Google Chrome is the most popular browser till date.

The biggest part of Chrome’s success is due to wide array of extensions available for it.

As a blogger, you need to be making using some great Google Chrome extensions.

In this post, I’m going to present you some of the Chrome extensions you need to be using for your blogging and SEO business.

I’ve been blogging from 2013. As an app junkie, I’ve tried and tested almost every popular Chrome extensions and also is using plenty of them for refining my workflow.

Let me present you few of the extensions that I think every blogger should use.

Chrome Extensions for Blogging Productivity

Whenever you right click on a link, this extension offers you the option to copy the name of the link/anchor text.

Copy Link Name

That saves me a lot of time especially when doing internal linking.

Again it’s just me, it may be not that much usable for you.

#2. Fireshot

With this extension in place, you can easily take screenshots of the entire page you are browsing.


It also allows you to capture visible area, specific portion, etc.

It’s by far the best screenshot tool I’ve found for Chrome browser.

#3. Pushbullet

It allows you to send links, images and text between various devices logged into a specific account. It saves me a lot of time by making the communication between my devices easier.

It also appears to right click context menu, that means you can just right-click on the selected text and hit Pushbullet.


For this to work, you need to have installed Pushbullet in other devices as well.

You can also add your friends to Pushbullet to chat with them cross-platform.

#4. Twinword Finder

It is a replacer of browser’s Ctrl+F search function. It allows you to find multiple words. It highlights the occurence of each word with different colors.

Twinword Finder

You can easily find the relevant paragraphs by searching keywords and the related synonyms thus saving your time.

#5. Email Tracker (by Snovio)

This lets you implement open and click tracking feature on your Gmail account.

When you send an email to someone from Gmail, if the other recipient opens the email or clicks on any link in the email, the extension instantly notifies.

Email Tracker (by Snovio)

It does the tracking by placing a small pixel inside the email.

Unlike some other tools, it’ll not add any signature to let the other party know the email is being tracked, making it more covert.

#6. Evernote web clipper

If you use Evernote for all your note-keeping needs, this extension is for you.

It lets you easily save awesome content you come across while browsing the web to your notes. It helps you easily collect research data for your blog post outline.

Evernote web clipper

Personally I use Notion web clipper as I recently switched from Evernote to Notion.

#7. Scraper

It lets you scrape the content on your browser.

You can make use of it to collect your blog post URLs from your sitemap page, collect the SERP URLs for email hunting, collect the email addresses on the page, etc.


It lets you scrape the similar data based on initial sample pattern you give it to it.

For advanced users you can choose the XPath or run a JQuery as a selector.

Once the data is scraped you can get rid of useless columns and copy the datas to your clipboard or export.

#8. SessionBox

This extension allows you to manage a site with multiple accounts at the same time.

You can login to same site with different accounts simultaneously.


SessionBox account securely synchronises the sessions with your devices.

You can start a session and continue that session in any other browser.

The other tabs or the sites you are working with cannot monitor your activity as the SessionBox handles the variables and is managed by the extension itself.

#9. gInfinity

It makes your search faster without the need to move to the page 2 or 3 in Google search.


When you are searching on Google after going through the first page results gInfinity will automatically adds the next search results as you scroll down.

So no need to manually switch to the succeeding pages in Google search results page.

#10. Highly

Whenever you are browsing on the web and come across anything that you may find as important, Highly allows you to highlight them.


You can highlight them, save and share them with your friends, community, post them on social media or apps.

This app is recently acquired by Twitter.

#11. View image

Lately, Google Images removed the “View image” button on your image search engine due to some copyright claims.

word image

However, you can get back the button to view the image file using this extension.

#12. OneTab

It lets you convert all your open tabs to list under a single tab.

word image

If you are like many of them who gets easily overwhelmed looking at multiple tabs open, OneTab may be the right plugin for you.

It instantly groups all your open tabs under OneTab

#13. Tab Snooze

It lets you snooze some tabs on your browser, select a time, and let it reopen after a specific period of time.

After the time is up, the tabs will auto-open. It may sometimes be distractive when you’re into some deep work.

word image 1

However, if the there’s something you need to check out later at the day this extension can be great for you.

#14. MightyText

Using MightyText you can send/receive SMS through Mac or PC. It synchronises with your Android.

It allows you to see and manage the Android notifications from PC. You can also get your phone battery status on your PC.


It’s a great time saver app, especially if you don’t like to keep the phone around you while working.

#15. Video speed controller

With this extension you can watch any videos on any websites with the speed of your choice.

Video speed controller

As, Facebook and Twitter don’t allow you to adjust the speed of videos, by using this extension you can watch your favourite videos in whatever the speed you need by adjusting the video speed using hotkeys.

#16. News Feed Eradicator

I make use of this extension over StayFocusd.

News Feed Eradicator

Because, as a blogger, I also use FB for blog promotional reasons. I mainly Facebook for its messages and groups feature.

I find this extension very helpful as it blocks the newsfeed feature of Facebook and replaces it with a meaningful quote.

This helps me prevent endlessly consuming crap and prevents my brain from being reactive to the emotions put forward by those stories.

#17. StayFocusd

Spending too much of your time on Facebook or on Netflix?

This extension lets you limit your time you spend on certain sites. Using this extension, you’ll save more time in the long run.


It’ll help you set up daily time budget for the blocked sites, and once the time is up, it’s block those sites.

It’ll help you spend less time on those blocked sites to preserve the daily budget. However, you need some willpower to prevent removing this extension itself!

#18. Loom

This extension allows you to communicate with your peers with instantly shareable videos.


You can create videos with webcam and explain whatever you want to convey and then share it with a link.

It also allows you to embed it the video anywhere with its HTML code.

It has integrations with Slack, Gmail and other tools.

It comes with basic (free) and premium plans. With premium plans you can add CTA buttons and Thumbnails to your videos.

#19. The Great Suspender

This extension suspends the tabs in background that are not being used thus saving memory and CPU power consumed.

 The Great Suspender

If you don’t want any tabs to suspend you can whitelist the URLs as well.

It detects the tabs that are playing audio and prevents their suspension.

#20. xTab

This extension limits the number of tabs that can be opened at the same time.


You can choose the number of tab limits and you can specify which tabs to close when tab limit exceeds with the below available options:

  • Least recently used (default)
  • Least accessed
  • Oldest

Pinned tabs and tabs playing audio will not be closed.

#21. LinkClump

You can open multiple links at once using this extension.

You need to just select all the links by dragging a selection box and you can open these links in a new tab or new window, you can bookmark them or copy them to clipboard.


If you are dealing with dozens of links on a daily basis, especially when doing SEO, this extension is a must for you.

You can also set a delay for opening or closing each tab.

#22. LastPass

As a blogger, you may want to remember lots of passwords.

The problem is that when it comes to security, you should not use the same passwords all over the place.


If you have unique passwords for each and every site you sign up for, it’ll be very hard for you to remember.

That’s where you need good password manager services like LastPass that lets you store all your credentials at one place with a master password and enterprise-level bullet-proof security.

Chrome Extensions for SEO

#23. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere lets you display the keyword metrics like volume and CPC whenever you search for keywords on Google or use any keyword research tools.

Keywords  Eveywhere

Along with this, it also enriches the keywords present in your Google Search Console and Analytics with keyword volume and CPC metrics.

If you are an affiliate blogger, this extension is very helpful for you.

If you ask me, without this tool, I would have missed targeting lots of low-competitive keywords that I come across while browsing.

When I install Chrome, Keywords Everywhere is the first extension I install.

#24. Fatrank

Helps you determine where your web page is ranking on Google for a specific query. It makes use of your own browser toi check the ranking position so be aware of Google personalization.


It’s a free extension, if you need more accurate rank tracking you may need to use dedicated rank trackers like Accuranger or use tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush.

#25. SEO Minion

It helps you carry out your everyday SEO activities like on-page SEO, meta data, checking broken links and also onpage SEO site audit.


It also comes with a Google search location simulator that lets you browse through various locations of your choice for SEO purposes.

It is from the same developers of KeywordsEverywhere.

#26. Hunter

It lets you display the email addresses of the people associated with the site you’re currently viewing.


This is very helpful for cold email outreaching and also for blogger SEO outreach.

For big companies, it returns you multiple email addresses and also the title and name of the person behind each email address.

#27. SERPWorx

It does a great job of displaying metrics from different services like SEMrush, Majestic, Moz, and Ahrefs at one place.

Along with all these metrics it also displays various onpage SEO data of the web results like heading, keyword density, word count, age of the domain, so on.

This tool is really helpful when manually analysing the competitiveness of a keyword.


Instead of using separate toolbars like SEOQuake, Majestic Toolbar, and MozBar, using SERPWorx is a simpler way to display all metrics at one place.

If you want Ahrefs metrics, you may need to enter in the Ahrefs’ API key in the extension settings.

#28. LinkMiner

This extensions checks for all the links on a given page. If any links are broken (returns 404 error) it marks them as red.

It helps in checking for broken links on your link heavy pages.


I prefer this over using WordPress plugins for checking broken links if you are on shared server.

Alternatively, you can also make use of apps like Xenu Link Sleuth for Windows or Integrity for Mac for detecting the broken links on your site.

LinkMiner helps you with various metrics like internal links, outbound links every page has got in search results.

It also displays you the Majestic metrics like trust flow and citation flow along with Ahrefs metrics.

In SEO, LinkMiner is a great extension when doing guest blogging to know the health of the link neighbourhood of the site.

For me, LinkMiner is by far the best tool for link metrics.

#29. Page Monitor

How often your competitors are upgrading their content? What changes are they making to their landing pages?

Page Monitor

This extension lets you track and notify whenever any user makes changes on their webpage.

It has endless use cases.

You need to give this page change monitor a try.

#30. N.A.P. HUNTER!

It helps you easily research the N.A.P. data of businesses and also citations. It does so by trying and searching the combinations of a business’s name, address and phone number information.


It helps you a lot of researching the business citation profiles and especially helpful in case of local SEO.

#31. EasyBlogCommenting

If you regularly do blog commenting for SEO and networking purposes, this extension allows you to it easily.


With this extension, you need to create several profiles.

Based on the profile you activate, the name, website, and the email field in the comment fields will get automatically filled while you are leaving a blog comment.

#32. Page Analytics by Google

This extension displays the Analytics data of the individual pages of your site when turned on.

For this to work, first you need to authenticate Google Analytics with the extension.

Page Analytics by Google

It saves you a lot of time when researching analytics data of the particular page in your site. It also displays on-page analytics like clicks. That’s the greatest part.

#33. SERPTrends SEO Extension

 SERPTrends SEO Extension

This extension shows whether a particular page has moved up the SERPs or down for a particular keyword. I can say that this is the best extension to manually track the keywords you are ranking for.

However, it’ll not check the rankings from a proxy IP address, rather uses your own browser’s data for checking the positions.

If you are not using any rank tracking tools like Accuranker, you just give it a try, it’s free.

#34. Word Counter Plus

This tool lets you display the number of words and characters are there in selected text.

Word Counter Plus

This tool displays you the word count and other metrics are selected text, but not the entire webpage at once.

From a very long time, I’m in search of an extension that helps me display the word count of the webpage content I’m seeing (excluding comments). But I’m unable to find one like that.

#35. SEOStack Keyword Tool

It’s a great powerful SEO tool that lets you do your keyword search.

If you enter in your seed keyword, it’ll return you the keyword suggestions from various search engines like Google, Bing, YouTube, Yahoo, Amazon, and eBay.

  SEOStack Keyword Tool

I’m personally, surprised by seeing the wide range of search engines supported by this extension.

You can export the keywords in the form of CSV for further research.

This extension is very important in the age of semantic and schema optimization.

It lets you display the schema and other semantic data embedded in the web pages you visit.

OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer

It lets you easily analyze the schema and structured markup present in your competitor websites.

This tool will also be very helpful when conducting SEO audit of your site.

#37. SimilarWeb

word image 2

This tool enables you to access the SimilarWeb data of any website you’re in.

It helps you analyze the traffic a website is getting, traffic rank and also helps you analyze the SEO of the website.

It has its data collected through anonymous Clickstream data.

#38. SEOQuake

It is an extension by SEMrush.

It lets you display the SEMrush data and metrics of websites when searching on Google, right under the search results.


It helps you with data of keywords, backlinks, traffic, the other sites are getting on SERPs.

It also displays various link and diagnostics metrics when used on a page-level.

#39. MozBar

This is an extension from Moz.

It has a search overlay feature that lets you display the Moz metrics like domain authority, page authority, backlinks, and other data right in the SERPs.


It also helps you analyze the keyword optimization and usage of links on individual web pages you visit.

You can also export the results in CSV files for further analysis and drill downs.

#40. Majestic Bar

It displays you the Majestic SEO’s metrics like citation flow, trust flow, backlinks, age, topical flow, and other details of the website in the form of search overlay.

Majestic Bar

Majestic has the second biggest backlink index. So, this extension should be better than Moz when it comes to backlink research of your competitors.

#41. Ahrefs Bar

With this extension, you can display all the Ahrefs metrics like DR, PR, backlinks, search traffic, keywords a site or a particular page is having in the form of SERP overlay.

Ahrefs Bar

Ahrefs has got the biggest backlink index, it is even bigger than Majestic. So the extension is great for backlink research.

It can also scan the pages for broken links and reports can be downloaded

#42. Browsec

This extension enables you to browse the internet from any location. I’ve tried many extensions, this is ideal for bloggers and SEOs.


As bloggers, we tend to use Google a lot. Sometimes, Google may block you from using their search engine due to automated query issues and all. Or sometimes, you may want to check the rankings of your content from a different location.

In all these scenarios Browsec helps you a lot.

Browsec entering domain name

It also has smart settings that enables you to activate the proxy and VPN only for certain sites. So, with this you don’t need to manually enable and disable VPN when browsing blocked sites.

#43. Nofollow


This plugin highlights all the nofollow, noindex and other tags when you are browsing. It helps you determine if the link is nofollow and carries no SEO value without using inspect element features.

This feature is very helpful in aiding your link building and especially guest posting efforts.

You can add your own CSS styles for the extension to highlight the nofollow links.

Chrome Extensions for WordPress users

#44. WordPress Admin Bar Control

While previewing your own site, you may get annoyed of the WordPress admin bar at the top. This is where the extension comes in handy. It lets you show or hide the admin bar with a click.

Wordpress Admin Bar Control

However, you should not forget you have this extension installed or else you may end us troubleshooting WordPress for not showing admin bar!

#45. WordPress Style Editor

If you are like me who do make use of inspect element a lot to make CSS changes, and head over to the theme’s style.css to paste in the custom CSS, you’ll love this extension.

 WordPress Style Editor

This tool allows you to directly save the CSS changes you make on the frontend to the theme files.

It saves you a ton of time in making minor CSS tweaks on your website.

#46. Colorzilla

This tool helps you grab the HEX code of the colors you come across while browsing the web. Useful especially when you are designing or applying CSS to your site.


Want to know the exact color HEX code of your competitor’s logo? Then give this extension a try.

It’s very helpful for web developers and also graphic designers.

#47. Checkbot

Checkbot is a really powerful SEO tool.

It analyzes hundred of pages for speed, SEO and other security issues in a matter of minutes.


It looks at broken links, duplicate titles, insecure password forms, redirect chains, and much more right in your browser window.

It checks your website against 50+ different best practices.

#48. WordPress Site Manager

This extension stores your WordPress information and allow you to quickly access your sites.

WordPress Site Manager

It also helps you in effectively editing your themes files by adding CodeMirror formatting.

#49. WhatFont

This is a great extension if you want to check what font your competitor website or any website you come across are using.


Along with the font, it also detects the font API being used for the font delivery.

When you hover your mouse over the text it displays the font name, if you click on it, it adds much more details like font weight, font size, and others.

Chrome Extensions for Reading and Writing

#50. HeadingsMap

This extension adds the table of content sidebar to every blog post you visit on the internet.


This is really helpful when you are reading any lengthy blog post, or when researching the content for your blog post outline.

The headings are also collapsible adding to the UX offered by the extension.

It also comes with various settings like dark/light themes, heading levels, and others.

#51. Mercury Reader

I make use of Mercury Reader when reading any article on the web that’s formatted poorly and has bad typography.

Mercury Reader

When you are on your article, you want to read, you just need to click on Mercury Reader button and instantly the extension will get you rid of the clutter and switches to reader mode.

Added to the basic typographic options, you also have an option to send the article directly to your Kindle reader. I use this option a lot whenever I’m reading very long articles.

They have their free text parsing API as well, which I use it for other automation workflows.

#52. Save to Pocket

If you find an awesome content or an article on internet and do not have time to read it, then save it to read it later. Pocket comes here handy.

 Save to Pocket

Pocket app is available for Android and iOS, along with good extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

It lets you read articles offline on your smartphone.

#53. Writefull

It comes both as a desktop app and also as a Chrome extension.

It allows you to get feedback on your writing instantly.


While writing your content, you can highlight any word or phrase, press the hotkey Opt+Spacebar. It’ll pop up over your current Chrome window and will allow you to define the word, find synonyms, fill in the blanks for getting appropriate word idea from the web.

Trust me, it’s the best app to have for writers who are struggling to get that perfect word choice.

#54. Shorten & Translate by Text United

It lets you easily skim through the articles when you have no time to read them in detail.

Shorten & Translate by Text United

It highlights the important section and sentences in the articles.

By reading those points, you at least get the idea of what the post is about.

It’s very helpful while reading news that is filled with unnecessary fluff.

#55. Reedy

This is a really cool app that lets you easily speed read any content using RSVP (Rapid Serial Visual Presentation) technique.


It really helps you speed read any article, without a fuss.

This app may not be for all, but you may give it a try for reading at least 2-3 articles before giving your call.

#56. Grammarly

If you are a blogger who commits plenty of grammatical mistakes and typos while typing, this extension comes to your rescue. It intelligently corrects the mistakes you do when writing your articles.


Along with this, when you come across unknown words while browsing the web, you can just double click on the word and Grammarly displays the meaning of the word.

Recently they also introduced their integration with Google Docs for you to make sure your documents are free from grammatical errors.

#57. Stylebot

This extension helps you to modify the CSS of the website you’re viewing.

Sometimes, when reading the article, you may want to change the font family, color, and make some visual changes to make the text readable.

Stylebot (reading and writing)

This extension helps you to make those changes without needing mess up with inspect element feature of Chrome.

It also greatly helps you when designing your own websites

#58. Stylish – Custom themes for any website

This extension allows you to use your favorite themes on the websites you visit. You can make use of the inbuilt themes or you can code out the CSS.


You can customize website backgrounds, color schemes, YouTube skins, fonts and even animations.

If you are an avid reader, and don’t like themes for any site, do give this extension a try.

#59. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary

This Chrome extension allows you to see the definition or translation on any word. You just need to double-click on the unknown word, and the definition will be popped up.

Another good feature is that all of your looked up words are stored, so that you can memorize and practice them later. You can also download them as a CSV sheet.

It supports almost all the major languages.

As a blogger, good vocabulary is important. In that case, this extension helps you a great deal.

Chrome Extensions for Social Media

#60. AddToAny

Helps you easily share the webpage you’re browsing to any social media networks.


Whenever you find any good web page, rather than searching for the social share buttons, you just need to click on this extension.

It supports various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

#61. Buffer

This is an official extension for Buffer.

It lets you schedule and publish content on various social media platforms without leaving your current tab.


It’s a great extension to have for social media managers and also SEOs for building social signals.

#62. Hashtest

This extension helps you discover the popular hashtags and also validate the hashtags you’re using.

It helps you with social channels like Instagram, Twitter and also Facebook.


I highly recommend you use this extension with Instagram and Twitter, because reaching the right kind of audience is very essential.

It also takes into account the fact that super-popular hashtags give you diminishing results.

#63. BuzzSumo

It lets you research the social shares and popularity of the web pages that you are currently viewing.

It gets the social share data and also the backlink data from BuzzSumo.


It helps you a lot when formulating your content strategy to make it viral.

If you use BuzzSumo everyday this extension is a must for you.

#64. Save to Facebook

Do you have the habit of saving interesting stuff to Facebook?

  Save to Facebook

Extension lets you save the interesting stuff, pictures, videos directly to Facebook on a click of a button.

You can also organize stuff that you save in the form of collections and share with your friends and public.

#65. Instagram Scrubber

When you are watching Instagram videos you can see that the Instagram player does not have the built-in video seeker.

 Instagram Scrubber

This extension displays the video scrubber for the video player in Instagram and lets you easily fast forward or backward your video while watching.

This is a must have tool for every video marketer who is leveraging the power of Instagram

#66. SocialBlade

This extension lets you display the SocialBlade metrics on YouTube videos like:

  2. Likes and dislikes
  3. Estimated earnings
  4. Average daily subscribers
  5. Tags used in the video

If you are a video marketer and levideoverage the reach of YouTube for marketing your products and services, this tool is a must for competitor video analysis

#67. TubeBuddy

If you are a YouTube video creator, TubeBuddy helps you with many video SEO Strategies and also helps you use the right tags that are relevant for your video for more engagement.

word image 4

It also helps you create end screens and thumbnails for your video.

I have a premium version of their tool, and I’m regularly using it. It is a must have tool in very YouTube video marketer’s toolkit.

#68. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you use LinkedIn a lot for B2B prospecting and sales, this tool helps you a lot.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This extension allows you to uncover additional details about your prospects and other people to help you with your sales and marketing.

It also helps you display the rick LinkedIn data right in your Gmail inbox that helps you a lot when converting a cold lead.

#69. Oktopost

With Oktopost it’s very easy for you to share your content across various social media sites.

After sharing you can track the engagement, clicks and display other metrics.


They’ve got all the featured offered by the Oktopost platform build right inside this extension.

#70. Rebrandly

I don’t like Bitly, because once you create short links, you can’t edit and change the destination link.


This extension comes as a screen overlay where it’ll create a short link for the webpage you’re currently viewing. Nevertheless, you can also customize the landing page URL and slug right within the extension.

I love Rebrandly because they offer almost all the features in their free version.

Presently I use a custom domain along with Rebrandly for shortening my blog post links and also affiliate links for promotions and tracking.

If you are not shortening your links, make sure you do it for effective tracking.

CSSViewer – Bonus

This extension allows to display the CSS styles of any element or the whole page when browsing.

word image 5

It prevents you from using the inspect element button every time you need to view the CSS of a website.

This is very helpful for developers.

You just need to click on the icon in the toolbar and select any element on the page to view the CSS.

Wrap up

Using too many extensions slows your browser down and hogs your battery quickly. I recommend you using extensions sparingly.

Instead of using extensions for implementing every single functionality, you may make use of bookmarklets that are no more than simple bookmarks.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

What other Chrome extensions are you using? Have I missed any of them?

Please mention them in the comments; especially your secret ones 😉