Want to be a blogger in India?

The best way is to learn from those who have already been-there-done-that.

The top bloggers in India earn crores and work from the comfort of their homes. Some have set up a team of writers, and editors and have a media agency. Either way, they attribute their success to blogging.

In this article, we look at the top 25 bloggers from India who have made it big.

We’ll consider niches like tech, marketing, personal finance, fashion, and entrepreneurship blogging.

That being said, grab a cup of coffee and sit back.

The list is going to be long and extensive.

Ranking criteria

It’s never easy to rank top bloggers who are the best in their crafts in their own ways.

It wasn’t easy for me either.

But just like cricket batters are judged by their runs, bowlers by their economy rate, wickets taken, and so on, there are criteria through which we can judge bloggers.

I’ve taken those criteria into account when ranking the top 25 bloggers in India.

Those criteria are:

  • Helpful content – Helpful content is more than a buzzword and it affects how Google ranks pages. The Mountain View-based search engine giant defines Helpful Content as content that meets a site visitor’s expectations. So, bloggers producing helpful content are ranked higher on this list.
  • Authoritative and original content – Producing original content is a key skill a top blogger should have. When ranking the bloggers, I looked at the authoritativeness and originality of the content on their websites.
  • Regular content – The frequency at which someone produces content is an important ranking criterion. This ensures they care about their audience and provide thoughtful answers to the most recent questions.
  • Experience in blogging – The longer a blogger has been in the game, the more experienced and trustworthy they likely are. I looked at blogging experience for ranking purposes.
  • Earnings – What separates top bloggers from amateurs is earning from their blogging effort. The best bloggers in India earn in crores. While it’s not easy to pinpoint the exact earnings for a blogger, I offer my best estimates.

Quick list of top bloggers

Based on the above criteria, here’s a quick list of the current top bloggers in India:

  1. Amit Agarwal – Considered the godfather of the Indian blogging ecosystem, Amit Agarwal has been a blogger for close to 20 years. An IIT graduate, Amit is the one-man-army behind Digital Inspiration and rakes in a sweet 45 crores per year!
  2. Anil Agarwal – A true blogger at heart who inspires thousands of Indians to start their own blogs, Anil is the man behind Bloggers Passion. Launched in 2010, he shares tips and strategies on how to start and grow a blog. Earnings are upwards of 1.6 crore per year for his blog.
  3. Harsh Agrawal – ShoutMeLoud is a blog founded by Harsh in 2008, covering blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, and web hosting. Harsh shares personal experiences, useful content with graphics and videos, and offers exclusive deals and discounts through brand partnerships. The blog earns an estimated income of 2 to 3 crores per year through affiliate marketing and attracts millions of monthly visitors.
  4. Akshay Hallur – From a hobby blogger to a full-time blogger. He is the owner of BloggingX which was founded in 2013. He earns around ₹2 Crore per year.
  5. Malini Agarwal – Malini is arguably the best fashion blogger in India. Starting Miss Malini in 2008 as a solo blogger, she has scaled up her team and covers everything from fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and Bollywood gossip. Her company earns around 6 crore a year.
  6. Amit Bhawani – One of the oldest tech bloggers in India, Varun is the brain behind PhoneRadar. Starting in 2005, the blog constantly receives millions of views per month, which makes Amit around 1-2 crore a year.
  7. Sandeep Jain – Arguably the best coding blogger in India, Sandeep is a geek who blogs for geeks. His blog, Geeksforgeeks, has both Indian and international reach and earns his company a massive 40 crores!

Top Marketing Bloggers in India

Harsh Agrawal (ShoutMeLoud)

Harsh Agarwal
  • Blog name: shoutmeloud.com
  • Start date: 2008
  • Topics covered: Blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, web hosting
  • Estimated Income: 2 to 3 crores per year
  • Income source: Affiliate marketing and brand partnership

Harsh is the brain behind ShoutMeLoud, a blog about SEO, blogging, and making money. Harsh started blogging in 2008 out of passion, after meeting an accident. And since then, he hasn’t looked back.

The articles on ShoutMeLoud are all from personal experience. Harsh provides graphics and video content wherever necessary, which makes the content a lot of useful. The best thing you may find is the exclusive deals on the website. Harsh has made partnerships with noted brands like Bluehost and offers exclusive discounts to his readers.

His website gets millions of visitors every month, which brings him 2 to 3 crores of revenue per year

Anil Agarwal (BloggersPassion)

Anil Agarwal
  • Blog name: bloggerspassion.com
  • Start date: 2010
  • Topics covered: Blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing
  • Estimated Income: 1.5- 2 crores per year (only blog)
  • Income source: Affiliate product sales and ebooks

Anil Agarwal is a veteran blogger and has made a name for himself in the Indian Blogging niche. Having launched his blog (BloggerPassion) as a side hustle in 2010, Anil has turned his hustle into a fat paycheck machine that earns him over 1 crore a year.

BloggerPassion was initially aimed at newbie bloggers. While the cause was noble, Anil had a hard time growing his blog. All that changed in 2016 when he revamped his content strategy and focused more on topical authority. Today, BloggerPassion contains hundreds of authoritative content on blogging, SEO, and internet marketing in general. And these pieces attract millions of readers to his blog.

Anil doesn’t solely rely on SEO traffic and manages a dedicated Facebook page and an email list to drive traffic back to BloggerPassion. For monetization, he sells his own ebooks and affiliate products.

In an interview with Niche Pursuit, he revealed that his blogs comfortably make him $13k per month or around 10 L per month in Indian currency.

Akshay Hallur (BloggingX)

Akshay Hallur pic raw
  • Blog name: bloggingx.com (formerly GoBloggingTips)
  • Start date: 2014
  • Topics covered: Blogging, WordPress, niche website monetization, affiliate marketing, software reviews
  • Estimated Income: He earns ₹1.5 to 2 Crore per year (only blog)
  • Income source: Affiliate marketing and own digital products

Akshay is a serial blogger with a deep passion for blogging. He started his journey in 2011 while still in college. He built several niche sites and was earning good money from them. Soon he discontinued his studies and took up blogging full time.

Launched in 2014, BloggingX provides immense value to the readers through easily digestible posts in multiple formats. His views were seen on some great brands like Databox, TemplateMonster, DigitalReady, RenderForest, Malcare, SuccessfulBlogging, and much more.

Akshay’s authority on blogging led him to become a speaker at various conferences like Digital Marketing Conference by Jaw Media and Startup Hack by New Age Incubation Network.

BloggingX is primarily monetized through banner ads and affiliate marketing and his own flagship course BloggingX Pro.

There’s also a YouTube channel which helps him earn through his own Notion product called CoreSystem which revolves around digital productivity ads.

Akshay believes in consistency and passion and advises new bloggers to be passionate about their work.

Pritam Nagrale (Surejob)

Pritam Nagrale
  • Blog name: surejob.in
  • Start date: 2012
  • Topics covered: Online money making, career guidance, courses
  • Estimated Income: 1-3 crores per year
  • Income source: Adsense, affiliate marketing

Pritam Nagrale is a serial blogger and owner of several successful blogs in India. His main project, surejob.in, offers expert guidance on online jobs, career, and education.

Founded in 2009, the blog is a go-to resource of anyone who needs advice on online jobs. It ranks for several competitive keywords like ‘data entry jobs in India’ and ‘typing jobs in India’. Pritam also runs its twin blog, MoneyConnexion where he offers money and online earning tips.

For over a decade, Pritam has stayed on the top in his niche. He does this by publishing authoritative content and busting online scams, which make his sites appear genuine and trustworthy. In a podcast in 2020, he revealed that the blogs make him well over 20 to 30 lakhs per month.

Besides blogging, Pritam also runs a YouTube channel and a digital marketing institute in Mumbai.

Ankit Singla (MasterBlogging)

ankit singla
  • Blog founded date: 2010
  • Content covered: Blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing and training courses
  • Income: Around 70 lakhs to 1 crore

Ankit is a professional Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, Consultant, and a Trainer. He teaches bloggers to earn money and grow their site by providing useful strategies.

He discontinued his engineering to pursue blogging as a full-time career.

He has been featured in famous publications like NDTV Prime, The Huffington Post, YourStory, The First Move, and many more.

Through his training courses, he trains and helps others to make a significant profit from their blogs.

Jitendra Vaswani (BloggersIdeas)

Jitendra Vaswani
  • Blog name – bloggersideas.com
  • Start date – 2014
  • Topics covered – blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, WordPress, product reviews
  • Estimated Income – 1+ crores per year
  • Income source – Affiliate marketing, AdSense, courses, paid guest post, sponsored reviews

An SEO executive earning $100 per month to a digital nomad making $13,000 per month, that’s Jitendra Vaswani for you.

Jitendra is an engineer by education, but claims to be a blogger at heart. After completing his engineering degree, he got certified in SEO, which he claims wasn’t much valuable. The valuable thing was his first SEO job where he gained hands-on knowledge on SEO, blogging, and marketing. After two years, he founded bloggersideas.com to share his knowledge to the world.

Today, bloggersideas receives 2.5 million visits per month. The thing that makes Jitendra’s blog different from other Indian marketing bloggers is it is available in 20+ languages including Chinese, Dutch, and Spanish. Thus, it gives him an international exposure.

Apart from ads and affiliate marketing, Jitendra has multiple earning streams and has launched his own digital agency. Just affiliate marketing alone brings him 1+ crores a year.

Deepak Kanakaraju (DigitalDeepak)

Deepak Kanakaraju
  • Blog name: digitaldeepak.com
  • Start date: 2013
  • Topics covered: Blogging, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, online branding
  • Estimated Income: 2-5 crores per year (not only blog)
  • Income source: Courses, digital agency, mastermind group

Anyone remotely interested in digital marketing in India would have heard of Deepak Kanakaraju. He’s a self-taught digital marketer who has been involved in blogging since 2009.

He started blogging career with a motorcycle blog in 2012-13, which he later sold. His second blog is digitaldeepak.com.

Deepak initially started digitaldeepak.com in 2017 as a journal where he could take notes about digital marketing. As he added more and more content, it became the most read digital marketing blog in India.

The best thing about digitaldeepak.com is authenticity and authority. Everything Deepak writes comes from his own experience. He draws his experience from working with large clients and the mastermind group.

Unlike other bloggers, Deepak doesn’t rely on Adsense. You won’t find any banner ads on his blog.

Instead, he monetizes the blog by offering performance marketing services, courses, and a highly-priced mastermind group. He’s a big believer of email marketing and has tens of thousands of people on his mailing list. He disclosed that his monthly revenue is more than 1 crore per month.

Top Entrepreneurship and Business Bloggers in India

Shradha Sharma (YourStory)

Shradha Sharma
  • Blog name: YourStory.com
  • Start date: 2008
  • Topics covered: Entrepreneurship, startup news, founder interviews
  • Estimated Income: 5-7 crores per year
  • Income source: Advertising, brand partnership, and live events

Shradha Sharma is a well-known personality in the Indian startup blogging space. Her blog-cum-media company, YourStory, is the go-to resource for budding entrepreneurs and investors.

Among other things, Shradha has leveraged the power of storytelling, authoritative content, and team management to success. The team at YS tracks every market movement within the space and creates well-researched content that attracts millions of views every month.

A journalist by profession who worked at CNBC and TOI, Ms. Sharma started YS in 2008 when Indian startup space was in its infancy. This demonstrates the advantage of starting early. Today, her company makes 60-70 crores per year, out of which Shradha probably takes a cut of 5-7 crores.

Ashish Sinha (NextBigWhat)

Ashish Sinha
  • Blog name: NextBigWhat.com
  • Start date: 2009
  • Topics covered: Startups, entrepreneurship, marketing, book reviews
  • Estimated Income: 1-2 crores per year
  • Income source: Paid membership and online courses

Another Indian blogger covering startup and entrepreneurship space is Ashish Sinha. A graduate from IIT and IIM, Ashis saw the lack of expert advice on sales and marketing for startups. This gave rise to Pluggd.in, which eventually became NextBigWhat.

Ashish, from his academic and corporate experience, shares valuable tips, reviews best sales and marketing books, and writes about the latest startup news. Today, this brings him 100,000 organic views every month.

For monetization, Ashish relies on paid membership. He knows entrepreneurs will pay happily for premium content. Hence some of the content is reserved for paying users. The membership is $19 (₹1617) per month. Assuming even 1% of his organic viewers become paying readers, Ashish can easily make ₹1-2 crores per year.

Consulting and angel investing are other methods through which Ashish may be earning outside of his blog. Great work, Ashish.

Top Tech Bloggers in India

Amit Agarwal (labnol.org)

Amit Agarwal
  • Blog name: labnol.org
  • Start date: 2004
  • Topics covered: Consumer technology
  • Estimated Income: 45 crores per year
  • Income source: Adsense and software sales

Amit Agarwal is dubbed as the first professional blogger from India. He started labnol.org back in 2004 after quitting his U.S job. Fast forward to 2023, he’s earning approximately 45 crores per year. And the best part is he doesn’t have any full-time employees!

Labnol.org is a tech blog where he teaches others everything about consumer software installation and troubleshooting.

Soon as the use of computers boomed in India, more people sought online help for their technical issues. And Labnol was the one they looked up to.

Amit initially monetized his website with Adsense. But over the years, he has developed several Google add-ons and sells through the website.

Amit has been in the blogging space for close to two decades. Based on his experience, he advises newbie bloggers to not pretend to be someone they are not and start with what they know best. In an interview with YourStory, he warned that the internet crowd is getting smarter at identifying gimmicks. Thus, producing first-person helpful content is key to long-term success.

Raju PP (TechPP)

Raju PP
  • Blog name: techpp.com
  • Start date: 2008
  • Topics covered: Tech news, gadget reviews, buying guide, tech tips & tricks
  • Estimated Income: 10 to 15 crores per year (SimilarWeb estimate)
  • Income source: Display ads and affiliate commissions

To say that the Indian tech blogging space is crowded would be an understatement. But one person who stands out amidst the fierce competition is Raju PP.

Founded in 2008 as an online tech magazine, the goal of TechPP is to simplify technology and make it personal for readers. Today, there are over 7000+ articles on gadgets, how-to guides, product reviews, etc.

Speaking on how he differentiates his blog from the rest, Raju said he only posts content that his readers will find valuable. He usually avoids generic ‘tech news’ content and uses analytics to find interesting content.

This differentiation helps bring over 933,000 monthly traffic to his blog and an estimated revenue of 10 to 15 crores.

Imran Uddin (AllTechBuzz)

Imran Uddin
  • Blog name: Alltechbuzz.net
  • Start date: 2012
  • Topics covered: Tech news, gadget reviews, social media, SEO, blogging, and make money online
  • Estimated Income: 2 crores per year
  • Income source: Display ads and Amazon Affiliates

You don’t need to be a tech genius to run a tech blog. And Imran Uddin proves that.

AllTechBuzz is a blog that covers the latest news and happenings in the Indian tech world. Imran started the blog in 2012 when he was still in his engineering days. Within a few years, he was earning lakhs per month from his blog.

Today, he shares tips and strategies on how to grow your blog and social media profile. This is in addition to the tech news and how-to guides you can find on his blog. Imran claims 70% of his traffic comes from social, which is interesting.

Today, AllTechBuzz gets about 470,000 monthly traffic and makes 15 lakhs per month around 2 crores per year.

Amit Bhawani (PhoneRadar)

Amit Bhawani
  • Blog name: Phoneradar.com
  • Start date: 2005
  • Topics covered: smartphone and gadget reviews, tech news, and how-to guides
  • Estimated Income: 1 crore per year (SimilarWeb estimates)
  • Income source: Display ads ands Amazon affiliates

Before YouTube became a go-to platform for smartphone unboxing and reviews, it was blogs who filled the void. And one of the bloggers filling the void was Amit Bhawani with his blog PhoneRadar.

PhoneRadar is a blog dedicated to covering latest smartphone news, smartphone reviews and specifications, comparison, technology and listicles. Amit has also been adding op-eds (opinion articles), which are insightful.

PhoneRadar is run by a team of around 5-10 writers and regularly publishes high-quality articles. Other than the blog, Amit is always active on Twitter and YouTube which helps with traffic. The blog currently gets around 39,400 visits per month. There’s a large audience on YouTube as well.

Arun Prabhudesai (Trak.in)

Arun Prabhudesai
  • Blog name: trak.in
  • Start date: 2007
  • Topics covered: tech news, business news, and smartphone reviews
  • Estimated Income: 1-3 crores per year (SimilarWeb estimate)
  • Income source: Display ads, and Amazon affiliate commission

Many of you may identify Arun Prabhudesai from his YouTube channel, Trakin Tech. But he was already a successful Indian tech blogger with his blog trak.in.

Trak.in is primarily a news blog catering to the tech-savvy Indian audience. After moving back to India from the US, Arun had this idea of launching a successful tech blog. He started publishing authentic content regularly and gained traction. Then in 2016, he launched his YouTube channel and garnered more followers.

Today, trak.in attracts 174,000 readers per month. Arun uses display ads and Amazon associate program for monetization and makes about 1-3 crores from his blog alone.

Abhijeet Mukherjee (Guiding Tech)

Abhijeet Mukherjee
  • Blog name: Guidingtech.com
  • Start date: 2010
  • Topics covered: Android, iOS, smartphone news, tech news, product comparison, how-to guides
  • Estimated Income: 2-4 crores per year (SimilarWeb estimates)
  • Income source: Display ads, and affiliate commission

A tech blog that boasts close to 4 million monthly visitors should tell you its stature. And the person behind it is Abhijeet Mukherjee. Essentially a college dropout and a former call center employee, Abhi’s blogger transformation is an inspiring story for many.

Abhijeet was a tech support guy for companies like Wipro. He knew how to solve tech problems. He translated this skill into his blogging career and began writing tech tips, tech news, and smartphone reviews initially through Jeetblog.com and then Guidingtech.com.

Today, Guiding Tech receives over 4 million visitors and recently got acquired by a US-based company for a huge undisclosed amount. Today, Abhijeet runs Guiding Media, a media company that oversees multiple websites and clients. What a journey it has been, Abhi!

Jignesh Padhiyar (iGeeksBlog)

Jignesh Padhiyar
  • Blog name: iGeeksblog.com
  • Start date: 2012
  • Topics covered: Apple tech reviews, Apple tech news, How-to guides
  • Estimated Income: 3-6 crores per year (SimilarWeb estimates)
  • Income source: Display ads, affiliate marketing, and brand sponsorship

iGeeksBlog is among the few blogs in India dedicated to Apple products exclusively. Taking inspiration from Steve Jobs himself, Jignesh started iGeeksblog to cover the latest news related to Apple and review the latest Apple gadgets.

You’ll find up-to-date product reviews from an unbiased perspective. Also, Jignesh shares how-to guides from his own personal experience. The blog currently has 5-7 writers dedicated to growing it.

iGeeksBlog receives over 700,000 views per month, making it one of the most read tech blogs. Because it targets a premium buying audience, the ads revenue is on the higher side, fetching Jignesh a good 3-6 crores a year.

Sandeep Jain (GeeksforGeeks)

Sandeep Jain
  • Blog name: geeksforgeeks.com
  • Start date: 2009
  • Topics covered: computer science, software development, and web development
  • Estimated Income: 40 crores per year
  • Income source: Banner ads, and paid courses

GeeksforGeeks is one of the largest online learning blogs in the world. And it’s heartening to see that the person behind that is from India.

Sandeep Jain, himself a tech geek, started GeeksforGeeks as an online resource for engineering students and coding enthusiasts 2009. He would post answers to tricky coding questions regularly. The blog started gaining traction and by 2015 Sandeep was earning 1.5 lakhs per month from GeeksforGeeks.

Later, Sandeep hired more and more people and grew his blog to 53 million views per month. Today, geeksforgeeks is an international website and media company with a revenue estimate of around 40 crores a year. What a feat!

Anand Kanse (TheWindowsClub)

anand khanse
  • Founder: Anand Khanse
  • Blog founded date: 20th April 2009
  • Content covered: TheWindowsClub covers the content regarding freeware software, repair tools, issues with Microsoft and Windows operating system, and also news about Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Monetization: Google AdSense and sponsored posts

Anand is a windows enthusiast and Windows Insider MVP, launched his first site WinVistaClub on 27th May 2007. This blog focused only on Windows Vista, so later he started TheWindowsClub to expand its wings to Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 & Windows Vista.

The blog has been featured in some great publications like Fox8 Live News, Washington Post, PC World, and LifeHacker.

Top Personal Finance Bloggers in India

Vishal Khandelwal (Safal Niveshak)

Vishal Khandelwal
  • Blog name: Safalniveshak.com
  • Start date: 2011
  • Topics covered: Value investing, business analysis, and behavioral finance
  • Estimated Income: 40 to 50 lakhs per year
  • Income source: Courses, premium membership, and brand partnership

Investors usually make money from investing in assets like stocks, bonds, and real estate. Vishal Khandelwal found another way: blogging.

Vishal started Safal Niveshak in 2011, not for money, but rather to teach others how to invest. Through his blog, he shares tried-and-tested strategies of renowned investors Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger. But Vishal doesn’t just copy and paste their work. He shares his own experience and strategies with the Indian community.

Vishal later diversified his content production into YouTube and podcast, both of which make his blog more appealing and authoritative.

He monetizes his blog with books, courses, paid newsletter, brand partnerships and by organizing offline events. And this brings him a whopping 5 lakhs per month. Share what you know and help others!

Manish Chauhan (Jagoinvestor)

Manish Chauhan
  • Blog name: jagoinvestor.com
  • Start date: 2007
  • Topics covered: personal finance, investing, retirement planning
  • Estimated Income: 40 to 60 lakhs per year
  • Income source: Paid financial planning services, offline workshops, books

Jagoinvestor is an online financial education blog aimed at empowering those who want to create wealth through investing. And behind the blog is Manish Chauhan, a software engineer-turned-investor-turned-blogger.

Manish started Jagoinvestor in 2007 to share his knowledge on share market and investment strategies. Later that year, he made the learning hands-on and launched the first investing workshop. Today, Jagoinvestor offers a host of financial services to its members.

Manish continues to blog and share relevant information with the audience. But it has become more of a services website. The blog gets about 88,000 visitors a month.

Pardeep Goyal (CashOverflow)

Pradeep Goyal
  • Blog name: cashoverflow.in
  • Start date: 2015
  • Topics covered: personal finance, credit cards, insurance, making money online
  • Estimated Income: 30 to 40 lakhs per year
  • Income source: Display ads, affiliate marketing, affiliate partnership, and VIP newsletter

CashOverflow is one of the most read Indian blogs on personal finance. And the brain behind it is Pardeep Goyal. From leaving his lucrative tech job in the US to failing at two startups, Pardeep found success with CashOverlow.

It is a blog that covers personal finance and financial freedom. Mr. Goyal shares tips and strategies on investing, credit card spending, and reviews various insurance products available. All of the content either comes from his own personal experience or through thorough research. Through these contents, Pardeep brings in about 200,000 visitors every month, 80% of which is organic SEO traffic.

Pradeep avoids using display ads as much as possible and rather earns from affiliate marketing and partnerships with brands. He earns around 3 lakhs per month.

Top Food Bloggers in India

Archana Doshi (Archana’s Kitchen)

Archana Doshi
  • Blog name: archanaskitchen.com
  • Start date: 2007
  • Topics covered: veg recipe, and cooking hacks
  • Estimated Income: 50 lakhs per year (SimilarWeb estimates)
  • Income source: display ads, online store, and brand sponsorship

Indian food blogging is a competitive niche. And thriving in this competition is Archana Doshi, the founder of the blog, Archanaskitchen.com. With thousands of vegetarian recipes on her blog, Archana is the go-to person for many people, especially vegetarians.

Ms. Doshi started blogging because of her love for food. A foodie since birth, she often experimented with various ingredients and cuisines. And during motherhood when she was at home, she would blog her way to success.

Today, Archana’s Kitchen garners a million views per month. And besides display ads, Archana monetizes her Indian food blog through food consulting services and an online Shopify store where she sells spices, ingredients, and pre-made mixes.

Dassana Amit (Dassana’s Veg Recipes)

Dassana Amit
  • Blog name: vegrecipesofindia.com
  • Start date: 2009
  • Topics covered: Veg recipes, and cooking tips
  • Estimated Income: 40-50 lakhs per year (SimilarWeb estimates)
  • Income source: Display ads

Another Indian food blogger publishing lip-smacking vegetarian recipes is Dassana Amit through her blog vegrecipesofindia.com. The blog is dedicated to Indian vegetarian recipes and has over 1800 of them. Recently, Dassana started publishing international veg recipes to her millions of web visitors.

Dassana started her blog in 2009 as an online journal. She would publish the food prepared at home. Soon the blog gained traction and more and more vegetarians took inspiration from her blog.

Today, vegrecipesofindia (also known as Dassana’s Veg Recipes) receives close to 5 million visitors per month. Dassana says she doesn’t do brand or paid promotions to best serve her readers. She monetizes her blog entirely through display ads. Not a bad option when you receive so much traffic!

Top Fashion Bloggers in India

Malini Agarwal (MissMalini)

Malini Agarwal
  • Blog name: missmalini.com
  • Start date: 2008
  • Topics covered: Indian TV news, celebrity gossip, fashion, and lifestyle tips
  • Estimated Income: 2-4 crores
  • Income source: Display ads, and brand endorsement

There are bloggers, and then there are celebrity bloggers, the ones who enjoy celeb-like stardom. Malini Agarwal from Miss Malini certainly fits that category.

Started in 2008 as the first blogger from India in the entertainment space, Malini covers everything from latest TV and Bollywood gossip to fashion trends to beauty tips. Her content frequently ranks for Google trend searches in the entertainment world.

Today, MissMalini is more than a blog and is a media powerhouse that generates 60 million views a month. It recently got acquired by GoodGlamm Group, and Malini continues to be the face and head blogger for the website.

Nandini Shenoy (Pinkvilla)

Nandini Shenoy
  • Blog name: Pinkvilla.com
  • Start date: 2007
  • Topics covered: Celebrity news, fashion, lifestyle, and beauty
  • Estimated Income: 2-3 crores
  • Income source: Display ads and brand partnership

Another Indian celebrity and fashion blogger of similar caliber is Nandini Shenoy of Pinkvilla. Dubbed as ‘one-stop source for Bollywood news’, Nandini and her team covers every celebrity gossip. In addition to that, they share lifestyle and fashion tips which makes the blog more valuable.

Like MissMalini, the website capitalizes on Google trends to generate views. The team publishes well-researched content, which Google prefers.

Pinkvilla has an impressive reach of 29.82 million unique users across its website, social media, and app. This is a testimony to Nandini’s caliber who grew her blog from scratch.

Kritika Khurana (ThatBohoGirl)

Kritika Khurana
  • Blog name: thatbohogirl.com
  • Start date: 2014
  • Topics covered: Fashion, beauty tips, and makeup
  • Estimated Income: 40 to 50 lakhs
  • Income source: Affiliate sales and brand partnership

Kritika is a fashion blogger-turned-social influencer who started ThatBohoGirl to provide beauty tips and fashion insights.

As someone who enjoyed styling, Kritika identified the potential of fashion blogging and capitalized on it. She and her team regularly churn out content that is authentic and features her in the photos. This helps to establish trust and credibility.

Later, Kritika correctly identified YouTube and Instagram as the go-to platform for fashion influencers. Her YouTube and Instagram accounts, with the same name, garner millions of views. Her team continues to blog on Thatbohogirl.com and keep the blog active.

Shivya Nath (the-shooting-star)

Shivya Nath
  • Blog name: the-shooting-star.com
  • Start date: 2011
  • Topics covered: Travel, and travel tips
  • Estimated Income: 12-15 lakhs per year
  • Income source: Brand endorsement, and course

Shivya is not a fashion blogger, but she deserves to be on this list of top 25 bloggers in India. With her sheer hard work, consistency, authenticity, she is one of the best travel bloggers in India.

Shivya started the travel blog after quitting her corporate job in 2011. She has traveled the world, often solo. She has crossed the Persian Gulf and been to Iran, lived with the Mayans in Guatemala, got inside Communist Cuba, and to other exotic places. And she has recorded her travels on her blog.

With adoption of social media and YouTube, Shivya has diversified her work into these platforms.

Because of her authority, many notable portals like The Washington Post and National Geographic Traveler have published her work. And you can learn how to start your own travel blog by taking Shivya’s course.

Shivya has revealed that she makes around 1 lakh per month, which she uses to fund her travel.

Did we miss anyone that you wanted to be included? Let us know in the comments below and we shall review the blogger!