫 Instructor : Khe Hy
  • 💲Price: Free
  • ⌛ Duration: Ongoing
  • 👥 Audience: Beginners
  • 🌐 Platform:

This course is aimed at beginners and contains short videos explaining particular features or concepts related to Notion. The content of the course is presented in an easily digestible format.

One can speed run through most of it. It is better to try Notion first and then go through the course for more solidified internalization.

The course instructor Khe Hy, who has previously worked in Wall Street for 15 years, later found a passion for writing online. He is currently helping people improve productivity through his blog and newsletter. He found Notion to be an excellent tool for writing and managing his business. He has been writing about it ever since.

Notion 101 – For project-based learners

  • 👨‍🏫 Instructor : Janosch Herrmann
  • 💲 Price: 40$ (varies)
  • ⌛ Duration: 5hr+
  • 👥 Audience: Beginners
  • 🌐 Platform:

Course Instructor Janosch is a computer science student. Janosch helps individuals & small businesses organize & automate their various productivity tools.

The course has a 4.8-star rating, and around 2,000 students are enrolled. The course is well structured, with practical projects after each section. It starts with basic concepts and later moves towards more advanced concepts like Databases. It also covers stuff like connecting Notion with tools like Zapier and making websites using

Master Notion – Beginner to advanced

  • 👨‍🏫 Instructor : Jerad Hill
  • 💲 Price: 50$ (varies)
  • ⌛ Duration: 2hr+
  • 👥 Audience: Notion Beginners wanting to level up
  • 🌐 Platform:

Jerad Hill has been a digital photographer and a Youtuber for a long time. Jerad has over 400K students learning through his courses on Udmey.

Through this course, you learn all the intermediate topics you need to know by building various projects like a Task Manager and Project Manager. It is expected to have a basic understanding of how Notion works as a prerequisite to this course.

The Complete Notion Course 2022 – Boost your productivity

  • 👨‍🏫 Instructor : Yannis Poulakis
  • 💲 Price: Skillshare Premium
  • ⌛ Duration: 1hr+ Self-paced
  • 👥 Audience: Beginners
  • 🌐 Platform: Skillshare

The course has an extensive curriculum with a wide range of project templates. You can check the detailed course information and templates here. The course has over 2.5K students enrolled since the launch. The course templates, which include Dashboard, CRM, Note taking templates, are all free to download. So, you can try and test them out before getting the course.

Notion Organise Your Life

  • 👨‍🏫 Instructor : Anna Lenkovska
  • 💲 Price: Skillshare Premium
  • ⌛ Duration: 1hr+ Self-paced
  • 👥Audience: Beginners
  • 🌐 Platform: Skillshare

Anna has been making productivity-lifestyle videos on youtube for around 5 years. The course walks through the basic functionality of Notion and how Anna uses those particular features in her Notion workspace. The course has over 21.5K students enrolled.

Notion courses based on productivity systems

ℹ️ Most of these courses charge a premium as they provide not just Notion tutorials but also ways to organize, transform and level your productivity system. These courses also include dedicated communities and support channels.

Notion Mastery – Managing your life and business in Notion

  • 👨‍🏫 Instructor: Marie Poulin
  • 💲 Price : 750$ Solo | 1200$ Teams | Parity Pricing available
  • ⌛ Duration: Self-paced – 1yr access.
  • 👥 Audience: Serious about getting all into Notion. If you are labeled as ADHD, you’ll love her content, provided you don’t find Notion too shiny to get distracted.
  • 🌐 Platform:

Marie doesn’t need any introduction. You might’ve already seen her work if you have spent time in Notion-related online spaces. She is known for building beautiful and practical systems and hosting Notion office hours. Notion Mastery course is the brainchild of Marie and the Team that includes Ben, Cat Mulvihill, Georgia Cyr, and other Notion experts.

There are three levels through which one passes this course. It starts with Level 0, which gives an introduction to Notion. Level 1 contains the foundational skills of Notion. Followed by the next level, where one learns to design elegant dashboards. Finally, 3rd level is where one becomes the Notion Zen-Master 🧘.

You can watch a library of great content on her YouTube channel and during Notion office hours.

Notion Life Design Course – Course by a systems-thinker

  • 👨‍🏫 Instructor: August Bradley
  • 💲 Price: 1500 USD
  • ⌛ Duration: Self-paced | 1yr access
  • 👥 Audience: Looking to build the entire Life’s Operating System all in Notion. Also suitable for the audience already primed with self-development content.
  • 🌐 Platform :

This is a premium course for those who want to build their Life in an operating system around Notion. The system’s essential components are PPV (Pillars, Pipelines & Vaults). This system helps to identify one’s true priorities, align one’s life aspirations with yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily actions, activate massive focus, break old habits, and build growth feedback loops.

The system’s core goal is to bring Focus & Alignment to one’s life. The PPV also incorporates a PKM (or Personal Knowledge Management) system.

🖊️ Note by Akshay: The first time when I watched his videos was in August (yeah, August) 2020, I binge-watched his content and implemented the PPV system. Later, I struggled to manage the system (real big time).

A big reason is that Notion was and is slow. Now downscaled my system and moved the task management to Todoist and PKM (personal knowledge management) to Obsidian. Many people have done the same.

If you were to follow PPV, do MVP implementation.

The course is offered in self-paced recorded training along with live training, workshops, and Q&As. The members can also join a community exclusive for course takers where they can start discussion threads.

The course is built by August Bradley, a productivity expert and a systems thinker who has been helping businesses and individuals by building effective systems using principles of system design. In his 25yr business experience, he has worked with brands like Coke and Xbox.

If you wish for a free version of the course, you can watch many of his videos on YouTube. But the course is recommended for people who struggle in the implementation part and need ongoing support.

Notion Life Planning and Getting Things Done

  • 👨‍🏫 Instructor: Haoming Yau
  • 💲 Price: Skillshare Premium
  • ⌛ Duration: 2hr+ Self-paced
  • 👥 Audience: Beginners wanting GTD system in Notion
  • 🌐 Platform:

This course is for you if you are already a fan of the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology. GTD is a popular productivity system designed and developed by David Allen, popularised with GTD Book in the early 2000s. This course lets you apply the GTD principles in your Notion workspace.

The Notion Academy – Getting out of the wrong productivity system

  • 👨‍🏫 Instructor: Dani
  • 💲 Price : 297$ – 497$
  • ⌛Duration: 5hrs+ Self-paced
  • 👥 Audience: Business professionals, creators, or anyone trying to get out of the wrong productivity system.
  • 🌐 Platform:

Dani is a certified Notion ambassador and certified Notion consultant. The course teaches a step-by-step approach to a customized productivity system. It is designed for both new and existing Notion users. The course also includes personal assignments, personalized feedback, and access to an exclusive community.

Notion Courses for Intermediate Users

Notion Interactive Course – Do & Learn

  • 👨‍🏫 Instructor: Artem
  • 💲 Price: 20$
  • ⌛ Duration: Self-paced
  • 👥 Audience: Kinesthetic learners or anyone who wants to try out hands-on
  • 🌐 Platform: Gumroad Template – Notion Template

If you prefer learning things by doing, this one is for you. Unlike other traditional Notion courses, in this course, all the course content is present in the Notion itself. It also consists of various progress bars that indicate the progress through various course modules.

Notion Courses for Notion Content Creators

Notion Creator Playbook – Learn to Sell Notion Templates by expert

  • 👨‍🏫 Instructor: Easlo
  • 💲 Price: 50$
  • ⌛ Duration: Self-paced
  • 👥 Audience: Wanting to Start Selling Notion Templates
  • 🌐 Platform: Gumroad

If you have ever searched for Notion templates, you might’ve already come across one by Easlo. He is a 20yr student who started selling Notion templates around a year ago and is now making $100K+/yr just through Gumroad. The course covers the details one needs to know to start making money off selling Notion templates. This course’s lessons include finding ideas for Notion templates and ways to validate those ideas, creating a valuable product that establishes a personal brand, and how to turn it all into a passive income stream. This base pack can be upgraded to $250 for additional consultation.

Notion A-to-Z – Starting your own Notion business

  • 👨‍🏫 Instructor: William Nutt
  • 💲 Price : 750$ – Regular | 350$ Early Bird | 48$ Yearly Renewal
  • ⌛ Duration: Self-Packed | 1yr Access
  • 👥 Audience: Getting Into Notion Certifications
  • 🌐 Platform: Notion Workspace

William Nutt is a Notion Expert and an early adapter of the tool. He is best known for his website, Notion VIP, which contains many helpful resources for Notion. He has co-authored the official documentation. Currently, he helps Notion with their official certifications. Also, it trains Notion’s support team. This is a unique course firstly because of its dynamic nature. It is a living, breathing workspace. Second, it can be better defined in traditional terms as a collection of valuable resources and documents.

It consists of 30 immersive lessons and practical exercises glossary of over 100 key terms. This also includes more than 150 mock exam questions to prepare for Notion certifications.

As this is a “living” resource, its price of it is expected to grow as more content is added to the roadmap.

Notion Creator Course by Miktus

  • 👨‍🏫 Instructor : Modest Mitkus
  • 💲 Price: 59$
  • ⌛ Duration: 1hr+ Self-paced
  • 👥 Audience: Getting Started with Selling Notion Templates
  • 🌐 Platform:

This course is exclusively designed for those who want to get into the business of selling Notion Templates. The course covers the process and ways to create and sell Notion Templates. This also includes resources and lessons on marketing channels where one can market their Notion templates.

Notion Creator Course by Theresa

  • 👨‍🏫 Instructor: Theresa
  • 💲 Price : 25$
  • ⌛ Duration : Self-paced 7 Video Sessions
  • 👥 Audience : Selling Notion Templates
  • 🌐 Platform : Gumroad

This Notion template and course includes seven video sessions covering various phases of creating a digital product. It starts with ideation and includes testing, setup, and marketing. The course also includes additional templates for the Notion website, task management, and photoshop. Relevant sections of advice from fellow creators are also included.

Notion Creator Bundle

  • 👨‍🏫 Instructor: Pascio
  • 💲 Price: 79$
  • ⌛ Duration: Self-paced
  • 👥 Audience: Selling Notion Templates
  • 🌐 Platform: Gumroad

This is a Notion Template course that includes a home dashboard that’s designed for creators. There are also checklists for product design and launch. Additional guides for writing product descriptions and a list of Notion communities. This also includes the Notion creator financial sheet and Twitter growth strategy.

Notion Courses for Businesses

Stand Out with Notion – Course for Businesses

  • 👨‍🏫 Instructor: KP from Inkpot Creative
  • 💲 Price : 97$ – 127$
  • ⌛ Duration: Self-paced
  • 👥 Audience: Small – Medium scale Businesses
  • 🌐 Platform: InkpotCreative

This Notion course is explicitly designed with Businesses in mind. It consists of 5 main modules that start with an introduction to Notion, finally leading to a custom build. The course creators also share additional resources in addition to those five modules.

Notion Mini Courses

How to Use Notion For Learning, Documenting & Manifesting

  • 👨‍🏫 Instructor: Ansh Mehra
  • 💲 Price: 4$
  • ⌛ Duration: Self-paced
  • 👥 Audience: General
  • 🌐 Platform:

Ansh is a UX Designer & Storyteller who uses Notion to manage his Notes. In this short session, he walks through the process and how he uses the app’s specific features. Ansh has hosted another session on graphy where he discusses his notes.

Notion Mini Guide: Finances

  • 👨‍🏫 Instructor: Alex (anotioneer) on Keep Productive
  • 💲 Price: 0$
  • ⌛ Duration : <1hr Self-paced
  • 👥 Audience: General
  • 🌐 Platform:

Keep Productive is a popular Youtube channel with around 300K subs hosted by Francesco. This short course is taken by Alex, aka anotioneer. This course guides you through setting up a simple dashboard for managing your finances.

Upcoming Courses

Notion Course for Creators

  • 👨‍🏫 Instructor: Thomas Frank
  • 💲 Price : NA
  • ⌛ Duration : NA
  • 👥 Audience : Creative professionals
  • 🌐 Platform : NA
  • 🗓️ Launching : NA

You’ll find this helpful if you are using Notion to manage a blog, YouTube channel, or any other creative outlet. Thomas uses Notion to run his 2.5 million-subscriber YouTube channel and 7-person business. With this course, you can learn to use Notion’s advanced features to create a system that works for you and your team. This is an intermediate to the advanced level course. You can watch the teaser of the course on YouTube.

Notion for Teams

  • 👨‍🏫 Instructor: August Bradley
  • 💲 Price: NA
  • ⌛ Duration: NA
  • 👥 Audience: Teams
  • 🌐 Platform:
  • 🗓️ Launching: 2022

As the name suggests, this course aims to teach Notion for business systems. August Bradley designs it following the success of PPV, pillars pipelines, and vaults system. It is a premium edition of the PPV course, designed with teams in mind.

Bonus: Non-Course Resources 🎁

Bensomething’s Notion Site

You might know ben from r/Notion, Reddit’s notion community with 200K+ members. He is nothing less than a Notion legend. He has been helping countless people in online spaces. Ben’s site is an excellent collection of unique templates and things that push Notion to its limits.

Book: Enhancing Productivity with Notion

If you prefer to do things by reading rather than watching, then this one is for you. The book is written by Danny Hatcher, a productivity tools expert known for pushing the limits of Notion, as far as sometimes breaking it. This is more of a reference manual with lots of screenshots and detailed guides on how to do everything and use all the features of Notion. A few use cases are given at the end of the book that can be used as inspiration.