Have you ever wondered how to customize your Notion workspace?

Perhaps, you’re a researcher and want to leverage Notion in your workflow?

Or maybe you’re a geek like me and love to make the most out of this all-in-one workspace app.

Here is the deal.

You give me your time and I will give you 10 Chrome extensions to supercharge your Notion experience.

So, take a deep breath and dive deep into one by one.

10 Best Chrome Extensions to Supercharge Notion

Official Notion Web Clipper

image3 6

Do you read online a lot? Want to save the articles in Notion?

Use the Official Notion Web Clipper. You can save any article or web page with this chrome extension.

It’s simple to use too. Just click the extension icon, choose where you want to save it, and press Enter.

That’s it.

The article will be saved with all of its content in your Notion workspace.

Save to Notion


Love the Official Notion Web Clipper? But wish to have more features?

Well, your wish is granted.

Use the Save to Notion extension to have more control over saving any web page or article.

With this, you can edit the title, add tags, an icon, a cover image, and of course the content of the page.

In fact, you can edit any of the existing page properties.

But what if you just want to bookmark a link with no content inside?

You can do that too. Just uncheck Clip Page Content and you will save only the link.

This is the best.


After you save a webpage, whenever you are reading it, you can select any text and add highlights.

image14 2

The highlights will be added on top of the page you’ve saved earlier!

This is by far the best web clipper for Notion.

Notion Boost

image5 5

Want to improve the overall Notion experience?

Use Notion Boost.

It will improve your interaction with Notion by adding extra features and little tweaks to Notion.

Such as,

  • Sticky Table of Contents on the side. A big feature for me!
  • Set full width or small text for all pages
  • Close slash ( ‘/’ ) command menu (if you’re like me who prefer “/” over “or” while typing!)
  • Align images to left
  • Show line numbers to code blocks
  • Truly hide hidden columns in Kanban view
  • Make bold text bolder in Notion dark mode (aesthetics!)

That’s not all. It has other features too.

In short, this Chrome extension improves your Notion workspace and the overall productivity too.


image8 2

Loved the Notion Boost? You will love this one too.

NotionX also enhances your Notion experience. It allows you to customize your Notion workspace and helps you get the most out of it.

NotionX and Notion Boost are almost similar. But they have some unique features.

For example,

  • Dynamic Table of Contents that shows all the headings, toggle blocks, database, comments, and even colored text.
  • Option to open the current page in the desktop app.
  • Set a language for all the code blocks on the current page.
  • Prevent table overflow across the workspace.

So, if you prefer these features, you should definitely opt for NotionX instead of the previous one.

Tailored Notion

image9 3


Want to make some unique customizations to Notion? Like, changing the font or a unique look?

Tailored Notion is just right for you.

With this, you can change the color and font of the side and top bar. You can also change the default font into something you love.

Tailored Notion offers some other features also. Like,

  • Hiding emojis in the sidebar
  • Removing the top and sidebar
  • Hiding help ( ? ) button
  • Thinner padding on the pages

This extension doesn’t offer as many features as NotionX or Notion Boost does.

If you’re an aesthetics freak, you should give this a shot.


image4 5

Stylebot is not built only for Notion. But I have put it on this list for a reason.

And, that is due to its ability to change the default fonts. (It works for other websites too)


You can choose any font from Google Fonts and set that in your Notion Workspace.

But the only downside is that you need to edit the CSS to make it happen. It’s not difficult by the way.

If you want to use Stylebot or any other extensions to change the font, I highly recommend you to read this post.

Notion Slides

image10 2

Don’t have the time to create a presentation?

Or, do you need to share a Notion page with your team?

Either way, you can use Notion Slides.

Notion Slides can turn your boring Notion page into a beautiful Slideshow.

And, you don’t have to spend hours doing that.

Just go to the page you want to share and click the extension icon and your page will be turned into a beautiful slideshow.

For your information, the slides will be divided based on the headings, dividers, or hyphens.

You can also visit their site Wunderpresentation to create the slideshow.


So, next time you need to share your Notion pages, try Notion Slides.

Still with us? Now, we’re entering a different zone.

The next 3 extensions will focus solely on Knowledge Management.



Love to highlight text when you read? Now you can do the same while you’re reading online.

Trove allows you to highlight text as you read anything online and send the highlights directly to Notion.

For saving the highlights, you can also select any database and edit any page property you want (tags, relation, links, etc.).

It’s fun to use it. Whenever you need to highlight a text, select it and press ctrl + d. After you’ve made all the highlights, just press Enter and you’re all set.

All the highlights will be sent to your Notion workspace.

FYI, only the highlights that you make will be there, not the whole content.

But do you know what has excited me the most?

Whenever you get back to the web page or article, the highlights will always be there.

Isn’t that so useful? You don’t even have to open Notion to read the highlights.

You can visit the webpage to see the whole article along with all the highlights.

And, if you only need the highlights, those will be readily available for you in your Notion.

Notion+ Mark Manager

image12 2

Another great extension to supercharge your Notion experience.

Notion+Mark Manager is the perfect tool for managing your highlighted/colored text and comments in Notion.

Suppose you’re reading a long document in Notion. And, as you read, you’re highlighting some texts and adding comments.

Now, after you’ve read the whole thing, how are you going to review them all?


Personally I export my Notion highlights to Obsidian to play with them and connect them with my mental schema. So, this addon is such a time saver for me to export highlights easily (than doing block by block)!

Or, consider this.

Maybe your team has given you a Notion page with loads of comments in it. How are you going to review them all quickly?

Generally, you’ve to scroll through the entire document to do that and hunt for those tiny speech bubbles!

But with this extension, you can review everything with just one click.

You can see all the highlighted text, colored text, and also the comments anyone has added.

You can click any highlights or comments to easily go into that section of the page.

And, if you want, you can even export everything as a txt file.

It will be a great extension if you do a lot of highlighting in Notion.

So, check it out, my friend. You’ll love it.

Evergreen Notes (For Notion)

image2 5

Evergreen Notes is the most powerful extension when it comes to Knowledge Management.

It allows you to fully leverage the power of Notion to grow your knowledge. With this, you’re going to have a well-organized knowledge base in Notion.

Some of the powerful features are:

  • View backlinks, page mentions, search results, and similar notes
  • See all the highlights and even links on a page
  • Well-structured table of contents
  • Find and read similar notes without leaving the page

If you’re serious about building a knowledge base and getting the most out of it, Evergreen Notes is the one you’re looking for.


There are a lot of Chrome extensions available for Notion. Most of them are not functional and some of them may not be useful to you.

That’s why I’ve shown 10 Chrome extensions that can be helpful for the vast majority of people.

But which one should you be using?

Well, it depends on you, your needs, and your workflow.

Need to save a lot of articles? Go for the Official Notion Web clipper or Save to Notion.

Want to change how Notion looks? You can use Notion Boost, NotionX, or Tailored Notion. But if you only need to change the font, Stylebot is more than enough for you.

Need to share or present your Notion pages? Try using Notion Slides.

If you’re looking to enhance knowledge management capabilities of Notion, then , Trove, Notion+Mark Manager, and Evergreen Notes are the ones you should look for.