Top 10 Cheap and Free SurferSEO Alternatives in 2022

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Are you looking for some good alternatives to SurferSEO?

Then this blog post will be beneficial for you.

SurferSEO is quickly gaining buzz as one of the most effective tools out there for on-page SEO.

It helps you effectively identify the commonalities among the top-ranking pages on Google for a keyword, and lets you optimize your own article accordingly.

But the main downside is that for beginners, SurferSEO seems to be a bit on the expensive side at $59/month especially when starting out.

Product Type Starting price Explore
MarketMuse Freemium $149/mo Explore now
Frase Premium $44.99/mo Explore now
Postpace Premium $17/mo Explore now
WriterZen Premium $27/mo Explore now Premium $49/mo Explore now
SimilarContent Premium $9.99/mo Explore now
Page optimizer pro Premium $39/mo Explore now
Website auditor Premium $124/year Explore now
Ultimate keyword hunter Free $0/mo Explore now
Cora Premium $50/mo Explore now

What to look for in SurferSEO alternatives?

SurferSEO comes with these five tools:

  1. SERP Analyzer : This tool helps you analyze the similarities of your competitors’ top-ranking content in Google search. It lets you know the ideal word content, common recurring phrases in their content, common backlinks, etc.
  2. Content Editor : If you choose to compose your content in their editor, their editor will check your article in real-time and how well you are optimizing your article compared to your competitors.
  3. Keyword Research : This helps you know the LSI keywords, and also phrases you need to get when it comes to a specific keyword.
  4. SEO Audit : This tool audits your webpage, compares it with other top rankings’ similar content, and gives you suggestions.
  5. Keyword Surfer : This is a free tool and is a good free alternative to KeywordsEverywhere. It displays the keyword volume and other metrics right on Google search.

The tools that I’m gonna review here, should have these functionalities for them to be perfect SurferSEO alternatives.

Top 10 best SurferSEO alternatives

1. MarketMuse

MarketMuse is an AI-powered content planning and content optimization tool similar to Frase.


It helps you create post outlines, and executive summaries, optimize the content, analyze the content gaps, etc.

In the applications section of the dashboard, you will find features like research, compete, optimize, questions, and connect.

MarketMuse topic discovery

Research: When you enter a topic or a keyword it displays a list of terms, and LSI keywords you need to include in the content.

Compete: When you enter your blog post URL, it analyzes your content with top pages on Google and gives you content gap ideas to cover and gain a competitive edge. It displays a topical modal heatmap with color codes for easier analysis.

Optimize: When you import your existing content and enter any topic, MarketMuse analyzes the content of over 1000’s pages and displays the list of keywords in order based on relevancy. On the sidebar, it displays the color code showing how many times you have mentioned the keyword in your content. These color codes help you optimize the content for those keywords.

Questions: It displays all the questions related to the target keyword to add to your FAQs sections or to answer in the content. By answering these questions, you can rank for voice search and people also ask questions.

Connect: It gives you suggestions on the internal and external link ideas you can include, along with the anchor text. This helps in building the topical authority and topic clusters for the content.

Similar to other SurferSEO alternatives on this list, MarketMuse displays the content score showing the overall quality of the content compared to its topical model.

MarketMuse content briefs involve 2 sections – the executive summary and the outline brief. Your team can access the content brief through a shared link.

MarketMuse content brief

Its executive summary is a unique feature. It gives a detailed report including the objective of creating the post, suggested word count, questions, subheadings, etc.


MarketMuse pricing

MarketMuse has a free plan with limited features. This plan supports 1 user, 45 projects, and 35 queries/mo. To begin with, you can choose this plan.

If you want to create more content and need unlimited projects, you need to go with their standard plan which costs $149/mo. If you have an agency and need access for unlimited users their premium plan at $999/mo will be the best option for you.


  • Its topical model heatmaps representation helps in understanding the data easily
  • Comes with a detailed executive summary to share with writers
  • Gives you topic gap ideas to rank over competitors
  • Has a free plan


  • The tool is overpriced compared to other SurferSEO alternatives on this list
  • It provides very limited credits and restricts your usage
  • Some learning curve is needed

Bottom line: If you are more serious about content creation game MarketMuse would be the best tool.

2. Frase

Frase is one of the best AI-powered SEO and content writing tools that help you in speeding up content creation workflow.

It comes with features like:

  • Automated content briefs
  • Easy-to-use content editor
  • Content optimization scoring
  • Automated FAQ generation
  • Automated header generation
  • Automated paraphrasing
  • Much more
Frase outline builder

With Frase, you can create content briefs for writing new blog posts and also optimize the existing content to rank it higher.

Frase check the relevant results

When you enter a topic (or your target keyword), Frase analyses the top 20 search results by default and gives you a SERP analysis overview. If you don’t want to analyze the top 20 results, you can choose the top 10, or just check the results you want to analyze like the top 3, or top 5 as you wish. This is a really good feature that is lacking in most of the tools.

Results processed - Frase

After analyzing the selected results, it displays the word count, headers, links, and the number of images, the processed pages covered on average.

With Frase content optimizer, you can see what are all the headings & sections, topics, statistics, and links the top pages are covering in the content. Having statistics provides value to your content, and it increases trustworthiness in the eyes of Google, thus helping in achieving good rankings.

Using its topic score feature, you can optimize the content for the relevant keywords. Also, if you are directly writing the content inside the editor you can see in real-time how good your topic score is increasing.

Selecting the geo-location in Frase

Similar to SEO Surfer, you can analyze the pages based on geo-location. This is a good feature for local store owners to optimize their pages and improve search rankings.

You can integrate Frase with Google Docs and optimize your content with Frase insights right inside of Docs. This reduces the friction associated with editing. What’s more? You can also integrate Frase with WordPress just by inputting username and site URL. You can integrate as many WordPress sites as you want.

Frase’s “questions” feature scrapes and gives you all the questions users ask in forums like Quora, Reddit, and PAA on SERPs.

Frase AI writer

If you are suffering from writer’s block, you can let AI write for you. Its AI works similar to tools like Peppertype.AI or ClosersCopy. Frase also provides over 25+ AI templates like blog intro, feature to benefit, pros & cons, title idea, much more and you can even create custom templates.


Frase pricing plans

Frase’s lowest pricing starts at $44.99/mo and gives you 1 user seat, 30 document credits, and limited AI content generation. If you want to create unlimited documents and need Google Docs integration, you need to go with their team plan which costs $114.99/mo. If you purchase the annual plans, you will get 15% off.


  • Seamless integration with Google Docs and WordPress.
  • You are flexible to check as many top pages as you want to analyze.
  • You can export the content as PDF or HTML.


  • Lacks keyword research tool

Bottom line: If you want to speed up your content creation workflow Frase is the way to go.

3. Postpace

Postpace is a content research and optimization tool best suited for bloggers, content writers, and freelancers to improve their content quality. Its main features include a content planner, topic reports, content briefs, and content projects. Unlike other tools like WriterZen, it doesn’t have a plagiarism checker and keyword research features.

Postpace content planner
Postpace content projects

It comes with a unique content planner feature to plan your content creation. If you use tools like Notion for content management, you will know how useful this feature is. You can set the publishing date, and target keyword, and assign the status like the idea, draft, etc.

Its topic report feature analyzes and gives the report analyzing the top 15 SERP results.

Postpace topic reports
Postpace content optimization

Postpace topic report includes:

  • Average word count, readability level, and keyword frequency
  • Competitive analysis of the top pages with metrics like readability grade, images, and heading tags used.
  • Rank & content length correlation graph
  • A table like view of the content covered by top pages with headings
  • Questions to answer – It scrapes “people also ask” questions from SERPs and also the questions asked in forums like Reddit and Quora.
  • Important terms to use in your article to get topical relevance around the target keyword.
  • Alt texts are used in top-ranking content. Having the LSI keywords in the alt texts gives you a competitive edge.
  • Outbound URLs used in top-ranking content with anchor text.
Postpace content brief

You can also create content briefs similar to other tools. For this, first, you need to have the topic report. Double click on any of the content you want to add to the content brief and it will get automatically added.

Postpace is not feature-rich like other tools on the market. It just provides basic content research and optimization features to improve your article. But if you are serious about your content creation, you need to go with tools like Frase or MarketMuse.

Postpace optimization
Postpace topics

If you want to optimize the existing content, you have to copy-paste the content into the editor. As of now, you don’t have the option to import from the URL.


Postpace pricing

It offers 3 pricing plans. The basic plan is for bloggers, freelance writers & publishers. It costs $17/mo with unlimited user seats, 20 topic reports/mo, 20 content briefs/mo, and 20 content projects/mo.

Its growth plan($27/mo) is for growing blogs, affiliate marketers & small teams.

It supports:

  • 30 topic reports per month
  • 30 content outlines per month
  • 30 content projects per month
  • Unlimited user seats

If you have an agency or manage client websites, their business plan will be best suited for you and it costs $57/mo. It supports:

  • 100 topic reports per month
  • 100 content outlines per month
  • 100 content projects per month
  • Unlimited user seats


  • You can add status and tags to the documents


  • Lacks keyword research
  • Doesn’t come with an AI assistant

Bottom line: If you are a free planner or have an agency, Postpace would be the best content research and optimization tool. But keep in mind, that it lacks keyword research and plagiarism checker, unlike tools like WriterZen.

4. WriterZen

WriterZen is one of the affordable keyword research, content creation, and optimization tools that comes with a good number of features. You can do bulk keyword research similar to SEO tools like Semrush or Ahrefs.

WriterZen topic discovery

With its topic discovery feature, you can find the content ideas, keywords, and untapped topics to cover in your content to rank higher. It displays Google suggest insights related to Google searches right inside the dashboard so that you won’t have to switch tabs searching in Google.

WriterZen topic discovery filters

You can choose to display the keyword clusters either by search volume or by relevance. Furthermore, the relevancy of topics can be filtered by showing them closely, medium, and widely.

 keyword clusters in WriterZen

If you are interested in seeing the data as visual representations, say mindmaps you will really like the charts WriterZen displays. Its keywords graph is very similar to tools like AnswerThePublic.

WriterZen content creator

Its content creator feature is not as advanced as tools like MarketMuse or Frase. While writing or editing existing content, you can just analyze your competing pages. But it doesn’t show in real-time how your content is performing with competitor pages with scores like the topic score.

Its content creation process includes 3 steps:

  1. Outline to use
  2. Keywords to include
  3. Content writing

Creating the content briefs or outlines with WriterZen is not flexible as Frase. You need to switch the tabs on the dashboard for creating the outline.

LSI keywords feature in WriterZen
WriterZen keyword explorer
WriterZen allintitle and KGR scores

Its keyword research tool is more powerful with some unique features like allintitle and KGR scores, which you won’t find even in dedicated tools like Semrush. These help you in finding the low-hanging fruits you can easily rank.

WriterZen serp overview
Google trends graph in WriterZen

Its keyword explorer displays the SERP overview, Google trends graph, CPC data, and much more in a single dashboard.

WriterZen plagiarism checker

It also comes with a plagiarism checker to get rid of duplicate content. This is not as advanced as Quetext or Copyscape, but it does its job well.


WriterZen pricing

WriterZen is a premium tool and its pricing starts at $27/mo. This plan supports 50 Keyword lookups/day, 25,000 Keyword credits/mo, 50 content briefs/mo, and 15 A.I. credits/mo. This plan will be the best for solopreneurs.

If you have a small team working on multiple blogs, you can choose their standard plan that costs $41/mo. For agencies, they have an advanced plan costing $69/mo.


  • Metrics like allintitle and KGR help you get low hanging fruits
  • It comes with a plagiarism checker to avoid duplicate content.
  • Comes with a one-time credit feature to purchase additional credits when needed.
  • Comes with a keyword research tool so you don’t have to spend money on extra tools.


  • The plagiarism checker is basic.
  • There is no option to import content from the URL.
  • None of the plans support unlimited features. Each of the plans has some limits.

Bottomline: If you need an SEO tool for keyword research and content optimization, WriterZen is an affordable alternative you can choose.

5. is an AI-powered platform that helps you research, write high-quality content and SEO optimize it in a fraction of the time.

It comes with SERP content, SERP analysis, and questions feature. When you search for any keyword, topic, or question in SERP analysis, it scrapes and displays SERP overview, internal site links, and related keywords.

For the entered keyword it gives you the minimum, maximum, and average word count, length of meta description, number of images used in the top pages, h1 tags, keyword data (detailed chart of the keywords used in the meta title, meta description, etc). serp overview

Unlike other tools, for the top pages, it displays metrics like content length, DA, PA, backlinks, no-follow, and do-follow. Based on these metrics it assigns a grade to the pages. related keywords

Outranking questions feature gives a list of all the questions that contain related keywords and also “people also ask questions” in Google.

Next is the SERP content. You can use this either to write new content or optimize existing content. It has an AI Wizard to assist you at each step in writing the blog post. AI wizard

The AI wizard works similar to dedicated AI content writing tools like or ClosersCopy. But it won’t replace these tools.

Content writing with Outranking is a breeze. It has an SEO guide on the sidebar to guide you from beginning till the end, including the SEO aspects you need to be aware of. If you want, you can use AI to write the complete document.

SEO guide in

You can set the AI output length, use basic commands to write faster. You can even use AI to write featured snippet instructions for you.

Outranking has a unique feature called concepts. These are the points or sentences you need to cover inside each heading.

Outranking has developed add ons to integrate with Google Docs and WordPress. You can export or import the documents from Google Docs and WordPress.

Pricing pricing plans

Outranking free plan supports 2000 characters, comes with AI outline builder, 2 SEO documents/searches, etc. Its premium pricing starts at $49/mo, it supports 10 SEO web documents and 30 analysis/searches.

If your requirement is more, you can choose the higher plans. If you need access for more than 1 user, you have to go with their professional plan that costs $199/mo.


  • 7 days free trial available
  • Comes with step-by-step instructions to assist content generation. This is really helpful for beginners.
  • You can add tags and status to the documents


  • The output quality provided by AI is not so good as it needs more training.
  • Lacks keyword research tool

Bottom line: is a powerful content optimization platform that helps in writing SEO-friendly content.

6. SimilarContent


SimilarContent is one of the newest tools when it comes to on-page SEO processes.

The greatest benefit of this tool is its price. Their starter plan starts at as low as $9.99/month and when paid annually it’ll be $99/year.

But what about the features?

This tool comes with features like:

  • TF-IDF tool
  • Topical difficulty analysis
  • Content optimizer
  • Article rewriting
  • Much more

The tool I use the most is the keyword TF-IDF tool.

SimilarContent features

The topical difficulty is quite reliable. But other metrics like volume, CPC, and clicks are not so accurate as per my experience.

It analyzes all the competitor top-ranking content for a keyword and helps you determine what keywords they’ve optimized the content.

SimilarContent analyzes competitor

SimilarContent also comes with a content optimizer tool.

SimilarContent content optimizer tool

In this tool, you can just copy and paste your content, and SimilarContent will analyze the content and lets you know the phrases you’re missing when it comes to optimizing your content for TF/IDF.

This tool is still in the development phase, and you can expect many more features in the coming months.


SimilarContent pricing

When it comes to pricing, unless you’re running a content marketing or SEO agency, the Starter or Business plans will be enough for you.


  • SimilarContent supports 81 languages, but SurferSEO only supports English
  • It displays the TF/IDF score for each word
  • It displays the keyword difficulty score similar to Ahrefs based on the backlinks pointing to the competitor sites.
  • It is a much cheaper alternative to SurferSEO


  • A new tool with plenty of features in development
  • It does not come with word count correlational graph that you find with SurferSEO

Overall, SimilarContent is a good affordable tool to get a TF/IDF advantage for ranking your articles.

7. Page Optimizer Pro

Page Optimizer Pro

Page Optimizer Pro (POP) is a fairly popular SEO tool by Kyle Roof. He is a popular SEO expert.

He created this tool using the Scientific On-Page Method that he used to rank his sites on top of Google.

Similar to SurferSEO, the reports generated by POP are also really easy to use and understand.

Unlike SurferSEO or Cora, POP doesn’t display any backlink data. Because it doesn’t integrate with Majestic API or Ahrefs API like that of Cora.

It only analyzes and recommends the on-page SEO things which you need to implement.


Page Optimizer Pro pricing

POP comes at a really affordable price, as it doesn’t display any SEO data.


  • Comes at a really affordable price
  • It analyzes over 29 ranking factors
  • Really simple to use software


  • Doesn’t include any backlink correlational data

POP is a great tool that comes at an affordable price and if you don’t want backlink correlational data it’s a great tool.

8. Website Auditor

Website Auditor

Website Auditor is a part of the SEO Powersuite package.

According to my experience, it is one of the most advanced website auditing tools in the market.

This tool is a freemium tool. In the paid version of their tool, they have TF/IDF feature.

It lets you analyze your webpage against other top 10 ranking competitors and suggest other keywords and phrases that you need to consider optimizing for.

Website Auditor analysing webpage

Here it’ll give you the recommendations either to add, remove, or not to make any changes to your content.

Website Auditor content editor

It also comes with its own content editor to make the changes in real-time and then upload the content to your server.

As I told you, the Website Auditor comes as part of the apps available in the SEO Powersuite package.

Or else, you can also buy the Website Auditor app individually.

For most people, the professional plan seems pretty good.


  • Comes at a really affordable price compared to SurferSEO
  • It comes with a lot of features than SurferSEO as it’s a dedicated website auditor
  • It’s available on almost all platforms like Mac, Windows, and also Linux.


  • It’s not a cloud application. So the speed with which it operates depends upon your machine

Website Auditor is a great tool that you can consider using as an alternative to SurferSEO. It comes with a lot of features, especially when it comes to auditing your website.

9. Ultimate Keyword Hunter

It is totally free software for Windows computers. You can even use it on your Mac machines making use of Parallels.

This tool is a really simple tool. Whenever you enter any keyword, it scrapes the top results for that keyword and reports to you the recurring words and phrases in the content of your competitors.

The key phrases are also organized as a single word, 2 words, 3 words, and 4 words.

Analyzing 2+ words phrases will be very handy to determine the content they’ve covered around the occurrence of those keywords.

On analyzing the reports it returns, you need to create your content outlines for maximum SEO advantage and relevancy.

Unlike SurferSEO, POP, or Website Auditor, you can’t enter your webpage URL and let it analyze.


  • It’s a completely free tool
  • It supports analyzing up to 50+ results
  • It also supports different search engines and their various locales
  • It’s a lightweight software with no need for VPNs


  • This software is not available for Mac. Softwares like CrossOver and WINE also don’t support it.
  • It doesn’t allow you to analyze your own URL and suggest keywords. It is only helpful in the content outlining phase, but not much in the optimization or auditing phase.

Ultimate Keyword Hunter is a really good free tool you can use to see what are the recurring phrases of your competitors. Although it doesn’t come with extra features like URL editing, backlinks analysis, word count correlation, etc. it is a great tool to use.

10. Cora

Cora is one of the most feature-rich alternatives to SurferSEO.

It analyzes the results from the top 100 pages of Google for 2040 different on-page and off-page factors.

It also integrates with Ahrefs API for displaying the backlink data of the sites which it analyzes.

Cora SEO interface is quite classic.

When you are first using the software, you need to do the initial configuration and do some research before getting hold of the software. Considering this, the learning curve can be quite difficult for the first time.

Unlike SurferSEO and any other tool in this list, Cora is desktop software. You need to install it on your machine.

Cora costs you $250 per month. It only has one plan. As it is desktop software, you get access to unlimited lookups and optimizations.


  • Cora looks at 500+ factors when analyzing your competitors for recommendations
  • It integrates with Ahrefs API for backlinks data
  • It comes at an affordable price than that of SurferSEO


  • It is desktop software and is quite slow
  • UI is quite difficult especially when you are a beginner

Cora is a great tool with a lot of features compared to most of the tools I’ve reviewed. It also includes backlinks data.


Finally, I would say that you can make use of SimilarContent or Page Optimizer Pro if you are looking for an affordable alternative to SurferSEO.

You can even make use of Ultimate Keyword Hunter if you only want to analyze the keyword/phrase frequencies of other top-ranking results.

As TF/IDF is relatively a new concept and gaining buzz recently, you can expect more and more tools similar to SurferSEO to appear in the market.

I hope you guys found this post on SurferSEO alternatives helpful.

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