Do you want to add more value to your website’s written content and make it more accessible?

Adding audio content could be the answer. However, recording voice-overs can be costly and time-consuming.

Don’t worry; with AI-driven text-to-speech engines, you can convert your text to a natural voice.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to some of the best WordPress text-to-speech (TTS) plugins that will make your site more user-friendly and boost user experience.

Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

#ProductFree trial
Starting priceExplore
1Play.ht14 days$9/moExplore
2ResponsiveVoiceHas forever free plan$49/moExplore
3Trinity AudioNot disclosed$15.75 per monthExplore
4WebsiteVoice14 days$9/moExplore
5BeyondWordsNot disclosed$99/moExplore
6RemixdNot disclosedNot disclosedExplore
7VoicerHas free plan forever$20Explore
8AiVOOVNot disclosed$9.90/moExplore
9SiteSpeakerNot disclosedNot disclosedExplore
10GSpeechNot disclosedNot disclosedExplore

What is a text-to-speech plugin?

A text-to-speech (TTS) plugin is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to convert any text on your website into audio. In short, it reads your content aloud.

It is designed to increase your website’s accessibility by reaching a broader audience.

Why use text-to-speech plugins on your website?

The consumption of audio content has been skyrocketing in recent years.

Most people prefer listening to the articles over reading them. It is because listening requires less mental strain compared to reading, and it promotes cognitive ease.

Therefore, it helps you tap a new range of audiences who’d have never read your articles.

As per the analysis by, adding audio articles to your website can increase user engagement by up to 30%, reducing the bounce rate significantly.

According to my research, at least 5 to 10% of your traffic will listen to your article. You can further increase this rate by keeping the audio version of your article brief and using the right voice.

Quick decision section

After testing all of these text-to-speech WordPress plugins, here are my top three picks: This plugin is highly affordable, considering its features and flexibility. What I like most about is its massive library of voice options that can cater to all kinds of users. Compared to other TTS plugins, offers more audio control and flexibility with different narration styles, voice tone manipulation, pronunciations & phonetics library, etc. It is best suited for content creators and podcasters who require a bit of a personal touch on their projects.

ResponsiveVoice: Compared to, ResponsiveVoice is easy to set up and use. You can simply embed the shortcodes on your posts and pages, and you’re good to go. Its forever-free plan makes this plugin the best option for beginners looking for a free text-to-speech solution. Unlike, it does not include voice cloning technology.

Trinity Audio: With the combination of four products in one (Trinity Player, Trinity Pulse, Trinity Octopus, and Trinity Lock), this plugin offers high versatility and rich features. Besides, it has the most adaptable audio player that can turn into a display banner and audio advertising.

Top 10 text-to-speech WordPress plugins compared – Affordable all-in-one TTS platform is one of the best AI-powered text-to-speech plugins. This tool allows you to access over 900 voices in 142 languages. It uses several TTS technologies, such as Amazon Polly, Google WaveNet, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Watson, to synthesize natural-sounding AI voices. AI voice generator

The main selling point of this tool is its control and flexibility.

You can choose different narration styles, manipulate voice tones, add pauses, and even set pronunciation for complex words. has introduced an AI voice cloning technology (unique feature) that can generate a near-perfect clone of your voice and add a personal touch to your audio projects. It has a customizable audio widget to embed anywhere on your website. player options

Key features for

  • This product has a multi-voice feature to create conversations in your projects using different voices.
  • Another good feature is commercial and broadcast rights, which can help you monetize your projects.
  • It includes a team access feature to enhance your audio creation workflows by collaborating with your team.
  • Another good feature is audio analytics, which provides metrics on the number of listens, shares, and downloads of your audio articles.

Pricing: pricing

The plugin is available for free on The premium plans start at $9 per month.

Bottomline: If you’re looking for a text-to-speech WordPress plugin with a large variety of voice and language options, is the best option. If your projects require a bit of a personal touch, this app allows you to create a natural clone of your voice.

ResponsiveVoice – Best TTS alternative for websites and videos

ResponsiveVoice is an HTML5-based text-to-speech WordPress plugin. It supports over 190 humanlike voices in 51 languages to convert your content into audio format.


Setting up the ResponsiveVoice plugin on your WordPress website is a breeze. You can embed shortcodes to add a “Listen Button” on your posts or pages.

Besides that, you can also control whether to read aloud the entire post or just a specific section of a post by adding particular shortcodes.

ResponsiveVoice offers exceptional customization options. It allows you to change the voice tone, adjust its pitch & volume, and tweak the button text.

ResponsiveVoice text to speech player

Key features for ResponsiveVoice:

  • This product is highly responsive so it works well on smartphones, tablets, and desktop devices.
  • Another great feature is the ease of use. You add a text-to-speech button on your website using shortcodes.
  • You can control whether to convert an entire post or a specific section of the post.
  • Another great feature is the voice-over for videos that supports 15 different voices in 13 languages.


ResponsiveVoice pricing

ResponsiveVoice has a forever-free plan for non-commercial or non-profit projects. Its premium plans start at $39 per month.

Bottomline: If you want to build a voice-enabled website for your business, consider buying ResponsiveVoice. It is simple and easy to use. However, this plugin does not include AI voice cloning technology like

Trinity Audio – The most versatile TTS plugin

Trinity Audio is another AI-powered text-to-speech plugin that converts content from text to audio to ensure soothing experiences for your readers.

Trinity Audio

Currently, it supports 600 natural voices in 143 different languages and accents. It uses voices from Amazon Polly to turn your text into lifelike audio. With this tool, you can control the speed of the voice, select different voice styles, customize the audio player theme, etc.

Trinity Audio consists of four products.

  1. Trinity Player: A built-in audio player that you can add anywhere on your page to display the article’s audio feature.
  2. Trinity Pulse: A unit that displays your content audio in episode and playlist format to provide an amplified experience.
  3. Trinity Octopus: A simple CMS that allows you to convert your text into audio, fine-tune every aspect of the content, and distribute them on leading streaming audio platforms.
  4. Trinity Lock: A tool that locks your premium audio content and directs your audience to the subscription page.
Trinity Audio player options

Key features for Trinity Audio:

  • This product offers a clean dashboard with usability reports and audio statistics, including player loads, clicks, completion, listen-through rate, etc.
  • This product is designed for monetization, which helps you turn your audio content into a revenue stream.
  • Another great feature is its playback speed capabilities, which allow your users to speed up or slow down the audio as per their wish.
  • It ensures fast player loading time for a smooth user experience. Moreover, its audio player doesn’t affect page loading time.


Trinity Audio pricing

Trinity Audio includes a free version that supports 56 languages and converts five articles to audio per month. The pro plan starts at $15.75 per month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bottomline: With a blend of an audio player, a display banner, and audio advertising, Trinity Audio offers the most versatile and adaptable audio player. Not only can this player convert your text into audio in real-time, but it also helps you to monetize your content with audio advertising. Besides, Trinity Audio combines multiple products into one to provide rich features and flexibility.


WebsiteVoice is an AI-powered text-to-speech tool that turns web articles into high-quality audio. You can synthesize speech in 38 languages and voices to retain more readers on your website.


One of the best features of WebsiteVoice is the automatic content recognition (ACR) technology. This advanced technology identifies vital content on your site and converts texts into speech automatically. Likewise, it includes smart adaptive voice (SAV) technology to eliminate robotic voices.

Key features for WebsiteVoice:

  • This product has a voice control feature with Universal Voice Tailor (UVT) technology, which allows readers to speed up or slow down the audio.
  • Another great feature is the social share button. This is helpful as it allows you to link your audio content to popular social platforms to reach more readers.
  • Another great feature is its audio analytics, which provides all the metrics for your audio article.
  • Its audio player is fully customizable. You can change the color, style, and size of your audio player to match your needs.


WebsiteVoice pricing

WebsiteVoice offers a free trial of the Starter Plan for 14 days. Its pro plan ranges from $9 to $49 per month.

Bottomline: It is ideal for small bloggers and companies willing to improve user engagement and accessibility with high-quality audio content. With this plugin, you can deliver natural-sounding audio on your blogs and articles, as its smart adaptive voice technology eliminates robotic voices.


BeyondWords adds a text-to-voice player to your website automatically. Using this WordPress plugin, you can convert text articles into engaging audio with over 550 AI voices in 140 languages.

You can access text-to-speech voices from Amazon Polly, Google WaveNet, and Microsoft Azure in its extensive voice library.


Besides that, this plugin has a built-in audio CMS to automate, manage, and enhance your audio strategy.

Its voice cloning technology helps you create custom voices to add a personal touch and truly resonate with your audience.

Key features for BeyondWords:

  • This product offers an extensive voice library with the latest TTS voices from Amazon, Microsoft, and Google to ensure natural-sounding synthetic voices.
  • Another great feature is its natural language processing (NLP) algorithms that convert text into speech synthesis markup language (SSML) to deliver accurate pronunciations.
  • The player gives audio analytics, which can help measure your audio engagement and optimize your audio strategy.
  • This product allows you to monetize your content by restricting audio access to subscribers only or by uploading audio ads from sponsors.


BeyondWords pricing

BeyondWords offers a free plan with a limited 10,000 monthly characters for people looking to explore the platform. Its Pro plan costs $99 per month.

Bottomline: BeyondWords is suitable for content creators and publishers who want to invest in a single plugin for text-to-speech and publishing features. Like, this plugin has voice cloning technology to generate custom voices.


Remixd is designed to help content creators, publishers, and media companies monetize their business with audio content. Its AI uses proprietary technology to provide humanlike voices to engage your audience.


This text-to-speech plugin allows you to choose from multiple voices, execute specific campaigns, and improve accessibility on handheld devices.

Moreover, it makes your audio content accessible on smart speakers like Alexa to reach a broader audience.

Key features for Remixd:

  • This product helps you run effective campaigns based on AI-powered analysis.
  • Another great feature is its dynamic ad insertion, which can help you monetize your audio content.
  • Another great feature is audio reports and analytics. This can be very helpful in measuring your audio article engagement.


They have not disclosed any pricing details on their official website. You can contact their support team to know about pricing.

Bottomline: Along with TTS features, Remixd supports audio monetization and dynamic ad insertion to help you monetize your website with audio content. So, it is ideal for advertisers and podcasters.


Voicer is an AI and machine learning-based text-to-speech WordPress plugin that supports over 310 voices and 45+ languages.


It delivers top-notch audio quality by combining audio synthesis (WaveNet) and Google’s neural networks. As a Google Cloud-based plugin, Voicer ensures high reliability and speed.

Key features for Voicer:

  • This product supports over 310 voices and over 45 languages to convert your text article into audio.
  • It includes access to WaveNet technology and Google’s neural networks to ensure high-quality audio.
  • This product is compatible with several popular page builders, including Elementor, Gutenberg, Divi, Visual Composer, etc.
  • It supports multilingual websites and WPML (a WordPress plugin that automatically translates your website), which helps break down the language barrier and reach your audience globally.


Voicer pricing

The price of the Voicer TTS plugin is $20, with six months of support and updates.

Bottomline: You should consider purchasing Voicer if you’re looking for an affordable solution to convert text to a humanlike voice. Besides, it ensures high speed and reliability as it uses Google Cloud.


AiVOOV is another top-notch text-to-speech technology that converts user-input text into audio using over 900 voices across 125+ languages. Its text-to-speech API provides you with access to the best voices from Amazon Polly, Google WaveNet, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Watson.


It is packed with powerful features such as multiple speech styles, multi-voice options, voice inflations, merge audio file options, etc. Besides, this plugin lets you create an audio player widget to embed into your blogs and articles.

Key features for AiVOOV:

  • This product has a custom pronunciations option, which can help reduce mispronunciations of complex words.
  • Another great feature includes a multi-voice option. This can help create conversations using different voices.
  • Another great feature is SSML support, which helps you to fine-tune the text-to-speech output.
  • This product integrates with several platforms, including WordPress, Elemetor, Zapier, Pabbly, etc.


aivoov pricing

It offers a free trial via registration. If you want to purchase a premium plan, it ranges from $9.90 to $119.90 per month.

Bottomline: AiVOOV offers the most number of voice options compared to other TTS plugins on the list, making it a suitable choice for almost all online creators, including bloggers, podcasters, online marketers, YouTubers, and course creators.


SiteSpeaker allows you to add a responsive audio player to your posts to deliver non-intrusive audio experiences to readers and generate revenue.


It supports more than 25 languages to convert your blog posts into audio. This plugin is built in the cloud and guarantees high speed and reliability.

Key features for SiteSpeaker:

  • Their advanced technology ensures contextual targeting via geography, site content, and device type.
  • This product features an audio widget and TTS player that allows you to add audio advertisements to maximize your ad revenue.
  • Another great feature is its online analytics portal, which can help provide user engagement and data usage metrics.
  • This product supports all device types, including desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.


For small websites, SiteSpeaker offers a free plan. However, once your web traffic increases, you’ll have to upgrade to a Pay-As-You-Go plan based on the number of monthly listens.

Bottomline: If you’re a small online creator, SiteSpeaker offers the best free deal. Moreover, its audio widget and TTS player are designed to boost ad revenue.


GSpeech is another excellent plugin that uses Google Cloud to provide unlimited text-to-speech service. It includes 40 voice types and over 50 languages to convert your blogs and articles into audio.


This plugin lets users listen to menus and blocks when they hover over them. Moreover, it has advanced features like autoplay mode, audio greetings, custom events, customizable TTS block styles, etc.

Key features for GSpeech:

  • This product allows you to set the custom language and style for each TTS block.
  • Another great feature is its movable audio player, which you can place anywhere on your page as per your preference.
  • This product allows users to listen to menus and blocks when hovering over them.
  • It includes customizable TTS block and tooltip styles.


You can download the GSpeech TTS plugin for free. If you want to purchase a premium version, the GSpeech Pro costs $39, and the GSpeech Pro+ costs $79.

Bottomline: GSpeech’s main selling point is its simplicity and affordability. So, if you’re looking for an affordable and easy-to-use text-to-speech WordPress plugin, GSpeech is the best option.


I consider the best text-to-speech app for adding audio to your articles. It offers a wide range of humanlike voices and languages to convert text into audio.

Besides, it is packed with rich features like AI cloning technology, customizable audio widgets, different narration styles, persuasive voice tones, etc. Along with these, their speed of implementation is good, and pricing is affordable.

Alternatively, you can consider Trinity Audio for its highly versatile and adaptable audio player. But the price is slightly on the higher side.

I hope this post helps you find the right text-to-speech plugin for your needs.