5 Must Have WordPress Affiliate Plugins

Affiliate marketing has been the best way to earn some extra dimes for bloggers. The best blogging platform is WordPress, so the WordPress affiliate plugins are in great demand.

The fact is, affiliate marketing is more profitable than direct advertising when promoted properly.

In order to adopt affiliate marketing along with blogging, some of the affiliate plugins are required. WordPress being the hub of blogging plugins has no shortage of good affiliate plugins.

There are a plethora of plugins to choose from.

As the options increase, the dilemma in decision-making also increases. Right? That's where these types of posts come forward.

In this post, I will introduce some of the must-have WordPress affiliate plugins.

These are the WordPress affiliate plugins

Affiliate links are messy. They contain tracking parameters, strings in the URL itself.

Most of the visitors, verify the link before clicking. Link cloaking greatly improves user experience and affiliate CTR.


Best plugin for affiliate link cloaking – Affiliate Link Cloaker


GoCodes is discontinued now from WordPress repository. I was using this. But after it was discontinued, it was very hard for me to migrate to another link cloaking plugin.

I am now using ThirstyAffiliates plugin. With this, I'm not facing any risk of discontinuation of plugins. This plugin also comes with pro features that are simply great.

Here are some of the unique features of ThirstyAffiliates that are not available in any of the link cloaking plugins.

  • Automatically link keywords to affiliate links.
  • Read historical click statistics of your affiliate links.
  • Search for and import Amazon affiliate links.
  • Geo-target visitors with affiliate links.
  • Google Analytics Event Click tracking.
  • Import and export your affiliate links to and from other sites you own.

If you have dozens of affiliate links on your site to manage, this plugin is worth the investment. It integrates with Google Analytics making you easy to do conversion rate optimization and also link keywords to affiliate links.

>Click here to get ThirstyAffiliates  at 30% OFF (limited time)<<

If you do not like the plugin, you can get the money back within 15-days of the purchase. It's well worth trying out.

Star ratings (Rich snippets)


If you are optimizing your affiliate blog posts for SEO. If you are relying entirely on organic traffic for affiliate sales, then adopting rich snippets in your affiliate posts works great.

It greatly increases CTRs, even in SERP 7th position!

The best plugin for this purpose is WP Product Review. It is the best plugin. The rating scale is from 0 to 10.


The overall rating is automatically calculated based on our individual features' ratings.

Coupon codes

Are you offering coupon codes to your visitors?

Coupon codes have to be presented in such a way that, it encourages your readers to use the coupon and buy the product.


Ever noticed this type of coupon presentation? Wondering what plugin makes it possible? Currently, there are no good WordPress affiliate plugins, which present coupon codes like above.

There WAS a plugin. Now it has been removed from the WordPress plugin directory.

The plugin is DRP Coupon. Hopefully, I have the backup of the plugin.

Using this plugin, you can present coupon codes. On clicking it, the coupon code is copied to the visitors' clipboard and directs them to your affiliate link. Sounds cool, huh?

It allows you to insert coupon codes into your posts via shortcodes.

Notification Bar

Ever wanted to show up the greatest offer ever, on your blog? Then notification bar works great.

Notification bars are sticky and they are stuck on the top of your blog, wherever your visitors go.

If your offer is great, then it surely increases your affiliate CTRs greatly.

WordPress Notification Bar is the best notification bar available for WordPress.

Displaying the notification bar always can sometimes be distracting to the readers. Right?

That's where the SumoMe plugin comes to play! It contains a module named Smart Bar. It lets you display notification or form bar on the top of your blog, when users scroll your page to the top, bottom or for certain percentage.

You can set the plugin in such a way that it shows up the bar once the reader has completed reading your blog post. This greatly increases the loyal customers and conversions.

Other WordPress affiliate plugins

Akshay recommends:
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3.17+ Killer WordPress Gutenberg Plugins in 2019 (Death of Page Builders?)

Wrap up

Properly utilizing the above plugins helps in increasing your affiliate sales.

However, keyword research is way more important to increase organic traffic to affiliate posts.

  • Less-known Way to Move Up in Google SERPs
  • Tricks to Increase Click Through Rate of your Blog in SERPs

I hope you loved this post. If you did, do share and comment.

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    1. Ryan, being a Blogger who solely, focus on building relationships, there’s no wonder you neglect affiliate marketing.

      I love having someone having the same mindset as mine. Have a good day ahead, plugin junkie!

  1. Hello Akshay,

    That was nicely written. I really enjoyed your post. It is very useful and helpful article at 5 must have wordpress affiliate plugins and look forward to reading many more.

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    Mohd Arif.

  2. SumoMe is way cool! Hadn’t seen it until now and decided to look it up in Google. Voila, your review came up.

    I’m a big fan of the other tools they have too especially the heat maps and social media highlighter features.

  3. thanks dude this is plugin i a looking past few months, i cant find drp plugi in the offical wordpress but u have it..
    . thanks now i am happy

  4. Day by day all over the world the demand for affiliate marketing is being increased .
    It is a matter of joy for our eCommerce world businesses .
    For starting affiliate marketing one needs some of the best plugins for multi purposes . The article containing some of the best affiliate plugins has been shared here is very much conducive for doing nice affiliate marketing . I thank you author for doing such useful work

  5. Now days affiliate marketing is a hot cake . Millions of people are engaged in the affiliate as professions . For affiliate a dynamic and very effective website is essential . And this is why plugins are also tonic to make the site gorgeous to the visitors . But the fact is that many do not get the best source of plugins on this case . The post shared here is one of the best sources , i think from my experience . And i convey thanks a lot for sharing such nice and very useful plugins here .

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