In this post, we’ve listed some of the best Indian blogs you need to follow.

Blogging is a great profession where you’ll be paid for writing about what you love. There are many people in India who are making a full-time living blogging.

Before finalizing the outline of this post, I was in a dilemma in which order I need to present you the best Indian blogs. Whether I should consider Alexa rank, domain authority, traffic, content quality, popularity?

The truth is that there’s no single metric to rely on for finalizing. So, we took a combination of all these factors and finally came up with this list.

If you are an aspiring blogger who needs some inspiration, don’t forget to check out the below blogs.

Top 25 Best Indian Blogs (BloggingX Picks)

#1. YourStory


Founder name: Shradha Sharma

Blog founded date: 2008

Founder story: Shradha is one of the best female bloggers, founded YourStory in 2008. Before YourStory Shradha worked with Times of India and CNBC TV18.

She got selected in the list of 500 LinkedIn influencers across the world. For her excellent work, she was honored with the L’Oreal Paris Femina Award in 2015.

YourStory works with several best brands across the globe and now has emerged as India’s No.1 Platform for entrepreneurs.

Shradha helps entrepreneurs worldwide to gain exposure by enhancing their visibility by publishing their stories on the blog.

YourStory covers the stories of entrepreneurs, great businessmen, emerging trends, and till now, it helped more than 50,000 entrepreneurs to expand their networking and funding opportunities.

It offers content in 12 Indian languages.

Content covered: Entrepreneurship, business, stories, and start-ups

Monetization: Google AdSense

#2. GuidingTech

Abhijeet Mukherjee

Founder: Abhijeet Mukherjee

Blog founded date: 2008

Founder story: Abhijeet holds a degree from Delhi University. He worked as a web publisher for over nine years before starting his tech blog GuidingTech.

He helps people to use gadgets and tools like a pro through his YouTube channel (Both English and Hindi). His blog educates people in each and every aspects of technology.

GuidingTech, being a technical blog covers all about tech, gaming, internet, and gadgets. It helps people to make the right buying decisions while buying gadgets by providing the up to date information with buying guides.

Content covered: Gaming, gadgets, Windows, Mac, and technology

Monetization: Affiliate marketing and blog ads

#3. ShoutMeLoud


Founder: Harsh Agrawal

Blog founded date: December 1st, 2008

Founder story: Harsh is an engineer by education and blogger by profession. After graduating from the college he was placed in one of the top reputed companies i.e. in Accenture. His passion for blogging made him quit his full-time job and take blogging as his profession.

Through his blog, Harsh helps people to make money online by providing the right guidance in the fields of digital marketing, SEO, freelancing, and WordPress.

Along with ShoutMeLoud he owns WPhostingDiscount, ShoutMeTech, WPSutra, and CoinSutra.

Apart from blogging Harsh loves traveling, skydiving, and scuba diving. Harsh love to meditate in his free time.

ShoutMeLoud is a multi-award-winning blog, and it has been featured on IBM, Inc, YouStory, and Entrepreneur.

Content covered: ShoutMeLoud covers blogging, SEO, WordPress, freelancing, WP hosting, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and Google AdSense.

Monetization: Affiliate marketing, Display Ads, and sponsored reviews

#4. FoneArena

Varun Krishnan

Founder: Varun Krishnan

Blog founded date: Mar 2005

Founder story: Varun is one of the best Indian bloggers. His blog now emerged as one of the biggest phones and tablets databases on the World Wide Web.

In 2009, FoneArena was recognized as the popular telecom site in India. It was also awarded as the most influential gadget blog in the world.

If you want all the updates about the latest computers, cameras, and phones, stay up to date checking this blog.

In this blog, you will get the unboxing videos, a detailed review of different types of phones and consumer electronics.

Content covered: The blog focuses mainly on reviewing phones and electronic gadgets.

Monetization: Sponsored links and affiliate marketing

#5. Labnol

Amith Agarwal

Founder: Amit Agarwal

Blog Founded Date: 2004

Founder story: Amit is India’s first professional blogger who developed web apps and Google add-ons including Mail Merge for Gmail.

Amit has contributed to the major publications like The Wall Street Journal India, CNBC TV18, and The Hindustan Times.

Hindustan Times recognized Amit as the founder of the Indian blogging revolution. From 2007 to 2011 he was continuously awarded as the “Most Valuable Professional” by Microsoft.

His blog, Digital Inspiration is among the top 100 technology blogs on the internet. It helps people to make the best use of software tools and web technologies. Digital Inspiration won the “Best Technology Blog” award twice at Indibloggers.

It has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Forbes, Wired, Guardian, India Today, Business Words, CNN GO, Outlook Magazine and many more.

Content covered: His blog includes tips and how-to guides on consumer software, mobile apps, and technologies.

Monetization: Google AdSense and Google Addons

#6. MissMalini

Malini Agarwal

Founder: Malini Agarwal

Blog Founded Date: 2008

Founder story: Malini Agarwal is a celebrity blogger, entertains people with her blog MissMalini. The blog focuses on happenings in Bollywood industry.

While she was working as a DJ on Radio One and Head of Digital Content for Channel V India, she started her blog MissMalini as a hobby.

Later she became a full-time blogger and helped her community by providing fashion, health, and beauty related tips. Now it ranks as one of the best Indian blogs with a significant readership and millions of page views.

She has partnered up with some events like Lakme Fashion Week, Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour, and India Resort Fashion Week.

Malini is a best selling author. Her book “To the Moon: How I Blogged My Way to Bollywood.” shares her life experiences and is a motivation to many of the female bloggers.

Content covered: The blog covers style, beauty, arts, culture, career, health and wellness, beauty tips, and gadgets.

Monetization: Google AdSense

#7. BloggingX

Akshay Circle

Founder: Akshay Hallur

Blog founded date: 2014 (Formerly GoBloggingTips)

Founder story: Akshay is a professional blogger, digital marketer, and a trainer. He owns BloggingX, InfoSparkle, and many other online ventures.

His blogging career started in 2011. Form the college days itself, Akshay had a passion for blogging, and he was earning good money from blogging, which made him discontinue his studies.

Akshay helps newbie bloggers and businesses to grow their brand and community with his proven and actionable strategies.

He provides immense value for the readers through his easily digestible posts. He views were seen on some great brands like Databox, TemplateMonster, DigitalReady, RenderForest, Malcare, SuccessfulBlogging, and much more.

He trains newbies on blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing through his courses. He is a speaker at various conferences like Digital Marketing Conference by Jaw Media and Startup Hack by New Age Incubation Network.

Content covered: Blogging, SEO, WordPress, and affiliate marketing

Monetization: Affiliate marketing and training courses

#8. SafalNiveshak

Vishal Khandelwal

Founder: Vishal Khandelwal

Blog founded date: 2011

Founder story: Vishal is a teacher, investor, and founder of SafalNiveshak. SafalNiveshak is one of the best Indian investing blogs to follow. I especially liked his emphasis on mental models while investing.

He has 14+ years of experience as a stock marketer. He helps investors and businessmen to become successful in stock markets by providing them the right guidance.

On his blog, he shares all the stuff related to investing, business analysis, human behavior, and his experiences. If you are on the journey of long-term investment success, then you must follow SafalNiveshak.

Content covered: Value investing, business analysis, book reviews, human behavior, stock analysis, and his experiences.

Monetization: Courses and books

#9. JagoInvestor

Manish Chauhan

Founder: Manish Chauhan

Blog founded date: 2007

Founder story: Manish is a passionate writer who has been writing personal finance from more than eight years. He conducted various workshops all over India for investors, and he authored over 800 finance topics.

He is the author of 2 famous books “16 personal finance principles every investor should know” and “How to be your own financial planner in 10 steps”.

His blog educates investors and helps them in improving their lifestyle by guiding them with financial education.

Content covered: Financial education, insurance, mutual funds, reviews, and workshops

Monetization: Selling financial books and consultation

#10. Archana’s Kitchen


Founder: Archana Doshi

Blog founded date: Nov 2007

Founder story: Archana founded the site to inspire people to start cooking themselves, to lead a healthy life with easy DIY solutions. She made cooking simple and enjoyable by providing people with daily cooking recipes, diet plans, and unique recipes on festivals.

The website empowers people all over the world to master cooking and has become one of the world’s best cooking websites.

She connects with people on her YouTube channel, her videos have thousands of viewers.

To help people with daily recipes, she also launched an app “Archana’s Kitchen” that is available for Android and iOS.

Content covered: Indian recipes, world recipes, cooking techniques, and drink recipes

Monetization: eCommerce

#11. NextBigWhat


Founder: Ashish Sinha

Blog founded date: 2012

Founder story: Ashish is a product geek and has been in the product management field from 2006. He worked for several companies like Yahoo, New scale, i2, and Ketera.

NextBigWhat is one of the best start-up blogs in India.

He offers Product Management course that deals with developing and accelerating product management career. The course inspires product leaders to build and scale up their career by developing great products.

Content covered: Startups, entrepreneurship, product management, and artificial intelligence

Monetization: Courses, Google AdSense, and other collaborations

#12. iGeeksBlog

Jignesh Padhiyar

Founder: Jignesh Padhiyar

Blog founded date: 2012

Founder story: iGeeksBlog is one of India’s top tech blogs started by two Apple geeks Jignesh and Dhvanesh.

Both guys have common interests, and they had a passion for Apple products and its technology. Through this blog, they help people by providing a detailed review of Apple products and exploring their features.

The blog deals only with Apple devices, its technology, advancements, and related news.

They have also developed iGB app for iPad and iPhone. iGB has set a goal to spread Apple and its products all around the globe.

Content covered: Mac, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Apple news and rumors, Apple watch tips, reviews, and troubleshooting guides.

Monetization: Google AdSense, sponsored reviews, and affiliate products

#13. TheWindowsClub

Anand Khanse

Founder: Anand Khanse

Blog founded date: 20th April 2009

Founder story: Anand is a windows enthusiast and Windows Insider MVP, launched his first site WinVistaClub on 27th May 2007. This blog focused only on Windows Vista, so later he started TheWindowsClub to expand its wings to Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 & Windows Vista.

The blog has been featured in some great publications like Fox8 Live News, Washington Post, PC World, and LifeHacker.

Content covered: TheWindowsClub covers the content regarding freeware software, repair tools, issues with Microsoft and Windows operating system, and also news about Microsoft ecosystem.

Monetization: Google AdSense and sponsored posts

#14. BloggersPassion

Anil Agarwal

Founder: Anil Agarwal

Blog founded date: Jan 1st, 2010

Founder story: Anil is a professional blogger from Gurgaon, India. He helps other bloggers to make money online by sharing proven strategies and tips.

After inspired by some great blogs like Problogger, ShoeMoney, and JohnChow, he started BloggersPassion to share his blogging tips and strategies.

His blog has been featured in Forbes, HuffPost, SEMrush, WPX, CrazyEgg, and JeffBullas. He is also part of the sites DealsnGadgets, which primarily focuses on buying gadgets and, which helps people to find the best hosting deals.

Content covered: Affiliate marketing, blogging tips, SEO, and web hosting

Monetization: Affiliate marketing, Google AdSense and SEO consultation

#7. TheShootingStar

Shivya Nath

Founder: Shivya Nath

Blog founded date: 2016

Founder story: Shivya is a storyteller, freelancer, nomadic travel blogger, and a social media entrepreneur.

In 2011 she quit her job with the dream of traveling around the globe.

From 2013, she started living like a digital nomad.

Her book “TheShootingStar” became the best national sellers where she had explained about her journey.

TravelLeisure India featured Shivya among the top Indian women to follow on Instagram in 2019. At TBC Asia Awards she was awarded Silver for her best travel writings.

Being a travel speaker, she engages herself in events, panel discussions. He has spoken at summits like Outlook Responsible Tourism Summit held in Delhi 2019, Social Travel Summit at Belfast in 2019, and many more.

She has been featured on BBC Travel, TEDx, National Geographic Traveller India, and many more.

Content covered: In her blog, she writes about her experiences, the places she visited. Thus inspires other people to take a step forward to travel around the globe and experience the world.

Monetization: Affiliate products, sponsored posts, collaborations, and books

#16. MasterBlogging

Ankit Singla

Founder: Ankit Singla

Blog founded date: 2010

Founder story: Ankit is a professional Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, Consultant, and a Trainer. He teaches bloggers to earn money and grow their site by providing useful strategies.

He discontinued his engineering to pursue blogging as a full-time career.

He has been featured in famous publications like NDTV Prime, The Huffington Post, YourStory, The First Move, and many more.

Through his training courses, he trains and helps others to make a significant profit from their blogs.

Content covered: Blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing

Monetization: Affiliate marketing and training courses

#17. TechPP

Raju PP

Founder: Raju PP

Blog founded date: 2008

Founder story: Raju is a Bangalore based blogger who holds a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Exhibit Magazine featured Raju in 151 Top Tech Indians, while Economic Times featured him amongst the top web entrepreneurs in India.

He is also the editor of Connected Arena, a site dedicated to IoT and wearables.

TechPP is India’s best online tech magazine. It gives all the updates, tips, and tricks regarding the latest tech trends.

Content covered: TechPP covers all about consumer technology, web tools, and gadgets.

Monetization: Affiliate marketing, sponsored ads, and Google AdSense

#18. 9lessons

Srinivas Tamada

Founder: Srinivas Tamada

Blog founded date: 2009

Founder story: Srinivas is a Chennai based Entrepreneur, Blogger, Thinker & UI Architect. He blogs on programming, PHP, jQuery, and JavaScript. He is an inspiration to newbie bloggers and programmers who want to build their career around web development.

He develops and sells his code, and one such is “Wallscript”. It is a social networking software through which we can create our own networking website as per our needs.

He loves web and always keeps himself busy doing interesting stuff related to programming. If you enjoy programming and want to learn web technologies like CSS, jQuery, PHP, etc. then I highly recommend following this blog.

Content covered: Programming and web technologies

Monetization: Direct Ads, affiliates, and Google AdSense

#19. PhoneRadar

Amit Bhawani

Founder: Amit Bhawani

Blog founded date: 2012

Founder story: Amit is a gadget freak who is passionate about writing in-depth reviews about gadgets such as smartphones, Apple devices. Also, Amit loves traveling the world.

He also owns a blog where he shares some cool stuff.

His online journey began in 2004 with a company Digital World Solutions. From then he started offering SEO services, Web Development, Web hosting, and consultation.

You can get all the latest news and updates from this blog. PhoneRadar is one of the best technology blogs in India.

Content covered: Mobile reviews, phone news, and video reviews

Monetization: Google AdSense, affiliate products, and sponsored posts

#20. HellboundBloggers

Pradeep Kumar

Founder: Pradeep Kumar

Blog founded date: January 2009

Founder story: From the school days itself, Pradeep has a passion for blogging, and he started his first blog on

When he was 17 years old, he started HBB, and it is an internet magazine that covers Blogging, Social Media, WordPress, Internet, and Technology. His blog faced many hurdles and reached this position as one of the best Indian blogs.

Pradeep has also started SlashSquare in December 2011, it is a blog network and web consulting media. He is also the owner of HostLater, a web hosting related blog. HBB is a part of Slashsquare.

Apart from blogging, Pradeep loves Marketing, Cloud Computing, Watching movies and games.

Content covered: Blogging, social media, WordPress, eCommerce, SEO, making money, and web hosting.

Monetization: Affiliate marketing and sponsored reviews

#21. DigitalDeepak

Deepak Kanakaraju

Founder: Deepak Kanakaraju

Blog founded date: 2013

Founder story: Deepak is a professional Digital Marketer, Author, and Trainer. He trains students about digital marketing. He is a well-known figure in the Digital Marketing industry.

His first startup was BikeAdvice, an online publication which became India’s no.1 motorcycle blog.

Later in 2012 he quit BikeAdvice and worked as a digital marketing manager in startups like Exotel, Practo, Instamojo, and Razorpay.

Later he founded DigitalDeepak, and it emerged as a well-known blog.

Content covered: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email marketing, analytics, SEO, and social media marketing.

Monetization: Training courses and affiliate marketing

#22. BloggingCage

Kulwant Nagi

Founder: Kulwant Nagi

Blog founded date: 15th January 2012

Founder story: Kulwant is a Haryana based blogger, trainer, affiliate marketer, and a world traveler. So far he traveled nearly 20 countries.

The idea of becoming an entrepreneur hit his head when he came across a network marketing company (MLM), it was a product selling company. This made Kulwant start a blog which focussed on network marketing and internet marketing.

Later he decided to teach and help others by sharing blogging tips, so he left network marketing and started the blog BloggingCage.

He is an excellent speaker, motivated people through his conferences held at Chitkara University, Lovely Professional University, ITM University, Payoneer, CueLinks, and BlogX conferences.

Content covered: Affiliate marketing, blogging, WordPress, and SEO

Monetization: Affiliate marketing



Founder: Arun Prabhudesai

Blog founded date: 1st May 2007

Founder story: Arun is an avid internet geek and IT professional passionate about entrepreneurship, start-up businesses, and finance.

He is a gadget freak and always keep him updated about the latest technologies. His other interests include politics, finance, stocks, and photography.

He started the blog to keep people, and himself updated with Indian businesses and start-ups. has been featured as one of the Top 10 Indian business blogs by Times Online. is a part of India Blogs 1.0 directory. Times of India’s special report featured on the occasion of its ten years completion.

Content covered: eCommerce, start-ups, technology, internet, telecom, and business

Monetization: Google AdSense

#24. GeeksForGeeks

Sandeep Jain

Founder: Sandeep Jain

Blog founded date: 2009

Founder story: Sandeep is an IIT professional who worked as an assistant professor at JIIT Noida and software developer at DE Shaw and Co.

GeeksforGeeks is for computer programming enthusiasts who are keen on getting programming and algorithm-based interview questions. The blog offers different programming languages and is the best platform for coders to prepare for interview questions.

Sandeep is very passionate about programming, he always loves to solve complex algorithms and help students by offering training and placement preparation courses.

The blog offers internship opportunities for students to enhance their skill sets.

Content covered: Data structures, algorithms, puzzles, GATE materials, CS subjects, and quizzes

Monetization: Training courses and Google AdSense

#25. AllTechBuzz


Founder: Imran Uddin

Blog founded date: 2011

Founder story: When Imran was in Engineering 2nd year, he started his initial blog on Hacking, Programming and Web Development.

Then he expanded it to Blogging Tips, SEO, and Making Money Online. But he mainly focused on Technology. At that time, Google Hummingbird update boosted his traffic to some extent and has not affected his rankings.

He got tons of traffic by building a vast social media profile.

Content covered: Tips and tutorials related to blogging, SEO, WordPress, and technology.

The site offers exclusive discounts, lifetime deals, coupons to help people in purchasing the products they love.

Monetization: Affiliate marketing and Google AdSense


How much money Indian bloggers earn?

As per my experience in blogging full-time from 2015, an average blogger in India earns $300 – $500/month. Professional bloggers earn anywhere between $2,000 – $25,000/month, with a very handful beyond this. The top 20% of the bloggers earn 80% of the blogging revenue.

How many blogs are there in India?

I would say that there’ll be around 25,000 blogs in India. Wikipedia reported that were 10,000 bloggers in India in 2019 and the number has surely increased.

Can I earn money from Google Blogger?

Google Blogger is a not the preferred platform if you are serious about blogging. It lacks flexibility. Self-hosted WordPress platform is 100 times more better than the Blogger platform.

Is blogging profitable in 2023?

Certainly yes. As more and more people are diving online, it’s your opportunity to create content and provide value for them

Who pay bloggers?

It depends upon how they are monetizing their blog. If they are running Google AdSense ads, Google pays them. If they’re into affiliate marketing the respective product owners and companies pay them. Some bloggers like me even promote their own products and services.


Hope you found the list of above best Indian blogs helpful.

Make sure you follow the above blogs and subscribe to them on all social media sites.

I’ve tried my best to cover all the important blogs in the list. If you think there are any other blogs that deserve to be in this list, let me know in the comments section.