PartnerStack is one of the leading affiliate marketplaces, specially meant for SaaS products. This was previously called GrowSumo.

It is similar to platforms like ShareASale, Impact, Clickbank, except that it only deals with digital softwares.

As it is a specialized platform for only SaaS applications, it has been a great deal of interest for startups and even big SaaS companies.

In PartnerStack, you can find many products like Evernote, Quickbooks, Unbounce, Thinkific, etc. that you can promote as an affiliate. Recently, Drip (a popular email marketing software) also migrated from Impact to PartnerStack.

PartnerStack is a rapidly growing affiliate software marketplace.

In this blog post, I’m going to present to you the review of PartnerStack. I’m gonna present you the review both for affiliate marketers and also for product owners.

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PartnerStack review for product owners

If you’re a SaaS product owner and want to get your product seen by high-quality affiliate marketers, then PartnerStack may be a great platform for you.

Affiliate program under PartnerStack

Many top softwares like Evernote, Quickbooks, Freshworks, Monday, Asana, InfusionSoft (Keap), etc have based their affiliate program under PartnerStack.

If you’re interested in knowing the products that are part of PartnerStack without signing up, you can browse through their affiliate marketplace.

PartnerStack affiliate platform

It’s quite resource-intensive to create and manage your own affiliate program. With affiliate platforms like PartnerStack, you can focus on promoting your affiliate product rather than maintaining it.

PartnerStack seamlessly integrates with your existing technology stack and also instantly makes your affiliate program globally compliant.

When you compare PartnerStack to its competitors like Impact, Avangate, ShareASale, and ClickBank, it is very affordable and easy to maintain. They have a fixed-pricing compared to the revenue share model.

PartnerStack affiliate manager options

As an affiliate manager, you’ll also be given options to manage the links, partners, assets, messages, triggers, frauds, invoices, and also emails for your affiliates.

They have a really good centralized affiliate management dashboard that’s easy to use.

 PartnerStack centralized affiliate management dashboard

Added to these, you can also set up challenges for encouraging your affiliates to drive more sales.

When it comes to tracking and reporting, similar to other affiliate platforms, you can make use of UTM parameters and as well use your internal tracking parameters as when necessary.

Added to its simplistic interface and affiliate performance reporting mechanisms, PartnerStack also integrates with various other softwares like payment gateways, CRMs, automation softwares, landing page softwares, and also eCommerce softwares. You can view all their integrations on this page.

PartnerStack integrations page

For example, due to Stripe integration, changes in users’ plans or refunds will be immediately reflected in the affiliate’s account as an increase/decrease in commissions.

It also integrates with various services like Recurly, Chargify, and Chargebee, to up your affiliate marketing game.

PartnerStack pricing

When it comes to pricing, they actually have fixed-pricing plans starting at $500/month, although they’ve not advertised it anywhere on their website.

Among the above plans, the SMB plan may be enough for you unless you want support for partner types, partner groups, partner tiers, CRM integrations, and phone support.

Their support system is also really good with timely replies and responsive support. Their Canada-based team is pretty knowledgeable as well.

PartnerStack review for affiliate marketers

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll be always searching for high-quality products to promote.

If you’re promoting digital softwares, especially in the B2B space, you’ll surely love PartnerStack.

You can promote software products across different categories like sales, marketing, accounting, development, productivity, social media, etc.

Once you get your affiliate account created under PartnerStack and you log in, you can see the below dashboard.

PartnerStack dashboard

As you can see from the above screenshot, the dashboard is really easy to navigate and understand. They’ve given the extreme emphasis on really good UI/UX.

When you are inside any affiliate product, you have many options like reporting, links, referrals, resources, and messages.

First, let me show you how to create an affiliate link.

Creating affiliate link in PartnerStack

You can either copy your default affiliate link or create your custom affiliate link to a specific landing page (like for pricing, integration, and any other page).

As you can see in the above screenshot, the affiliate links created by PartnerStack are not at all messy and long. In fact, they don’t contain any parameters at all so you don’t need to necessarily cloak them.

By clicking on the “Switch Program” button, a sidebar will be opened which will enable you to seamlessly navigate different affiliate products you’ve partnered with.

PartnerStack affiliate parner page

As an affiliate of PartnerStack, I can tell that it has the most enjoyable interface that I’ve ever encountered with any affiliate marketplace.

You can also join more programs across various categories I explained above.

Once your join request for a product is accepted, you’ll get that product right in your left-sidebar. You can just switch to that program and start promoting it.

But the number of products available for you to promote on PartnerStack is very limited. I think they should work on getting more brands on board so that they can attract a lot of affiliate marketers to sign up for their platform.

PartnerStack rewards page

There is a threshold of $25.00 for you to withdraw the commissions you have earned on the platform.

As an affiliate, it’s free for you to join PartnerStack and start promoting the products.

Wrap up

Overall I would say PartnerStack is truly a great platform both for product owners and as well as an affiliate to promote SaaS products effectively.

I didn’t witness any downside of PartnerStack, except for the fact they can consider onboarding more and more product owners to their platform. This can be quite important from an affiliate marketer standpoint. They need to leverage the network effect well to grow their business.

I hope you guys loved my review on PartnerStack.