For a new age startup, in order to sustain in a competitive landscape, staying lean and focusing on productivity of the team matters a lot.

One huge productivity sucker for many teams is app/tab switching.

Knowledge workers switch between 10 apps 25 times per day, according to Asana’s Anatomy of Work Index 2021. They miss more than 25% of deadlines as a result.

What if you could have all your team wiki, SOPs, meeting notes, task management, project management, goals, CRM, all under one umbrella?

Having all the things under Notion comes with the following benefits:

  • Organization – You’ll get an intuitive feel for the whole organization and it’s parts promoting a smooth workflow.
  • Ease of retrieval – Using dashboards, with linked databases, synced blocks, relations, and rollups.
  • Easy navigation making use of CMD+P and also hyperlinking
  • Increased productivity.
  • Ease of updating – So that you can implement “continuous improvement” or the Kaizen principle in your business.

You need templates that integrate with the rest of your workflow unlocking really great insights.

I will be presenting you a wide variety of Notion templates that are useful for different kinds of startups and even agencies alike.

Advanced CRM


🌟 Score: 98 / 100

A lightweight CRM template that contains databases for sales opportunities, companies, people, meetings, and products. Clever use of relations, rollups and formulas for insights.

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Customer Relationship Management – CRM


🌟 Score: 97 / 100

Set up your pipeline stages according to your process, and start dragging and dropping across stages. You can also store unlimited customer information and meeting schedules.

  1. Connect lead generation form to Notion database.
  2. Import and autofill customer data into the database.
  3. Track leads, and manage customer pipeline.

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The most exhaustive OKRs notion template 📔


🌟 Score: 97 / 100

By using this template, you can track your OKRs in a structured manner and stay on top of them. You can also use it to track your personal OKRs. It comes with search, sort, and filter options across resources to customize the template as per your requirement and save 100+ hours on Productivity.

This template includes 11 sections including objective, duration, key result, progress status, current value, target value, achievement, owner name, review date, target date, blocked on whom.

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The Agency CRM (Notion Template)


🌟 Score: 95 / 100

This Agency CRM template was made up on notion for people who want to be organized. Get it and start organizing your work now so that you can scale efficiently! On the template page, click “Duplicate” to bring it to your Notion.

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Public Roadmap


🌟 Score: 90 / 100

The “Public Roadmap” Notion template is from the creators of Kanban mail. Needless, to say they are big fans of the Kanban system. So, if you are working on a SaaS product or any other digital product, you can use this template to keep track of the following:

  1. Communicate upcoming feature launches.
  2. Gather feature suggestions from users.
  3. Provide an overview of your product roadmap for the near future.

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