The sheer amount of features that Notion has can make the workspace quite messy.

But the Toggle block can clean up the mess. You can keep various blocks inside Toggles and make the workspace cleaner and minimal.

But if you overuse it, it can lead to another problem.

You will have quite a number of Toggle blocks that you need to open. It may become a hassle sometimes.

Of course, you can open them one by one and or keep them open all the time.

But again, it will become messy, right?

And in many cases, you just don’t want to leave them open.

So, what will you do?

Like anything, I have a simple solution for you. In fact, I have two.

You’ll be leveraging shortcuts to quickly open all the toggles.

So, stay with me and explore each one:

Option 1: Using a keyboard shortcut

If you’re like me, you love to use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work process.

There are so many shortcuts available in Notion. But this one is one of the least used.

So, how can you open all Toggles using keyboard shortcuts?

Simple press Ctrl. + Alt. + T for Windows and Command + Option + T for Mac.

And, you can open and close all the Toggles at once.

image2 3

Isn’t it amazing?

So, next time, when you need to expand or collapse all Toggles, simply use this shortcut and see the wonder!

Option 2: Using keyboard and mouse

The first one is good enough, right?

But, just to let you know, there is another simple way to do that.

You know, maybe sometimes you just don’t feel like taking your hands off the mouse and still want to open all the Toggles.

So, how will you do it then, if you may ask?

Press Ctrl./Command + A to select all the Toggles.

Then just open or expand any of the Toggle blocks and the rest will open too. Similarly, you can close them all by closing only one Toggle block.

image3 2

You can also click-n-drag to select all the Toggles and open/close them in the same way.

image1 4

That’s it. Now you can open all the Toggle blocks within moments.


Using keyboard shortcuts can save a lot of time on a day-to-day basis.

That’s why I love using them so much.

Here, I have shared a Notion hack that will remove quite a hassle.

Just to recap, if you’re on Windows, you can simply Ctrl. + Alt. + T to open/close all Toggles.

Or, you can select them all (by pressing Ctrl. + A) and just open/close only one Toggle to open/close all of them.

Similarly, for Mac, you can press Command + Option + T to do that.

Or, press Command + A to select and open/close just one.

This is how you can open all the Toggles in Notion in the shortest period of time.