The Future of Blogging: My Scary Forecast and Predictions

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Dozens of posts are being published recently titled “Blogging is dead”. These posts are instilling fear in the minds of internet marketers and bloggers.

Did they do it for click bait?

Or maybe cause of the fact that tons of people are searching for the keyword “Blogging is dead”?

Some of them even show me the below Google Trends chart and tell me that blogging is dead.

Blogging trends

Let me tell you one thing. Google Trends rely on the search data. If there is less search for the keyword “Blogging”, then Google decides that the interest is low.

It clearly shows that the people who search for the keyword “blogging” is declining.

Blog definition

Back in 2008, few people knew about blogging and blogs.

But later in 2010, as mainstream media and corporates started adopting blogging for their inbound marketing, almost all the people who use the internet know what are blogs.

Hence, there is spike down in the chart and the number of people who search for the meaning of blogging.

The chart doesn’t imply blogging is dead.

But still. Here are my forecast and predictions about the future of blogging.

Authority blogging is on rise

Google Brands

It’s no wonder that we live in the world where capitalism is encouraged.

Google is known to favor big brands and manipulate the results for favoring them. This is made possible with the ever evolving contextual and semantic intelligence by Google. This is making small bloggers and AdSense publishers tough to face the competition.

If this trend continues, the SERPs will be dominated with content by big brands, and corporate owned sites like YouTube videos, LinkedIn, Medium, etc.

Popular social networking sites are also now encouraging the users to create content on their platform so that they can retain visitors longer on their site.

Big brands are hiring content writers at a faster pace to enable them to cover content in every niche possible.

This will continue to happen.

Nevertheless, it will be a slow shift.

You need to focus on building your blog as an authority in your niche. You need to stop putting your effort on building multiple micro-niche sites.

More need of quality content

Quality Content

Blogging is becoming harder day by day. I can feel the heat.

Back in 2010, if you publish an article with a focused keyword, it would easily rank.

But now, due to the ever increasing competition in blogging and maturity in Google’s intelligence, you need to cut through the competition with strong quality content signals to really rank in Google.

Recently Google incorporated A.I and machine learning to its search in the form of Rankbrain algorithm. It has the ability to fully comprehend the content and rank quality content.

In fact, according to a report from SEJ, Google Rankbrain is one of the top 3 ranking factors of Google.

You need to really stress on creating quality content so as to stand out of other content in your niche.

Because Google is on its way to analyze the content more effectively than human beings.

People are becoming more choosy.  Due to information overload, people like to follow only a couple of blogs in their niche. They subscribe to those blogs and follow them regularly.

When it comes to the blogging world, it’s like “The first bad impression is the last impression” – for a reader.

You really need to learn the art of captivating your readers with enchanting content on your blog, or else they will ditch you.

This trend will continue, as people are becoming more choosy about the content they consume online.

The rise of content marketing

Content marketing

More and more people are interested in knowing about content marketing.

Content marketing is like strategic blogging to educate your prospect customers, by providing relevant and consistent content. It helps your potential customers with their decisions, flow through the sales funnel and make them do a profitable action.

In simple words, creating content in order to educate prospect customers and sell a product is booming.

Blogging is turning out to be one of the forms of inbound marketing rather than just sharing content. Nowadays, majority of the content in popular niches you encounter on the web are written by content marketers.

Bloggers need to quickly adapt to the change and master in content marketing, inbound marketing and copywriting. It’s the need of the hour.

Alternative sources of content consumption


Vlogging is buzzing.

Next to Google, YouTube is the next most used search engine. People are now being more accustomed to watching videos mainly due to the cognitive ease that videos provide in content consumption.

If you are in a type of niche like where the audience more likely prefer videos, you could hardly sustain with typical blogging.


For example, people like to watch gym workouts in action than that of textual descriptions. Nobody would like to read about cute kittens. While researching a niche, don’t choose a niche that can be easily made visual.

When it comes to alternative sources of content consumption, you should also not forget to repurpose your content to other mediums like SlideShare, Medium, and LinkedIn.


And also, don’t underestimate the power of podcasts.


It is also estimated that the podcast industry will grow further, because the podcast content consumption doesn’t require much of your attention, and you can multitask and still listen to podcasts.

As I said earlier, I highly advise you to repurpose your content to videos and also podcasts to embed on your blog.

Down the lane, Google Podcasts offers Creator and AI features. Who knows? One day it enables you to auto-create podcast episodes by text-to-speech engines that have a perfect human tone.

However, these video and audio mediums of content consumption will not completely replace blogging.


People who are in need of quick information can’t watch the videos or listen to the podcasts. The blog posts remain the single-best format for quick content consumption.

Rise of content consumption

Content Consumption On Rise

Here’s the good point.

The global consumption of the online content is increasing at a very good rate. There are many niches, and also, new niches are being unveiled every day that has little or no competition at all.

That means the demand for content writers is increasing.

All you need is to find a niche you are passionate about that has relatively low competition and start creating content.

Corporates like Google, are striving hard to make the internet accessible to all, and get the entire world online. The digital consumption is almost going to double in the coming year.

Google Knowledge Graph stealing traffic

Google Knowledge Graph

Google is now instantly answering all your questions on the SERP itself. It’s killing a lot of organic traffic for the sites. The Google Knowledge Graph is still in a nascent state, just imagine how it will be when Rankbrain and A.I fully powers it.

Blogs that are ranking in the top 5 have a higher probability of getting featured in Knowledge Graph. Most of the top ranking sites are like Wikipedia and other big brands.

Nevertheless, the Knowledge Graph can’t kill all the traffic of the blogs. But it would impact small publishers (often ranking low for popular keywords) a lot.

It’s still, unclear how much the Knowledge Graph is going to evolve.

If you outstand in a low competition niche, chances of your content getting on Google Knowledge Graph will be more.

Employment model in content creation will shine


Blogging will never be dead. Starting a new blog and growing it would take forever, due to the big stress on authority and trust thing. As I’ve said earlier Google is favoring big brands and sites with inherent huge authority.

As you may have already observed, there will be a further growth of big blogs hiring content writers and bloggers for their business. The employment model in the blogging industry will grow further.

Solopreneurship becomes tougher as days roll on.

Creating content on an already established platform than starting on your own blog will seem more viable. Already content publishing platforms like LinkedIn, Medium, even Facebook are encouraging it. They want to be your blogging platform.

Smart ContentBots


Writing is one of the skills that can be easily automated by robots that have A.I and machine learning capabilities. There are already tons of articles that are written by bots. As cited, a bot wrote 10,000 Wikipedia articles on a single day.

This trend will continue.

Automating the writing process will continue in this ever-automating world. By this, it will save a lot of money and time for big news and content publishers.

But some types of content are not effectively handled by robots. Nevertheless, they are good at writing content based on facts and pre-fed statistics.

You need to learn effective content creation and copywriting skills. Contentbots will be lagging behind when it comes to writing persuasive content and writing content that sells.

Have I scared you?

Let’s face it.

It’s the reality!

Being aware of the reality and learning new skills that will be of deemed importance in the near future will be a great deal. Technology is meant to advance, and at the same time, new opportunities will unveil. We should be wise enough to make it for us.

We should be swift in terms of adoption of new challenges in our lives, and should be swift to face new challenges before us.

As I said earlier blogging will never be dead. But the current effectiveness of it lessens. It witnesses many changes and expression of information takes different forms.


What should you do now?

  • Focus your attention on building authority blogs than that of niche blogs that contain only a dozen of pages.
  • Don’t remain just as a mere blogger. Upgrade and learn new skills like content marketing, copywriting and also blogging. Get ready to adapt to the change. Don’t say – “Who moved my cheese.”

I hope you found this post helpful. Thank you.

Let me know your views about the future of blogging in the comments section below!

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25 thoughts on “The Future of Blogging: My Scary Forecast and Predictions”

  1. Hey, akshay
    It was very good article about future of blogging. I loved it!
    One thing is that google wants to give better & accurate results to the readers. Hence, bloggers will have to understand their readers what he/she want to know? . if you are able to satisfy your target audience then google also love your blog and increase rank in search results.
    Btw, thanks for publishing this.
    Aakash patel

  2. Hi Akshay,
    Nothing to scare. If we try to write something different like what you did in this article then I am sure blogging will never be dead.
    Yes it is getting tougher day by day but with transformation blogging will go ahead.
    There is no doubt about that visual content will be the future.
    Well written post.

  3. HI Akshay,
    I really like the way you represent your article.
    Yes the future of blogging is very bright and some time dark too which gives us a knowledge that we must keep working every thing will come to alright.
    Any way nice content Thanks for sharing
    Cheers 🙂

  4. Hello Akshay,
    In my opinion, it’s all depends on the strategy of blogging and the way you move forward, I don’t see any future of event bloggers and spammers but if anyone is doing the something white hat then sooner or later they will shine for sure.

    But you representation of this topic is worth appreciable I must say.

  5. Hello Akshay,
    The title of your post really scared me at first sight but yes you have shared a great topic for discussion. In my opinion, the future of blogging is bright if we do it with dedication. Only the spammers need to be worried because they don’t know when penalty would slap the face of their blogs.

  6. Hi Akshay,
    A very detailed article!
    This is true that competition is tough now compare to the earlier days of Blogging. Now every day millions of articles are posted and thousands of blog created. So it’s now more important to provide Unique, in-depth and quality content.
    Overall, a very knowledgeable and nice article! Thank you for sharing it with us. Bloggers Rock!

  7. Hi Akshay,

    It’s a very good post which really supports and creates awareness among newbie bloggers about sustainability in blogging. Content writing auto bots would be a scary thing for paid guest bloggers and freelance content writers. Like how bots could replace low skilled labours in any field of work, it will replace jobs of content writers who writes boring & traditional content. So bloggers should create very high quality content to rank high in search results.

  8. Hey Akshay,

    I want to start a blogging from 2017 and i am looking for article which give me insights on future of blogging , through google search i found out your this post and all i can say its wonderful.Most of by doubt are solved with your this post.

    Keep posting my bro..:)

  9. Interesting article with a lot of good points. I see the trend of video over the written word everyday. The written word will always be powerful but I believe people should combine both video and word. The two together are very powerful.

  10. Hi Akshay,

    Thank you for this post with great insight regarding the future of blogging.
    I have a question for you. I have started a travel blog recently and though the plan is to start Vlogging soon, I am wondering how much time I should dedicate to the written posts.

    I would be grateful to also hear other people’s opinions.

    Thank you.

    1. Written posts will still be relevant. Not everyone loves to play videos for small doubts. They like to scan and keep complete control of the speed at which they get the specific information they look for.

      I would say 50-50, both video and textual content. Remember that the video you create will be hosted on YouTube, it’s not yours. However, content is still yours (unless you use amp that strips your branding).

  11. Blogging is just a word, a name., No matter what you call it, as long as you are posting a really valuable content, then you will go up and up no matter who you are competing against with.

  12. Hi Akhsay!
    It’s a very interesting article. I was worry about the future of blogging since I just started my blog few weeks ago. But thanks to your article, it gives an optimistic understanding about future of blogging and what should we do to face the future

  13. Great article. I am quite impressive by it. Thanks you have shared on your blog. I am also blogging for one years and now thinking whether only content writing is enough for bloggers or not…i was in doubt. Hopefully it removed them. Thanks again and very well said.

  14. hi there,
    a true picture of the industry, you have presented it like all flowers in one bouquet.
    changing trends of delivering information are more competitive but also enable us to think out of the box,
    sometimes images express better than text and video more than images,,,
    we have to keep up ourself updated with these ongoing changes,

    thanks for such details, the time and effort you have invested in this blog is really helpful for all.

  15. Initially the title is bit scary… but the way you have described the blogging and have explained that content would remain in search and google would keep on upraising the good contents helped me a lot.
    Me myself thinks that contents is still king.

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