Top 3 Text to Speech WordPress Plugins Compared

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In this blog post, I’ll be presenting you some of the best text-to-speech (TTS) plugins for WordPress.

Converting your articles to audio format by recording voice-overs can be costly and time-consuming.

Thankfully, as technology is growing, we now have AI-driven text-to-speech engines that convert your text to a natural voice. Some services like Amazon Polly and Google TTS are the leaders in the space.

With the advent of AI, say no to robotic voices!

So, here are some of the ways by which you can implement the “listen to article” feature on WordPress.

Why to use speech-to-text on your website?

The consumption of audio content is skyrocketing.

Nowadays, some people even prefer listening to articles instead of reading. It’s simply because listening requires less mental strain and it promotes cognitive ease.

It helps you tap a new range of audience who’d have never read your articles. user engagement

Here’s an analysis by

The people who listen to your article stay on 8x longer on the page and this reduced bounce rate significantly.

According to my research, atleast 5-10% will be listening to your article. Of course, you can increase this rate by keeping the audio version of the article brief, and by using the right voice.

As you guys may know, by looking at the time people are spending on your site, Google will rank your content accordingly.

So text-to-speech services help you a lot in this regard.

Even if due to the increased rankings, the traffic increases by 1.2x, your investment will be paid back.

Top 3 online Text-to-speech for WordPress is one of the most refined text-to-speech services out there. I’m personally using it in some of my blog posts, and the results are just amazing.

It is a service especially meant for content creators to save a lot of money in professional voice overs.

With you get access to 100+ realistic voices. I was literally amazed by seeing how realistic the voices are. access platforms

It is a cloud service, which means you can use it with almost all the platforms that support HTML.

They also come with a dedicated WordPress plugin that helps you convert your articles to audio on the fly.

Wordpress plugin to convert text to audio
Audio embed in blog

You can embed the audio before the first paragraph, or anywhere in the blog post.

You can also enable, listen icon on the bottom-right or left of the screen.

Enabling the listen icon

It also comes with the ability to tweak the voiceover text, select narration style, add custom pronunciations, tone, and also add pauses.

I tend to keep the audio short, to make it attractive.

The developers are really quick when it comes to rolling out new updates. Great features like voice cloning, background music, and more are on their roadmap.

Audio creating flexibility

When it comes to their interface, you can create audio from text, URL, or add your own audio!

You also can tweak some of the global settings when it comes to the audio player, page player, and also have access to audio analytics. pricing plan

If you are an individual blogger, the blogger plan may be suitable for you. If you’re a publication then you can go with their 2nd and 3rd plans.

The most impressive thing I liked about is:

  • Superior customization options in their WordPress plugin
  • Really affordable price compared to other apps here
  • Willingness to implement new features with a public roadmap.


SpeechKit allows you to convert your articles to audio content. It has 200+ realistic voices in 28 languages.

It comes with almost all the features that comes with. Along with those, it also comes with programmatic ad placement options.

It comes with WordPress and Ghost plugins.

Let us talk about the WordPress plugin.

SpeechKit's wordpress plugin

SpeechKit’s WordPress plugin offers decent features, but lags behind when it comes to customization when compared to

SpeechKit's wordpress audio shortcodes

It comes with optional audio shortcodes that’re quite flexible.

Optinal audio shortcodes

You can add articles, edit text, and publish.

SpeechKit pricing plan

If you compare the price of SpeechKit to that of, the latter is very affordable. If you’re a beginner blogger or news website, you can save a lot with

But indeed, if you want the ad placement feature, then it may be worth it to go with SpeechKit.

Trinity Audio

Trinity Audio consists of three products.

  1. Trinity Player: This is the player that you can add at any place of your article to display the audio of the article.
  2. Trinity Pulse: It helps your website visitors to discover the trending audio episodes on your site. It helps a lot in site engagement.
  3. Trinity Skills: You can deliver your content on smart speakers like Alexa, to train it with your website content.
word image

Similar to it comes with a WordPress plugin to easily implement text to speech on your website.

Wordpress plugin

These are global settings.

Trinity audio settings

You can also tweak the per-post settings similar to inside the post editor.

Here’s how their web app looks like:

Trinity audio web app

You can see it has got some additional features and also ad support.

Coming to the pricing, they’ve not disclosed the pricing anywhere on their website.

As they deal with very big brands, the pricing will be quite premium.


According to my research, I would consider to be the best text-to-speech app for adding audio to your articles. Their WordPress plugin is very feature-rich.

Along with these, their speed of implementation is good and pricing is affordable.

Alternatively, you can also consider SpeechKit. It comes with additional features like WordPress shortcodes and also ad placements. But the price is a bit on the higher side.

Hope you guys found this post on text-to-speech softwares helpful.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission with no additional cost incurred to you :-)

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