In this post, I'll be presenting you a Drip review and discuss whether the tool is worth it or not. I've been using this tool lately, so I thought I would be the right guy to review this tool.

When you are choosing the best email marketing automation software, you'll be overwhelmed by the variety of email software available in the market like MailChimp, GetResponse, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, etc. To make sure that the money you spend is actually worth it, you need to do the right choice.

I will help you decide for yourself whether this tool is worth for you or not.

Drip Review: Is it the right choice for you?

Introduction to Drip

Drip is one of the products by Leadpages and is one of the best email marketing softwares. The first thing that caught my attention is the blazing fast that this platform offers. The light-weightedness and simplicity packed with tons of features persuaded me to give Drip a try.

As the is relatively a new tool when compared to other tools like Mailchimp and Aweber, the Drip comes packed with various advanced features. It's time to cut the old-school methods out. The other email marketing providers offer you a platform to collect emails, send broadcasts, and set up autoresponders.

But, Drip is more than just that.

Keep on reading the review on Drip to get an idea about what are all the features and ways in which you can use it.

Setting up

Once you sign up for Drip, first you need to create your account with details like your website address and other details. Later, the Drip generates you a unique tracking code for your website as shown in the below screenshot.

Drip code

You need to include the code in your site's header or if you are using WordPress, you can make use of Email Marketing by Drip plugin to make integration easier.

Subscribers and Broadcasts

In Drip, we don't have an option for creating multiple email lists.

I'm serious!

In  case of old-school email marketing, you will have to create multiple lists and broadcast to both of the lists every time. What if some email addresses or subscribers are repeated in your lists? You are burning money by sending the same email to two subscribers.

The use of lists may not be feasible and is just not simple.

Instead, Drip has got a unique solution for you.

Drip tags

As you can see in the above screenshot, once you import or build up your subscribers list, you can assign tags to each of the subscribers in the list. You can set your email list builder plugins to automatically apply the tag for every new subscriber.

Drip filters

When sending or broadcasting the emails you can send to the subscribers based on various parameters like tags, sign up the source, ID, date subscribed, etc. You can also segment your subscribers based on some criteria, and also schedule your broadcast.

Form designer

The Drip also comes with a good form designer which lets you design optin forms to embed in your website.

Optin designer

You can completely customize the appearance of your optin forms including orientation, colors, type, text to display, post-sign up redirection, email confirmation settings, etc like other email providers.

The designer is feature-packed when compared to other email marketing softwares which usually come with a basic form generator.

Drip optin forms behavior
Form visibility

Note: Don't worry you can remove the Drip branding in the optin form.

In this section, I absolutely loved the behavior and visibility tab. With these features rather than depending on your WordPress plugin for setting the behaviors and visibility of the popups, you can design optin-forms within the email marketing software itself.


This is where the true power of Drip comes into play. You can track the events of the users on your site and automate the emails tailored to them.

Let us take an example.

Trigger link

In the above example, I've selected Drip as the service. And here, I've created a trigger when people land on my training page (see screenshot). The Drip generated a trigger link that I can use it in my emails and also in my blog posts. Once the users click on that link, a trigger will be created.

Now, in the next section, we can select what should be done once the trigger is fired.

Here are some of the things you can do.

Trigger action

I'll select “actions” to keep the things simpler.

Actions possible
Trigger action 2

The above action, lets me start my training email drip campaign for all those who landed on my training page. My training campaign is designed in such a way to deliver them value and ultimately convert them.

I also apply my subscribers who visited training page, a tag – “training” to filter them easily in future.

Workflow complete

Above is the example of the complete workflow. It's a simple workflow. To make more nested operations based on several conditions, you can make use of fork, decision, goal, and the delay features as shown in one of the above screenshots.


The Analytics section comes  with two features called conversions and split testing.

Let us look into the conversions section first.

Configure a conversion

Here you need to setup the conversion, as shown in the above screenshot. The every visit to your thank you page will be counted as a conversion. So, I suggest you use it as – “*” (notice the use of ID parameter along with wildcard or asterisk symbol).

It will register the conversions only when an actual subscriber after subscribing lands on your page. This results in fairly accurate conversion rate reported by the tool.

The split testing of the emails is present in the analytics section.

Split testing 1

You can select between subject lines, delivery times and from name to split test. Based on your selection, you can enter the variations to be done in each email. Once you are done sending the emails, offers you to display the results of the split testing and you can choose the winner with highest open rates and CTR.



Next to the Analytics, you have the reports section.

Here you can see the graph representing your subscriber growth, new subscribers, unsubscribes, email metrics, opens by hours, etc. as you can see in the above screenshot.

Subscriber growth

Here is how the Drip tool displays you the graph of the email subscribers' growth. With this feature quantify your list building efforts and make necessary changes.

Lead scoring

Lead scoring is a method you can use to determine what leads in your subscriber list convert better. For every action performed by your subscribers you can assign a score.

For example, if your subscribers click on the links in your email you can assign them some scores of your choice say 5 scores. If they add some items to the cart, you can assign them more scores like say 50 points as they are in the final stage of the conversion.

So, assigning lead scores to each of the email subscribers based on some activites they perform, you can accurately target them and segment them in your email campaigns. This will be very helpful in increasing the chances of them converting.


The Drip integrates with 69 various services and tools. Ranging from Zapier, Clickbank, DPD, Gumroad, Gravity forms, OptinMonster, Thrive Leads, Leadpages, Shopify, Paypal to Wistia, ZippyCourses, Kajabi and others.

Plans and pricing

Drip pricing

All the plans of Drip comes with unlimited email sending, users, and 3rd party integrations. The only downside is that the number of subscribers for basic and pro plans is extremely limited.

If you have a bigger list, you may have to go for high volume plan. You can calculate the monthly cost on their pricing page.

Final words

As you may have observed the features offered by Drip are outstanding. It offers some of the most unique features and a wide range of integrations.

This tool is worth the price only if you need advanced integrations with a wide range of softwares, powerful automation system in place, automated segmentation. The “Max” plans of email providers like Getresponse andMailChimp offers you similar solutions but at a higher cost.

If you want to get similar features on GetResponse, you need to shell out $165/month. It only supports SalesForce integration compared to 69 integrations that Drip has got to offer. MailChimp costs you $30.00 per month + $199.00 Pro subscription for getting the similar “Pro marketer” package.

But none of these tools can be compared to Drip when it comes to integrations, automation and simplicity.

If your goal is just to build an email list, send emails and use basic autoresponders, you can go for MailChimp or Sendy. If your goal is to put your email marketing campaigns on automation and power up your email marketing with integrations, Drip is the easy winner here.

Hope you loved the review of Drip.

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  1. That’s really helpful that you can use tags to delineate who gets what. I certainly have consumers with different interests (e.g. some people want to sell their house, some buy a house, some do both) and they really do need different info. I will check this out soon.

    1. Richard, yes, segmentation feature is the best assistant in your routine, in case you need to send different information to several groups in your e-mail list. That’s the main reason why I am always choosing subscriber-centric platforms as my ESP – for a moment I prefer Mailerlite ( ) – they offer very detailed and clear segmentation.

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    Thanks for this. Our web design company has recently handed us our site, which now includes a blog, so I’ve been searching about how to use that as part of our marketing, I didn’t even know these sorts of services existed, so we’ll be definitely looking at Drip or something similar

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