SEMrush Coupon: Get FREE 30 Day Pro Account (May 2020)

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SEMrush is a great SEO competitor analysis software, that lets you gain a competitive edge in SEO, SEM, and also social media marketing. It’s an all-in-one suite for your online business.
SEMrush comes with a lot of features when it comes to SEO, SEM, and also social media.
Ease of use
SEMrush is really easy to use with interface built keeping good UI/UX in mind.
The price of SEMrush is quite on the high end. But for the price, it’s definitely worth it.
SEMrush support is top-notch they offer email, tickets, and well as they have toll-free numbers.
The above link activates free access to SEMrush pro plan for 30-days

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Are you searching for a SEMrush promo code to get discount?


In this post, I'm going to present you SEMrush coupon to get 30-days free access to the platform.

SEMrush is one of the most popular SEO competitor analysis tools. For researching my competitors I personally use it everyday along with other tools.

Before buying any tool, it's worth the time and effort to try out the tool, and then consider buying it.

SEMrush coupon - Reveal

SEMrush is a leading SEO competition analysis tool, click to copy the coupon code.

SEMrush coupon - Reveal

SEMrush is a leading SEO competition analysis tool, click to copy the coupon code.

How to redeem your coupon code for SEMrush?

For redeeming your SEMrush promo code, you need to head over to this page.

SEMrush Sign Up

Now click on “create my account”.

SEMrush Coupon Applied

Here in this screen, you can see that the coupon code will be applied and the discount will be activated.

As you can see the trial period is 30-days, after which you need to renew your license.

You need to enter in your personal details and also payment details for the license to be activated. Once you click on the order button, the plan will be activated without charging any money on your card.

What features you get with this SEMrush promo offer?

Once you sign up and apply the coupon, it'll activate the free 30-days access to the SEMrush pro plan.

Here are some of the features you'll be getting after applying the coupon code:

SEMrush Features
  • Keyword magic tool: Their keyword database now exceeds 7.7 billion. With this tool, you can research the main keywords and also the LSI keywords you need to target in your blog posts.
  • SEO content template: It allows you to write SEO-friendly blog content that ranks high in Google by suggesting you content template taking semantic SEO and also topical SEO into consideration.
  • Content audit: It enables you to audit the content on your site and gives you suggestions on what content to delete, update or merge for good SEO health and reader experience.
  • Domain vs domain analysis: Lets you compare the two sites when it comes to keywords, backlinks, and other metrics.
  • Competitors: It lets you know the SEO competitors of your site or any site looking at the common keywords the sites are ranking for. Once you determine who are all your competitors, you can analyze their SEO strategies to replicate them in your business.
  • Website traffic estimation: It estimates the traffic any website is getting by analyzing the keywords and the position in which they are ranking for.
  • PPC and paid ad analysis: It helps you spy what PPC ads your competitor or any site is running.
  • Competitor keyword analysis: It lets you analyze what keywords are driving traffic to your competitors.
  • Competitor backlink analysis: It lets you analyze the complete backlink profile of your competitors. With this, you'll be able to identify what backlink building strategies are working well for your competitors.
  • SEO audit tool: Analyzes basic SEO, internal links, crawl depth, backlink audit, page speed, broken links, etc).
  • Backlink health checker: It helps you analyze the backlink profile of any site, identify any toxic backlinks and helps you effectively disavow them.
  • Social media posting tool: Allows you to use SEMrush for scheduling content across 10 of your social media accounts)
  • Brand monitoring tool: Allows you to monitor the mentions of your brand across the internet. This helps you analyze your brand sentiment.
  • SEO keyword position tracker (500 keywords): Allows you to monitor the search rankings of your site for the keywords. It's very essential to quantify the results you're getting from your SEO efforts.
  • Reporting: SEMrush also enables you to export the SEO analysis and audit reports in various formats like PDF, CSV and also XLS. If you're running an SEO agency, you'll find this feature very useful. You can generate upto 3000 reports per day.
  • Dozens of more features

Final thoughts on SEMrush Coupon

SEMrush is a great tool to boost your blog's traffic and SEO.

It's a complete SEO and SEM analysis suite, that lets you effectively manage your online business. If you are not making use of these kind of SEO tools, you'll be missing out on a lot of quick-wins and strategies your competitors may be using.

Hope you guys found this SEMrush promo code helpful.

So were you able to claim the coupon code? Do let me know in the comments.

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