Thrive Ultimatum Review – The Ultimate Scarcity Marketing Plugin

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Thrive ultimatum review

Recently the Thrive Themes team released an ultimate scarcity marketing plugin called “Thrive Ultimatum”.

In this post, I’m gonna review the features of the plugin and help you decide whether the new plugin is right for you.

Thrive team is known to release products that are meant for boosting your conversions greatly, without sacrificing the page speed of your site.

They make sure that all the products they release are conversion friendly, that’s the reason I’m using Thrive products on my blog.

Before diving into Thrive Ultimatum Review, first off, let us know what is scarcity marketing.

Scarcity marketing is a relatively newer effective psychology based marketing technique that marketers use to boost their conversion rates exponentially. This type of marketing makes use of fear of shortage to sell your products more.

If you’ve been into conversion optimization before, you may have heard of this term before.

Our brains are hardwired to perceive the thing which is scarce as more precious.

You may have witnessed this before in your life. Some common examples of scarcity marketing are “limited offer”, “only 2 left”.

Amazon uses this well.

Amazon scarcity marketing

It subconsciously tricks you to buy the product before someone else does.


You also cause a sense of urgency like – shortage of the product at a discounted price, to crank up your conversions.

Scarcity marketing strategy is adopted by more number of eCommerce, membership and other sites, nowadays. The last Thrive Ultimatum plugin helps you implement scarcity marketing on WordPress sites.

Let me review the plugin.

Overview of Thrive Ultimatum plugin

Tu analytics

As you can see the above screenshot, the revenue has spiked significantly, when scarcity marketing was implemented by the Thrive team with the help of Thrive Ultimatum on their site. That’s the power of scarcity marketing.

Neil patel scarcity marketing

Thrive Ultimatum plugin comes packed with all the necessary features for implementing the bulletproof scarcity marketing strategy on your site and optimize your conversion rate.

These are the three killer features that Thrive Ultimatum plugin comes with.

Thrive ultimatum features

You can set the scarcity marketing campaign to run on some days like that on Black Friday, Christmas day, or even when  you are launching your product.(launch jacking)

You can also let the campaign run recurring on some days of the month or a defined period automatically. For example, you can set the scarcity marketing to run on every Fridays, to boost your conversions and revenue for weekend!

Lockdown feature

There are already some of the well-known scarcity marketing plugins for WordPress.

But in most of the cases, visitors can easily trick the system by clearing or editing the cookies, using proxies or different browsers. By this they can acquire the offer even after the limited time-frame is completed.

But they can’t do this anymore with Thrive Ultimatum plugin, as it comes with special lock-down feature.

For example, with this feature you can make offer page appear for only your prospects for whom an offer countdown is not expired. For all others, the offer will be expired, as their countdown is completed.

For tracking the prospects it makes use of unique technology that not only makes use of cookie but also server side tracking to prevent tricking the system.

Lockdown setup

Thrive Ultimatum for WordPress demo


On the dashboard you can look at the overview of all the campaigns you are running and their performance. You can also create a new campaign on the dashboard itself.

New campaign

When you select to create a new campaign, the plugin asks you to choose a template. Most of the times, building a campaign for a fixed date would be beneficial.

Fixed date campaigns

When you are creating a campaign on a fixed date, you need to enter start date, end date, start hour and end hour for it to run.

Targeting campaigns

You can set the places where you want to display your campaigns.

You can be super-specific in terms of targeting like targeting all posts, pages or certain category posts, only some of the posts or pages or exclude some of the posts or pages.

Now in the next step, you need to design the countdown timer for your scarcity marketing campaign.

Design countdown

As you can see in the above screenshot, there are three types of countdown timers as of now in Thrive Ultimatum Plugin. They are top ribbon, bottom ribbon and widget.

In this example, bottom ribbon is chosen. Once you choose the type of ribbon you want to display, there are many templates you can choose from.

Bottom ribbon templates

Now you can further customize the countdown ribbon, by using the drag and drop editor, that’s same as  that of Thrive Content Builder.

Drag and drop countdown builder

You can fully customize the countdown timer, button colors, text, etc. You can also set trigger countdowns to automatically show up when certain amount of time is over for the user.

For example, when the offer is about to expire within the next 2 hours you can set the widget to red color and show the text – “Urgent”. You can add as many triggers as possible.

For advanced needs you can also setup a lock down campaign.

Lockdown setup

For example, if the offer has not yet been started, you can ask your visitors to opt in for the waiting list by providing their email addresses.

After your offer has started, once user has made a purchase out of your page, the campaign must be ended.

So for this, you can make use of conversion events settings.

Conversion events settings
End campaign

Once your customer has made a purchase, you’ll end the scarcity marketing campaign for him. Or alternatively you can move your customer to another campaign, if you have something to sell for him as an up-sell. How cool isthat!

Move to another campaign

You can have different conversion goals inside a single Thrive Ultimatum campaign. Based on the conversion your visitor makes, you can in turn send them  to a highly targeted campaign. This works very well in case of continuity marketing.

Another type campaign is evergreen campaigns. These type of campaign can be triggered to users when they subscribe to your email list or visits a particular page on your site. This boosts your conversion rates greatly.

Evergreen campaign

The Thrive Ultimatum plugin works very well with all the popular WordPress themes like Genesis, Thesis and the majority of the themes. It seamlessly integrates with Thrive Leads for subscription based triggers.

By using Thrive Ultimatum plugin you can boost your conversions by at least 150%.


As of now the new plugin is running on a launch offer.

Thrive ultimatum pricing

For use on unlimited sites it costs $97 and if you are willing to try out the plugin for only one of your personal site opt for $67 single site license. You can upgrade from lower plan to higher by paying the difference amount at any time.

If you are not fully satisfied with the plugin, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee.

This plugin is for eCommerce owners, product creators and affiliate marketers.

Final words

As I told earlier this plugin can easily boost your conversion rates by 150%, paying you the money back as soon as you implement scarcity marketing on your WordPress site using this plugin.

I advise you to try out this plugin, if increasing conversions is your main goal right now.

Hope you loved my Thrive Ultimatum Review. Let me know what you think.​

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