Have you always used the Pocket app to save articles? But, you wanted to save them in Notion.

Or, would you just want to save a certain portion of an article?

Or maybe, you just want to bookmark the links in your Notion workspace, not the website content.

Or, do you want a way to change the database item properties and apply a template right while clipping?

Stay with me, because I’m going to show you how you can do all of these within seconds.

I will mention 3 tools and a bonus one to save any web page to Notion:

Notion Official Web Clipper: Simple but gets the job done

image2 1

Stumbled upon any good article or blog post? Use the Notion Web Clipper to save it.

This is the official web clipper from Notion. You can save any article or page to any of your Notion databases.

Additionally, you can choose the destination (pages or databases) on which everything will be saved.

It’s available for Chrome, Firefox, and even Safari. And, it works well on your smartphone too (Both Android & iOS).

It seems perfect, right?

Not yet my friend.

There are so many limitations too.

For example, you can’t edit any other database property with this clipper.

You can’t add any tags, use a template, or add any icons.

You can’t even save a certain portion of a web page.

Or, maybe you just want to bookmark the website. You can’t do that either.

These are the biggest problems that come with the official Notion Web Clipper.

But, do you want all these features?

Then be with me. I’m going to tell you how to do all of these.

Save to Notion: Most advanced Notion web clipper

image3 2

Save to Notion can do what Notion Web Clipper can’t.

You can do all of the things I’ve mentioned earlier with this Save to Notion extension.

Along with quickly saving articles or web pages, you can also edit the database properties right from the browser.

Yes! You read it right.

You can edit all the properties that you’ve already set in your database. And, it’s way faster than the official Notion Web Clipper.

Not only that, with this advanced Notion clipper, you can:

  • Select a database template that you’ve previously created and it’ll populate the data even without opening the Notion
  • Edit all the page properties (Name, URL, Tags, or anything you want from that particular database)
  • Save a certain portion of an article (Highlighted portion will be automatically added)
  • Take a screenshot and add that as a content image or to any image property! Came across any good graphics to add to your moodboard? Look no further!
  • Bookmark only the links, not the website content

But you know what the great thing is?

It’s completely free to use.

So, start using this advanced clipper and become a Pro at clipping web pages to Notion.

Web Clipper: A minimal version of ‘Save to Notion’

image1 1

Just like Save to Notion, this one is also a useful web clipper.

And, the name is also Web Clipper.

But, it’s an open-source tool. So, if any geek wants to build his own plugin, he can do that too.

Now, what’s in it for you?

Let’s see:

  • You can save anything on the web (articles, webpage, etc.) to your Notion workspace
  • Save the entire article or any portion of it.
  • Select any text and directly save it to Notion.
  • Click Manual Selection to auto-select any area
  • Bookmark only the link

It’s not as powerful as the Save to Notion but it’s a close competitor. At least it’s more functional than the official Notion clipper.

So, should you go for this one?

It depends. At least try it and figure out if it’s working for you.

Evernote Web Clipper: Best for taking highlights and screenshots

image4 1

Evernote? It may feel weird now. Really weird, but hold on!

For any mad reason, if you don’t like to use “Web Clipper” that we featured #3 in this post, and you can’t divorce Notion, you can go for Evernote Web Clipper.

Well, I’ve kept it on the list because it comes with other fun and exciting features too. Such as,

  • You can save the entire page with all the texts, links, images, sidebars, etc.
  • You can also save a simplified version with only the texts and images (great for reading)
  • Highlight any part of the text while clipping and it will be highlighted when you open Evernote.
  • Save a certain portion of the articles. (Like I already mentioned)
  • Take a screenshot and save it to Evernote
  • Only bookmark the links.

But, there is a feature that makes it super unique and fun to use.

Anytime you search for something on Google, Evernote will show you the relevant notes that you’ve already saved.

Isn’t it amazing? That’s why I like Evernote Web Clipper so much.

Wait a minute!

It will still be on Evernote, right?

Then how are you going to transfer it to Notion?

Of course, you can copy and paste the entire content to a page.

Or, if you want to be smart, you can use Zapier or Integromat (I prefer it for geeks) integration to do that. This way, whenever you save a new article or webpage, it will be transferred to the Notion database – so you have two systems and get the best of both worlds.


It’s that easy. So, start using Evernote web clipper and become a Pro knowledge hunter.

Have you heard of Raindrop.io? It’s an all-in-one super powerful bookmark manager.

It allows you to add bookmarks, organize them by folders and tags, keep backups, etc.

It also allows you to visit the web pages even without leaving the app.

But the great thing is that you can integrate Raindrop with Notion using Zapier.

So, whenever you add a new bookmark in Raindrop, it will also add a new item to the Notion database.

The only downside is, you can’t save the text from the article. But you can add tags or comments if you want.

This workflow is perfect if you just want to bookmark the links and make them accessible to both Raindrop and Notion.


Using any type of web clipper can be beneficial to your long-term learning.

Instead of reading everything instantly, you can save it for later. It also helps you highlight only the areas that resonate with you.

But, which one should you go for?

If you only need to save the article and nothing more, go with the official Notion Web Clipper.

Are you looking for some advanced features or more control? Use the Save to Notion extension.

Maybe you need a simpler version of Save to Notion. Then, try Web Clipper.

Need to save a lot of screenshots or make highlights? Evernote Web Clipper is the best.

Or maybe, you just want to have a better bookmark manager? Raindrop.io is more than enough for you.