As it allows you to create documents, checklists, and tables, as well as collaborate with other stakeholders for planning, Notion can be invaluable in formulating your business plan.

In this blog post, I’ll be presenting you some of the most effective templates for business planning.

Creating a business plan forces you to think of all the important issues before the actual launch of your business without being a victim of shiny object syndrome.

Before starting any project, it is vital that you are aware of your priorities and take the time to plan accordingly.

Planning your business well will help you get things done faster.

You’ll know how to properly distribute your time and who to call when facing a problem, as well as setting benchmarks towards which you can grow.

Externalizing your ideas matters.

It helps you properly heed – “Begin with the end in mind”.

The below Notion templates are aimed at people who want to:

  • Create business plans for their own internal use
  • Create business plans to impress the VCs.

The most exhaustive OKRs notion template 📔


🌟 Score: 97 / 100

By using this template, you can track your OKRs in a structured manner and stay on top of them. You can also use it to track your personal OKRs. It comes with search, sort, and filter options across resources to customize the template as per your requirement and save 100+ hours on Productivity.

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Public Roadmap


🌟 Score: 90 / 100

The “Public Roadmap” Notion template is from the creators of Kanban mail. They offer a template that allows SaaS product or any digital product teams to keep track of future feature launches, take feature suggestions from users, and showcase their product’s roadmap for the near future.

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