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Akshay Hallur is recognized as an authority in Digital Marketing, blogging and training. He is the founder of BloggingX, BloggingX, InfoSparkle and many other online ventures. His blog BloggingX helps aspiring bloggers and businesses to leverage the power of the internet and content marketing to spread their brand message. He is also the founder of InfoSparkle, a B2B Digital Marketing company that helps other businesses grow online. 

Demand for content is growing exponentially, ride the wave. 

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Akshay is a master bond builder!
"Akshay knows his blogging stuff. He provides immense value and is a master bond builder. Yep, he walks his talk. Subscribe to BloggingX (now BloggingX) to get your blog in order."
Ryan Biddulph
Founder | BloggingFromParadise
Akshay hits the bull's eye!
"Consistently generating high-quality content and earning a loyal audience is lot harder than it looks. Akshay is the man who knows how to hit the bullseye with his incredible blogging skills."
Ankit Singla
Founder | MasterBlogging
Akshay provides proven and practical tips!
"Akshay has amazing writing skills. He knows how to optimize the content both for Google and people. He knows how to captivate readers with engaging content. If you are looking for "proven and practical tips" to take your blog from zero to next level, don't miss out reading his blog."
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Anil Agarwal
Founder | BloggersPassion