In this post, we are going to present interesting statistics on Quora.

Quora is the largest Q&A platform started like a million dollar social media startup. It was co-founded in 2009 by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever, who were working with Facebook.

Let’s look at the Quora statistics

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  1. Currently, Quora has about 300 million monthly unique visitors.
  2. There are more than 400,000 subjects are discussed on Quora.
  3. Quora has more than 190 million monthly active users.
  4. Adults who use LinkedIn spend 2x time on Quora as they do on LinkedIn.
  5. 35% of Americans use Quora.
  6. 54% of the Quora users have an annual income of over $100,000.

Quora user demographics

  1. Quora’s founder Adam D’Angelo revealed that Quors has over 200 million monthly unique visitors as of 2017.
  2. Among the major Quora users, almost half of them are from America.
  3. Quora has 40 million total monthly users.
  4. 15% of the users are from India.
  5. Quora has around 200 employees as of 2018
  6. On average, users spend 1hr to more than 4 hrs daily on Quora.
  7. The students and the young adults from Major University Towns are the most active users using Quora as reported by Adweek.

Age wise distribution stats of Quora:

Considering Alexa’s data as a basis, Laura Hale, a social media researcher analyzed and collected the Quora’s age wise users stats.

As per her research,

  • 45.5% of Quora users are in the age group of 18 to 24.
  • 32.5% are in the age group of 25 to 34. It is the second largest group that uses Quora.
  • Users in the age group of 34 to 55 using Quora are relatively low and is 2%.
  • 65+ don’t use Quora much. The research showed that this age group contributes only 1.6%.

In 2018, the data breach has occurred which hacked the data of ~100 million Quora users. Their personal information, Quora account details, and the actions they took on Quora all were copied.

Quora traffic

Country wise traffic distribution:

Traffic analysed with SimilarWeb
Quora traffic sources
  1. As per the data collected by SimilarWeb, U.S. is the major country that drives the highest traffic of 27.80% to Quora.
  2. India is the 2nd country that contributes 18.61% traffic to Quora.
  3. 6.06% of Quora traffic is from the U.K. And Canada contributes around 3.46%.
  4. Quora’s 40% of the traffic comes from mobile users.
  5. Quora has got 78.07% of traffic from search engines. It has 19.61% of direct traffic,
  6. 0.44% referral traffic, and social traffic of 0.58%.

Share of social media traffic:

Quora stats 2
  1. Among all the social media sites, Facebook has the greatest contribution to Quora’s traffic.
  2. Next to that is the YouTube and Twitter contributing 27.81% and 8.63% traffic respectively.
  3. Display ads contribute 0.16% traffic to Quora.

The top contributing ad networks are:

  • Outbrain
  • Awin
  • PopAds
  • Google Display Ads

As per Alexa’s data, 35.1% of its visitors are from the United States, second is India with 21.1% of visitors, 5.4% of its visitors are from the U.K.

Quora visitors as given by Alexa

71% of traffic to Quora is from search engines.

Facts on Quora questions

  1. According to Bodnick, 80 to 90 percent of Quora’s content is evergreen.
  2. On Quora, each question on average will get 5 answers as per the estimation, though it varies depending upon the nature of the question.
  3. As for the data analyzed there are 3,012,443 questions posted on Quora as of Jan 2015. 3,393,341 new questions raised up on Quora in 1 year and it’s 6,405,784 as counted on Jan 2016. This continued to increase and reached 13,304,529 in Mar 2017.
  4. An average number of views to get upvote: Though the answer is not particular if you want 1 upvote you need to get 410 views.

Research has been conducted in 2013 which analyzed Quora in depth using several measurements. They did this by studying the Quora data set provided by the web crawlers between Aug and Sep 2012.

They examined 437,000+ unique questions that were provided by web crawlers.

The research found these things by surveying a total of 437K questions, 56K topics, 264K users, 979K answers.

  • 99% of the questions got less than 10 answers, 20% of all questions got at least 4 answers.
  • 40% of the questions on Quora did not get any votes from users.
  • Also, 40% of the users have not answered anything while 70% of users have not asked any questions.
  • Out of 56K topics crawled on Quora, 36K of them had at least 1 follower.
  • 95% of users would have followed at least 1 topic. 0.01% of users followed more than 1000 topics.

Quora vs Wikipedia

  1. Quora has got over 500,000 topics live on the site and stands out as the second largest library next to Wikipedia. Its popular writers on average get 1 million page views in a month.
  2. Quora’s head of business operations, Marc Bodnick announced that Quora had raised $80M to stay independent and focus on its content quality. It is planning for international expansion.
  3. Their goal is to get the authority as similar to Wikipedia by growing its valuable content. As Wikipedia supports all the languages, Quora is aiming at language expansion plans.
  4. Also, men tend to link twice more likely in their answers as compared to women.
  5. With the percentage of links in the answer between 1% to 10%, Wikipedia links contribute to 0.5% to 5% of links.

Quora Ads

  1. Quora with 693 million unique monthly visitors got annual revenue of $8 million in 2018.
  2. Quora earns money majorly by running ads. It strategically places ads so that they appear as a part of its content.
  3. In 2017, Quora invested $85 million to improve and expand its ad business. In total, it invested approximately $235 million to date. As compared to 2016, Quora’s valuation has doubled in 2017 where it has been valued at $900 million post-money.
  4. Compared to other platforms, businesses that use Quora ads got up to 4x higher conversions.
  5. Quora sells its ads on a CPC basis and it runs real-time auctions similar to Facebook and Google Ads.
  6. As the user base is increasing every year it has doubled its sales ad team and aims at advertiser growth.
  7. As per 2017 data, more than 300 advertisers are running ads on Quora platform including Shopify, Thinkific, Hubspot, Udacity, and many more.
  8. Currently, it is offering two native ad formats – text and app install ads. Based on the location, device, and topics the campaigns are targeted.
  9. For app installs, it has partnered up with several third parties like Adjust, AppsFlyer, Kochava, and Tune.

Quora is now emerged as a brand discussion tool as out of 100 brands, 84% of them would have at least one discussion thread.

Among those, 98% have multiple threads dedicated to them.

These brands have reached 1.28M followers as per 2013 records.

The top 10 most discussed brands on Quora:

  • Google – 115.3K brand followers
  • Starbucks – 81.6K brand followers
  • Amazon – 72.3K brand followers
  • Coca-cola – 64.8K brand followers
  • Intel – 51.4K brand followers
  • Apple – 51.1K brand followers
  • Red Bull – 46.8K brand followers
  • Microsoft – 36.8K brand followers
  • Walmart – 36.4K brand followers
  • McDonald’s – 36.0K brand followers
Quora stats 1

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Hope you found the above statistics helpful.

Quora is one of the fastest growing Q&A platforms that is well-moderated and contains high-quality information.

It’s now the go-to place for people to ask their personal and as well as professional questions, and get quality answers.

Due to the large user base of Quora, it is also a great place for marketers to market their products and services by running ads or answering relevant questions.