Today in this post we are going to present to you the retargeting statistics.

If you are in the field of digital marketing you would be familiar with what retargeting is.

Retargeting is a great way to turn the bounced site visitors into your long time customers. Hence it is very important for online businesses to know the retargeting statistics so that you can implement the strategies accordingly.

Retargeting is also called remarketing that online businesses use to increase brand awareness and conversions.

Let’s get started with the retargeting statistics.

Retargeting statistics – Editor’s picks:

  1. Retargeting can increase ad engagement rates by up to 400%.
  2. With display ads retargeting customers are 70% more likely to convert.
  3. Cart abandonment retargeting can increase conversion rate by up to 26%.
  4. 33% of marketers use retargeting to turn visitors into customers.
  5. More than 60% of the customers are interested in seeing retargeting ads as they are relevant and appeal to them personally.
  6. Retargeting ads have a 10x higher click-through rate than typical display ads.
  7. 46% of marketers agreed that retargeting is the most underutilized remarketing strategy.
  8. Marketers are spending 41% of their paid display ad budgets on retargeting.
  9. With retargeting you can increase the conversion rates by nearly 150%.
  10. With retargeting you can attract up to 98% of visitors who have abandoned your site.
  11. Only 2% of website visitors actually convert on the first visit to the site.

Retargeting statistics

  • In the paid display spend in 2018, 40% is allocated to retargeting.
  • Retargeting is getting a huge focus nowadays. As per the reports, 68% of agencies and 49% of brands are spending their budget on retargeting.
  • According to the survey, it is found that 46% of search engine marketers have agreed that retargeting is the most underused marketing strategy.
  • For 33% of marketers, the primary goal of retargeting is increasing brand revenue. For 16% of the marketers, increasing site engagement is the primary goal.
  • 18.41% of the top 1 M sites have used Facebook Custom Audiences for retargeting. While Google Remarketing is used by 13.67% of the top 1 million sites, followed by Criteo (3.7%), Bing Universal Event Tracking (3.42%), Twitter Ads (2.14%), and AdRoll (1.64%).
  • In the 1st visit, only 2% of the site visitors converted.
  • Retargeting ads have an average CTR of 0.7% compared to 0.07% for display ads.
  • DataXu study has found that Retargeting increases conversion rates by almost 150%. With retargeting, eCommerce stores saw an average of 128% increase in conversions while financial services saw an average of 147% increased conversions.
  • 25% of online consumers are open to receiving retargeted ads while 60% of consumers are neutral to behavioral retargeting ads.
  • Retargeting results in 70% improved chances of converting the visitors into buyers.
  • Mobile retargeting strategy drives 48% higher click-through rates.
  • Retargeting has resulted in a 1,046% lift in trademark search behavior
  • 3 out of 5 US site visitors have noticed the ads for the products previously they looked at on a website.
  • In the U.S. the average revenue-per-visit for repeat purchasers is 497% higher than regular shoppers.
  • As per the cart abandonment statistics, out of the 70% who abandon the cart 8% will complete the purchase if not targeted. However by retargeting you can boost the conversion rate from 8% to 26%.
  • Onsite retargeting can convert 2-4% of website visitors into leads and customers.
  • Retargeting ads on LinkedIn helps you increase the CTR by 30%.
  • It is found that the display and social retargeting ads have an average CPC about half that of search ads.
  • B2B retargeting leads the B2C retargeting with a CTR of 147%.
  • B2B retargeting leads the B2C retargeting by 402% in terms of conversions per impression.
  • CTR decreases by almost 50% after five months if you run the same set of ads.
  • The suggested standard ads frequency is about 17 to 20 ads per user per month.
  • It is recommended that the retargeting emails you send should contain a maximum of 3 to 5 products.
  • As 85% of consumers trust online reviews, including social proof in your retargeting ads is very essential.
  • Retargeted ads average a CTR 10x higher than that of Display ads.
Reasons on consumers clicking on retargeting ads
  • Being drawn to products in advertisements is the primary reason for 37% of consumers clicking on retargeted ads.
  • While 28% of consumers click on retargeted ads because they are already intended to visit and
  • 21% of consumers click on retargeted ads because of the desire to find more information on the product in the ad.
  • Ad retargeting statistics have shown that 30% of the consumers show a positive reaction to retargeted ads while 59% have a neutral reaction, and 11% have a negative response.



By looking at these retargeting statistics you may now know the power of retargeting. It is true that retargeting is essential for online businesses to achieve increased ROI.

These statistics will help you determine the type of ads your consumers are interested in and serve them accordingly.