Obsidian’s default theme doesn’t give you a native application feel. Fortunately, there are a variety of themes to choose from that can give Obsidian a more app-like feel.

But you need to choose a theme that plays well with:

  • Both dark and light modes
  • Mobile and desktop apps for Obsidian
  • Other popular community plugins

Here’s a list.


Untitled 81

If you are looking for a theme that is minimal and has a lot of customization options, then Minimal is the theme for you. It has its own setting plugin and also the Style Settings plugin which offers different settings. The theme is perfect for those who want a native app feeling.

You can choose from low contrast, high contrast, and true black for OLEDs. Besides that, it gives you advanced layout options for data-rich notes, like card views, image grids, and full-width tables.

If this theme feels too minimal or even mainstream for you, then Things may be the right app.

⚡If you’re on this blog post for making a quick decision, then go ahead with Minimal theme. It’s the most-loved theme, even on Reddit.

Things (inspired by Cultured Code)

Untitled 82

If you love the design of the Things app for Apple devices, you’ll love this theme. It has a color palette, code font, and overall design that feels like a native application on both macOS and iOS. The theme also includes support for popular Obsidian community plugins like Sliding Panes, Calendar, Kanban, Style Settings, and Todoist!

I liked some visual elements of it like tag pills, minimal icons, bullet, and number list relationship lines, etc.

Primary Theme

Untitled 83

The primary theme is designed to create a warm and nostalgic feeling while also being productive. The light and dark mode options as well as the mobile and desktop versions make it versatile and easy to use. The combination of Bauhaus, Scandinavian, and yellowing magazine pages gives it a unique look that is both loud and reserved.

With this theme, the developer is trying to solve 3 main problems:

  • Creating a theme that would provide instant visual context
  • Reminding the user that PKM is fun and welcoming
  • Showing that PKM is not perfect.

Overall, this theme seems like it would be great for users who are looking for something different.

Yin And Yang Theme

Untitled 84

Yin and Yang is a great theme that offers a lot of customization options. The deep dark mode and icy light mode are both very well done and offer a great user experience.

The theme is inspired by many other themes like California Coast but still manages to offer its own unique take on things.

A great feature that people liked was the ability to change the base hue and saturation.


Untitled 85

If you love Atom Text Editor, then you’ll love this theme for Obsidian. It’s inspired by Atom’s One Dark and One Light themes, so it has a clean and simple look that’s easy on the eyes. This theme would be great for users who want a no-frills PKM experience or for those who are looking for a dark theme that isn’t too overbearing.



This theme is brought to you by Nick Milo from LinkingYourThinking.

If you vibe with the aesthetics of Cyberpunk 2077 or Synthwave, you’ll love Cybertron. Otherwise, you might want to give it a skip.

The bold and italicized text really stands out, making it easy to focus on what you’re doing. The dark mode also helps reduce eye strain. The developer urges you to use the Sliding Panes plugin along with the theme for an efficient workflow.

Overall, Cybertron is a great theme if you can get into the right mindset. If you’re not into the whole 80s/cyberpunk thing, it might not be for you.

The only downside is that it’s a bit too stylized for some people’s tastes.

Red Graphite

Untitled 86

If you love the design of the Bear app for Mac and iOS, then you’ll love this theme for Obsidian.md.

It’s based on Bear’s Red Graphite theme, so it has a warm and inviting look that’s easy on the eyes. The light and dark mode options make it versatile and easy to use.

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