Habit tracker is not at all a new thing. It’s used by people over years, as it gives you a visual feedback of your positive changes.

Additionally, seeing a blank square every morning can motivate you to start because you do not want to break your streak.

The pain of breaking a habit streak can be equated to the pain of breaking a long Badminton rally.

People say, maintaining a physical habit tracker that’s tangible gives more satisfaction when crossing off. Although it’s quite true, but with the rise of digital systems like Notion, maintaining digital habit trackers makes more sense, for the following reasons:

  • In Notion, some of the data points in the habit tracker can be fed into other systems, creating the emergence of new insights. We can, for example, feed habit scores into our “task management” system in order to see how our habits impact our daily productivity, which habits have the most impact, etc.
  • The system will automatically populate your habit score at the end of the tracking period and even allow you to gamify it.
  • For better accountability (so you remain consistent on them), you can keep a public habit tracker to share with your community and friends.

In this blog post, I’ll be presenting you some of the most effective habit trackers to make lasting behavioral changes in your life.

Notion Habit Tracking W/ Analytics Red Gregory


🌟 Score: 95/100

A simple but effective template that helps you track your habit progress on a monthly and quarterly basis to stay motivated. It also comes with a daily habit tracker journal to log your habits and track them daily.

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The Gamification Project (2021-July-1)


🌟 Score: 92/100

A template that increases productivity by including gamification in your everyday life. Boost your productivity with a live leaderboard, promoting friendly competition between friends, family, and community. You will also be awarded experience points and gold rewards as you successfully accomplish milestones throughout the day.

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Book tracker


🌟 Score: 90/100

This simple book tracking template helps you manage to read more books. This template is suitable for anyone since reading is an evergreen productive habit to inculcate.

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Auto Habits (Free Notion Template)


🌟 Score: 85/100

Notion’s Auto Habits is one of the best habit trackers available, which permits you to track up to 7 habits. Auto Habits can even be incorporated into your existing dashboard. In order to use this template, the simplest setup is required (see the walkthrough inside). The template comes with a Monthly habit calendar, Today’s habits, a Template walkthrough & explanation, Effective habit-building tips.

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