With the wide range of extensions that are available to gear up the extensibility of the browser, Google Chrome has evolved like more or less an OS in the last 3-4 years.

In this post, I will guide you how to power up your browser. Extensions I mention in this post makes your blogging job easier and lets you do more in less time.

  1. Mozbar: I can’t just carry out my blogging, keyword research, determining keyword competition and SEO without this awesome extension. This plugin displays the domain authority, page authority, total links, as you browse the web.The best part is that in the search results page, it displays the metrics for the individual page results.
  2. Ahrefs SEO toolbar: Ahrefs has the largest database of backlinks for the pages on the web. Similar to that of Moz this extension displays the link metrics, of the pages as you browse through the SERPs and individual pages. As an add-on the extension you may make use of Extension Ahrefs Search Volume & CPC Anchor Enhancer, to add search volume, competition and CPC to the main extension. However, you need to add the API key of Ahrefs for this plugin to work.
  3. Page Analytics by Google: This extension displays the Analytics data of the individual pages of your site when turned on. For this to work, first you need to authenticate Google Analytics with the extension. It saves you a lot of time when researching analytics data of the particular page in your site. It also displays on-page analytics like clicks. That’s the greatest part.
  4. SERPTrends SEO Extension: This extension shows whether a particular page has moved up the SERPs or down for a particular keyword. I can say that this is the best extension to track the keywords you are ranking for. Just give it a try, it’s free.
  5. Word Count: Whether it may be competitor research or curiosity. How many times you have wondered how long a blog post is? This extension comes in handy. Just select the text in the article and click on the icon, this extension shows you the number of words and characters in the selection.
  6. Writefull: It comes both as a desktop app and also as a Chrome extension. It allows you to get feedback on your writing instantly. While writing your content, you can highlight any word or phrase, press the hotkey Opt+Spacebar, and it will allow you to define the word, find synonyms, fill in the blanks for getting appropriate word idea from the web. Trust me, it’s the best app to have for writers who are struggling to get that correct word idea.
  7. Reedy: This is a cool app that lets you easily speed read any content using RSVP (Rapid Serial Visual Presentation) technique.
  8. Page monitor: It lets you track  webpages for change. You can change the frequency of monitoring and also notifications when changes are detected
  9. Mercury reader: It lets me read any web page in the article or reader-friendly mode. It is the best web parser I’ve ever come across. It also lets me to send the articles directly to my Kindle to make it easy on my eyes.
  10. Alexa Traffic Rank: It displays the Alexa rank of the sites as you browse. It helps you easily the determine the traffic estimate with the help of this extension.
  11. Just read: Without a regular reading habit, you’re no more a blogger. To be a successful blogger, you need to be an avid reader. This extension makes articles insanely readable by removing the clutter. With this you can remove the page distractions such as pop ups, ads and comments. There is no headache of login. 
  12. ColorZilla: This tool helps you grab the HEX code of the colors you come across while browsing the web. Useful especially when you are designing or applying CSS to your site.
  13. AddThis – Share & Bookmark: It lets you easily share content that you come across the web. Instead of everytime heading over to social media sites and then sharing the article, this extension saves you time.
  14. Grammarly: If you are a blogger who commits plenty of grammatical mistakes and typos while typing, this extension comes to your rescue. It intelligently corrects the mistakes you do when writing your articles.Along with this, when you come across unknown words while browsing the web, you can just double click on the word and Grammarly displays the meaning of the word.
  15. Copy Link Name: Whenever you right click on a link, it offers you the option to copy the name of the link. That saves me a lot of time.
  16. FireShot: With this extension in place, you can easily take screenshots of the entire page you are browsing. It also allows you also to capture visible area, specific portion, etc.
  17. Pushbullet: It allows you to send links, images and text between various devices logged into a specific account. It saves me a lot of time by making the communication between my devices easier. It also appears to right click context menu, that means you can just right-click on the selected text and hit Pushbullet. For this to work, you need to have installed Pushbullet in other devices as well.
  18. Nestor. Highlighter: It lets you easily skim through the articles when you have no time to read them in detail. It highlights the important section and sentences in the articles. By reading those points, you at least get the idea of what the post is about.
  19. Save to Pocket: If you find an awesome content or an article on internet and do not have time to read it, then save it toread it later. Pocket comes here handy. Pocket app is available for Android and iOS, along with good extensions for Chrome and Firefox. It lets you read articles you save clutter-free.
  20. Webtime Tracker: It helps you in tracking how you spend your time on the web. It presents you the statistics of what time you spent on each site.
  21. Evernote Web Clipper: If you use Evernote for all your note-keeping needs, this extension is for you. It lets you easily save awesome content you come across while browsing the web to your notes.
  22. WordPress Admin Bar Control: While previewing your own site, you may get annoyed of the WordPress admin bar at the top. This is where the extension comes in handy. It lets you show or hide the admin bar with a click.
  23.  Check My Links: This extensions checks for all the links on a given page. If any links are broken (returns 404 error) it marks them as red. It helps in checking for broken links on your link heavy pages. I prefer this over using WordPress plugins for checking broken links if you are on shared server.
  24. StayFocusd: Spending too much of your time in Facebook? This extension lets you limit your time you spend on certain sites. Using this extension, you’ll save more time in long run.
  25. RSS alert: With this extension you enter the RSS feed URLs of your favorite sites. Everytime the sites get updated with newer content, you will be notified from within the Chrome.
  26. SERPworx: This is a great tool. If you are using any SEO toolbars like MozBar or Ahrefs Toolbar, you need to use this tool. It does a great job of displaying metrics from different services like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Majestic, and Moz at one place. Along with all these metrics it also displays various onpage SEO data of the web results like heading, keyword density, word count, age of the domain, so on.

If you’re on SSD or Macs, no problem.


Using too many extensions slows your browser down and hogs your battery quickly. I recommend you using extensions sparingly.

Instead of using extensions for implementing every single functionality, you may make use of bookmarklets that are no more than simple bookmarks.

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12 thoughts on “Best Chrome Extensions for Blogging and Productivity”

  1. Great List ! i have checked some Chrome Extensions and i personally like Save to Pocket extension it helps me to save important articles and videos. Thanks for sharing

  2. Chrome extensions are great to increase productivity.

    I personally use many of them but not as many as you mentioned in your article.
    Some of my favorites are ….

    1. Moz Bar
    2. SEO Quake
    3. Awesome Screenshots
    4. Alexa Traffic Rank
    5. RSS Alert
    6. Ahrefs SEO tool bar

    Some of the extensions you mentioned are new to me and I’ll give them a try. Indeed good collection of Chrome Extensions.

    1. Hi Tauseef, glad you liked the collection. The favorite one among them for me now is MozBar. Without it I cannot imagine blogging and keyword research.

      Definitely give other extensions a try. They are worth a try.

      Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day ahead 🙂

  3. Hi Akshay,
    It’s a very huge list of chrome extensions for blogging but It become a problem If you install
    all of them..
    I am using only Alexa Toolbar and Moz Toolbar. I will use few extension which you recommend in about list.. Thanks for adding all chrome extensions. 🙂

  4. Digember Dangwal

    This is a great list of useful chrome extensions for blogger. I think we should use few of them according to our need in chrome as using too many extensions slows down the chrome.

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