Today in this post I am going to present you the BuddyBoss lifetime deal.

BuddyBoss is a WordPress theme exclusively designed to use with plugins like LearnDash and LifterLMS.

With this theme, you can sell the courses, memberships, build a community for increasing user engagement, create discussion forums, and much more.

BuddyBoss is offering a lifetime deal that ranges from $1999 to $14999.

Without waiting further let’s get started.

WordPress Theme

Lifetime deal price

Starts at $1,999/Lifetime


  • Compatible with all WordPress plugins
  • Has a native mobile app
  • Community and gamification features


Boss Theme

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BuddyBoss lifetime deal

BuddyBoss lifetime deal pricing

BuddyBoss lifetime deals are available for Done for you apps. You can purchase up to 10 BuddyBoss apps.

For one app, it costs $1,999/one time payment, for 2 apps it costs $3599/lifetime.

No of appsPricing
1 App$1,999/lifetime
2 App$3,599/lifetime
5 App$7,999/lifetime
10 App$14,999/lifetime

Click on the below link to activate the lifetime deal.

BuddyBoss features

BuddyBoss features

BuddyBoss helps you turn your website into a social media platform or community platform like Facebook, with features including private groups, private messaging, user profiles, etc.

You need to remember that LearnDash offers limited membership features.

Top industry-leading course experts are using LearnDash and BuddyBoss integration for skyrocketing their income.

BuddyBoss community

Using BuddyBoss, you can customize the courses with multiple lessons, quizzes, and topics you want.

BuddyBoss and LearnDash integration

Using its advanced quizzes you can add 8 types of quizzes like the single answer, multiple-choice, sorting, matching, fill in the blanks, free text, surveys, essay questions, and much more.

You can even implement a lesson timer to avoid students skipping the lessons. They are allowed to move on to the next lesson only after the timer reaches zero.

BuddyBoss provides an expire access feature so that the students can have lifetime access or date based expiration. This encourages them to renew their subscriptions.

BuddyBoss memberships

By integrating with BuddyBoss, you will get advanced membership features as BuddyBoss natively integrates with membership plugins like MemberPress, Wishlist Member, etc. This integration really helps you market your memberships and earn more.

You can even create members-only discussion forums and restrict the access only for the paid membership users. This is a great feature and it motivates the members to go with higher plans.

BuddyBoss eCommerce

If you want to build an online store you can easily integrate BuddyBoss with WordPress eCommerce plugins like Woocommerce and start selling your courses, memberships, and also manage all the payment processing.

I really liked the BuddyBoss assignment feature. This allows you to auto-approve or manually approve the assignments, assign the rewards, provide the feedback, or leave comments on individual topics or lessons.

BuddyBoss and WooCommerce integration

One feature I really liked with BuddyBoss is that it allows you to collect the data on your website by making use of conversion optimized forms but for this, you need to make use of external form plugins like Gravity Forms.

BuddyBoss offers excellent customization options and you can customize your site with just a single click without the need to use any custom CSS or JavaScript.

BuddyBoss integration with Elementor

I really liked how BuddyBoss integrates with page builders like Elementor, Cornerstone, and Gutenberg page builders for you to customize your pages that are visually appealing and convert well.

BuddyBoss and Zoom meeting app

BuddyBoss integrates with the Zoom meeting app with which you can schedule face-to-face meetings with community members to give them live training or host the webinars, sell your content, etc

One great advantage here is that you can embed the recorded Zoom meetings on any of your WordPress pages or inside your course content so that it motivates your students to participate in the meetings.

BuddyBoss provides a native mobile app and using its AppBoss integration you can launch your own white-labeled mobile app so that it helps people to connect with your brand.

With the mobile app, users can receive push notifications for new course releases, mentions, friendship requests, the launch of any events, etc. so that they are always kept updated on what’s going on.

To get connected with your audience from any of the geographical locations, BuddyBoss gives you multilingual & RTL support. With this, the theme has the built-in capability to be used in any language.

Gamification is an important feature you need to implement to motivate and increase user engagement.

Gamification features with Gamipress

BuddyBoss integrates with gamification plugins like GamiPress with which you can reward them with points, ranks, badges for activities like participation in the quizzes, next level account activations, assignment completions, etc.

BuddyBoss app

BuddyBoss integrates greatly with a huge number of third party platforms over a wide range of categories like:

  1. Memberships
  2. Automation
  3. CRM
  4. Gamification
  5. SEO
  6. Social
  7. Marketing
  8. Page builders
  9. Etc.

FAQs on BuddyBoss

What is BuddyBoss?

BuddyBoss is a WordPress theme meant to be integrated especially with LearnDash and LifterLMS.

Can I get a money-back guarantee with this platform?

Yes, it offers a 14 days refund for unsatisfied customers.

How can I avail BuddyBoss lifetime deal?

I have covered it in the post, read it carefully.

Do I need to renew my license?

No need. You will get all the updates and you are free to use the theme for a lifetime.

Does the BuddyBoss theme work with any plugin?

BuddyBoss works excellently with any of the WordPress plugins.


BuddyBoss is one of the highly customized and feature-rich themes you can use with your WordPress site.

If you are a WordPress based course creator, LearnDash, and BuddyBoss theme integration helps you skyrocket your earnings.

BuddyBoss seamlessly integrates with various membership plugins, page builders, WooCommerce plugins, etc. making it the best choice for WordPress users.

If you want to save huge amounts, the BuddyBoss lifetime deal is really worth your investment.