Today in this post, I’ll be presenting you the ConvertKit review and help you decide whether this WordPress plugin is right for you or not.

Convert Pro is one of the best lead generation plugins for WordPress that comes with plenty of useful features. The features offered by Convert Pro can be compared to OptinMonster and Thrive Leads.

This lead generation plugin was developed by Brainstorm Force, the same team that has developed popular WordPress plugins like Ultimate Add-ons for Elementor, Schema Pro, Astra Theme, and other free plugins for WordPress.

Let’s get started with the Convert Pro review.

Convert Pro Review: An In-depth Analysis

Convert Pro comes with a drag and drop popup builder with free editing canvas and 100% design flexibility.

The features offered by Convert Pro are:

  • Drag and drop editor
  • Multi-step call-to-actions
  • Ready-to-use templates that are conversion-optimized
  • Google Analytics integration
  • 30+ mailer integrations
  • Exit-intent popups
  • On-Click popups
  • Info-bar / slide-in forms
  • After post / inline CTA’s
  • Yes / no forms
  • Full-screen CTA’s
  • Page-level targeting
  • Advanced A/B split testing
  • Referrer detection
  • Device detection
  • AdBlock detection
  • Real-time analytics
  • Advanced filters
  • Ability to schedule the opt-in forms
  • White labeling and many more.

Drag and drop builder

Similar to other popular lead generation tools like Thrive Leads or Optinmonster, Convert Pro comes with easy to use drag and drop editor.

With this, you can create highly optimized opt-in forms within a few minutes. To be honest, when it comes to speed, Convert Pro is faster than Thrive Leads.

One cool advantage of Convert Pro is, it offers a free canvas design. It means you can just freely drag and drop elements, similar to how you do in image editing softwares like Canva or Photoshop.

ConvertPro Dashboard

Also, Convert Pro comes with snapping grids and guides features that make your alignment even more simple.

Elements comes with the builder

Convert Pro offers various design elements like:

  • Heading
  • Subheading
  • Paragraph
  • HTML
  • Image
  • Video
  • Countdown
  • Close image
  • Close text
  • Forms
  • Buttons
  • Shapes

When it comes to form buttons, Convert Pro provides the following:

  • Submit
  • Submit and go to step
  • Submit and go to URL
  • Go to step (for multi-step popups)
  • Submit and close
  • Close
  • Close page

Convert Pro opt-in forms:

Optin forms

Convert Pro comes with plenty of conversion-friendly built-in templates that you can customize or build them from scratch. You have the full design freedom to customize the opt-in forms.

Here are the various types of opt-in forms available:

Modal popups: With this popup, you can create yes/no and modal popups. Yes/no pop-ups are a great way to increase your conversions.

Modal popups

Info bar: This type of opt-in form slides in and sits at the top or bottom of the page.

Info bar

Slide-in: These slide-in forms slide from the corners or sides of your web page without impacting the user experience.

Slide-in forms

Before/after: You can embed these types of opt-in forms either at the beginning or at the end of your blog post.

Before/after forms

In content form: You can embed these forms in the middle of the content of your web page. You need to just paste the shortcodes in between the content to display the pop-ups.

In content forms

Also, you can use these forms as content lockers to skyrocket your sales. With content lockers, you’ll be placing some subscriber-exclusive content beneath the locker, and it will be unlocked once the user submits his/her email.

Widget box: You can create and display these forms within the sidebar widget area of the web page.

Widget box

Convert mat: These forms are perfect to welcome your visitors. These act as overlay forms and they cover the entire screen. These pop-ups display the lightbox overlay in the form of a mat.

Convert mat

Full-screen popup: Just like convert mat, you can embed these forms on any of your web pages or posts with a dedicated call to action.

Full-screen popup

The good thing is that you can create multi-step opt-in forms in Convert Pro for better conversions.

One interesting feature where Convert Pro excels over Thrive Leads is that you can schedule the display time period for the opt-in forms with start and end dates. This is a great feature for bloggers who want to run offers during seasonal and special events.

For example: When Black Friday is running, you can display the pop-ups to increase the sales until Black Friday ends.

Multi-step popups

You can create multi-step popups with Convert Pro to collect more information about the user, implement gamification in lead generation and boost the conversion rate.

It helps you effectively segmentize your audience, and target them effectively in your email marketing campaigns. Implementing quizzes is one of the most effective ways to engage people whilst collecting valuable information about them for effective targeting.

Multi-step popups

In Convert Pro, you need to select – “Multi-step”.

No of steps to select

You can keep on creating multiple steps here. If you are looking to create a simple two-step lead generation form, all you need is two steps. You need to build a separate lead generation form for each step.

Now when users click on the sign-up button, they will be shown the “Step 2” – a different optin-form or a message (in the above case, maybe a quiz)

Convert Pro triggers

Displaying the timely messages boosts the conversions. This is why the trigger-based popups are important.

Convert Pro offers different types of popup triggers:

  1. Exit intent trigger: This popup will appear when the visitor is about to leave the page.
  2. Well-timed trigger: It displays the right message at the right time as you specify.
  3. Welcome trigger: With this, you can display the message as soon as the visitor visits the page.
  4. User inactivity trigger: After identifying the inactivity of the users, you can display the message after a specified period of time to make them engage. You can set the user inactivity period under settings.
  5. After scroll trigger: This trigger displays the form at a specified period when a user scrolls a certain level of the page.
  6. After content trigger: As soon as the user reaches the end of the content on a page, this trigger displays the message.
  7. After certain CSS element: This allows you to trigger the Convert Pro form, once the user reaches a certain CSS element in the page.
  8. On click: It triggers the CTA once the user clicks on any link in the webpage you specif

To boost the conversions, Convert Pro also provides advanced filters to personalize each message based on user behavior.

You can target visitors based on which device they are using, the referral they came from, the page they are visiting, and also the cookies.

Trigger options

Here are the filters you can use to target your audience:

  1. Page-level targeting
  2. New vs old visitors
  3. Referrer detection
  4. Cookie control
  5. Device detection
  6. Logged-in users

If you want to display the pop-ups for targeting your visitors based on geography, then you can do this with the “Geo-Location” feature.

Geo-Location feature

You can choose whether you want to show the popups for all countries, non-EU countries or just the EU countries. You can also use “targeting specific countries” option to show your call to action for specific counties just by typing in the names.

How cool, isn’t it?

Targeting the visitors based on cookies

You can also target your visitors based on cookies. You can display the popup whenever a particular cookie is set. Also, you can hide the CTA for multiple cookies.

Logged in users trigger

By default, the popups will be shown to all users. Convert Pro provides you the option to hide the CTAs for the logged in users.

Responsive design options

Additionally, you can also specify the devices on which you need to display the popups by choosing among desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Convert Pro comes with Ad Blocker detection that detects the ad-blockers which block advertisements and popups on the websites.

Adblock detection feature

Advanced A/B testing:

You can compare multiple opt-in forms and test which one works best for you.

You are free to compare unlimited pop-ups with various styles. You need at least 2 pop-ups published for split testing.

Advanced A/B testing

You need to specify the time period for the split testing. If you wish you can select the option to automatically publish the split test winner.

With split testing, if you want to analyze the conversions and impressions, you need to integrate Convert Pro with Google Analytics.

By integrating your account with Google Analytics you can track the results in real-time and also you can analyze them in the form of graphs in WordPress backend.

Integrating ConvertPro account with Google Analytics

To integrate Convert Pro with Google Analytics, first, you need to activate the Analytics addon and enter the tracking code.

Convert Pro integrations:

Convert Pro integrations

Convert Pro integrates with most of the popular email marketing software, sales software, and automation platforms like:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • MailChimp
  • Aweber
  • MailerLite
  • SendinBlue
  • MailerLite
  • ConstantContact
  • Drip
  • Mautic
  • Zapier
  • Moosend
  • ConvertFox and many more.
Setting up the integration

To integrate Convert Pro with any of these tools, you need to head over to the connection section, choose the platform and set up the API key to get started.

Whenever the user submits the form you will get notified with the email. You can customize this email as you wish and also, Convert Pro provides some shortcodes to customize your email.

Google reCAPTCHA service

To avoid the spam submissions, you can make use of the Recaptcha feature. To use this service, first, you need to get a Google reCAPTCHA key and paste it in Recaptcha settings.

Submission form email

If any error occurs in the submission form, you will get the error notification.

Whitelabling feature

Convert Pro provides a white labeling feature for usage on client websites. Many popular plugins like Thrive Leads and Optinmonster lack this feature.

Convert Pro vs OptinMonster

Convert Pro comes with many features like campaign scheduling, referral detection, Adblock detection, cookie trigger, CSS element trigger, inactivity trigger, etc. which are also present in OptinMonster.

Here are some of the unique features of Convert Pro compared to OptinMonster.

  • Multi-step forms
  • Mini quiz forms
  • Whitelabel (for unlimited client site usage)
  • Unlimited traffic support (as it is a WordPress plugin)

On the other hand, OptinMonster has only a couple of unique features cross-platform support (being a cloud application) and sound effects.

Convert Pro costs you $99/year or $399/lifetime compared to OptinMonster which costs you $29/month for it be comparable to Convert Pro. I would say if you are on WordPress Convert Pro would be the best value for money.

Convert Pro vs Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a product of Thrive Themes and is a good competitor to Convert Pro. Both have some similar features like various optin types, multi-step opt-in forms, triggers, conditions, and A/B split testing.

Thrive Leads has some unique features compared to Convert Pro like:

  • Integrated detailed analytics (Convert Pro has integration with Google Analytics)
  • Signup segue (one-click sign up)
  • Ultimate drag and drop builder and design flexibility due to tight integration with Thrive Architect
  • Asset delivery (for delivering lead magnets without necessarily using autoresponders)
  • More conversion-friendly templates than Convert Pro

Convert Pro has some unique features compared to Thrive Leads like:

  1. Referral detection
  2. Cookie targeting
  3. Inactivity trigger
  4. Adblock detection
  5. Whitelabel

The biggest strength of Thrive Leads is its integrated analytics, and also integration with many other Thrive Themes plugins like Thrive Architect, Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive Quiz Builder, etc. for supercharging lead generation.

When you combine the features of all these plugins, Thrive Leads is hands-down the winner (in spite of some features that I discussed).

When it comes to pricing, Thrive Leads costs you $67, $97, and $147 for 1, 5, and 15 sites respectively. All plans come with lifetime updates. On the other hand, Convert Pro costs you $99/year or $399/lifetime with unlimited Whitelabel usage even on client websites.

Convert Pro add ons:

As of now, Convert Pro provides 6 addons.

Convert Pro add ons
  1. Connect addon: Allows you to integrate with any of the marketing software.
  2. A/B test addon: Allows you to split test the various call to actions.
  3. Grid addon: With this, you can add a grid within the editor so that aligning the elements will be super easy.
  4. Import/export addon: Allows you to export all the CTAs you created to import them to other sites where you have Convert Pro installed
  5. Analytics addon: You can integrate Convert Pro with Google Analytics to track your conversions and analyze the results in real-time.
  6. Advanced Scripts: With this addon, you can add the JavaScript code to trigger at particular events like form submission, close popup and many more.

The best thing about Convert Pro is you can activate or deactivate the individual add-ons. This makes sure that the plugin loads faster.

Convert Pro pricing

Convert Pro pricing

Convert Pro costs $99/year and comes with all the features listed above. Whereas the agency bundle costs $249/year. The lifetime deal costs $399 and it is $699 for the agency bundle.

Compared to Thrive Leads, Convert Pro costs more. Thrive Leads costs $67 for 1 site license and $97 for 5 site licenses. If you are an agency owner then Thrive Leads disappoints you, as the pricing depends on the number of the sites.

But if you run an agency and handle client websites, then Convert Pro is really worth the price as you can manage unlimited websites.

With the agency bundle, along with Convert Pro, you will get Astra Pro theme, ready-made starter sites, WP portfolio, Ultimate addons for Beaver Builder, Ultimate addons for Elementor, and also Schema Pro.

Convert Pro is one of the best alternatives to Optinmonster. Optinmonster costs $19/mo providing access to only 1 site and limits to 3 campaigns. So, Optinmonster is really not worth the money especially if you are on WordPress.


  • Convert Pro comes with Adblock detection
  • Unlike Thrive Leads, with Convert Pro you can schedule the display time of opt-in forms.
  • Free canvas feature
  • Supports white labeling feature
  • Geo-location targeting
  • On-click pop-ups
  • Supports multi-step opt-in forms
  • Comes with snapping grids for easier alignment
  • Deactivate individual addons if not in use
  • Ability to customize the form submission and error emails
  • 100% design freedom
  • Ability to set the user inactivity period
  • Provides shortcodes to customize the emails
  • Fast loading speed than Thrive Leads


  • If you are an individual site owner, the price is quite high
  • Lightbox animations are not supported
  • Has less number of built-in templates compared to Thrive Leads
  • Tablet view editing is lacking

FAQs on Convert Pro

What is Convert Pro?

Convert Pro is one of the best lead generation WordPress plugins that comes with drag and drop popup builder.

Who is the developer of Convert Pro?

Convert Pro was developed by the Brainstorm Force. The same team behind the most popular and best-selling WordPress plugins like Astra theme, Ultimate Add-ons for Gutenberg, Schema Pro, and many more.

How to install Convert Pro?

First, you need to head over to your Convert Pro account. There you need to download the zip file of the plugin. Now just import the zip file on the WordPress site and activate it with the license. Or else you can directly install it from the WordPress dashboard in the plugins section.

How much does the Convert Pro cost?

Convert Pro costs $99/year and the lifetime deals cost $399 that provides lifetime updates. You will get access to unlimited sites on these purchases.

Is Convert Pro right for me?

If you run an agency, the white labeling, and unlimited sites feature are really worth the money you spend. But if you have just a single site, then you may need to carefully consider the features we’ve reviewed here.


Convert Pro is the best list building plugin you can consider buying. Although it may seem quite costlier than Thrive Leads, if you need unique features like lead generation scheduling, referral detection, Adblock detection, without the monthly pricing of OptinMonster, Convert Pro is really worth it.

If you are an agency owner handling multiple client WordPress websites, then Convert Pro is the best bet for you as its white-labeling and unlimited site usage helps you a lot.

With Convert Pro you will get excellent support and 100% design freedom with free canvas drag and drop.

Hope you guys found this post on Convert Pro review helpful.