Are you one of those people who are torn between Notion and Evernote? You wonder how you can get more out of these productivity apps and why more people are making the switch?

But before that, let’s define what is Notion and what is Evernote. Who are their main users, and what are their unique features?

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Notion lets you customize and personalize your notes, tasks, and to-do lists in one place. It is widely used by creators, makers, product managers, and students in their daily hustle. It turns out that Notion has become the most favorite workspace of many because of its unique features. And here are 6 of them:

What Notion does better?

Long-form, structured notes

It lets you write unlimited characters for free personal accounts and paid accounts. The best part of it is the basic blocks that help you organize your notes even better.


Table views

Nope—Notion is not only for notes. It’s popular for project management which lets you create inline tables aside from note-taking. These tables can be switched into different views such as Kanban and calendar view. No need to jump to other project management tools like Trello and Google Calendar.


Code highlighting for all major programming languages

Did I mention you can add codes to your pages? Notion supports the major programming languages used worldwide.

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Formulas and databases

Not only can you ditch other project management tools, but you can also replace Google Sheets. Notion lets you create databases and CRMs for your sales projects.

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Distraction-free UI

Notion’s simple design won the hearts of many. There are no unnecessary graphics that distract your focus. It’s up to you how you’re going to design your workspace.

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Collaborate in real-time

Best of all? You can collaborate inside Notion. You can share your page with colleagues and ask them to comment, or even edit your notes.

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Bonus Part: Get free templates from Notion creators

Do you want to be more productive using Notion? Get free Notion templates created by content creators. There are a bunch of them! These templates help you optimize your work and create an operating system using Notion. One of the basic templates is a Personal Library from NotionMax. Perfect for starters and you can use it for free. (insert NotionMax template link)


Evernote is one of the oldest note-taking apps existing on earth. Yet, it keeps evolving and creating unique features that you will fall for. No wonder business people use it for capturing audio notes and searching text in PDFs is pretty fast. It turns your paperwork into paperless. Fascinating right? Here’s more.

What Evernote does better?

Scan documents

You heard it right. Evernote turns your paper into a digital file in one sec through its document scanning features. Scan anything from business cards, receipts, contracts. Keep them organized in your digital files so that you need not worry about losing them the next day

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Search text

Not sure where you’ll find “Gerry” in a 40-page doc? Evernote lets you search text in PDFs and documents faster than you thought. Next time you search for Gerry, it’ll only take you a sec than weeks. Remember, it’s only a search text, so it can’t find a photo of Gerry—unless the word ‘Gerry’ is there.

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Record audio notes

This feature is crazy! So.. you don’t like multitasking during meetings? Wish granted. Record your meetings using Evernote’s audio recording. Give your 100% focus on meeting discussions.

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Annotate image

Feeling creative? Or you simply want to comment on an image? In Evernote, you can annotate an image or PDF using its annotation tools. Collaboration in visuals makes everything clear.


App Integrations

No need to switch and ditch. Integrate your notes in another application such as Gmail, Outlook, MS Teams, and Slack.


How these apps perform in these areas

There are millions of apps that you can download nowadays. 2.7M for Android users and 1.85M available for iOS.


I was shocked too! That’s why choosing apps to download is important as choosing who to date. Need to try, test, and see what fits you. Let’s make it easier for you and see what differentiates Notion and Evernote from each other.

UI & Layout

  • Notion’s simple UI won the hearts of many. It’s one of the easiest platforms that I’ve ever used. And what makes it the best is you can customize and personalize it the way you want. from Notion.soimage28
  • Evernote also has a sleek design but more of a professional look. You can add notes and tasks easily, type directly in the scratch pad, and view captured ideas using a web clipper.image26


Ideas always pop-up at the most unexpected time. And if you are a forgetful person like me, these two apps will definitely help you out!

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What’s good?

Both of these tools are available for web, desktop, and mobile app. They make your notes handy-dandy. Wherever you are, it is possible to take notes with your phone. The only difference is, Notion is only accessible online, while Evernote can be used both online and offline.

Download them now and try it out.


Notion gets very attractive because of its customizable and flexible dashboards! Through Notion’s dashboard, several templates and operating systems can be designed that will help you be more productive in both your personal and professional lives.

What’s more exciting is, there are templates for different things such as financial tracking , journal, Life OS, marketing OS, and even startup OS depending on what you need. Notion Everything is the go-to e-commerce place for these Notion templates. See more of their products here.

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It might be hard to believe but Evernote just released its new home dashboard! It’s a one-stop dashboard where you can easily create notebooks, search notes, view content, and much more. It saves time as it allows you to sync your data across multiple devices. The main feature of this new dashboard is it’s widgets where it lets you design and customize as you want.

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Are you amazed? I am, too!

Retrieval & Searching

When it comes to fast searching, Evernote does the magic! It doesn’t only scan your documents, search text in PDF, but it also has an advanced search feature that makes it even faster to search from hundreds, or even thousands of notes you have. Advance your search using shortcuts and hacks. They write about it here.


On the other hand,

Notion’s search feature is pretty good too. You can use the shortcut key CMD + F, and a cute little search bar will pop-up in the top right corner of your screen.

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Privacy and Security

Even though Notion offers SSL everywhere and database encryption, they still cannot guarantee 100% security for your data. That’s probably a deal breaker for some users since the app is used to store sensitive information about your daily personal and professional lives.

Honestly, this is something important that they need to work on.

On the other hand, Evernote offers the same industry standard encryption to protect your data. They also offer quite a good security system such as two-step verification for passwords, customer segregation, and media disposal and destruction. More about how they secure your data here.


Now, let’s go with the pricing! Both tools actually offer free plans. You can use either of them without giving away your credit card number or Paypal account.

Super nice, right?


Notion offers $0 for personal plans, then feel free to upgrade to Personal Pro for only $4.

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Still short of $4 for this productivity tool? Earn credit as much as $26! Complete ways to earn credits and get 5 months of free Personal Pro Plan. That’s a great deal, right?

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Meanwhile in Evernote, you can also access it for free. And if you want to upgrade to the Premium plan, it will only cost you $2.5 per month. Who says this is not a great deal to increase your productivity?

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You saw it right..

You may probably haven’t seen this but—if you are a student or an educator, both of these amazing apps have special offers that you wouldn’t want to miss.

  • Notion → Absolutely free Personal Plan for educators and students
  • Evernote → Get 50% off for a full year premium subscription

Key Verdict

If you are looking for an app only to take notes, Notion is overkill. If you want an all-in-one workspace and you would like to manage databases, projects, tasks, and everything in one platform, and you would like to take your personal and business management to the next level—then you may need to consider Notion. Start here.


There’s more.

Switch and earn a credit!

If you are an Evernote user and you want to switch to Notion, you can do that in a sec. Notion will do everything for you, plus you’ll earn credits which you can use to upgrade your plan.


Go to “Settings & Members”, choose “Earn credit”, then choose “Import from Evernote” to import your notes and notebooks to Notion. Your notes will automatically get imported into your private pages.