How much can you customize your Notion workspace?

You can add tables, lists, images, etc. You can move them, resize them, and even connect with other apps.

But can you change the font?

Of course, you can choose among the 3 styles that are already given.

But can you use the fonts you love?

No, Notion doesn’t give you that choice.

But, there is a way to do that. In fact, several ways.

In this post, I am going to share some of the ways you can change the default fonts of Notion.

So, let’s look at them one by one – from the easiest to the harder ones.

How to Change Font in Notion

Notion Default Fonts

Let’s start with the easiest one. If you’ve been using Notion for a while, you already know about it.

But if you don’t, let me show you.

It’s super easy and you can do that on any platform of Notion. (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, or Web)

Notion offers 3 font choices: Sans (Default), Serif, and Mono. Each one is beautiful and you can choose any of them.

Click the three dots on the top-right corner of Notion and under Style, you’ll see the options to change between fonts.

image2 1

Just choose the one you like and you’re good to go.

It’s that easy and that simple.

Using a Font Changer Extension

The default fonts of the Notion are good. And, the fact you can choose any of them within the app/web (without any other tool) is very helpful.

But, what if you love to have more choices?

Can you choose any font other than the three that Notion has?

Well, you can. And, you’re going to have a lot of choices.

But there is one caveat. Which is, you can only change the fonts in a browser. You can’t do that in the Notion app (Mac or Windows or Android)

If you’re okay with this, you’re going to love the experience.

Download any Font Changer Extension for the browser you use.

Here are some good ones that you can use:

These are super easy to use. First, install the extension in your browser.

Now go to your Notion workspace and click on the extension icon. Here you will see the option to change the fonts.


In many extensions, you will have the option to choose one in each category of the font:

  • Standard font
  • Serif font
  • Sans-serif font
  • Fixed-width font

Choose the font you like for each category and you’re good to go.

This is how you’re going to have more font choices in Notion.


The first two were easy. But this one will be a little more difficult.

But don’t worry.

I am going to show you exactly what you need to do to set a custom font in Notion.

By the way, this one allows you to select any font from Google Fonts and set it in your Notion.

But the only problem is that it works only on browsers.

Now, let me show you how you can do that.

First, install this Stylebot on your Chrome browser. Now go to your Notion workspace and click on the Stylebot extension.

Click on the toggle menu beside to enable the extension for the Notion website.

Click Open Stylebot to see more options. Here, you can play around with various options and change the styling of the fonts and colors.

But, the best thing to do is to click < > Code option (Down-left corner). Then, you will see a CSS editor.

image3 1

Now you have to enter CSS code. But before that, go to Google Fonts and choose any font you like.

After you’ve selected a font, click +Select this style and a panel will open.

Click the @import button and copy between the two <style>. See the image below to better understand it.

image5 1

Now go back to the Notion page and paste the code in the CSS editor and click enter.

After that, copy the following code and paste it under the one that you have already added:

div div div {

font-family: Font_Name;


Then change the Font_Name with the name of the font you’ve selected from Google Fonts.

image1 1

If you’re doing everything properly, the font should have changed by now.

And, you can set whatever font you want from Google Fonts.

I know it involves some tricky steps but it’s worth the effort. Now your Notion workspace will have the font you love.


These are some of the relatively easy ways to set custom fonts in Notion. But not everything works for everybody.

If you only use Notion in their native app, going with the default fonts is the best thing to do.

But if you’re okay with using Notion in the browser, then you can easily go with the Font Changer extension. I prefer this one.

Are you comfortable with a little bit of CSS editing? Stylebot is the one for you. Because with this, you can do much more than just changing the fonts.

So, which way do you love to use for setting custom fonts in your notion? Let us know.