Thrive Content Builder Review 2022 – Honest Review

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Thrive content builder review

Guys. As you may have already noticed, I ‘m using Thrive Content Builder plugin on my site. I was thinking to publish my honest Thrive Landing pages or Thrive Content Builder review, finally, the day has arrived.

Things you’ll learn in this post

  • Overview of the plugin
  • Thrive Content Builder – What are the elements?
  • Thrive Landing Pages – Create landing pages with 100s of templates
  • Thrive Lightboxes
  • FAQs
  • Pricing

In this review post, I will make you dive  deep to know the ins and outs of the plugin, and help you decide whether the content builder is right for you or not.

Overview of the Thrive Content Builder

The content builder basically comes with 3 features in one plugin package. They are:

  • Thrive Content Builder
  • Thrive Landing Page Builder
  • Thrive Lightboxes
Thrive Suite Pricing

You can get access to Thrive Content Builder as part of Thrive Suite. Thrive suite costs you $19/mo. If you buy an annual plan it costs $228.

As I’ve told you earlier this content builder is a WYSIWYG editor. Instead of editing the content at the backend in the WordPress post editor, you create content on the frontend of your site, by just drag and drop of the elements.

In the same way, you can build landing pages, that are conversion optimized.

Let us look into the plugin more deeply.

Thrive Content Builder – Features Walkthrough

To open the editor you just need to click on the “Edit with Thrive Content Builder” in your edit post page.

Edit with thrive content builder

In there, you’ll get the front-end view of your post or page, from there you can drag and drop the elements and create content that is visually appealing.

These are some of the elements that plugin comes with.

Thrive content builder elements

If you scroll down there are even more elements.

Here’s the tabbed content of all the elements that Thrive Content Builder has.

Just navigate to let you know what elements do Thrive Content Builder comes with.

  • Simple
  • Multi-Style Elements
  • Advanced elements
  • Paragraph/Text Element
  • WordPress Content
  • Image
  • Button
  • Icon
  • Credit Card Icons
  • Custom HTML
  • Custom CSS
  • Content Container
  • Content Revealer
  • Star Ratings
  • Content Templates
  • Column Layout
  • Content Box
  • Symbol Box
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Quote Share
  • Divider
  • Testimonial
  • Divider
  • Call to Action
  • Guarantee Box
  • Comments
  • Google Map Embed
  • Styled Lists
  • Widgets
  • Pricing Table
  • Tabbed Content
  • Feature Grid
  • Table
  • Content Toggle
  • Data Elements
  • Countdown Timer
  • Responsive Video
  • Table of Content
  • Lead Generation
  • Post Grid

These elements are present on the right side of your live page editor. You just need to drag and drop the elements and edit them accordingly.

When you drop the element, there are a dozens of editing options.

For example, for ‘text element’, you’ll get a separate menu as shown in the below screenshot.

Text element menu

For every element that you insert, there’ll be a menu, with dozens of options. Like margin, text edit, font, font size, styles, alignment, etc.

Below are some other buy now call to action examples .

Call to action buttons

Call to action buttons in various styles

Below is the click to tweet button example!

Click to tweet

Click to tweet element

Here are some of the testimonial template examples.


Testimonials element with 6 styles

You can also use icons to beautify your content and add free icon packs to suit your brand/site.

Thrive icons

You can add your desired icon pack

These are just some of the screenshots of the elements of Thrive Content Builder.

Event manager:

Event manager

This one is a great one. With this, you can add animations to every element built using Thrive Content Builder!

You can set an element to appear whenever an event will happen. Or you can also make Thrive Lightbox to pop up whenever a Thrive element comes to the viewport, clicked or hovered. You can make the element appear via animation, lightbox pop via animation, video play, etc. This is one of the most powerful features to make the content on the page interactable.

Thrive Landing Pages – Value for Money?

You can also create highly converting landing pages, with the help of tons of landing page templates, Thrive Cloud and also you can create a landing page from scratch.

For this, you just need to create a new page, edit with Thrive Content Builder , and then choose a landing page from the top-right side of the editor page.

You’ll be presented with tons of pre-made landing page templates categorized to choose from.

Thrive landing pages

When you select one of the templates, the landing page will be loaded.

Landing page

Here on, you can edit the landing page, add or delete the elements on the page. You can customize the landing page according to your requirements.


You can also connect the form to your email service providers. Thrive supports a dozen of email service providers out there.

Rather than choosing only a landing page builder plugin, choosing Thrive Content Builder makes sense. It comes with more features, along with lightboxes and content creation tools. This makes it a clear winner among OptimizePress, Unbounce, and other landing page builder plugins.

You can use all the elements that I’ve mentioned, also in Thrive Landing pages. Some of the most used Thrive elements for landing pages are Call to action, button, testimonials, Lead generation, text element, image, etc.

If you want to get a landing page designed, it’ll cost you hundreds of dollars. But the great thing is that the Thrive Content Builder plugin comes in with hundreds of landing page templates in every category you can imagine. Also, they have Thrive Templates cloud where you can download further more templates for free!

Thrive content builder templates

There are 200+landing page templates (at the time of writing this post) and more on the way.

Thrive Lightboxes

You can also create pop-up light boxes , that trigger whenever there is an event associated with an element.

Demo lightboxes

Again, you can make use of Thrive elements to design a beautiful lightbox to persuade your readers to opt-in.

You can make use of Event manager feature to trigger the lightbox, whenever a user interacts with one of the Thrive elements.

You can create any number of light boxes . You can create content upgrades and let the lightbox pop up when the user clicks on the button of the giveaway.

Just connect the button to your email service provider, and you’ll end up collecting the emails of your subscribers.

Frequently Answered Questions

#1. Is Thrive Content Builder compatible with all the themes?

The plugin is perfectly compatible with all the themes. In this site, I’m using Thrive Content Builder and I’m using Genesis Framework.

The plugin is designed so carefully that it will work flawlessly along any theme in the market.

However, when you use the content builder along with Thrive Themes, you’ll get access to some three extra Thrive elements. But that would not be a deal breaker.

#2. What happens when I deactivate the plugin?

When you deactivate the plugin, all the content will be removed. Nevertheless, when the plugin is reactivated again, the content will be restored.

To avoid this, you can manually copy the source code of the content you create using the builder and paste it in the WordPress post HTML editor .

The content that is created with the help of content builder will also be backup up along with other files on your site.

That would not be a problem.

#3. Will the plugin slow down my site?

When I was first researching about Thrive Content Builder before buying it, I was also anxious whether the plugin would affect the page load times.

However, after installing the plugin, the site was still loading quickly as usual (tested clearing the cache). Though it scored a little less in GTmetrix, Pingdom, and PageSpeed insights.

Compared to the kind of content, the pages load blazingly fast. It showcases the care that Thrive Themes team has taken for developing this plugin with speed and conversion in mind.

It has no/ little effect on page speed.

#4. What happens to my existing content?

The existing content will remain as it is. You can create all the upcoming posts with the help of the Thrive Content Builder.

When I bought this plugin, I already had several posts created using WordPress native editor. I left them as it is. Recent posts are created with the help of the content builder.

You can also edit the older posts. But it would take lot of time.

#5. Is A/B testing available?


 However, the only drawback of this plugin is that it lacks A/B testing, however, Thrive Leads offer it and integrates with it.

If you would like to buy the plugin, make sure you buy it with my affiliate link and buy me a coffee 😉

If you would like to know how Thrive Content Builder compares itself with content builders like Beaver Builder and the Visual Composer, refer to this post. In short, Thrive Content Builder is the winner as it is rich in features and comes along with Landing Pages and conversion friendliness.

Thrive Content Builder has some more additional features that gets unlocked when used along with Thrive Themes. Earlier I was using Genesis. I wrote a whole blog post on why I shifted from Genesis to Thrive Themes.

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