If you’re here, you already know how awesome Notion and its dashboards are.

They help you organize and track all sorts of information, and the best part?

You can customize them to fit your specific needs. You can even plan your week 🗓️ and track your progress 📈 on your most important projects.

But did you know that Notion also lets you add custom widgets, including weather forecasts?

Think about it: you wouldn’t want to schedule a day out at the park 🏞️ ☀️ only to have it canceled due to bad weather ⛈️, would you?

That’s where our list of the best and most attractive weather widgets for Notion comes in!

Check them out and stay on top of the weather, right from your Notion page.

1. Indify.Co – Minimal yet stylish

Indify.co  weather widget embedded in a Notion page

Indify is a popular Notion service that provides many valuable integrations and widgets, including google calendar sync, counters, and stopwatch⏱️and also weather widget 🌡️. This weather widget is a brainer if you need something that’s simple and free. It also provides much customization, including choosing imperial system units and the number of days of forecast to show up. You can also jazz it up by setting custom foreground and background colors, animated weather icons, or turning them grayscale.

Custom color for background and text

And yes, there is the dark mode available as well. 🌚🕶️

2. Weatherwidget.io – Better customization options

Compact and detailed views of  weatherwidget.io

Weatherwidget.io is a free weather widget available through apption.co that allows users to customize the look of their device with various themes, colors, fonts, icons, and the number of days of forecast. It is an attractive and customizable way to keep track of the weather. There are a ton of customizations available; this Video Guide is to see all the options.

To add this weather widget to Notion, go to weatherwidget.io, set the location and customize the widget, copy the code to the clipboard, paste it into apption new embed, and then paste the generated embed link into Notion.

3. TheWeather.com Widget – More detailed metrics

Widget customized to show the sun and moon cycle timings.

TheWeather.com widget is a tool that allows users to generate weather images that can be embedded directly into Notion. It allows for customizing options such as wind, relative humidity, snowline, pressure, sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset, rain, and UV index, as well as setting custom icon styles, background and foreground colors, and units.

To use the widget, you can go to the website, enter the city name, and customize the options. Firstly, click on generate an image, and copy the code to the clipboard. Head over to the Notion add an /embed block, and paste the copied code. Sometimes the image might get cluttered; in that case, select and generate a script and paste it into apption new embed to generate another Notion embeddable link.

4. Widgetbox.app – Simple and Colorful

3 Weather widgets are available with  widgetbox.app

Widgetbox.app is a Notion service for creating and using Notion Widgets. The service offers a free plan with 5 widgets. Some of the available widgets with the free plan include clocks, calendars, quotes, and progress bars. It is unfortunate that the weather widgets are part of the paid plan that costs $1.9/month and provides unlimited widgets. These premium widgets include three unique weather widgets, simple round, simple square, and a five-day forecast.

This is a paid option.

5. Windy.com – Weather maps

Weather maps

The windy weather widget is an interactive map that provides real-time data on wind direction and speed, rain map and temperature, ocean currents, and CO concentration in the air. It is nicely animated and allows users to zoom in and out from Notion.

6. Meteoblue.com – Detailed yet minimal design

Weather forecast of current day and next 4 days with minimal design

Meteoblue.com offers a free weather widget for Notion that includes a live map with a satellite view and the ability to customize units either in the metric or imperial system. It generates an iframe-based html code that you need to simply paste into Notion’s embed block.

7. Willy Weather – Customization and better metrics

This extension includes a search bar at the top as well

WillyWeather.com offers a free weather widget for Notion that can be customized in size from a thin bar to a full page and allows users to easily edit the location right from the widget without leaving Notation; how cool is that? It also provides four tab-based views for weather, wind, rain, and sun.


By adding weather widgets to your Notion dashboards and pages you can better plan your day and keep yourself on top of it, allowing you to change the plans according to the weather. This blog post has highlighted the different weather extensions you can embed in your Notion page. Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. If you are using some other tool, let us know.