SEO Title Tags: Best Practices You Should Know

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The first impression is the best impression; it’s also applicable to blog posts. The first impression to a visitor visiting your blog is the blog post title. The title should be SEO friendly also.

The blog post title holds the true potential to decide whether the visitor becomes a reader. If the blog post title is well optimized and catchy, you get tons of traffic.

Blog post title structure is important, especially in Google search engine results page. For most of the blogs, this is the entry point and most of the new visitors enter your blog here only.

Titles have the true potential to drive organic traffic. Titles must be magnetic and SEO friendly.

In this post, I am dealing with SEO concern.

SEO Tips for Title Tags

The keyword should appear at first

Keywords should appear first. For example, for this post, I am targeting for the keyword SEO title tags;I started the blog post title with that keyword at first. Then the long tail goes.

In simple words, your title should contain keywords prioritized in descending order.

Branding at last

Including blog name at the end of every title tag is a good SEO practice, according to many SEO gurus. But I bet the blog name is less important than the main title. So including the brand name at the end of the blog post title is SEO friendly.

Use only one title tag per page

Using more than one title tag on a page will show you the way to Google sandbox. Make sure that you use no more than one title tag per post and use title tag inside <head> tag. Most of the CMS and themes automatically do it.

I think it is not a problem…

Title tags should be no more than 70 characters

SEO-Title-Tags Google limits titles in SERPs to 70 characters. However, it’s recommended to keep the blog post titles under 60 characters, if your blog post title also contains blog name at the end of the title tag.

Sometimes, if you even don’t specify it, some SEO plugins do the task. So keep the title under 60 characters. Even though Google indexes 1000 characters in the blog post title, long blog post titles will be ended with an ellipsis in SERPs. Which may reduce the rankings of your blog post.

Titles appear in browser’s top bar

Remember that your blog post title also shows up at the browser’s top bar. Most of the popular browsers limit characters in its top bar to 25 characters. So make sure that the topic of the blog post is clear immediately in the title.

If a user opens multiple browsers, the title in the top bar becomes much smaller. Make sure that the title outstands the stack.

Special characters

No problem! You can use almost any special characters in blog post titles.

Special characters preferred by most of the bloggers are the colon (:), square brackets [] (Preferred over curved brackets).

Special characters to be avoided are curved brackets (), comma (Only when necessary or else use AND), hyphen (-), percentage (%), asterisk (*), and others

I think colon and square brackets are more than enough for a blog post title.

Use plural

If you use the plural, the rankings of blog post will be slightly higher.

For example,

Take the keyword “home loan” and search it on Google, I bet you see that the top 5 results do not match for the exact keyword, it matches for “home loans”, but not a single home loan. The singular term may offer only one home loan, but not home loans.

It is applicable to all sorts of blog posts, like this very post.

Do not repeat words within title tags

Google severely penalizes blogs involved in keyword stuffing. Including the same keyword repeatedly in the title seems unnatural.

It leads to over-optimization. Google thinks that the blogger is blogging by keeping bots in mind, but not the visitors.

Capitalize first letters of words

“Capitalize the first letter of words in titles” – This is what the blogging grammar dictates.

Capitalization of words in the title is essential to make the title stand out of the rest of the blog content and to improve readability and typography.

All words in blog post titles should be capitalized except these,

“and”, “but”, “or”, “nor”, “to”, “over”, “an”, “a”, “the”, like these. If you are using any good text editors or proofreading tools, it will only take care of these.

Here’s the SEJ article on this: HOW TO: Capitalize When Writing for the Web (Blogging Grammar Lessons)

Craft title in such a way that you can alter the title easily for social media

This is especially important for new blogs. Titles have to be chosen in such a way that they can be easily spun to use them on various social networks or communities.

In new blogs, using the same blog post titles across many networks may lead to those sites outranking your own blog initially. In addition, it may sometimes lead it content duplication.

Final words

As I said earlier, title tag should be attractive as it is the starting point of a blog post. Title tags should be crafted by taking SEO and user experience into consideration.

Although many may say that stop words hurt SEO, I am not a believer of this. Because Google has made it clear that, it looks at user experience but nothing else. Vomiting stop words may seem sometimes unnatural. Let me know your views on it.

If this blog post has helped you and you are benefited by these tips on SEO friendly title tags, do share or shout out.

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