Looking for an all-in-one digital platform that can help you create online courses, coaching programs, and membership sites?

You need to consider Kajabi.

For a limited time, Kajabi is offering a 30-day free trial to anyone who signs up using an exclusive link.

⏰ This 30 day trial is not advertised anywhere else, so take advantage of it while it lasts!

How to avail Kajabi’s 30 days free trial?

To claim your 30-day Kajabi free trial, follow these quick steps:

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You cannot access the 30-day trial from Kajabi.com. Instead, you must click here to bring up the special landing page.

Then, click “Claim Your Free 30-Day Trial” and input your name and email address when the popup appears.

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Next, input your credit card details to activate your free trial. You have the option of selecting either an annual or monthly payment, which will be automatically deducted when the free trial has ended.

Finally, click on Start Free Trial, and you will then have access to all the features on the platform.

Exclusive Trial Link

What happens after the Kajabi 30-day free trial has ended?

If you don’t select to cancel your Kajabi account before the 30-day free trial has expired, Kajabi will automatically charge you $149 or $1,428; depending on whether you selected a monthly or annual subscription.

Once that payment has been taken, you can continue using the platform and access all the features in the Kajabi Basic plan. At this point, you can also upgrade your plan if you want.

If you don’t wish to be charged for a Kajabi subscription, you must go into the Billing area of your Kajabi account and select to cancel the subscription. Then, when the free trial expires, you won’t be charged and will no longer have access to the platform.

If you forget to cancel your Kajabi subscription and are charged, don’t worry. You can take advantage of the platform’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

Kajabi pricing and discount: Which plan is best for whom?

Kajabi comes with three premium plans.

  • Basic – costs $149/mo
  • Growth – costs $199/mo
  • Pro – costs $399/mo
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As you can see, the basic plan allows you to sell only 3 products and create only 3 funnels per month. If you are an advanced marketer who wants to sell more, this plan is not for you.

With its Grow plan (for $199/month), you can create 15 products and 15 funnels.

Kajabi does not support unlimited products or funnels on any of its plans.

If you are just a beginner and your main focus is on course creation then you can start with the Basic plan.

You can save $360/year on the Basic plan, $480/year on Grow plan, and $960/year on the Pro plan.

Whom Kajabi is the best?

Choose Kajabi if you need:

  • Advanced course creation features (comparabl to Teachable).
  • Excellent marketing automation features.
  • Mobile app for your students to learn on the go.
  • Advanced website building and theme customization features (access to its code editor).
  • Feature-rich communities feature with gamification features (unheard of!)

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that offers a more interconnected approach to building marketing workflows. Unlike other platforms like Podia, Kajabi has depth to its features, eliminating the need for additional specialist tools.

It can replace your website builder, dedicated community platform, webinar platform, and email marketing software.

I appreciate the way in which each feature of Kajabi interacts with the others, resulting in the emergence of new features.

Once you witness the serendipity of an all-in-one platform like Kajabi, you’ll never go back to using siloed apps and tinker with Zapier again.

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FAQs on Kajabi trial

  • Is there a Kajabi 30-day free trial available? Yes, Kajabi is currently offering a 30-day free trial to anyone wanting to sign up. You can access the trial by clicking on this link.
  • Can I cancel the Kajabi 30-day free trial? Yes, you can cancel the Kajabi 30-day free trial by going into the Billing area of your Kajabi account and selecting to cancel the subscription.
  • Are there any Kajabi free trials longer than 30 days? Yes, Kajabi sometimes offers extended free trials that can total up to 60 days in length.
  • Can the Kajabi 30-day free trial be extended? No, the Kajabi 30-day free trial cannot be extended.
  • Does Kajabi offer a money-back guarantee? Yes, Kajabi offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Is there a Kajabi 45-day free trial available? There is no information available about a Kajabi 45-day free trial offer.
  • Is there a Kajabi 60-day free trial available? While there have been special offers in the past that included extended free trials of up to 60 days, there is currently no such offer available.
  • Is there a Kajabi 3-month trial code available? There is no information available about a Kajabi 3-month trial code.