What’s the use of mere traffic? You may feel astonished when you look at your traffic graph spiking. What’s the advantage?

Ok. Let’s assume that you now have targeted visitors.
How to make the most of it?

Here you can sense that there’s a need for a tool. Analyzing what the users need, Where the blog post readers stop reading your posts, is crucial.

This is where a tool called Hotjar insights come to play. Today I’m going to review that!

This tool offers various features like heat maps, feedback, surveys, funnels, visitor recording, analytics, a collection of user information and others.

Let me briefly explain the prospects of these features bit-by-bit.

#1. Heatmaps


It lets you know where do visitors exactly click on your site.

If you find that most of the visitors are clicking on a particular post on your site, then you can improve the content on that post further. By this, more and more visitors find it useful.

If you got no clicks on a particular portion of a blog, it’s time to revamp it.

How your internal links are performing? Visitors click through your internal links, only if the anchor text is catchy.

With the help of heat map analysis, you can determine what sort anchor texts are working well.

Like this, the applications are infinite and useful if you learn how to leverage them properly.

In case, if you are a marketer, you can find which product is working best.

It’s also helpful in A/B testing. The title that gets the most of the clicks is considered great.

In Hotjar, you can create as many heat maps as you want. You can target any URL on your site and examine the user interaction.

#2. Feedback


Getting feedback from the users is important. Without valuing the users’ and visitors’ advise, one can’t succeed online.

Users often provide you valuable feedback, room for improvement and new requirements. Once you satisfy their requirements by getting feedbacks, they will become your loyal customers.

It will then lead to more sales and business online.

In Hotjar insights, you can create a infinite number of feedback polls. It may target any page on your site.
You can also customize the poll based on the nature of the content.

Page targeting

Once readers feel that you are valuing their suggestions, they visit your site more often. Or they even check daily your site.

#3. Funnels

Funnels are very helpful in increasing product or affiliate sales.

It helps you determine, exactly where you are losing your potential customers. You can determine what setup is letting visitors go down the funnel.

Here I have an example setup to analyze how exactly my visitors are signing up for SEMRush trial.


#4. Visitor recording

This is one of the best, interesting fun feature in Hotjar.

It lets you view, where your visitors moved their cursors. It presents it like a video.

Below is the screenshot of me playing a user’s interaction on my site.

Visitor playback

It lets you analyze the mentality and thought pattern of your readers. On landing, what users are attracted to on your blog? What are they next attracted to?

How do they interact with your site?

It’s like having your readers sit next to you and watch them read throughout your articles. Their mouse movement clearly describes their reading pattern.

In a term, it’s an on-screen recording video of your readers’ computer or mobile device.

You can filter these recordings based on the landing page, date, visit duration, location, OS, browsers, devices, etc.

This will be the only one reason for you to opt for Hotjar insights.

#5. Surveys

Feedback form

Have you ever wondered why in many places on the web you are persuaded to fill up online survey forms?

Because, it is a proved tactic to increase your sales. It’s by understanding your audience.

With the help of surveys, you make sure that you are targeting the right audience for your site.

Surveys let you know if the audience you are targeting is not the right one.

You can also get an idea about the interests of your visitors. You can consider that data while you release or promote your next product.

On the other hand, it also improves communication between you and your customers.

Another killer example,

In case of blogging, it’s readers. You feel more human to them. You can then target your readers in the emails that you shoot weekly. It further increases bonds.

If you get the location of the user via surveys, you can shoot him mail like.

Hey, Jon. How’s going on at {location}?

Hotjar insights let you create unlimited surveys. You can add your own custom logo for the survey. Adding a face of yourself, would help to create a bond.

You can expect the answers in multiple choice form, long form, short form and even mixed. You can include multiple questions in a single survey.

Various languages are also available for the forums.

Here are the examples for ways to use Hotjar

Hotjar examples

Some of the other action plans are documented on their site.

Support and pricing

Their support is awesome. They usually respond to all your queries within 24 hours. They will solve any kind of problems or queries you have.

This service costs you $29 / month. You can also switch to free limited basic plan, at any time. Compared to any other similar kind of services, Hotjar offers you more features on unlimited sites with less price.

Compared to any other similar service, I found this service way much extensible and affordable.

You can give Hotjar insights a try, apply for beta version.

Currently they are running on beta testing. You can try out. Only invited users are allowed to use the beta version.

I have 3 invitations remaining. Let me know if you want them.

After trying out the tool, make sure you contact Hotjar and suggest them improvements and features. They will be thankful to you.

Wrapping up

Hope this review on Hotjar insights has helped you.

Do share this awesome tool with your fellow blogger-mates and marketers.